People of the UK - Who wants to win a BlackBerry Z10?

Z10 Expansys
By James Richardson on 22 Apr 2013 07:43 am EDT

It's time to give away a BlackBerry Z10 once again. The folk at Expansys UK are donating us a Z10 which one lucky UK winner can get their hands on.

Just like our other contests the rules are quite simple. Simply leave a comment below saying why you think that you should be the one to win the super BlackBerry 10 smartphone and our magic machine will pick one random winner. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight. 

I must stipulate that that the contest is only available to UK residents so if you're outside of the UK, don't bother entering.

And a big thanks to Expansys for their generosity. Feel free to check out their full range of BlackBerry smartphones if you fancy going down the SIM only route. They are good guys.

Good luck to you all - Someone is going to end up very happy!



Sounds good guv..yes please!

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Russell Durose

I should win to give to my daughter who is recovering from an illness and is very creative.

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I've been developing a couple of apps recently for bb10 without a z10 phone, really wanna get it so I can test them out and hopefully put them in the app world!

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I want one because I need to join the Crackberry Nation, It would be my first blackberry! :)


Because my Torch now seems horribly out of date


Sound good guv..yes please!

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Sounds awesome! I'd love one!

The Furbz

Pick me so I can give it to my brother to stop him touching mine!

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That's sound great. Would be awesome to win. I never win anything lol

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I would like to win one to give to my old man.

Who is graciously and supportingly putting my through my Masters programme. I would love to be able to upgrade his old bold device

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People of the UK?????? Don't you mean people of the World???????? Why are all the giveaways only for Northern America and the UK????
I want a Z10!!!!!!


My wife wants one and I am broke! :-)


BlackBerry (ab)user for the past 6 years! Could really do with that free z10!

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Rule Britannia! I could get my wife away from her iPhone if I won this.....


I want one because Z10 is awesome :)


I would really like one but just can't afford it. Thanx.


Because I'm worth it :P


I deserve it coz I am a terminally ill student with no money studying to be a doctor so I can go to third world countries and bring free health care to those in need. My 8 starving daughters all work for charities and my wife is Mother Teresa.

None if that is true. But I still want the Z10

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yes please...........(simple as that)

Al Ranson

Because my other half is so jealous of mine she keeps trying to pinch it, so I NEED another one :) haha.

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I already have one, but I need my family to have this great device as well!


I want to win because i used to be a blackberry administrator but my company moved offices and made me redundant. Now i dont get to play with blackberrys :-(

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I want to win one because BlackBerry's are the best!

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My blackberry bold died...I was given an iPhone as a backup. I desperately want to go back to Blackberry. Miss it so much and what better way to go back being a Crackberry user with a Z10!


I need one for my wife so that she stops bothering me to lend her mine. Please help her, she's still on an iPhone, the poor lass...


Because I want one so badly I could just . . .

Samer Kamel

YES! it's time to get the Z10 to couple up with my 9900 !! QNX for the win!


Me because on my current Z10 the battery is a miserable experience and O2 won't give a replacement!

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Because I don't have one a Z10 and I really want one! A swipe, tap and type all to follow!


I would love another one to give to my wife who sadly is having to struggle on with an iphone 4s !!

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So I can get my wife of my back!!


Loving the Z10 and would love to get my wife off her iPhone


Would love to have a third one in the family this one for my daughter. Pick me please... ;-)

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It would go nicely with my PlayBook, so yes please! :-)

Nick South

Trying to persuade the business into moving to BB10, having a real one to show off would be perfect!


So I can Bbm video with my other half he currently is using my old bold 9700! He needs the awesomeness of a z10 in his life!


I need another!

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My daughter has worked so hard in her exams and she deserves a new phone. She lives for bbm!!!

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Mrs is upgrading soon think the Z10 would convert her to Blackberry, I'm already converted and got the z10 but I got no one to BBM she will be the first ;)


Would be great to give to my partner! BBM video call her then when I miss her in Glasgow and I'm in London :(

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I would love to win this so I hope your machine picks me.


I ate a big red candle!

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I would like to win as I'm a first time BlackBerry user and have managed to persuade family and work colleagues to switch from am iPhone or Android to BlackBerry!!

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I'd just like to say thank you in advance for this wonderful prize. I'm honoured.

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My Bold 9900 died on me last week so this would be great :)


hi, i think i should win a blackberry 10 as i have had to put up with Exspansys as a bad distributor for 4 years until we sacked them as a supplier and i need cheering up for all my bad experiences.

George Williams2

Am positive with BlackBerry 10 and I believe it will win back more loyal customers who left.

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Sheryl Fenwick

Hi I think I should win the blackberry z10 as I have so many of my friends on bbm and I don't yet have blackberry to bbm them all on, whatsapp is just not the same and I love the new layout and amazing camera specs on it :)


Always ready for a freebee, so count me in.


I want another in case I drop this one. I don't use a case since it hides the beauty of the phone.

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I'd love a z10 because my Torch is pretty much dead, screen keeps playing up, reversing the image etc.


I have one myself and would like to give one to my long distance girlfriend to take advantage of bbm video calls as she keeps nudging me to get an iphone like hers and facetime lol

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If I win, I promise to only use it for good. With great phone comes great responsibility...

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gonzo uk

This would be awesome so me and the wife could BBM video each other.

Ivan Ferrari

Simply because I don't have one!

Upreti Saroj

I want one

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It's time for me to move to a BB10 device, from my Bold9900. It's got to be the Z10 or Q10, and free (as in prize) would be a great option!


As a staunch defender of the Blackberry brand, as well as for sticking with Blackberry through thick and thin, I think being given the opportunity to experience the wonderful world of BB10 with a new Z10 would be just rewards :-)


Because I want a white one for my love...


Count me in.

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My Mrs got me this one on her upgrade so I'd love to surprise her with her own


I really need to upgrade from my Bold 9700 and don't want to wait till next March!!


My girlfriend needs a Z10 to stop her using IPhone.

I'm in the UK.

@JamieWilson01 via CB10


I don't just want one, I need one as I've just broken my charging port and only have a few more hours of blackberry goodness remaining :(


Best. Birthday. Present. Ever.


I've been rocking a Storm2 for god knows how long, put up with it's random hangs, reboots and calling random numbers. Yeah there were opportunities to move to a bold 9900 or torch2 but I stuck with it as it was a full touch screen device with brilliant communication links compared to iphone etc (could argue the Storm1 was but it had 4 physical buttons). I want to win a Z10 as I want the full blackberry 10 excellence on a full touch screen so my friends go "what phone is that?" and I go "Return of the king of communications!"


I'm still using a two year old phone that is so slow and buggy that it sometimes struggles to make calls! Please help me become technologically acceptable!

Steven Dick

I need one I like nee phones


Yes please! I can then give it to my Mrs and get rid of her iPhone...thereby ridding our household of the very last remaining piece of iOS junk.

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Hi, not wanting to seem too selfish but it would be great to replace my faithful 9900 which took a dunk in some slush during the snow and just isn't right. Or my wife could do with a new phone - her 9790 hasn't been right for a while. Thanks Crackberry and Exansys


I'd love to get my hands on a Z10 for my girlfriend, would make it so much easier to keep in touch whenever I'm out of the country! Would love to be able to get on BBM Video with her!


I need one to feed my BlackBerry addiction can't stand going into cold turkey!

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Jordan Taylor de Walque

Parce que c'est le Blackberry Z10 !


The awesomeness of one z is not enough!

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Id like to win to get my fiancee off her poor window 7.5 phone.


I honestly have been waiting one for ages, for past few months I have been telling all my friends about it and to get one, trying to convince them as best as possible, but obviously since I don't have one and which I can't afford one I can't, I obviously will absolutely love to have one and cherish it like my own baby lol, well good luck to everyone! :)

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Time to change my ancient blackberry for something more modern


I would like one to spread the good word :)
Come on fate, do me a favour!

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I would love to be offered this Z10 to be able to do BBM text, voice and video with my sister in France as I now live on the UK...

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Kevin Docherty

Won one from blackberry through work, since then I've had grief from my wife who wants to swap her iPhone for a decent phone lol

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I need it just because I do.

Jordan Taylor de Walque

Parce que c'est le Blackberry Z10 !


Gimme gimme gimme. I need I need I need.

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Me, me , me, me, I'm not normally this self absorbed, but hey this is a Z10........ Ok I promise to let my family touch it, no I didn't say hold it, did I.


Can do with one of those!


Nice gesture from all concerned.
The phone is the dogs balearics and I would love it!

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I gotta say the only thing better than a BlackBerry is two BlackBerrys so please pick me!

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I'd love a backup to my Z10....this one is nearly polished a bit obsessive! I could even BBM chat myself!


just another phone free app developer hoping for some hardware to test on and a cool phone to use.


I would love a 2nd one to give to my wife, who is a non BlackBerry believer.

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Please... with another one I can type one handed with each phone... ultra productive!!!

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Please can I win. My 9900 took a fall and is dying slowly and cannot afford an early upgrade. You would make me really happy.


Got a 9900 at the moment, would love to replace with a new Z10! :D


Would love to have one without a scratch on it! :-(

Joe Woods

I would like one as I am probably the most excited person in the UK over the new z10.


Sure thanks

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taking balance to the extreme and having a work z10 and a personal z10 :)

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nigel riley

get my partner back using blackberry


yo dawg, I herd you were giving away a bb10, I need one so I can keep track of crackberry within my blackberry so i can surf while i surf


Pick me, I'm stuck on contract until 2014, and the wife is tormenting me with her Z10


I am looking for a Blackberry to pull me back from Android. I believe this is the one.


I almost have used all kind of leading mobile OS. I want to try this new z10 handset.


Is this a random pick from the comments or best comment wins? If the latter I am screwed :-)

Posted via CB10 from my great Z10


Would love to experience the BB10 Experience.

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I would love to win a BlackBerry Z10 because I am probably a crazy fan of the OS and the phone itself. I have been waiting for this phone since the first rumour broke out of a new OS in the works, since before I even got a BlackBerry playbook (in Feb, 2012) and I have been waiting to get one ever since. I would really, really, really, really, really, really, really love to win this one :-(


To win a BB Z10, this is the real reason why I decided to do a PhD in the UK!!!!
If I don't win this time I'd have waste 3 years of my life.... :D


Because my playbook and 9790 need a new friend.


Yea, I need a white one to go next to my black one!


Me please

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Bradley Mckay

I've been dreaming about the z10 ever since i set my eyes on it

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Wow, nice... I'm from the UK!!! :P

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Pete The Penguin

I should win it so I can give it to my mum who has cancer, severe epilepsy and osteoporosis.
We'd be able to video chat over bbm, and mum could load her favourite music on it.

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I already have one but if I do win I'll gift it to someone

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Honestly, it will be nice to finally win something. Been entering sweepstakes and competitions as long as I can remember and nothing. Hopefully my luck has changed :)

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this is an amazing phone, looking to ditch my android phone. Come on CB make me that lucky boy :D


Can I have it please?

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I would like to win one for my fiancé then we can both keep in contact through bbm video and chat and never be out of touch again :)

Posted via Z10 :)

Zibi StudioScratch

My wife is are happy owner of z10 and i would live to join the club:-) BBM between each other would be just perfect

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Because ones not enough :(!!!

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Because my daughter had her 9700 stolen at school and she loves my Z10

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ARGH .....I wish I could win.

I should win because I'm a longtime supporter for BlackBerry and I do all the BlackBerry troubleshooting web pages for all carriers as my day 9800 is slowly dying on me and I would love a Z10 to carry on with my work progress outside of work.



There are definitely others with more deserving reasons than me, but what the hey - after four happy years I recently left BlackBerry for Android and the HTC One. Did I make the right decision? Would a free Z10 tempt me back to Black?! Answer - not sure, but I'd be happy to do my own smartphone round robin of sorts!


Is it STL100-1, 2 or 3?

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I have already pre-ordered a Q10. A Z10 will be perfect!!!!!


because i need one...and i'm poor? :)


Would love to win this as a UK resident!!

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Because I #BB10Believe

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Pete Jennings

I desperately need it to replace my old 9700........ pleeeeeeeeease

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I love Blackberry and I want to believe that this is the ultimate Blackberry experience, unfortunately events have conspired against me and I am unable to afford one :-(. Winning this would brighten up my otherwise dreary life, lol.

Pete Jennings

Because I desperately need one to replace my 9700......... pleeeeeeeeease

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Quite simply Z10s rock. Wouldn't love to win one!

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I'm in! Would love to win a shiny Z10!

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i'd love a blackberry z10, yes please!


ooh ooh ooh a chance of winning again.... Yes please :-)


I want to win one because I'm interested of developing apps for the platform


I would love to get it to replace my Bold.
Actually bought Z10 on, the seller was a scum, so he got my money, and I got nothing at all. Waiting for the PayPal to refund, but the procedure would take more then 30 days...


I need another Z10 so I can give it to my husband for his birthday (which is on may 15th) :)

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An s3 is not the doid i'm looking for and I dont want a "one size fits all" iphone. BlackBerry's z10 superphone is THEONE.


Because I've been a blackberry fan since my dad gave me his 7220 to play with, I got myself a suretype pearl and never looked back. The Z10 is the best phone ever for me and everyone wants to use mine, I need to get one for my partner who has a rather knackered 9800

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I'd like it to give to my fiance so we can screen share when I'm away training!

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I'd like one so i can give one to my kid brother who;s useing my old legacy devices.


The guys at Expansys UK are super cool and generous to give away a super new Zed10 (in the UK z=zed) - can I have a black one and

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I need to win it to give to my young daughter who's away at school so we can video chat on our Z10's.

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you can get bored with you gf in 5-10 mins. But with Z10 I play for hours (2-3 hours) continuous with getting bored!! its awesome!!


There is no reason why I don't deserve to win a beloved Z10!

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So I can have a working phone...


I need one so I can gift to my brother who has always wanted 1.

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By having a second blackberry phone, my split personality will be able to hold video calls with me. Thus, I should have this phone.


Phil & Bill

David Glover1

Because the text entry system is awesome.

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Pick me so I can give it to my bro and show him that BlackBerry is better than iPhone!

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Z10 is by far the best blackberry

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I need something to replace the brick I'm using until the Q10 is finally released!


I've never won anything before - fingers crossed for the Z10!


I have one and love it so much I would like my son to have on as well

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Because I've been using my BlackBerry bold 9700 for three years now! It's time I upgrade to the big guns. It will also complete my BlackBerry experience. Z10 and the Playbook :o


Entering cus there's nothing cooler than getting a Z10 for free!!!


Innovative, productive and reliable.

That's why I want the BlackBerry Z10

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You can never have too many BlackBerry's! Me please thank you very much!!!!

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Yes please enter me in!!!

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this will allow me to bbm video with my gf!


I most certainly won't object to winning a new phone, can't afford this Z10 yet so count me in !


Because I just love Bb10 can't think of any other reason

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Calvin Timothy

Because one is never enough :)

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It would be a great opportunity to upgrade my 9860, and my employer supports BB10 enterprise mail too.


I don't need one, but the wife does! :o)


My wife needs a nice new bb10, she would be so impressed if I won her one,

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Need one for the missus :)

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Could do with an upgrade from my Bold 9900

Sohil Pandya

I would love to see what all the fuss is about with regards to Rim!


Need to show off!

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So I can give my daughter my BB9320 and be able to BBM her instead of texting her old Nokia.


I want one for my girlfriend. Pick me

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Joseph Babalola

Loving the z10

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my old z10 is dead ( dropped in toilet ). so a new one will be great


Because I really really really want it. Please

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I would love to win one so that I could give it to my elderly parents who live far away and teach them the Z10's joys. I could use screen sharing to help them whenever they get stuck and chat to them using BBM video. I know they'd love it as much as me.

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I think Blackberry is great and thoroughly enjoyed my experience on my Pearl, Curve, Bold and Storm. As you can see some great phones there but I have definitely suffered with the best of them. I am confident that Blackberry has returned to winning ways with the Z10 and I am chomping at the bit to give it a try, unfortunately none of my friends have one and I do not have the money to cancel my contract to get one. My pledge if I were to win is that I would praise and show off the Z10 to all my Android and iPhone wielding friends so they know exactly what alternatives are out there! I would hope to convert a good few of them lol. Anyway great competition, thanks guys and thanks Expansys for giving one lucky person this great opportunity. Sam E.


Pick me please

Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Z10


James... over here. I NEED one!

Posted via CB10


That's very nice of them, i'll go check out the site, thanks


Because my Z10 needs another Lady Z10 to snuggle up with whilst it's charging on a night.

Posted via CB10 using my awesome BB Z10


OMG I'd love to win one!

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Bryan Blencowe

Hmm what would I want to win a Z10? Well der! Don't you read CB10!!!!

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One Z10 please

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I never win. Maybe this will be my first. Come on.

Chas Hughes

My 9700 is getting a little long in the tooth now!


I really would like to win this! I have a curve that's starting to fall apart and this would be the perfect upgrade!!


You can never have enough Z10's as they are amazing! Wouldn't mind a second one.

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More Berries the better!

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Yes please... Why? Because it's a Z10, that's all I need to say really.


I left BBs after having the original Storm. I'd like to come back to BB now that they finally have a great mobile.

Pat Evans

Because it is the BEST phone on the market, and my wife's 9800 looks like it's been chewed by the kids.


Please for the love of God let me have the BlackBerry Z10, I have always written on the post for a gift now can I have this one, most appreciated if I do


I'd like one because I just spent my Z10 money fixing my wife's car!


So in for this! Need another z10 to appease the wife ;)

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Want to Give my friend the chance to fully appreciate what I've been talking about!

Regards, Tino Chiko


A free Z10? Yes please!
Why? Why not!


I'd like to win so that I can give it to my little sister who is getting frustrated from her current android phone. I've already convinced my elder sister to BlackBerry and my other younger sister inherited my 9800 when her iPhone went kaput. Just wanna grow the BlackBerry family!

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Pick me... pleeeeeease

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Would love to win this; my 9900 just doesn't cut it anymore so I bought a Nexus 4. Would love to compare BB10 to Android and this would be just the device to do it.




I could do with a white Z10 to match my black Z10 and create an Oreo Z10!

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I hope I win this, need an app testing platform, too broke to get a Z10! Please pick me!


Please do!!!! Thanks :)

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Got one, need another one to keep this one company

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Having owned a BB9700 for the past 4 years, I would love to experience the new Z10 and its new OS.A loyal blackberry fan!


Greed is good so give me the phone!!


I have been in the BlackBerry family for 3 years, brought in by friends, got a curve 9330. Got one for my girlfriend and my sister. Got a playbook for me and my sister. And got a curve 9350 last year. I would like to progress to the BB 10 os, now that would be bliss


Because it Awesome

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So i can get the whole family to become Hyper-Connected Multitaskers! ;)


Need it to get the Wife off her Iphone

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Need one.. always been a massive fan of BB10, waited years for this!


I would love to bring the blackberry project to my boy who has autistic spectrum disorders and release the potential of his PlayBook

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I would dearly love to win this for my wife who was very disappointed she didn't win the Z10 at the local event on the recent Blackberry10 Tour .

George Jenkinson

It'd be so nice to win a Z10...


The Z10 is the number one smartphone. I will do the marketing for expansys :)

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Alum Uddin

Apple and Android thought they had captured the smartphone market, little did they know that Blackberry had the Z10 waiting backstage.

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Wolf 564

I need to convince my wife to get one!

Posted via CB10

Clement Wong

My 9900 still have 6 months contract, can I have one for free please!

Georgi Petkov

I want a Blackberry z10 - my family really need I poor imigrant englesh skillz verry bad i sorry tenQ buy buy


Because my current phone (at least two years old) won't turn on and my backup is an at least 5 years old Sony (which does at least have better battery live than the two year old phone :-))


I hope these are my lucky numbers, Thanks Expansys/Crackberry.


I want it as I never win anything. Except the lottery, the woman of my dreams, the best job in the world, the lottery again and the golden ticket in Willy Wonka's chocolate bar.


Always wanted to try a blackberry heard good and bad things about them but want to form my own opinion.

cchez bb

I will use the winning Z10 and call it 'Give it Go'. Then I will let my friends that have an Iphone and Android phone to use it for two weeks.......... then they will realise BlackBerry is back with a bang and want to upgrade :)

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I want one for my brother

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Zeerak Imran

please can I have one. i will never be able to buy a phone costing £500+ otherwise


I'm on a Z10, my Dad is now on Z10 but my Mum is still on an iPhone 4! This is the reason I should win, I need to get my whole family on Z10's

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Because my Android phone sucks donkey hoof!


I never won anything. Yes please

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Quite simply so my mum can have her own and stop playing with mine!

Posted on a Z10 using CB10


I want a Z10 so I can show my friends just how wrong they were to get an iPhone5


I would love one so I could finally become part of crackberry!