Win Sonos speakers, Hue lights and more in Connectedly's site launch contest!

Gain an entry per day the entire month of May for up to 31 chances to win!
Connectedly Contest
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 May 2014 09:26 am EDT

Earlier this week we pulled the trigger on the rebranding of Smartwatch Fans to Connectedly. In case you missed the Welcome Post, be sure to give it a read as it lays out the mission and vision for Connectedly.

With May 1st here and a few days of smooth running now behind it, Connectedly is kickstarting things today with their first community contest! The grand prize is a Sonos Playbar and two Sonos Play:1 speakers. Runner up prizes include Philips Hue and the amazingly-fun Sphero toy. These are all products that I own and love - great prizes to get you living connectedly!

Entering for your chance to win is EASY - simply jump over to the Connectedly contest page and leave a comment to enter (remember, if you're already a member of any Mobile Nations site you can simply login with your existing username. To really move things into high gear straight away, with this contest you can gain an additional contest entry every day in the month of May by visiting Connectedly daily and participating in the Connectedly forums and commenting on the articles, for up to a max of 31 entries. Totally awesome.

Hit up the link below for full contest details and to enter. Good luck!!

Click Here for Full Contest Details and to Enter!

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Win Sonos speakers, Hue lights and more in Connectedly's site launch contest!



Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing)  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new Z30, son! The holy grail of phones!

You're only counted in if you jump over to Connectedly and leave a comment there (and follow the rules to earn more bonus entries if you want them). But if you do that, then OF COURSE YOU'RE IN! :)

All you need to do is leave a single comment on the contest post to be entered. That's it (EASY process - same as all our contests). For BONUS entries, you can also participate every day all month long to earn up to 30 more entries.

You should get back in.

Yes you can use Sonos with BB10. There are two ways in fact.

1. Use the RoomTunes app in BlackBerry world.
2. Use the play on feature of BB10 to stream files on your device to Sonos.

Posted via CB10

I use RoomTunes successfully and it does a great job (I believe Tiggit Controller also does the job).

And it seems like the official Sonos Android app (especially the new beta) is just sooo close to wanting to work on BB10.

Funny, I would have entered but now that others will get bonuses and I will not be browsing their forums to get my bonuses, my chances just went down so much I'm not going to enter this one. I suppose if the bonus entries were for a separate prize I would have. And by the time I took to write this I realize I could have entered already. I only tell you to help with design. I realize that you are trying to build up a new base of users as quickly as possible but if you push too hard or not in the right way, it may not have the intended effect. Best of luck with connectedly. I'm sure I'll pop over from time to time.

"I realize that you are trying to build up a new base of users as quickly as possible but if you push too hard or not in the right way, it may not have the intended effect."

Very true BBZ10.

It's sad to see CrackBerry Kevin leave his first true love for another... :o(

Yes hi Kevin, it's just that you seem very distant lately and very busy with other things (android stuff etc) and have forgotten a bit about the BlackBerry people that like you so much. We also miss Chris Umiastowski by the way. I guess business is business and you have to make money some how.

Take care.

You make it sound as if this is the only contest Connectedly will ever run. We'll have plenty of contests that are as easy as click to enter.

Also, you clearly weren't around in the early days of CrackBerry when we did our race to 1000 forum posts contest. ;)

What gave it away? Was it the only 200+ posts or my username created when I learned about the Z10 about to be unleashed on the world? ;) (btw- I'm now a proud Z30 owner but won't give up my name as easily as RIM..)

Tried WD TV live with limited success. Curious to see if the one will work with my Q10.

Posted via CB10

Kevin and Crew.... " Congratulations" on the launch of Connectedly and what a great name for a wearable site.


Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

Hey Kevin,

You didn't give me any credit for the

Live (/living) connectedly!

slogan when I left the little gramma lesson comment on the launch post. :-)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Lol. Well, it's not like you invented it. Live Connectedly is what I had in the drop down menu in the header and that's what our twitter handle is. I just changed up the blog post from Get to Live when mentioned. Wasn't a lesson... just a brain fart. :p

But THANKS. :)