WIND Mobile launching the BlackBerry Z10 on February 27th

WIND Mobile luanching the BlackBerry Z10 on February 27th
By Bla1ze on 25 Feb 2013 10:11 pm EST

We've know for quite some time now that WIND Mobile had the intent to sell the BlackBerry Z10 but finding a release date for the device on their network was next to impossible. Wonder no more! WIND Mobile has fired off an email letting customers know the device will be available for purchase starting on February 27th.

Pricing for the device on WIND is a bit higher being set at $299 on a WIND Tab with a $40/mo plan and increasing by $100 the lower your plan goes or no contract pricing ringing in at $599. The email states supplies are limited so if a BlackBerry Z10 on WIND is what you need, you'll want to hit them up as soon as possible to ensure you get one.

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WIND Mobile launching the BlackBerry Z10 on February 27th


Awesome, and finally.
Hopefully BlackBerry can get enough Z10's out the door, because demand continues to dominate supply.

It's nice to see wind got the message and is offering the Z10 to loyal customers out of the gate.

Only downside is existing customers have to buy the phone outright. No Wind tab. I just got off the phone with customer service.

Bummer, I'm having doubts about wind nowadays. And existing customers have to wait until march 17th or something to upgrade? Hopefully I read the email wrong but that puts it alongside the US launch which is a tedious wait.

1. I wont buy Z10 till Wind increase their data speed.
2. I wish they fix their dead spots for phone connection.
3. I don't know why wind signal strength keep changing at a location, within mins.

Before I left I found their data speeds to be more than adequate and had been showing improvement almost on a daily basis for the previous 18 months or so. My last speed tests were over 9,000 Kb/s which for a 3G only 9790 were pretty decent. I travel a lot for business and pleasure all over SW and Central Ontario and in the last 24 months never had an issue with dead spots, even when in downtown Toronto, one of my offices was in Scarborough, again with no real issues.

I'm now with Telus on a Koodo Z10 and if it wasn't for the managerial mess at Queen's Quay I would probably still be with WIND. But sometimes they made it very difficult to support the underdog.

I spend quite a bit of time a home near Mavis and 403 area and another at Tobram and Father Tobin in Brampton. Reception at those 2 places are not consistence. I'll keep the phone on the table, I will have 2 bars, after a min, its in Wind away. than 15 min later again Wind and I get sms for missed called and bbm messages. Then again, it goes to wind away. I dont understand why that happens. Wind signal strength keep changing. Further, because of weak signal, my battery drain in no time.
Last year at CNE, I couldn't make a single call from there whole day because "Network Busy." Try to find a lost friend without a phone there, I felt the worst that day. Had to borough a stranger's phone at the end.

About data speed, I compared Rogers, Koodo and Wind data speed in several location using speedtest website. Wind always at least half the speed of other carriers. I dont bother with that, for my bbm and emails and some web browsing, its OK. and I pay less than half of big 3 company bills anyway.

No contract only means you don't get any amount of the phone price subsidized by the provider. The phones themselves are still locked to that particular carrier and signature though, so you'd have to unlock it still, if that's what you want.

Actually not exactly accurate.

WIND has no contracts, but they still subsidise up to $300 ($400 previously) of the phone depending on you plan on WINDtab. Every month 10% of the pre-tax amount of your bill goes to reduce the balance, but you are not paying extra fees, but 10% of your normal bill.

If you leave WIND within 3 years you pay off the remaining balance. After 3 years the balance is automatically cancelled.

Finally. I was starting to wonder if they were ever going to release the Z10. I sure hope it's not too long of a wait for the white one.

I love wind too! Those who cannot appreciate anything can go suck a moose. Data speeds vary, sometimes they are slow, but if you factor in the savings, it is well worth it. The big three will never ever go that good. Mobilicigy will likely follow suit. :)

If you complain about wind and expect them to fix shit that you haven't bothered to Google up or try selfhelp methods, like I have, then you have nothing to blame but yourself. You didn't seek help, you didn't call customer support. Don't expect to have them fix anything you haven't been honest about or told them what your problem is.

I did try. Nothing worked.
I told them to check my phone but they refused to looked it. They told it was sim issue and changed it. And I still have the same issues.
Now its more than an year and so no warranty.

BB10 on Wind mobile, the Ultimate underdog! Give the old 1 finger salute to IOS, Droid, Bell and Rogers all at the same time. Been with Wind all most two and a half years and saved a bundle.
Now it's time to spend it, Thanks Wind!

Yo Bla1ze...i was looking at Wind's website, and they seem to be carrying the HSPA+ only (non-AWS) STL100-1 "London?" I thought WIND operated on the AWS band, so what gives?

The rules:

Available for new Pay After activations with WINDtab;
Available for new Pay After activations with outright purchase;
Available for new Pay Before activations with outright purchase on any
monthly plan;
Not available for outright purchases without activation;
Not available for employee purchases;
Available for existing Pay Before and Pay After customers with outright
Not available for Pay After WINDtab upgrades.

The BlackBerry Z10 will be available for WINDtab hardware upgrades for
existing customers on April 2nd, 2013.

Why would anyone want to use a Z10 on such a crap network like WIND? I'm anxiously waiting for the Q10 so that I can switch to a real carrier like BELL that actually has coverage. WIND is worse than 3G in developing countries.

I get better reception with Wind then my wife with Bell, both of us using 9780. The speed might be slower but not by much.

I have been using Koodo unlocked Z10 on WIND since February 6th....I switch between Koodo and WIND frequently. WIND's 4G is adequately fast at least in Calgary, and when I turn off lte on Koodo and go down to 4G, now that is what you call slow network. Of course Lte is blazing fast...
I have been using WIND for a couple of years now and cannot really understand why anyone would want for get ripped off by cell phone companies when they have a choice.
I went with Koodo for the sake of Z10, but won't be with them after the end of this billing session. I mean Cm'on, I have had the phone for about twenty days, and I've already got the ultimatum telling me that I have used 75% of my data, and that when, I swear, I have not even used the Koodo network for a total of even ten days...
Well, I am personally very happy with WIND, and truly hope that they don't, one day, turn into something similar to the other Carrier options that we have.

I grabbed a rogers z10 and unlocked it and switched from telus to wind last week.

I find coming from my 9700, internet is very quick to respond. pages load quicky.

I have found indoors I get weak signals (also im sure it depends on building construction and thickness), but thats not a huge issue when you consder the savings. I consider it a trade-off. Plus the network is always improving so it will get better.

Now i've gone from paying $65 for 100min and 500mb data with telus
to $30 for unlimited talk province wide and unlimited data (5gb b4 slowdown)

a no brainer if you ask me...few calls sounded different but after they were fine. I also think there are some sound options that give xtra treble and bass etc and its possible they are default on so thats why a few calls have sounded weird while others were fine. I havent played with those settings so im not sure.

either way, happy I made the switch as of now.
im assuming the version wind sells will be the same as the rest but im hoping is a different version so I can feel a bit better about paying more for the rogers one lol.