Wind Mobile offers unlimited roaming in the US for $15 a month

By Adam Zeis on 31 Jan 2014 01:09 pm EST

Wind Mobile announced today that beginning February 3rd, customers can pay an extra $15 a month for unlimited roaming in the U.S. That means Wind users can take advantage of unlimited calls, texts and data on the cheap when gallivanting around the US instead of coughing up loads of cash for just a few MBs of data.

That's all there is to it — no other fees or catches on this one. New and existing customers will be able to subscribe to the Unlimited U.S. Roaming add-on starting Monday.

Press Release

WIND Mobile to Launch Unlimited U.S. Data, Talk and Text in a First for Canadian Telecom Industry

WIND's Unlimited Data, Talk and Text Will Give Canadians the Freedom to Stay Connected When Travelling in the U.S.

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Jan. 30, 2014) - Beginning Monday February 3, 2014, Canadians can stop worrying about roaming fees and start enjoying travel more as today WIND Mobile announces its Unlimited U.S. Roaming add-on, that will give customers unlimited data, talk and text across the United States. WIND Mobile's Unlimited U.S. Roaming add-on will be available for only $15 per month and will offer subscribers complete piece of mind and worry-free travel, anywhere in the USA.

"With more and more Canadians visiting the United States for work or pleasure, we know how important it is for them to keep in touch with family and friends or take care of business back home," said Mirko Rugarli, Chief Marketing Officer, WIND Mobile. "This new add-on gives customers the freedom to stay connected to their world while travelling. Consumers will be able to use their smartphone however they like, without limits: check maps if they get lost; update Facebook and Twitter; send photos of their trip; check the local weather - and all for only $15 a month. No more headaches, no more surprises."

This historic new offering is the latest innovative step by WIND Mobile as they continue to revitalize the Canadian telecom industry. As the first Canadian wireless company to bring true mobile freedom to consumers travelling south of the border, WIND continues to offer customers real value at a time when the telecom industry continues to experience fluctuating rates1 and as more Canadians are hoping to benefit from increased competition.

"While wireless prices in the Canadian marketplace remain very high, we at WIND Mobile continue to challenge expectations and offer our customers real value" said Pietro Cordova, Chief Operating Officer, WIND Mobile. "As part of the VimpelCom group, a global company that covers 17 countries and serves nearly 220 million users, WIND Mobile has the expertise, international perspective and the capability to provide Canadian consumers with this value and flexibility."

Both new and existing customers will be able to subscribe to the Unlimited U.S. Roaming add-on starting Monday, February 3, 2014. More information will be available on

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Wind Mobile offers unlimited roaming in the US for $15 a month


Rogers is insane with what they charge for roaming.

Hell it would be cheaper to get a plan with wind and add the $15 roaming pack to it and then just forward your Rogers number to that phone

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I'm in Ontario with telus and went to vegas for 5 days last week and Telus charged me 65$ for the roaming package unlimited txt but 300meg cap data. Ripoff!!!

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That's what I did, got it unlocked now Miami, Chicago. Pay as you go!!

But hopefully Rogers starts offering this shit.

C'mon CRTC do your customers (us) a favor for once.

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I am in Ontario with Wind... paying $40 a month, and, I went down to Miami for a week - used my phone above normal - calling, texting, a ton of data.... and... didn't even order a roaming package of any sort.

needless to say, I was only billed an extra $25 for the usage. Wind is fantastic...

(and they are a big blackberry supporter, I am just waiting for them to get the z30!)

Yeah but with Wind, there aren't many towers in Canada so as soon as you leave a major city, you're roaming.

This is true speak. I wish they would include this rate for roaming IN Canada 15 minutes out of Calgary in any direction and you've got zero reception if only on AWS. If this happened, I'd be on board for an additional $15/month.

I think I heard they were not going to bid on the next spectrum auction in Canada,going cheap means they need the cash,but I hope others follow.

I was on Z30 and didn't get it until today. What I did was keep mashing the check for updates button. It came up suddenly. But if you don't click on it, it might go away. I had to do it again (repeatedly mass the check update button) before the prompt to update came. The update for me was ~350MB.

Rogers charges $300 for 1GB data and 500 minutes for voice for 1 month. $15 is peanuts!

It's also interesting to note that you can sign up for the plan and jump off when you return, sign up again when you need to.

You need to have a regular plan over $29 to qualify.

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What!? I pay Euro 3.99 to make my unlimited minutes and data available while roaming the globe! Thanks Vodafone!

He's paying that per day and if he went to the States it would be 5 pounds/day which converted works out to 50/week or 100/2 week trip. Still way better than what we get but not as good as 3.99 sounds.

So really the $15 deal with wind is cheaper by at least 35 bucks and if you travel for 2 weeks it's cheaper by 85

If I was in a major urban area that Wind serviced directly, I would be switching today. The three major carriers are a rip off in Canada. Anyone paying more than 60.00 CAD for cell phone service is crazy, with data.

-Dustin on his BlackBerry Q10

I look at the commercial that Rogers has. For just x number of dollars per day. Quel toupée ! I don't know how to say it in English. But wow. Wind has some balls. I would switch if I didn't have an STL100-1.

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I prefer to pay more for less over dealing with limited coverage (even in major cities) and their customer service. I'm happy that Wind Mobile is in Canada because it led to price reduction, but after 2 years with them I was more than happy to move back to my original carrier.

This is amazing value. Unlimited speeds appear to be capped at 1.5Mb (3g speeds) but unlimited is unlimited!

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So let me get this straight, it's cheaper for me to roam in the USA and unlimited data than it is If I'm outside the wind service area in Canada? That's a steamy pile of....

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It's not Wind's fault. The roaming partner in Canada (Rogers?) is charging through the nose to Wind customers as much as possible to make you frustrated and hate Wind.

Sounds tempting. I'm on Telus, when in the states I use roam mobility. 3.99 a day and only pay when you need it.

Snow bird plan is 39.99 a month for 3 months.

I use the z30. Works excellent and I don't even need to power down to go from Telus to Roam.

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I used to be with Telus.. As SOON As Wind got the Z10 I picked up a wind tab ASAP! I currently am paying $50 a month for unlimited data, unlimited outgoing and incoming calls both Canada and USA Wide, unlimited global text, Voice Mail and all that is also included in the package! I LOVE Wind.. Just waiting on that Z30 to come and slowly but surely starting to become a big impatient with the wait for 10.2.1 update!!!! Grrrr Lol. Naaaaaaaaaaaaah but I LOVE Wind!! :)

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I'm also on wind, with the $39 plan (don't care if it's $1 less than $40 either), since jumping from the grandfathered $45/month always shout with unlimited data. :D

You cannot beat anything wind offers! Rogers, bell, telus (and koodo, fido, chat-Rogers, virgin) can never compete with wind like that. :D I wouldn't wanna pay more for less anymore especially with the budget i'm on too.

PS. I'm fully aware of big three shills hanging out on here, Howard forums, redflagdeals and the wind facebook page too. Same for naysayers, fanboys. Go suck a phone will ya and leave questioning customers be. ;)

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Not bad, but I still like Roam Mobility. Get my own US number, unlimited text and talk in the USA and back to Canada plus 350 MB of data a day. $3.99 per day. Canadian company to boot.

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Pay-as-you-go on Wind gives you unlimited incoming calls and texts for $ 10 / month

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Yeeeeeaaah I take that earlier comment back! Almost INSTANTLY after posting my comment, I received the update! Yaaaaaaaay Wind!! :D

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I have been with Wind Mobile from day 1 . They started off bad with some real crapy service but with the money I was saving I could not complain well....ok a maybe just a lil bit but I had unlimited everything on my phone and all i was paying was 60$ a month for unlimited calling in and out unlimited data unlimited texting and sms and unlimited calling to anywhere in North America. Roger ,Telus ,bell, fido all do Not!!! Give you unlimited data. or unlimited out going calls. Plus roaming on wind is only 5 cents per text and phone calls are 10 cents per minute not where the rest of the bigger company is like 30 per text and 50 cent per min . So if you want to save a sh@# load money and and get a chance to use thees apps that take up a lot of data and don't want to worrie about going over give WIND Mobile a try Non of those other company can match Wind deal if you don't believe me call them and as them to match wind mobile deals. oh yeah plus I'm on pay as you go! I guess that's why I have never a a problem with them.... there money is always up front! Lol..

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Oh yeah running 10.2.1 of my nice all white Z10 all systems running grrrrrreat !!!! Thanks Wind mobile you have dun me well.

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