WIND Mobile Launches, Changing The Canadian Wireless Market

WIND Mobile Launches, Changing The Canadian Wireless Market
By Bla1ze on 16 Dec 2009 02:20 pm EST

Just the other day we covered WIND Mobile and gave the run down of their services. Today, launch day for WIND Mobile, we have learned even more about how they plan on operating and the changes they are gonna bring to the Canadian wireless market. Rate plans are now available for all to see and well, they are quite impressive when placed alongside those of the big 3 in Canada.

Starting at $15 and going up to $45 for Unlimited Nationwide calling WIND seems poised nicely to make their mark against others. Of course, we cannot forget data plans either considering WIND has launched with the BlackBerry Bold 9700 ($450 vs Rogers $599 no contract price), Data Cards and Windows Mobile devices. Data plans start at $15 and go all the way up to $55 for Unlimted Data card usage (BlackBerry Plans stop at $35 for Unlimited) WIND does have a fair usage statement as well, they have a 5GB cap but will NOT cut you off or charge you more for exceeding that 5GB they just claim they will throttle your speeds so as to not interfere with their quality of service for others. Not bad, glad to see they were upfront about it.

All in all, things are already looking great for WIND. Take under consideration the fact the influx of traffic after launch to their site took some parts offline. I think it's safe to say there is a great interest in WIND Mobile. No contracts, First month of service free, Nationwide calling and cheaper non contracted devices then other carriers. Yes, we think WIND Mobile will be just fine. Congrats go out to them on their launch.

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WIND Mobile Launches, Changing The Canadian Wireless Market


Wow! Looks like they are poised to really make a go of it with our neighbors to the north. I wonder if they have any plans of coming to the US to give our no contract carriers some more competition?

Canada is a horrible, horrible place for wireless. This is needed, drastically. However, WIND still only currently covers a very, very small part of Canada. There biggest challenge will be getting the coverage of our giant country to that of at least Rogers (Bell/Telus are a bit larger in terms of actual coverage size) while maintaining these deals/prices.

I understand that there are no contracts (awesome!) and they do have the 9700 (for 450$, still awesome) but the plans themselves aren't competitive enough sadly...

With Telus I have a Student 50 plan (10 Across Canada, Unlim. Data, Texting) which would run me say $55 tops now.

To get close to that, I would need the Always Talk voice ($35), Canada Unlimited ($10) and Infinite BB ($35) which brings it to atleast $80.

I love the idea of competition, but I hope the prices drop more in bundles, student deals, etc... Oh the coverage but that'll improve - Rome wasn't built in a day.

How is your Student 50 plan better than Wind's truly unlimited plans? For people that need to call more than 10 numbers and the ability to tether with their unlimited data, Wind's package is way better. I would rather have truly unlimited than worry about changing my numbers all the time and waiting till the next billing cycle before I can call them.

well why would i pay $30 more a month? 10 numbers is fantastic for me at the moment, across Canada.
also when it comes to tethering id rather just use tetherberry and bang boomidy boom... I'm all good.

and i save $30 a month. thats huge.

I also would love to see them come to the US. Paying more for the phone upfront but considerably lower usage rates means an over-all savings in the long term. Especially for heavy users, and especially (again) on VZW and AT&T. For some users the savings realized over a two year contrct would be significant.

Good luck to Wind Mobile, and keep us in mind.

I'm with Rogers on a family plan (2 smart phones) , I use my phone a lot for work and I had a hard time getting my bill under 200 (rogers threw in a few things to make it happen). I was with Telus before and they were no better. With Wind my bill would be $150 without having to get them to throw any extras in. I am glad that Wind is now in Canada, it will be good for everyone...except the big 3, they will have to start to compete. :)

Anyone else notice the pricing is in £ and not $ weird, I hope it was a type-o and that the prices are not $30 to start but say £15

as long as your unlocked phone is a T-Mobile 3G phone that uses the AWS frequency, it will work fine.

If you do not live either in toronto or Calgary, then it is crap, look at the coverage map, as soon as you are outside one of those 2 cities, you start paying .25$ a minute for every calls even on unlimited plan!!

I had just opened a new account with Rogers for my wife's phone last week and called Rogers within the 14 days to cancel stating that WIND was cheaper knowing that I would go right to Cust retention. Got them on the phone and knocked $20 off her bill /mo.