Wind Mobile adds BlackBerry Q5 to their device line up

By Bla1ze on 13 Sep 2013 09:36 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Q5 has been making its way to even more Canadian carriers this month. Earlier we saw Videotron add the device but now also Wind Mobile has made it available to their customers through all of their retail outlets. Pricing for the BlackBerry Q5 pretty much matches up with other carriers with the lowest offering coming in at $99 on a WindTab and the outright purchase cost ringing up to just over $400. The device isn't available for purchase online, so if you're looking to pick one up from Wind you'll need to hit the nearest location to you.

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Wind Mobile adds BlackBerry Q5 to their device line up


Okay team, I am your new Marketing manager and let's support this product......
Q5 is an awesome product for students and 2nd phone so the light users.

This product is great to keep you organize and keeps you moving.....

Sexy White BlackBerry Z10

How willing are Canadian carrier stores usually to selling phones off-contract? I know salespeople would prefer selling on contract, but do any carriers have a uniform, explicit "do not sell without a contract" policy?

By that, do you mean just buying it outright? Because you can easily get the phones outright off rogers I'm sure to say, cuz I've done it several times

Yeah, that's what I meant. Did Rogers sell you the phone because you are a customer, or can anyone with the cash buy the phone outright?

I am a rogers customer. Despite that fact, everywhere I walk here in Canada, there many shops that can sell you new phones outright without contracts or anything. It's just the phone. Not just that, you can also buy it outright from the carriers, because they will still profit, but not as profitable as a sale with a contract. That's why carriers prefer to sell with contract.

In short, he's be a random person and just buy the phone outright from any carrier. :)
If not there are many excuses to go by such as saying" my friend has a birthday and I want to buy him a phone"

almost every carrier in Canada will sell it outright, it doesn't matter if you are using their services or not.

Correct me if I am wrong, but with the new contract rules all you have to do is pay out what you owe (from the hardware subsidy) to break it, so contracts as a long term revenue stream have lost their value. This would probably make carriers more likely to sell hardware upfront.

Might as well sign a contract and reduce the value of your hardware by 1/24 each month you have their service than buy outright if you plan on staying with that provider.

I think the Q5 would do much better at $149 (how many $40/month users does Wind actually have) on the $30 per month plan with Tab.

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My wife and I have the 40 a month plan since we have family out of province, but at times I think that I don't make up the 10 a month in long distance actually used!

Z10 on Wind since February.

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Thank you all for your replies. Questions like these keep coming up when, for example Virgin Mobile releases the red Q5, and we, your neighbors to the South want to get it :)

Some places line Best Buy Mobile won't sell off contract (though the full Best Buy will). Most places do.

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Most third party companies such as future shop will not let you buy a phone outright. Although, I don't see why not. You sell the phone, customer goes away happy. End of story.

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Don't agree. Nexus 4 doesn't have LTE. But this phone should not be more than $50 more than the Nexus.

This is an awesome phone, traded my z10 for it. Was worried I would miss z10 but have not at all. Q5 is just perfect!

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Same here. Care to share what the compelling features are? And... why not the q10?

If it's the red one I get it. It's nice.

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I'm starting to wonder what's the point. The marketing/advertising guys seem to have given up. They'd rather tweet about different hamburgers they've eaten than actual BlackBerry progression. It's sad. Very sad. BB10 is an OS that is ahead of it's time yet it seems it'll never be given a chance to even prove itself. Feels like corporate marketing is asleep at the wheel. Sad. Why even come out with a new product if you're not going to market it or promote it to a particular market. I'm sure the z30 is a beautiful device but again... what's the point??? it'll be ready just in time for the company to be broken up. I know this rant has nothing to do with the q5 but it's hard to take when is the only source of energy or positivity around a new BlackBerry product. Corporate, it appears, has given up. Quite depleted from seeing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING come from headquarters. Spare me with the lame "silent period" excuses.

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I agree, devices are good but marketing is slow. Let's wait till end of next week. I have a feeling they have a few tricks coming.

Fully Agree, the Marketing needs a Boost, though I don't think the BOD realise this. Hopefully we hear some strong positive news next week. Hoping its the launch of the Z30, BBM CrossPlatform and BB10.2 update, and why not throw in the 10" PlayBook 2...

They don't have it yet. And remember, there are color variations too. Like in Canada, red is a Virgin Mobile exclusive.

Not too sure what your point is. The Q5 is $99 with a $40 plan for 24 months, that's excellent value for money whether you like the phone or not and that's exactly how the device is being marketed. How can you compare the 2?

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Got my daughters both q5s. One had a contract and picked it up from a mobile shop for 300 cash bnib and the other on 2 year contract and with cash incentives 115 out the door on a $40 text/talk/bbm social package. Both really love their phones and running 10.2 with some sideloaded apps (Instagram / Vine) and games (subway surfer). I'm amazed how good quality and quick these phones for a low-mid tier device. Great job BlackBerry.

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No, it's the same model. All of North America has the same model. Some carriers just choose to list AWS while others don't.

Edit: err you're talking about Fido, which is a Rogers subsidiary, right? Rogers/Fido could be carrying the European model, which is LTE 800/900/1800/2600 HSPA+ 800/850/900/1900/2100, which would be closer to their Q10s than their Z10s. But if you're seeing LTE 700/850/1700/1900 HSPA+ 800/850/1900/2100, then it is the AWS (HSPA+) model.

Bought a Q5 from Wind today to complete the trifecta. Z10, Q10, and Q5. I'm liking it quite a bit.

I might be getting that, or the Q10, once the payoff promise lapses. :) 15 months to go... Or more.
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