WIND Mobile adds BlackBerry World carrier billing

Now all of your app, music and video purchases can be shunted right to your WIND Mobile bill

WIND Mobile carrier billing
By Simon Sage on 1 Apr 2013 02:29 pm EDT

Hey Canadians - if you're rocking the BlackBerry Z10 on WIND Mobile, now you can have all of your BlackBerry World purchases funneled to your monthly bill. Of course, carrier billing works just as well through older BlackBerry devices too.

WIND Mobile was a little bit behind the big three Canadian carriers for launching the Z10, but they're still very much in the game, and fine choice for those that put a lower monthly rate ahead of hardware subsidies. I've always found carrier billing particularly useful, and definitely sets the BlackBerry app storefront apart from competing platforms. 

Anybody on WIND that wants to start sending their purchases to their carrier bill just has to open BlackBerry World, find Payment Options under Settings, and switch from PayPal or credit card to billing right to WIND. 

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WIND Mobile adds BlackBerry World carrier billing


I took it for granted that Telus has had carrier billing for years now. I figured all Canadian carriers have it. It is a terrific option.

It's enabled in my settings alright... defaulted to Wind. So I could just use this app to shop toys for my z10 and pay for it eventually of that's cool.

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Very convenient indeed. I know cartier billing was available on Rogers Wireless but it's not an option on my Rogers Z10??

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