CrackBerry Twitter Contest: Your Chance to Win a BlackBerry PlayBook just by following us on Twitter and Tweeting a message!

Win a BlackBerry PlayBook!
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Apr 2011 03:44 pm EDT

We've already given away a few BlackBerry PlayBook IOUs to lucky CrackBerry contest winners, and as we approach the April 19th launch date we're giving our audience yet another chance to win a BlackBerry PlayBook. This time we're going to get fancy and do it up social media style on the twitters.  

HOW TO ENTER: For your chance to win a BlackBerry PlayBook, all you need to do is login to your twitter account, make sure you follow @crackberry, and from there tweet/retweet the following phrase:

Follow @crackberry and RT this message for your chance to win a BlackBerry #PlayBook! 

PRIZE: The lucky winner will get a 16GB Wi-Fi BlackBerry PlayBook!

OTHER DETAILS: The contest is open from now until April 19th, 2011. We'll announce the winner the day the PlayBook is released. Entry is open worldwide. Only non-private accounts can participate (need public tweets). We're using a tweet contest service provider to administer the tracking, and the lucky winner will be pulled at random.

That's it. Easy peasy. If you're already on the twitter go ahead and tweet the magic phrase and you're good to go. And if you're not on twitter yet, well, now is the time for you to register (click here to download Twitter for BlackBerry). You'll have beginner's luck on your side. Good luck to everyone, and spread the word!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Twitter Contest: Your Chance to Win a BlackBerry PlayBook just by following us on Twitter and Tweeting a message!


Haha looks like it was a good time to go on break!! Just opened Twitter and noticed the contest!

The magic phrase has been successfully "retweeted" :D

LOL as much as I really want a PlayBook I feel that same sentiment.. I dont want a twitter account. I refuse to go through the set up just for a an opportunity to win a PlayBook. I would never use it again afterwards..

Who won the Last PB I never saw it announced?

I have Zero followers, and this was my first and probably only ever Tweet. I only use it to follow Crackberry news updates, go figure eh?

No need to use Twitter guys. Just have the account there and follow @crackberry for the contests ;P. You know, follow on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube one.

If you used twitter you could do the following:

Just ate #toast with #cheez whiz - go breakfast!

LOL. Twitter is a symbol of the decline of our society...

I already pre ordered the 64GB playbook, but my girlfriend really wants one too so I hope I can win one for her!!!!!

Done... I think... I don't know much about this danfangled Twitter. I would've been all over a FB contest. But I did try.

I initially followed CB to be notified of new posts, but eventually unfollowed because of the relentless sweepstakes spam.

No other blog I follow uses Twitter this way.

That's because I don't consider CrackBerry to be just a "news blog". We are SOOOO much more.  We're an enthusiast site, we're a community, we constantly try to give back to our fans with contests. We also engage on twitter with our crackberry twelpers. It's not just about the straight up latest news.

If you just want the latest news and nothing else, what I could definitely do is set up a separate twitter account that only does tweets from the News & Rumors blog post category of the site. Like that idea?

That's a good idea, but I never thought you guys "spammed" stuff like this guy is implying. I'll stick to following your normal crackberry account.

gotta agree iv never been spammed by CB (well anyone actually) on twitter. the alternative fast route is to use an RSS reader, social feeds in OS6 or if your not on OS6 then go to appworld and go into the `beta` section and use BlackBerry News Feeds. its another RSS reader mainly for non OS6 users.

worth considering if its a major thing to you

Of course someone who's never heard of CB before and is a die hard apple fanboy who just signed up on twitter recently will win :D ;)

But its part of the game ;) any contender is equal (but the irony if someone wins who posted from 'twitter for ipad' grrrrr! :P)

Good luck to everyone!

Stupid Question - if you sign up for the @CrackBerry tweets, does it duplicate the RSS feed? I certainly don't want to get duplicates everyday.

re: Well it looks like it does as I just got a tweet and an RSS feed about the same thing. I prefer Twitter so once I have verified I'll delete the RSS Feed.

Yep, all blog posts that go out on RSS also go out on twitter.  Twitter might get the odd extra thing do, and we have our twelpers you can also ask stuff too.. so it's more like RSS you can talk to.

I am fairly new to Twitter and had been following @Crackberry_News prior to this contest. I am now signed up for the main @Crackberry, is there any advantage to the _News one or could I drop it since everything seems to be posted on the main account...?

Wish me Luck :D
it's awesome website I know.. much contest and much chance to win more gadgets here.. ahhaha :D

I'm kinda shocked I didn't start following sooner... If I knew there was a twitter account I would have followed ages ago... nothing like a great contest to show me yet another thing about this amazing site.

hey, have added, being following anyway, tweeted, retweeted......anything else Crackberry would want its fans to do...... : )

Can we retweet more than once? :)
I hope I'll win because playbook will never come to my country... :(

Thanks for the opportunity!

following and tweeting as @evie197580. Like on facebook, youtube and feed subscriber.

you got to pick me im probably the youngest person in this contest and I go on this website everyday since I heard about this website!! :)I'm 12 years old
Go Crackberry and Blackberry

Just got my tweet in. Glad I came across this. I never win but this one is worth a shot. Been watching the videos on the Playbook and was pretty impressed so far.

Rt the living daylights on my seberrian2 twitter account :) This is definately the best tablet on the market.