WIND Mobile opens BlackBerry Q10 pre-registration

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WIND Mobile Q10
By Simon Sage on 22 Apr 2013 04:16 pm EDT

Hey Canadians - the BlackBerry Q10 is coming soon to WIND Mobile, and they've got the pre-registration page to prove it. We had heard that WIND would be offering the Q10, though one can imagine that much like the Z10 launch, they might be a week or two. behind. That's okay though, because WIND has some pretty sweet rate plans, so long as you're willing to pay a bit more up-front for the device. Even if you don't, there are tab options available - the important thing is, you aren't on the hook for a multi-year contract. 

We still don't have any information on pricing or dates, but I would expect it to be available sometime in May if the Big Three are getting it around the end of April. Any WIND Mobile customers ready to pick up the Q10? Sign up for updates over here. We haven't heard much from Mobilicity on this front; anyone holding out for an offer there? 

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WIND Mobile opens BlackBerry Q10 pre-registration


if you are currently a wind customer, be prepared to wait 3 weeks after the release date since wind prioritizes new customers over existing ones....

I signed up earlier even though I already have the Z10 and not seriously considering changing at this point.

The savings you get, compared to the big Three, will quickly pay off for the cost of the phone, especially if you take advantage of the Tab.

BTW, having the Z10 definitely helps when on the Wind network because of its weak coverage.

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I am confused I thought the big three have not even put up pre registration. I mean Verizon tends to drag it's feet.

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I pre registered with Wind for the Z10, still haven't received any confirmation from them regarding the Z10. Even after they finally released it to existing customers I never heard from them. Decent coverage, great prices, but some of the worst customer service EVER!

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Wind only allows an upgrade if you pay off current tab. I ended up with an unlocked z10 on wind and sold my Android phone on the wind tab to defray part of the purchase.

Previous poster was correct: the z10 improves the reception on dodgy Wind network

Previous posters are correct: z10 is awesome. Fuck Skype anyways.

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I walked in as an existing customer and walked out with one. They only prioritize the tab. Once I told the guy I just wanted to buy the phone it was down on the table and rung up. Agreed customer service was horrible when I started. It has gotten so much better since then. The new sim card really helped with the coverage.

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I'm a Mobilicity customer... and sadly I'll most likely be waiting MONTHS before they have the Q10. They just recently got the Z10, so my expectations are very low with respect to Mobilicity getting the Q10. Hell, the new 'Aristo' phone might be out before the Q10 is available on Mobilicity.

I'm just hating on Mobilicity a little bit here. In their defense, they are having huge financial troubles and are reportedly for sale; with Telus being the front runner as the new owner. I love the service that I'm getting with Mobilicity, but the lag in getting BB10 devices is frustrating.

Ladies and Gentleman,

I give to you news that Wind is going to be expanding their network both in terms of capacity and LTE coverage!!

Source: Job offering at Wind

[QUOTE]We are currently seeking a Sr PS Core Expert to join our Toronto HQ office.

Key Accountabilities:
• 3G (HSPA) Packet Switched Core network architecture, design, implementation and testing; technology roadmaps and evolution
• LTE Evolved Packet Core network architecture, design, implementation and testing; technology roadmaps and evolution
• Capacity planning SGSN, GGSN, P-GW and MME
• Gather and analyze PS Core Network requirements from other technical and non-technical teams including Value-Added Services / Access-UTRAN / Marketing; design, document and present solutions based on the requirements
• Data Roaming (3G and 4G) (GRX/IPX and Dual-IMSI/Roaming Hubs): service design, troubleshooting and capacity planning[/QUOTE]

I'LL BE WAITING UNTIL NOVEMBER AND LIKELY WILL BE PAYUING UP FRONT FOR MINE!!! Alright!!!! Likely switching to pay before so I can overtop-up. :D

Gotta love wind. Unlimited *everything*. :)