WIND Mobile Prepares For Launch As Consumers Wait Patiently

WIND Mobile Launches As Consumers Look To Move Away From The Big Three
By Bla1ze on 15 Dec 2009 09:58 am EST

WIND Mobile has been stirring up quite a fuss in the wireless market for Canada as of late. From their initial announcement of spending $442 Million in the wireless spectrum (1700mHz) auction to the most recent troubles they have had with the Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commission WIND Mobile and their parent company Globalive Wireless Management Corp. has customers excited.

After having the federal government overrule the CRTC, WIND Mobile is getting the last little bits in place for their launch, which is rumored to be today (we'll see if that pans out). Store locations have been set up and they have a recently announced deal with BlockBuster to sell service through in-store kiosks. Rate plans are still not fully available (although, previously leaked) but devices are ready to roll out, including what we all care about... BlackBerry smartphones. Heading up the pack in that area will be the BlackBerry Bold 9700. When it comes to device pricing, we already know WIND will be offering no contracts but that comes at the cost of higher then what were are used to paying for equipment. Sure, they will be discounted a little but it'll be similar to buying a device off contract from any of the big three carriers.

WIND Mobile will be available in Calgary and Toronto first going off and has their own 3G network but makes use of Rogers EDGE services for a "fallback" option. Something Bell and TELUS cannot do which does give WIND a slight advantage when it launches, which is rumored to be tomorrow. WIND of course will be expanding to other areas but one sour point at this time is Quebec. Currently, no service is being offered in Quebec due to fact WIND was beat out on spectrum pricing there. A partner would be needed to reach that area, which will at some point hopefully change. Exciting times for the Canadian wireless market as we welcome a new carrier and hopefully some great changes ahead for consumers.



Exciting times for Canadians, but this article needs to be proof-read. In the second paragraph it says the launch is rumored for today and in the third paragraph it says the launch is rumored for tomorrow. Also the first sentence of the third paragraph is odd... what is "first going off"?


I have wondered if something like this would work in the US. It will be interesting to see how this develops over time. I hope we are kept apprised as to the success of this new service provider, with a new approach to business on this side of the Big Pond.


Well Videotron fucked it up for WIND! lol


Not sure why anyone would sign up with a company that has service in only two cities. I wonder if the customer will have to pay roaming when falling back on the Rogers network or if Wind will be covering the additional charge.

Plazmic Flame

You talk as if you know're in the right place. If their service isn't in your city, guess what, it's not for you. Also, there are cellphone companies that operate in only one city and have been for a number of years but of course you wouldn't have hear of them because they are specific to that city. Learning can be fun, try it sometime.