Win tickets to the BlackBerry10TO fan event and a BlackBerry 10 device!

By Adam Zeis on 15 Jan 2013 11:49 am EST

Looking to head to the Toronto fan event for the BlackBerry 10 launch? Here's your chance. As with the other major cities, you can win one of 30 prize packs that will net you tickets to the event as well as a new BlackBerry 10 device with case. Just follow @BlackBerry on Twitter and send them your 10 word story about BlackBerry 10 using the hashtag #BlackBerryTO. If you are selected, you and a friend will head to the BlackBerry 10 fan event in Toronto "on or around" January 30th. Hit up the link below for details.

Enter the #BlackBerryTO fan event contest 

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Reader comments

Win tickets to the BlackBerry10TO fan event and a BlackBerry 10 device!


I hate twitter... #lame.
:p good for their marketing folks though. But means my chances of winning are nil.

The only thing I hate more than social media sites are internet presences like CB using them as exclusive means of access to features or services. Sad, off-putting, and insulting.

This isn't a CrackBerry contest, they were just nice enough to inform us of it. This is a RIM/BlackBerry contest which is very smart in the way that creates a lot of free advertising for their product and promotes the various features people are excited for.
Social media isn't going anywhere anytime soon, so you might as well utilize it to the best of your ability. With that said, I have 7 of my maximum 10 entries submitted. :D

I stand corrected; it's RIM with whom I have the issue, then, and not CB.

As far as your suggestion that I utilize social media to the best of my ability, I would posit that avoiding it altogether is the best way to utilize it, IMO.

It's amazing reading through some of the tweets how un-creative they are, and also, how many people can't count to 10!

Looks like my chances just got better