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By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Oct 2008 11:45 am EDT

OtterBox for the BlackBerry Bold - Win a Free OtterBox!


I received a message from a member earlier this week that I thought would be a good one to share with the CrackBerry community. It also ties in nicely with the news that OtterBox has now released their popular Defender Series case for the BlackBerry Bold...


I recently purchased an otterbox from the crackberry site. I'm sure you sell a lot of these, but I'd like to tell you my story. I live just south of Tampa, FL in a little town called Parrish. I have a fairly unusual job - I remove wildlife from homes and businesses - and own the company (floridawildlifetrapper.com). I consider myself a "high-tech redneck" of sorts.

My job is very demanding - it can involve anything from wrestling an alligator to removing wild boars to getting rid of Africanized bees. As you can see, that kind of work puts any type of device I carry to the test. Since I carry a Blackberry Pearl to conduct business while I'm in the field or on the job I had to find some way to protect it. I only wish I had known about the otterbox the day I got my Blackberry - it wouldn't have a scratch on it! The most I have to do now is use compressed air to blow out the sand and dirt every once in a while.

The otterbox is like having an insurance policy on my Blackberry. I love this thing! With the rubber grips I can handle it even when my hands are wet and slimey, and when I'm driving it keeps the phone from sliding around the dash. And the magnet is a nice touch - this is a great product and I sing its praises to anyone and everyone I know.

Please feel free to share this note in any way you please. If you want to know more about me or my business, you can visit my web site at floridawildlifetrapper.com

Thanks again for such a great product!

Jeff Norris
Nuisance Wildlife Removal, Inc

WIN AN OTTERBOX CONTEST: Pretty good story and testimonial, huh?? So good in fact, I think it calls for an impromptu CrackBerry Contest!! All you need to do is respond to this blog post and tell us either: a) your OtterBox for BlackBerry testimonial, or b) why you NEED to have an OtterBox for your BlackBerry. We'll pick THREE winners next week from the entries submitted and send you down the OtterBox of your choice! Be sure to login to the site before you post your comment (we need to be able to contact you if you win). Good Luck!

For more information and to purchase an OtterBox for your BlackBerry, Click Here.

Topics: Site Stuff



I have a Curve and four children. Thanks in advance. LOL


I work for the police and have to run around and i dont want my curve to get wet!



I don't trap animals per-se, however, I am in the loss prevention field, and have captured several "bad guys". More than a few times my phone has taken a tumble to the street, curb, or sidewalk...as people who are doing wrong usually don't want to come willing, so something goes flying, and it's usually my phone. I had a 8830 take a nose dive last year after trying to handcuff someone and hand off my phone to my partner to call the police, somewhere in the mix it got knocked out of my hand and crashed into the street. It sucked.

However, with an OtterBox to go with my Curve 8330 that I have now, next time I need to wrestle someone to the ground, I can rest assured that my phone won't get crushed in the melee.


I totally need an OtterBox. As a volunteer firefighter who responds to numerous alarms on a daily basis my BlackBerry is always in harms way. Whether it be at the scene of a house fire or a motor vehicle accident, if the BlackBerry is in my pocket or in a holster it is always at risk. Based on the testimonial you posted I would say it would provide a much needed level of safety for one of my most precious possessions.

Thanks for your consideration.


Ohhh OtterPops, I want this Otterbox!

Brian Barlow

I work in a chemical plant and am required to have my blackberry on me at all times.
We make Chlorine, SO2, Nitric Acid, etc..



My Bold arrives on Monday. It's precious, very precious - I've been waiting a LONG time for it and I dont want to break it!! Please pick me. lol


I travel all over the world for my job as a service engineer for equipment on board ships, oil platforms and industrial locations, as a result my Blackberry always gets used and abused however an otterbox would help me to protect my much loved Bold.


I was an iPhone user since it was available to be unlocked. I had babied it since from day one. I had a holster but no other protection for it. One day, out of the blue, *smashed*, the iPhone fell out and the screened cracked when it hit the concrete. It was unusable. Even though the Bold's screen isn't made out of glass, I don't want the same thing to happen. I don't want a BB paperweight.
With my Bold I have been extra careful, but a protection case , as Jeff mentions, would be a nice insurance.


With the recent financial downturns in the U.S. economy, it is clear that assets need to be protected. What better way to protect my number 1 asset than with an OtterBox.


Hmm... well my "Job" isn't hard core like most of these people... but I am a *Happy* college student who uses his BlackBerry 8830 at all times... it really has my life in it.

I've dropped it many times now, from my bike, or just walking down the sidewalk.... I've had to replace the battery door 2 times and the battery as well 4 times now.. and it would be great to have a Gorgeous Otter Box protecting my little baby...

Although I'm going to be getting the Storm the day it come out....


I am just purchased my first BB through Sprint (a Titantium Curve 8330) and have already managed to drop it twice. The second time from a height of about 15 ft. down a flight of concrete stairs. Please help me save my BB from myself!


If I had a otterbox, this wouldn't have happened.

I am a TV news cameraman... I was running across a bust street, cars whizzing by in both directions... when I hear CRASH... clink clink clink...... I looked down at the pavement, and there was my Sprint Curve 8330 in 3 pieces... Battery, Door, and The device were all spread over the busy street..

As I went to grab my phone, I see headlights coming right at me...

I had to quickly run out of the way to avoid getting killed for a curve.

2 cars ran over my phone. Breaking the battery door , track wheel, and the E key..

you don't realize how much you need the E key until its broken...

oh... btw... I still did get the story for the news , ironically, I was running across the street to the hospital to interview family about a kid that was hit by a car.

(kid is OK BTW)


I need an OtterBox because well I work in the wireless field and as a demonstration I'm constantly throwing my Blackberry accross the floor to demonstrate how durable they are. When I do this people say "is that really your phone?" I respond "of course it is, that's how much trust I have in RIM for making an all around excellent device." Now as many phones I have sold using this tactic I would have to say that my BB has taken a beating. I would absolutely love an OtterBox to protect my precious Berry.

Thanks for the consideration.

Raul Perez

I'm an auditor... but a very unusual auditor... I am a very sports oriented person. Being as such I am a martial arts instructor (and competitor), kayaker, and love to camp and backpack. So I spend half my time proving people are lying to me through number analysis and the other half trying to find ways to injure and kill myself.

My Story - I originally owned a Pantech Duo and went on a hiking trip by myself. While camping I dented my Pantech Duo putting on my ALICE Pack (The frame whacked it). To avoid further damage I tossed my phone in my jeep and slammed the door. The Pantech Duo bounced off the seat and went between the door jam just before I shut the door and I crushed the screen. This all prompted me to call AT&T to see about getting a new phone. A new Duo would cost me $499, which forced me to give the sales rep the finger over the phone. I settled for a BB Curve and I never looked back! I love this thing. For fear of the incidents that happened before I purchased an Otterbox and it has been awesome!

I'm patiently waiting for the BB Bold when it finally hits the states in 2025. But I will most likely need to protect my new investment with an Otterbox.

Just so you dont think I'm BSing you I have youtube videos of my fight and camping over the summer available upon request.

Hope I'm in the running!



I have 4 children under 6 years old (6, 4, 2 and 4 months) and I work from home. I can not describe to you the abuse my blackberry has taken for fear that RIM will descend upon my house and remove all blackberry privileges. Please don't make me choose between the children and the blackberry, I am not prepared for that. I need the OtterBox, if not for me, do it for the children.
- Craig


I use an 8120. Walking into work, through a revolving door, I had a few things in my hand. Oooops, I dropped my pearl with a OEM silicon skin and the backlight goes out. I could see a faint image of the screen, but not enough to actually use it. BB just doesn't build units like my old 6750, which was dropped about 3x/day. I have an otterbox now, and have dropped it once, no problem. And for anyone who thinks its too big of a cover, it really doesn't add too much bulk.


I need an Otterbox because my owner is the klutziest, clumsiet person ever. NO, it is NOT neurological. The doctors have already determined that she's a big klutz, and believe me, they subjected her to many tests. I was there. Poor thing!! There's no pill she can take either.

I fear for my safety. To protect myself from my beloved owner since she can't help herself (I honestly think its her gene pool---I could tell you some stories about her relatives that would make your trackball light stop working!!), an Otterbox will give me the protection I desperately need and it WILL lesson my handler's guilt (I do have some feelings for her after all) the next time she lets me fall on our cold, hard, unforgiving ceramic tile floor.

I hate to imagine what drastic and possibly life-threatening measures I WILL have to take to protect myself, if I don't get an Otterbox. Clearly, HER life will be on the line.

This is bruised and battered Betsy Redcurve signing off to wait for the next fall. . .

Ah h*llllllll. . . . not again. . . . . oh!!!!!!! my battery cover. . . .


i need an otterbox because i am preparing to start a new job driving trucks full of mail from building to building and an otterbox is the only thing that can stand up to how hard i am on my phone cases. other cases clips will break and the otter box can withstand the fall should it happen again or if the phone drops from my truck. i also will be walking outside a bit and need the water resistance that an otterbox provides


This is somethig i trully need for my blackberry, here´s a little explanation why:

- i´ve had maybe 6 cell phones during the past two years, of which i damaged 4.

Had a nokia n95, dropped it and broke the screen after 4 months of use (im still paying for it though)
Nokia 6233, it managed to fly out of my pocket everytime it could! until it finally died, i bought it unlocked in the US.
Motorola Rokr Z6, software failures, pretty phone but not very useful (still paying for it)

I bet this sounds pityful but after having several phones i came across my actual curve 8320 and im totally in love with it, the need of having thi OtterBox is because i would have a seizure if something happens to it! You guys from crackberry can give me a hand with that??? would be highly appreciated ;-)

I was the first of my friends of having a BB, and convinced six of them of gettin one ;-) i should get a a golden star from RIM for that!! ;-)


The otterbox for my 8330 curve would be awesome. I am a paramedic and have alot of physical demands on both me and my equipment. When I have to extricate a patient from a vehicle or deal with an unruly patient, my phone gets banged up and scuffed up and well just don't look new anymore. The otter box would offer great protection for my phone. I would not have to be so delicate worry about adjusting it all the time or taking it off my belt and dusting it off to be sure the just particles dont scratch the screen. Having an otterbox would help me concentrate on my patients more instead of my personal equipment.


Going through a divorce at home. I wouldn't want to damage the 'berry when I throw it at the soon to be ex...lol.


I'm a dude and as much as my wife says I need a purse I dont use one.
As a result my pockets are filled with crap.
Crap like keys, pens, my ipod, my wallet, always a large pile of change( Canadians know what I'm talking about!) bus tokens, and of course my precious Berry!!!

As a result of a lot of comutting my Berry always take a hit. I have yet to find a case to protect from any of my deadly pants. Or my deadly hands (Im a big clutz). Or my morning coffee on the bus that at least once a month winds up on my crotch.

I feel that an Otterbox just may save my berry from suffering an early death, or looking freakishly scared from war (war in my pants that is.



I work in a steel mill. On my production line (I'm in maintenance) we have every type of grease and oil you can think of. We also pickle the steel using hydroflouric acid, nitric acid, and electrolytic solutions. To say it's a harsh environment is an understatement. My 8703e has grease stains and scratches from being dropped several times with oily/greasy hands. I'm upgrading to a Curve next week and having an Otterbox to protect my phone would be ideal.


I need an Otterbox for my BlackBerry because I do engineering work in a steel mill. It is a harsh environment. My other BlackBerry-packing colleagues cringe when I mention where I take my BlackBerry. But I have to have it! Things that I used to have to wait until I get back to the office can now be done on-site with my BlackBerry in hand. CrackBerry.com has been a great source for more tools that I can have with me as I do my job. Protecting my BlackBerry with an Otterbox is a must.


I spend about 18 hours a day with my Blackberry. I spend a good deal of time with my blackberry in the sweatpants I use while coaching hockey. I am always fearful of dropping it on the ice and cracking the case or screen to my Blackberry.

Magnus Nystedt

Because I cracked the screen on my Curve day before yesterday - it was an accident, I promise! :-)

Seriously, Etisalat is starting to sell the Bold here in Dubai in four days time and I'm getting one. I was getting one even before the Curve's screen cracked. So I need a good case so I can test it in the desert... obviously!

J.P Michaels

I would need one because I am working in the Construction and Oilfield Services Industry in northern Alberta. I travelling about 50-60 thousand Kilometers a year. My Truck is my second home for that matter. I think it is a great way to protect my new Bold with a rugged Otterbox.


A good part of my work involves travel, so I need a durable case that can protect my precious Curve during these trips.


I need one because i work i move boxes all day and get dirty. I have dropped my berry outta my pocket so many times at work bending over to pick up a box it's not funny. But i just got a new one and i wanna keep it in shape(not like the last one).


Nothing as exciting as firefighters and gator wrasslers but my Berry has taken several dips in the river (yes the same Berry and yes, it is STILL working!) Even though it still works, minus the the camera and a few water marks on the screen I think a water resistant Otterbox would have made it possible to have a fully functional Blackberry. Hopefully after this contest my Berry wont need to do anymore skinny dippin'!!


Well.... needless to say.. 7 curves 2 8800's in 4 months, now im back to a curve.. its starting to get expensive. lol


Does not Jeff Norris deserve some sort of emolument for his gratuitous praise? Perhaps he will upgrade to a Storm, and need a new Otterbox for it.


I am going to be purchasing the 8320 curve when it's released on AT&T and I have dropped every single phone I have owned and phones given to me by employers (Sprint, Verizon, Nextel). I once bumped into a door and a nail on the side went right through the front of my display on my brand new Motorola V551. I once dropped my Razr V3 in such a way that the phone flew one way and the battery and battery door went another. I can't tell you how bad I am, even dropping the phone in the rain and scratching it. I could really use this cover. Thank you.


I'm a 19-year-old college student, majoring in Economics. I'm a new BlackBerry fan. I've never had one but upon laying eyes on the BlackBerry Bold 9000 I have fallin in love with the device! I got one off ebay, originally baught from Rogers in Canada seen as its not out here yet.

Although I'm an Economics major, i thrive in the outdoors, I play basketball, soccer, football and I run on the track. Ive been really worried about how to keep my most prized possession (my BBold), fresh and clean and upon reading Jeff Norris' testimonial I feel like the OtterBox for the BB Bold 9000 would do the trick. It would protect it from dirt, save it from cracks when it drops (because it will), protect the screen, and the qwerty keyboard.

I've browsed the crackberry site and Ive seen alot of holsters for the Bold, but the Otterbox seems to be the good enough to step up to the plate of my crazy schedual and active lifestyle.(And it looks really good too!)

In conclusion I hope that you will find me worthy of the OtterBox and take into consinderation that it would be saving my BlackBerry Bold 9000's life!

I appreciate the work you guys do on this site. Keep it up! It isn't going unnoticed.

Thanks for an amazing website and the opprtunity to enter for this competition!

TJ Chukwukeme.


You think trapping wild animals is dangerous, messy work?
I teach in a public middle school. I need an otterbox. Enough said!


I need an Otterbox for my BB Curve since I am an avid outdoors man and having 2 young boys my BB takes a pounding. I have dropped the BB in the live well when fishing, dropped it out of the tree stand when hunting (it really helps pass the time) and dropped in a snowbank when snowmobiling. Please pick me!


I forgot to add that I even dropped my video ipod and it came up with a sad face icon. I blew the hard drive. I am very bad with electronics. Hence the reason I am getting a curve and not the bold. I'm afraid I'll destroy it!


After reading this I am even more convinced that I need an Otterbox for my 8830. I sell oil and also signup waste oil accounts for a living, the otehr day one of the guys from my company was riding with me and we went into a repair shop and he had his Pearl in a otterbox, and he laid it down and the oil pump burst and oil sprayed over everything (including us) his otterbox was soaked and in a puddle of oil. We went out to the vehicle and he peeled the otterbox and the protctive polastic off of it and the Blackberry was as dry as a tissue. So after that episode and the one i read here I need a Otterbox.


the otterbox sounds just what my wife needs for her curve 8310. she has dropped it 15 to 20 times in the last 7 months, that she has been a blackberry user. she uses it for her real estate with london properties, here in fresno, ca. i personally seen her drop it about 8 times. the curve hits the concrete driveway and flies into many pieces. then she brings all the pieces to me to put it back together. she keeps it on her lap to use with a hands free device, then forgets its there when she gets out. her blackberry is now missing pieces of the outer shell and cracked in many places. what amazes me is the curve still works like the day we got it from at&t. does anyone know, will the otterbox work with the seidio extended battery? thankyou and i love your 'crakberry' web-site. wishing you a great day.

B Abrams

Simply put, so I can be the coolest looking guy around.

Blackberry Bold and OtterBox, match made in Crackberry.


Gary Wood

I have to leave a testimonial as to why I need to win this Otterbox. Hunting season is fast approaching and while in the woods you have to sit through all kinds of weather conditions. Even with rain gear you tend to get wet through. I have had times in which I have had to use my wireless phone to contact some of my family or friends for assistance and have had one phone ruined due to the weather conditions. Now with the purchase of my Blackberry I want to protect this device as much as possible. To keep my investment safe and to still be able to use the phone in needed situations I would feel at ease knowing that my Blackberry was protected by the OtterBox.

Gary Wood



I need to own one of the OtterBox's for my Curve/ future BOLD.
I am very clumsy and I have dropped 3 BB and they have all been replaced by ones that I have bought from 3bay. I have spent to much money on BB's. If I count the money that I have spent on Curve's, I could have3 bought some stock in RIM (DAYUM). I really need one to protect my investment, so please consider me as one of the winners!

Thank you for you time,


Roy Aguilera

This is the greatest protection around. I will definitely need one for the storm.


I have a Bold and I'm clumsy, don't help me...help my Bold :)


Being a babysitter is hard enough as it is when you work with young children. If that isn't already enough, they like to take my iPhone 3G and throw it. You'd be surprised how strong of an arm a 3 year old has! I NEVER bring my blackberry bold along with me for fear of its life coming to a tragic end due to a high speed collision with a wall or being massacred by small lego scratches all around its silver bezel.

If the people at Crackberry have a heart, they will consider me a worthy candidate for this ultimate baby-proofing product for my beautiful bold. It would be a miracle to be able to BBM my friends while I'm watching these little impish children!


I need an Otterbox for my blackberry because I work as an Assistant Golf Course Superintendent. I spend alot of time working on machinery, mowing, working on irrigation, and so forth. I love my 8310. However, I worry that my job may render it useless one day. I've thought about going to some ruggedized industrial strength phone but I can give up my Blackberry. Its my Visa card (I think that's the correct card) I never leave home without it.




Currently I am a firefighter and I always put my BB in my pocket whenever we go on a call. So as you probably know, we MUST have contact with other so we can do our jobs. Quite often we have "dead spots" in buildings with our radios and they do not work, but we still need to communicate with those on the outside that can help us in an emergency. Therefore my Curve is used as a backup communication device and it works in more places than our radios! It is my safety net that must stay clean and work properly as well. Others and myself may depend on it one day.


If I were you guys I would pick me since I no alot of Blackberry users and they all follow my lead with new gadget purchases sooooo by them seeing me with your product they will be forced to purchase the impenetrable and well designed "whatcha gona do now H2O" all weather case.


hello i would love to have an otter box. Main reason i need one is that my GF loves my phone but she keeps dropping it. So far she has dropped it down the stairs, onto a glass table, onto a concreate floor, and has let her dog take a quick nibble out of it. She keeps saying she will be careful with it but to seconds later its on the floor with the battery cover off. :)


I work in the railway industry so my Curve takes quite a beating. Would love to try the Otterbox as I have heard rave reviews.


i could use an otterbox cause I'm a an appliance repair tech. i own my on company and dirt lint water grease rotten food out of a dishwasher that didn't drain and so on. i use a zip-lock bag when at work and on my motorcycle to keep the moisture out but i use my phone and it looks bad when pull my phone out with a plastic bag around it in a customers house. if they were crackberryers then they would understand.


I've just got the Bold last week and I need something solid, reliable and rugged. I can't think of any other than OtterBox to do that job for my Bold. Period.


I Need an Otterbox because I am a college student on the go! I am always busy, running late to this or that and what comes with running late is DROPPED STUFF! I need an OtterBox to protect my most important hand held device for communication, MY BLackBerry!


I need one of these! I've gone through 3 pearls already. I try and take care of it cuz it's basically my life these days. But with having brothers that like to get into everything, my luck has not been the best. Right now I just use the leather case that came with the pearl but even then, there are scratches on the top of my phone from dropping it. I think I may just end up buying an otterbox just to be safe. But there's no harm in trying to win a free one!

By the way, I work at Alltel Wireless and my day consists of being glued to this website. It's the first thing I look at in the morning. It's full of information and I thank you guys for that! :)


As an ER nurse, my Blackberry (Curve, for now) is always with me. I conveniently installed a drug guide and medical encyclopedia on it for reference.

The human body can produce SO many different kinds of...well, things, to put it nicely.

When I eventually get my Bold (come'on ATT!), I will NEED an Otterbox to protect it from anything a human body can throw at it, as well as frequent wipe downs with harsh disinfecting wipes.

I might barely make it through the gore and smell, but at least I'll know my Bold will be safe!


Well this is a story of a repeat offender/victim. I now have a pearl which is by far the best phone I have ever had and I now care for it as I do my children (now). You would too if this was your track record with phones. I have had this phone for 18mths and am afraid the inevitable is coming for me.

Phone #1 yr: 2002, Job: Kwick Lube, Situation: Drop phone in tub of used auto oil, Outcome: Dead Phone

Phone#2 yr: 2003, Job: Lumber Yard, Situation: Pulled phone out of pocket when in the loft dropped 15ft to concrete floor, Outcome: Dead Phone

Phone#3 yr: late 2004, Job: Same as above, Situation: Car would not start no one would answer my calls for help, Outcome: Got mad threw phone no more screen

Phone#4 yr: 2006, Job: Chaplain for hospice, Situation: I drive around for my job often park and jump out of car I have to wear these dress pants that have those satin pockets, Outcome: on this day phone popped out of pocket and slid on ground under neighboring car that was backing out, another screen gone

Phone#5 yr: Present, Job same as above, Situation same as above plus do a lot of volunteer construction work at church, Outcome: to be diverted with some otter box help

Yes I know some of it is may fault but there is a pattern and I get worried that with all the care and attention I give if is it enough or do I need some otter box help to alter these chain of events


as a side note i had to beg my wife to let me spend money on getting this pearl when i could got a "regular phone" for free, due to my track record. So in order to uphold a promise to her i need to make this one last.



I am a very new member to the site (my first post actually) but I have been viewing and reading for a few months. Before I tell you why I need an Otterbox I will give you a quick rundown of me.

I work for a network in the UK and have been an admirer of the Blackberry ever since I was trained on how to use it properly about 6 months back. Ever since that day I have been yearning for a Blackberry and have been reading blogs and tutorials on this site ever since to get me ready. I Nearly bought the 8310 a few months back untill I heard of the Bold and decided to wait for that. I finally got my bold 2 days ago and i'm loving it!!!

Anyway, I need an Otterbox for a number of reasons.
1. My Bold is new and shiny and I would like to keep it that way as long as possible!
2. I am a keen sports enthusiast and wouldn't mind taking my blackberry along with me sometimes... but at the minute im just a little scared of it getting broken.
3. As I work for a network I need all the proper equipment to go with it to show off to my peers!

I am well aware that my reasons may be trivial to some people who wrestle alligaters and such. But I thought I would jump in and give my 2 cents anyway.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and im already crossing my fingers!


People who believe superheroes like me get our alerts from a big spotlight in the clouds are dreamers - that' just Hollywood BS. What happens if it's clear huh? And it simply doesn't work well during the day. Also, it hurts my neck looking at the sky all the time waiting for trouble. NO! I use my Curve 8310 to keep me informed of nefarious activities.

Now, the trouble is I only wear spandex and a cape. Sure it's sexy and comfortable, but it makes it VERY difficult to carry my device around as you can imagine. I considered stuffing it where the sun don't shine, but decided that would be a disservice to your good Crackberry name...

Alas, I carry my Curve in one hand and fight crime with the other - which is fine because I'm really that good - but inevitably my Blackberry gets a little beat up in the process and could sure benefit from a little guardian like the OtterBox.

For the good of humanity, and to keep the Curve away from my crack, please send me an OtterBox.

Curve Man


I have a farm in Virginia and as no-tech as feed corn and soybeans may sound, more than a few of us have Blackberries. It makes it easy for me to check prices and keep schedules. Also, mot of the equipment is pretty noisy so we use messaging and email throughout the day.

More often than not, my blackberry is in a plastic baggie. It isn't very sexy but it keeps the mud and dirt out. It has payed off a few times including once when I dropped my blackberry in the field while we were plowing and we ran over the phone with the tractor. Fortunately the field was very soft and it just smushed it down into turned soil. My foreman laughs at the baggie but my wife (who keeps the books) insist on it. It has saved me in the field a couple of times. They don't last more than a week so a more permanent solution would help - and would have the added bonus of avoiding all the grief I get at the diner when I forget to leave the baggie in the truck !


To have one of these Outterbox for what I do is very important. I work for one of the largest oil drilling compnays here in the state of Texas. My job requires me to communcate with them weather I am 50 feet in the air or hitting a gush in the ground. With me having that Outterbox not only could I keep my blackberry clean, I could keep a better grip on it when making calls or texting. I need this thing big time. The last thing I want to do is keep dropping it.


so i am a swimcoach and had a blackberry pearl with an otterbox. from occasion to occasion the kids on my team would throw the coaches in after a big win or after a great swim. well on three separate occasions i was thrown into the pool with my phone on my hip. now i know it says that it doesn't protect from total immersion but my phone was never even wet after i brought it out of the box to check on it. now i have a curve after giving my pearl to my father and am without the excelent protection of the otterbox, and fear for my phones life every day!!


The reason I absolutely need an otterbox in my life is simple. I am a full-time university student in my final year of a commerce degree, while working full time for a very demanding transportation company. Between dropping my blackberry at work while answering school emails to dropping it at school from answering work emails, my poor poor pearl has taken a beating. My blackberry is an absolutely essential part of my life, if I ever lost it, my chaotic life would lose the order that the blackberry brings.


Great story! I could probably use one of those myself. I work at a precast concrete manufacturing plant. Needless to say it's a harsh environment, and EVERYTHING is dirty! My berry has managed to survive so far....



Well i was walking to the store one day when a black rottweiler looking dog jumps the fence of the house i was walking next to. Thus began the scariest time of my life that dog chased me for 4 blocks. I saw a high fence and went for unfortunately i had my blackberry in my pocket so as i through my leg over the fence bang my heart drops as i see my blackberry drop in front of the dog. My poor blackberry was being mauled in front of me now things got personal nobody messes with my blackberry. I found a stick and hoped the fence and chased that dog away luckily i had a Otterbox case for my blackberry. There was absolutely no damage to the device i was amazed although the my Otterbox case was completely annihilated my blackberry was intact! Now im stuck using a gel case which virtually offers no protection please i need a Otterbox for my pearl.Thanks Otterbox for a great product.


Hey- I need one of those OTTERBOX cases....I can't keep my phone in good shape getting in and out of that fire truck! That is when I am at work! More dangerous are the 2 people that run my household....my 4 1/2 yr old daughter (THE PRINCESS) and my 2 yr old daughter (THE BOSS). Those two have a habit of finding my phone and using it as their own personal throw toy! That otterbox may and I say may even be able to keep them from hurting it! I have another guy at the firehouse that just got one after running his over (got a new phone too) and he states it is a solid case ....he may even run over his again to test it! Any help I can obtain in getting one up here in the frozen tundra of Maine is appreciated. Hey can you use those things as a hockey puck!?


I will definetly need an OtterBox for my Bold. I currently have an 8800. I drop the phone at least twice a day. Some times from as high as 4ft. My 8800 has taken quite the beating but still loves me. As we know the 8800 was built tough. Very sturdy and has taken many blows without even wincing. I worry that when I upgrade to the Bold it will not take my abuse as kindly. Please help me protect my future investment.

A true Crackberry Addict


I am a Police Officer who is currently working in Narcotics. I have a nextel, radio, keys and my BLackberry I have to carry around. I am constantly dropping everything so far I have not dropped my Blackberry. I would love to have a case that offers some type of protection.

I use my Blackberry which helps keep my sanity on llong nights of sitting, watching and waiting for things to happen. I download things on it to keep me entertained during the slow times.


Hey I need one of those OTTERCRACKBOX's to help keep my precious phone "LIFE" safe. I keep cracking the thing up getting on and off the fire truck at work! That isn't the half of it.....I also live in a domesticated house that is run by a 4 1/2 yr old daughter (PRINCESS) and a 2 yr old daughter (THE BOSS). Those kids always find my precious BBERRY and think it is some kind of throw toy! If you could help me protect it from the beasts of my household it would be appreciated! Do those things ship all the way up to the frozen tundra of Maine? Can I use it as a hockey puck also?!!



I think I could definitely use an Otterbox to house my BB 8830 in. You see, I'm a crew chief for several local pilots who fly hot air balloons. Most of the time, its good fun - preparing the balloon for launch and breaking things down afterwards. However, there are a few instances that require the balloon to land in not-so-nice places that can scratch the face of a cell phone quite easily. Dredging through waist-high sticker bushes in order to retrieve a drop-line to be sure the balloons lands in the place we want it to rather than in a place that may damage the balloon. Notice, more attention to the balloon than the crew! :)

It has already happened - one good tree branch or sticker bush sticking out where it shouldn't be has already claimed the life of one bb screen. If I had an Otterbox, this wouldn't have been an issue.

So, please.... make that decision to prove to me that the Otterbox is worthy of a sticker bush.




I too am a paid-on call firefighter. During the normal course of a day I can run the standard medical call (sick call, get puked on - There's reason enough right there :-) ) to a fully involved house fire where my brand new Curve 8330 could stand a lot more protection from the elements.

Thank you for your time.


Ok so , a real reason why i should have that blackberry case . One , this is my first blackberry and it being a god , it will need some pertection . 2 , i have been hit in the head so many times by my girlfriend with my phones i ended having to buy like 3 of each phone , last time we got into a fight she took my instinct and bust my lip with it , and thats a small phone could you imagine the brick of a blackberry , that could do some damage .. but screw my face , im worried about the phone lol , and not to mention how every time she sees another girls number or txt she throws my phone againts the wall or stomps on it lol .... i think that this case will really test her lol ...

sergeant snake eyes

I'm an Animal Control Sergeant in Banning California. That means not only do I get stuck with the really "great" (dirty/dangerous) jobs, but I have to carry my blackberry and answer emails while doing it. On a daily basis, I have to crawl under trailer homes, into sewer pipes, or into peoples homes where poop literally cakes the walls, to capture and rescue animals that are never glad to see me. Happy creatures want to jump on me, and nasty ones want to eat me. I completely understand Jeff's line of work. The Nextel phone I had, by the time I was through with it, looked like cavemen used it for a hockey puck, then buried it in mud for eons. Now I have this shiny new blackberry, that I know is going to get killed. I come home kicked, bitten, scratched, bleeding, and covered in mud-poop sludge. My phone shouldn't have to.

Please send me one of these. If not, I'm going to have to convince the county to buy me one...which is like asking for a kidney transplant.

Sergeant Nathan Gonzales - Riverside County Animal Services

sergeant snake eyes

I'm an Animal Control Sergeant in Banning California. That means not only do I get stuck with the really "great" (dirty/dangerous) jobs, but I have to carry my blackberry and answer emails while doing it. On a daily basis, I have to crawl under trailer homes, into sewer pipes, or into peoples homes where poop literally cakes the walls, to capture and rescue animals that are never glad to see me. Happy creatures want to jump on me, and nasty ones want to eat me. I completely understand Jeff's line of work. The Nextel phone I had, by the time I was through with it, looked like cavemen used it for a hockey puck, then buried it in mud for eons. Now I have this shiny new blackberry, that I know is going to get killed. I come home kicked, bitten, scratched, bleeding, and covered in mud-poop sludge. My phone shouldn't have to.

Please send me one of these. If not, I'm going to have to convince the county to buy me one...which is like asking for a kidney transplant.

Sergeant Nathan Gonzales - Riverside County Animal Services


it's good to have a product like this, but it really does detract from the beauty of the phone's design. i'd probably look into bodyguardz instead at the moment....


I have a Curve 8320 and would like an otterbox because the place were i work is a TV network and moving all equipment around in/out trucks and mini vans to go out and cover special news, games, events, etc. I do my regular office work sometime but when i have to hit the streets i have to go and can´t leave my phone behind. I´ve seen it falling and rolling on the street once when i bend over.


I need to protect MY PRECIOUS!!!!!!


Ok, I'll admit it, I'm clumsy. I'm prone to drop my phone fairly regularly and the rubberized skin I currently use isn't quite sturdy enough to get the job done. An Otterbox would give my BB the protection it deserves and then some! There's no reason my phone should have to keep taking a beating like that!


Working on the construction site I have learned the hard way many times that cell phones are not immune to discussion. Have destroyed too many phones. For some reason, dropping a phone off the top of the latter just isn't the wisest thing to do.

Now that I have a BB, the more protection the better.


Sorry for duplicate post...


I want protection for my blackberry bold because I work as a installer of CTs MRIs Xrays. I keep it either in my pocket or laying around somewhere. The problem is when somebody calls me and I got my hands dirty with cement, dust, or other abrasive material, is when it gets fine scratches (I know so because my previous cell phone experience). So whenever I get a phone call or I'm making one first I run to a bathroom to wash my hands or get a cloth to get the phone and not scratch it.


My phones go through a lot of crap. I am currently a reservist in the United States Marine Corps. My MOS (military occupational skill) is a Diesel Mechanic. Being a diesel Mechanic I could be elbow deep in oil one day, or building an amphibious tank the other. Not one of my phones has been able to make it out scratch free. That was ok before but now that in the civilian world I work doing customer service for a small SAAS (software as a service) company email has become a big part of my life. No matter where I am I have to be able to answer support request from Australia, or Alaska just to name a few. This means after I just finished installing the starter on a Hume or fixing the drive shaft on a 7 Ton I might have to send an email or two and the life of a Marine reservist is not a very delicate one. I call also be climbing obstacles one day or low crawling through some field the next. I have to balance being a Marine and a civilian at the same time. Having an otter box will keep my black berry pearl (my first black berry) out of harms way, and allow me to use it in some of the harsh conditions that it has to survive. A Marines equipment has to be just as tuff as the Marine (well for the most part) and right now my pearl isn’t holding up so well. Getting an otterbox will save the rest of the life left in my little red pearl, and allow me to work to the fulliest with out having to worry about my equipment (pearl) not being able survive.


I received my at&t branded bold in July as rumored. Since then I have been looking for something suitable to protect my investment. I have found nothing that is acceptable. Yesterday, my wife purchased her Bold on the October 2nd release date, and now she is looking for a case for hers as well. We have been getting along very well lately, and holding this case over her head would give me the opportunity to put the "spark" back in our relationship...if you know what I mean. Help a guy out Kevin!!!



i really could use an otterbox for my curve. I work on a 911 ambulance and much of my time is spent outdoors in the rain and snow.
Thank you

Gravity Chef

I am a chef in San Francisco and spent several years touring with musicians, cooking and living the dream. On day in a rush to whip up a vinaigrette for the Rolling Stones green room I leaned a bit to far to grab some lemons and my Blackberry Curve went for a dunk in a quart of salad dressing. The funny part was through the side of the glass container it looked REALLY BIG. When I removed it from the bottom of the jug it no longer functioned but it was well marinated. Hook me up with an Otterbox for my Curve!


Why do I need an otterbox ? because i have hands which are not classified as weapons of mass destruction.

it started off with an o2 : blueangel in 2005 who keyboard was ripped apart after rough usage , then an o2: atom which proved the law of gravity exists and screen smashed , an htc:tytn which still lies with me as a paper because it's flash chip got fried. I finally switched to blackberry ,an 8700g which survived me , a curve which i had to leave behind before coming to UK , now I finally use a blackberry bold ,which I really really really love and want it to survive , woudn't u ?

So this is why I want an otterbox !!!


my berry is in the top 3 best things that has ever happened in my life-- seriously. I dont know what i would do if i had to switch to a crappy replacement phone for a couple weeks because i'd have to send it in to get repaired because of my recklessness. Life happens. Get insurance. Get OtterBox.

Mark Pimentel aka Def Supreme

I've cracked the screen on my pearl, and I don't want the same fate for my Bold. I am photocopying textbooks, because I used the money budgeted for books on my BOLD! Yes, a crackberry addict. Stupid move, maybe? Do I regret it? Hell no.

The otterbox would definitely protect my pride and joy, so I can stay on top of my assignments!!! As a senior design student, there's a lot of things I'm involved with, and my blackberry has helped me tremendously with time management. I went from a 2.5 GPA and after my blackberry, I've managed to get 2 terms in a row of a 4.0 GPA.

Plus they haven't even made one for the 9900 Terminator i'm testing!

Otterbox Please?


I'm Polish so I walk into things, the battery door is already a bit scratched and don't want it to get worse.

I also have a wife who is mean and hits me so I use my BB to block the constant beatings.

Kids: A 7 year old who loves to play games and occasionaly dropps it, then down to the 4 year old who (like is dad) walks into things carrying the phone.

hmmmm, what else, I don't have the extra warrenty since it's so expensive and money is tough (with a shop happy wife and kids), who say's they need to eat 3 meals anyway!

Well, I can go on and on, but by now I am sure you have hit like 90 posts and most of them are lies and pleas, where I am just speaking the truth. :)




Because I just switched from Sprint to A&TT to get my Blackberry Bold, Even though It hasn't come out YET But I'm still waiting for it , and I would love to have this Otterbox to protect my BOld Like if It were my own child.

Thanks, And Hope you consider me =]


The reason I am looking to get an otterbox is because I am IT Pro who is always in tight spaces working on computers and my blackberry hits desks, server racks and such and falls off my belt and to the ground. Also take a look at my pic of my poor blackberry. http://i275.photobucket.com/albums/jj284/jacobjs01/normal_BC231.jpg


I work with both lions and bears .... enough said ...


I need an otterbox because well.... i'm exactly why they created the device! it'll fall out of a pocket, slide off the dash, get left on the counter where water could get. Heck i might even be so engrossed with something on it that i might not notice it's started raining!


I need an Otterbox simply because I am the most clumsy person you'll ever find. I can even anticipate the fact that I'm about to drop something and still drop it.

Also, apparently, I'm more prone to throwing things now with the current economic issues world wide.


Like most on this site, I am a confirmed Blackberry addict. Currently on my 4th model( 7105, 8700,Pearl,and Curve(current model). But, I am also on my 8th phone. Having to replace 1 Pearl due to an unfortunate incident involving a wash machine, 2 Curves due to system problems, and 2 due to falling out of my shirt pocket bending over(1 of those dropping over 15 ft.), needless to say, I could use some help feeding my addiction without expending more money. With the new 'Berrys still with undetermined release dates through T Mobile, I really need to keep this Curve functional. Please help ! ! Thanks


I've heard nothing but positive feedback from Otterbox products. I have to have my BB with me during my day to day work functions but I'm an IT support guy and I'm always crawling around and what not so i need the best protection device I can get my hands for my beloved BB. The Otterbox products fit the bill from what I have read online and on this forum. Please send me one for my BB curve 8330.

Thank you.


I would love to have the Otterbox. I think I would sleep with my BB if I didn't already have a husband and a pug in my bed... Anyway, my BB goes everywhere I go, and even a few places I don't. It's a great idea to protect, the color, the corners, the sides, and everything in between.


b) why you NEED to have an OtterBox for your BlackBerry
-> Since I haven't got one up until now.


I need one because of my job also. I am a police officer, DUI Officer, taking impaired drivers off the street. It does not matter what they are impaired on, Nyquil, Benadryl, Alcohol, illegal drugs, or anything that "impairs" one ability to drive. I too sometimes wrestle, just not alligators or bee's. i have seen so many other officers with them, that I want one too.



I've always loved the OtterBox concept and I recently purchased my very BlackBerry Bold. From December 5-22 I will be backpacking in the Sierra Nevadas (Spain) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sierra_Nevada_(Spain) and would definitely need one of those bad boys to protect my berry!


... so I need one. An otterbox that is.

Rick B.

I travel 3-4 days out of a week. Airports, hotels, and I have pretty much joined the "Road Warrior" class. I love my new Blackberry but despite a great skin & holster, I could have used the OTTERBOX last week. Embarrassing, really, but while in an airport restroom, I stood up & my beloved Curve unhooked fom my belt & took a dive into the toilet, holster & all. It was an auto flush to it had flushed as I stood up, but there it was, holster & all loged in the toilet. Needled to say it did not survive. With an OTTERBOX (and a good rinse) I would have been good to go.

So please consider my humble request.


Why you ask....because my beloved Cubs love to choke in the playoffs. My berry needs protection from the Cubs failures!

xxDruMMer BoYxx

I work at the LAX as a ramp agent every day I put work into getting the passengers baggage into the bulks with all the rest of the ramp agents. I have pretty deep pockets in my inform, but I always get bashed by the bags that come down the carousels. Sometimes I have bruises on my legs caused by items in my pockets being hit against me. And well, although my keys survive, I've gotten bashed on my new bold, and its switched off a couple of times after a few hits. Very scary!!!


Reasons I need an Otterbox:
1.) Two outdoors-y boys, ages 4 and 6 that I (as well as my Blackberry)HAVE to keep up with.
2.) Live in the mountains of Colorado on a dirt road (dust, mud, dirt, and soon to be snow are daily occurances).
3.) Hiking, mountain biking, skiing, soccer, play parks - something is bound to happen to my precious Pearl eventually - so far, I've been lucky, but I know it's just borrowed time. Refer back to #1.
4.) I don't wrestle wild animals or work in dirt conditions, but everyday is an adventure! It would be just once less thing I would need to worry about if I had an Otterbox. :-)

Thanks for your consideration.

xxDruMMer BoYxx

I work at the LAX as a ramp agent every day I put work into getting the passengers baggage into the bulks with all the rest of the ramp agents. I have pretty deep pockets in my inform, but I always get bashed by the bags that come down the carousels. Sometimes I have bruises on my legs caused by items in my pockets being hit against me. And well, although my keys survive, I've gotten bashed on my new bold, and its switched off a couple of times after a few hits. Very scary!!!


I am a college student, my whole life is pretty much on my blackberry, i'm also a swimmer, so i usually have my phone on the pool deck listening to music, this would be a great thing for my pearl. thanks!!


Oh how the OtterBox would be great to have. I work for a water company and as you can imagine it is not the cleanest and driest of jobs. Right now i carry a box of zip-loc bags in my truck to protect my Blackerry Curve. It would be nice to be able to have it by my side more often during the work day to keep me more accessible and of course so i can keep myself up to date on the Crackberry site.

xxDruMMer BoYxx

I work at the LAX as a ramp agent every day I put work into getting the passengers baggage into the bulks with all the rest of the ramp agents. I have pretty deep pockets in my inform, but I always get bashed by the bags that come down the carousels. Sometimes I have bruises on my legs caused by items in my pockets being hit against me. And well, although my keys survive, I've gotten bashed on my new bold, and its switched off a couple of times after a few hits. Very scary!!!

xxDruMMer BoYxx

I work at the LAX as a ramp agent every day I put work into getting the passengers baggage into the bulks with all the rest of the ramp agents. I have pretty deep pockets in my inform, but I always get bashed by the bags that come down the carousels. Sometimes I have bruises on my legs caused by items in my pockets being hit against me. And well, although my keys survive, I've gotten bashed on my new bold, and its switched off a couple of times after a few hits. Very scary!!!


I currently have a Skin Case for my Curve and, as great as it is i'd LOVE to have an otterbox. And, since I honestly can't afford to buy one (bills bills bills) right now i'd love love LOVE to win one.

Here's hoping I am lucky enough to be among the fortunate.

Pete Sake

I Just Broke My Damn Case And I Need This Kev....

xxDruMMer BoYxx

I work at the LAX as a ramp agent every day I put work into getting the passengers baggage into the bulks with all the rest of the ramp agents. I have pretty deep pockets in my inform, but I always get bashed by the bags that come down the carousels. Sometimes I have bruises on my legs caused by items in my pockets being hit against me. And well, although my keys survive, I've gotten bashed on my new bold, and its switched off a couple of times after a few hits. Very scary!!!

xxDruMMer BoYxx

I work at the LAX as a ramp agent every day I put work into getting the passengers baggage into the bulks with all the rest of the ramp agents. I have pretty deep pockets in my inform, but I always get bashed by the bags that come down the carousels. Sometimes I have bruises on my legs caused by items in my pockets being hit against me. And well, although my keys survive, I've gotten bashed on my new bold, and its switched off a couple of times after a few hits. Very scary!!!


Simple really! I have a Welsh Springer Spanil puppy named Bailey and he thinks it's funny that when I'm not looking he takes off with my BB Curve 8330 and makes me chase him for 15 minutes until he decides to give it back. He will do this everywhere. At home, in the park, in the car he will jump in the back seat because he knows I'm driving and won't do much about it. I just recently changed BB from the 8130 Pearl to 8330 Curve because of him. Nice little teeth marks everywhere. I hope this qualifies as a good enough reason. I would love to get the Otterbox.

Thanks for taking the time to read my dilemma.

Gary M.

I am a geocacher and not just a city cacher either. I like to go on hikes and have an otterbox for my Dell Axim which I use for my GPS. I only recently got a Blackberry and didn't think about getting any better case than the swivel holster as it wouldn't normally be off my belt except in unusual circumstance. However, I just had an instance where the swivel parted from the case while I was walking and it went completely unnoticed. Luckily I was able to backtrack and find it in an nice area but only a few feet from a puddle. So it's time to get a better case for Betty Boop (my wife christened her). And it would be nice to win one rather than pay for one.


I work in the waste management industry and spend a lot of time at landfills and transfer stations. A very hazardous environment for an unprotected blackberry. I have had a few close calls in the past with my berry landing in some unpleasant spots. I just got a new Pearl 8130 and would like to keep it clean and functioning properly. Thanks.


My bold cost a fortune, I'd be heart broken if it broke and worse I'd have a 3 year contract and nothing to show for it. I need Otterbox level protection!


I NEED an Otterbox as I'm one of those crackberry addicts that just bought a bold on ebay for well over $800. Please, oh please, pick me!


One time this year a pipe broke and drenched him in sewage. He's alright but I can't say the same for his phone. My brother is a plumber and has replaced his curve 3 times since he bought it back in June. If anyone deserves an otterbox it's him.

Rafael RM Studio

Perish I know the place. To funny my family is from Tampa. My uncle and cousin spoke about a guy like you I bet it was you. I like that name High Tech Redneck! I know why you like them Otter Cases I used one once for my ipod and it took a beating. The thing out in the mountain tops of Costa Rica held up against the down pouring rain and bumps and grinds of the Lava Rocks on the Volcano in Arenal Costa Rica. I hope to join you soon in the Otter box for my Bold depending what "ATT" does to release it. "Still Waiting" And "Waiting" And Waiting... Joke isnt... Hats off to you Jeff as we know what you do for a living is not easy and it takes a man with "Grit" to do it. I can wait to go fishing with my uncle in his new flat bottom boat out in your neck of the woods. I will be looking you up when I make it out there. Maybe I will share a beer with ya and you can point me to the direction of some boys I can go Boar Hunting with. Feel free to look me up. www rmstudio dot com.


I work in and around high voltage (230KV and 500KV) substations where danger is always present. I'm out there in all types of weather and need dependable communication at all times. I've noticed other phones seem to be affected by humidity and heat when out in the weather. Ever since I saw someone throw his Otterbox on the ground, I've been intrigued by the amount of additional protection provided by the Otterbox. So I think my 8330 Curve would be happy in an Otterbox.


Please Crackberry, I have been through THREE 8310 Curves already, I can't afford to get another! I have a beautiful little 2 year old princess. She is always hungry. Apparently the Curve tastes as good as it works, because she can't keep it out of her mouth. She has passed 3 already and, while they are pretty tough, they cannot withstand the harsh internal conditions of a tiny tot. Butt, with the OTTERBOX, there is nothing that can defeat it! It will withstand the grueling trip through the miniature anatomy, the plummet from the diaper to the hardwood floor, and the required rinse for sanitation. SAVE ME CRACKBERRY! SAVE ME WITH AN OTTERBOX!!


hey guy i could really use one cause im an EMT and i have dropped a bunch of times jumping in and out of the ambulance already dingged up new case coming next month so this would be a great addition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm often pulling out my beloved Curve in two places where it is dangerous and precarious (to the curve) - the hospital and the parking garage. I've nearly dropped it in both places and I'm constantly pondering what the best solution to this is! OtterBox has been at the top of the list for awhile......


Shoot, I'LL wrestle an alligator for a free OtterBox!!! May even rough up an aardvark or two if I have to! lol

Been wanting one of these for a while, but I haven't pulled the trigger. Here's to wishful thinking that I pull a rabbit (er..or OtterBox) out of the hat!

Game On!




I NEED an OtterBox for my Curve because my 8 month old son thinks it's a chew toy. I mean seriously have you ever tried to clean drool and cheerios off of your BB?


I NEED an OtterBox for my Curve because my 8 month old son thinks it's a chew toy. I mean seriously have you ever tried to clean drool and cheerios off of your BB?


I would like the Otterbox solely for the fact i have all of my accessories for a phone i dont own. I have the skins, car charger ,ordered the desk cradel, 8 gb memory card, back up silver surround for scratches and just need a case to comlete the setup.Nothing crazy like i need it to stay dry b/c im near water, just saw its free and i still need a case. Keeping it real yo. Holla


Just got a BB 8120 yesterday from tmobile. Just loving the way it looks and works. Have a lot to get used to. But with a new BB help me protect a good investment! good things happen to those who seek it!


I would like the Otterbox solely for the fact i have all of my accessories for a phone i dont own. I have the skins, car charger ,ordered the desk cradel, 8 gb memory card, back up silver surround for scratches and just need a case to comlete the setup.Nothing crazy like i need it to stay dry b/c im near water, just saw its free and i still need a case. Keeping it real yo. Holla


I have butterfingers. I'm afraid the next time I drop it, I won't be so lucky when putting the battery back in.


Because my 3 year old thinks my Curve is her own personal toy. It's not.


I do Security at a large hospital here in Toronto, and often have altercations with mentally disturbed patients that become physical very quickly with no warning, which leaves me no time to secure my BlackBerry against being damaged when taking down a subject and placing them in restraints. I'm now on my 3rd Curve due to going down hard on the ground once and another situation in a foot pursuit having it fly off my duty belt, getting smashed and skidding 20 feet across the ground.

Now that I've learned about Otterbox cases, I think it would be perfect solution to keep my BlackBerry more secure.


Dear Crackberry,

I have owned my Curve 8330 for just over one month now and it has changed my life. I am a medical student living in Boston. Everyday, I leave my apartment at 7am, spend the day in class and working in the hospital, and then don't return home from the library until about midnight. Throughout the day, I get bombarded with emails from professors, doctors, bosses, student organizations, medical societies, family and friends. In the past, it took me at least 30-60 minutes when I got home to reply to all of these emails. Since I've had my blackberry, I have been able to get all this done on the bus and train, time that used to go to waste. For others, the blackberry might be just about convenience. But for me, the ability to utilize my transportation time and spend the midnight hour catching up on sleep instead of replying to emails has truly been a godsend.

Unfortunately, using my curve on crowded buses and trains comes with a certain amount of risk. On two separate occasions, my curve has been knocked out of my hands, one of which resulted in a brutal fall to the group and subsequent kick against the wall by a bystander. Amazingly, there was no serious damage, although the aesthetic value of the device certainly took a hit. After this happened, I came to crackberry.com to buy a protective case. I stupidly purchased the skin and belt clip, neither of which will protect my curve in another bad fall. I had not heard of the Otterbox until now, and I wish I had purchased it originally. Unfortunately, I am a poor student with lots of debt and truly cannot afford to spend another $50 on my blackberry.

Since my incident on the train, I have been haunted by the inevitable arrival of the terrible Winter season. Here is Boston, Winters are very cold and very wet, and the morning commute becomes absolutely dreadful. Imagine a bus made to fit 50 people packed with 125, all wearing large winter jackets dripping with rain and snow. I hate the fact that I will probably reserve from taking my curve out on these days, in fear that it will get wet and damaged.
So, my plea is simple. I have become very depended on being able to use my blackberry regardless of where I am and what the weather is. The extra 30-60 minutes of sleep each night has felt like a vacation. In order for to preserve this luxury, I need my blackberry to feel indestructible, like I can pull it out and type on it without having to worry about damaging it. Otherwise, the constant fear of damage will cause me to hesitate to use the device at the times when it is the most useful.

I love your site and have been checking it religiously since I entered the blackberry world. Thanks for reading my piece.

Best Regards,

Edward Carreras


The reason I need an OtterBox is my son! He's just over a year old and already is a Berry addict! He loves to play with my phone and unfortunately giving it a good toss every now and again!


As with any superhero who owns the night
engaged in he in all sorts of fight
from villains, animals and even himself
despite it all, he must move in stealth

So he is requesting a case that is dark
not flashy or corny, like that of Tony Stark
He has a blackberry curve 8330 (end in saying "zero")
a necessity for this cool superhero

The case matches the texture of his suit
even matching the color of his boot
So he in requesting from crackberry (his fav site)
that they will assist the elusive dark knight

For to battle creatures and villains who deceive much guile
he would need a case that matches his great style :)

- The Dark Knight's PR person.


I train for triathlons and marathons while having an on call 24x7 job. My otter box has seen thousands of miles on the bike, sat at poolside and been carried in had during 20 mile plus runs.


I don't have a BB yet, but as soon as the Bold is available from AT&T I am going to buy one and I need the OtterBox to protect my new baby from getting damaged - As soon as I read the review about this product on this site, I signed up to be notified when these were going to be available. It is one of the must haves!! There have been many times that I have dropped my current cell phone and I only have a leather cover on it. I really agree with the note you have above about it being great insurance for your investment.



I have three different jobs at the moment.....I am an IT professional for a university, I fix computers for people in my small community, and (here's where the destruction takes place) I also work on the farm/cattle ranch where I grew up. Last year, before purchasing my blackberry, I went through three different phones. One due to water damage while irrigating, and two were destroyed while working cows. I use my BB pearl to keep track of everything I need to do across those three jobs, and it does an awesome job, but I don't dare take it with me a lot of the time because of the potential for destruction. If I had an otterbox, I could have my pearl at my side a lot more often and wouldn't be afraid of resigning it to the same fate as the last three phones I had.


I work in cellphone retail, and an otterbox would allow me to demo my phone more quickly and I wouldn't have to be worried about its care and condition.


This is a great promotion, thank you!
I have recently started a Dog Photography business, a dream of mine for years.
I am outdoors with these 4 legged loves and I am down on the ground and getting jumped on and licked constantly. Not to mention I live in the Pacific Northwest and the weather is wet but gorgeous. An Otterbox would be SUPER helpful in securing my Pearl 8120 given my new occupation!


I contracted Auto Immune Neurophy last March and although I have regained the use of my arms, hands, and fingers, I still have the "dropsy's". I got a Pearl 8130 right before I got hit with this and I had a heck of a time using my Blackberry. Now that the symptoms are slowly disappearing, I have a fear of dropping my Pearl which sometimes almost happens. That is why I could use a good strong OtterBox to protect my Pearl.

Aaron B

Simply put, if I don't get an otterbox for my Blackberry, I'll have to buy an iphone.


I need one my phone has takin a beating!


I'd love to get an otterbox for the reason the name implies, I'm a swimmer! I've been swimming for my varsity swim team for about three years and I'd love to get a otterbox to protect my brand new bold.



On Feb 1st this year I bought a brand new 8310. The next day I was traveling with my husband. While he was driving I was playing with my curve and transfering info to mine from my husbands that I had bought him for Christmas. I glanced up and the next thing I knew we were flipping over. Witnesses say we rolled 3 times before landing upside down. ATT did not have insurance available at that time so I ended up with two useless Curves. I'm getting a Bold as soon as they are available and I will definitely have an OtterBox. BTW....from reading some of these comments I think you have enough good stories to write another book!


I need this bad. I've had my curve replace 3 time in the past two month. And I never win anything, I wanna actually say that the first thing I ever won was from crackberry. Thanks


Why do I NEED an OtterBox for my Blackberry Bold?

Well, I am soon going to go to the west coast of Canada and will be doing some biology work, and of course, I must take my Crackberry with me. I only have the included holster for my Bold and I have large doubts that it will not protect my Berry good enough for the terrain.

Please! The OtterBox would keep me from going insane over thoughts of scratches or other damages!

Ashley Wilkens

I need a Otterbox terribly. I am a volunteer firefighter/EMT and I take my phone everywhere with me, but I am afaid that it might be dropped or ruined because of water and such. I save lives everyday for free. I have held back on taking my phone with me on calls but it would be great to have because of the internet and my medical dictionary, therefore I really need/deserve this otterbox..

Thank you


First off, i love my Curve almost more than anything. My wife and dogs come first (as long as they aren't chewing on the curve!

I am a police officer and am paranoid to take my curve with me. I have a lot of phone numbers in the curve but am scared it will get wet, or hit, or break in some fashion.

Secondly, I work as an EMT-Intermediate with two different county agencies in which I need my curve to be able to contact the different departments at the hospital when they aren't able to be reached by radio. To have the curve in my pocket usually means the stretcher will hit it and crack the screen or battery door, and if i put it on a clip it gets scratched and banged against the ambulance doors, or worse gets knocked off in someones house or in the field.

With a defender case, I think I'd be able to keep myself better prepared in the field, and it would certainly keep me safer so I can come home to my family at night.

Please pick me!


i used an otterbox with my pearl 8130 from the day i had it till recently when i got my 8830.

when i finally pulled the pearl from the otter box after several months of use, the darn thing was still brand new looking.

i work for a private country club and i got plenty of looks from it, and told them what it was, and some have ordered them (direct from otterbox.. sorry CB i tried)
and now i see them dotted around the club with BB's and even a couple iphones (sorry again CB/BB)

i want one for my 8330 curve, that would be yummy.



My poor phone takes a beating while I'm at my job as a Paramedic.
I had one get lost in a ditch on the side of the 401 at a major MVC. Just today, while driving lights and sirens, my curve took a header off the dash.

My curve gets me through everything at my job. Whether we're on scene looking up an unconcious patients medical history through their medications with my Epocrates App, to organizing my hectic schedule or even to just keep me occupied for those long hours on standby.

I would love to give my curve the treatment it deserves since it's been there for me through a lot! It's been known to be used in some of the bloody and dirty situations and it would be nice to be able to look up the info I need without having to worry about my Berry!

I've also started quite the trend with berrys in my service. And I bet many people would buy them after seeing mine!
There have even been a few showing interest in BB but don't want to leave the ruggedness or MIKE. This could change their mind!!!


jah! baby - hot dogg

I need this thing I do support for a call centre and shit if I don't drop or have hazardous materials around my bold all day long lol !

bump n grind!!#!


well why I need a otterbox for my 8130 BB Pearl is im on my 2nd BB due to damage.I had to have the outer case replace and now i have tried the pull mout holster do not like so now im using a thin rubber case that wraps on the outside of it.I work outdoors also for a cable company so all types of weather that I work in.



My last phone fell victim to my car as I backed over it. I am hoping that an Otterbox will prevent this from happening again. Please Otterbox, save me from my own clumsiness!

Jerry Johnston

As a fan of Blackberry, and the owner of a professional photography business, my schedule demands I have the right equipment to get the job done from photographing a newly minted bride to celeberties in Los Angeles or sports on the local ball field I depend upon my equipment. Sadly, I do not have a Blackberry just yet as I'm awaiting the Blackberry Bold and I know that utilizing an Otterbox on the Bold is and will be a piece of equipment I can count on!


I totally understand, just last week I was at the zoo and wasn't watching where I was going then suddenly BANG! I got hit by a water buffalo, and what do ya know my Pearl was drenched. Hopefully when I get my upgrade and the storm is availabe I will have myself an otterbox for the next time consuelo and I meet again. Appearently the water buffalo was once kept in a south american zoo and adopted the name Consuelo. Lucky for him I heal quickly and my herniated disc and broken shoulder blade kept me out of the Kumate for a month. I will have my revenge Consuelo with the help of crackberry as well!


i used an otterbox with my pearl 8130 from the day i had it till recently when i got my 8830.

when i finally pulled the pearl from the otter box after several months of use, the darn thing was still brand new looking.

i work for a private country club and i got plenty of looks from it, and told them what it was, and some have ordered them (direct from otterbox.. sorry CB i tried)
and now i see them dotted around the club with BB's and even a couple iphones (sorry again CB/BB)

i want one for my 8330 curve, that would be yummy.



I need an Otterbox for the Curve becuse I have people who don't understand the Blackberry/Crackberry underground, and they are vindictive and plotting against me... specifically my fiancee, who one day I found was trying to run over my Hardac (evil batman computer in animated series, BB nickname) in the driveway!! I know that true love knows no bounds, but it stretches it to all hell. Her excuse?!-"you have insurance, get a simpler phone yuppy scum!". That's my girl... Another friend recently traded up for the LG Dare, and through nefarious means is trying to pry me away from Hardac. I can't get no peace!! I need my berry to be protected from the elements, my hard times, and also from evil doers around the world!!!


I am a Firefighter and this would keep my device alive for a little while!


Hey guys - I am a police patrol sergeant in the SF Bay Area and I got my BB Curve about six weeks ago - I am a first time bb user, and love my bb experience so much, I convinced my wife (also a police officer) to get one. I got an Otterbox to protect my Curve while I work the street, while my wife (who was working a plainclothes detail) used her standard pouch while at work. I am very proud to say that my wife has just been promoted to sergeant, and thus will be reassigned to street patrol. I would love to present her with an Otterbox as a promotional gift, to protect her precious curve on the street.

Thanks for listening, and for opening up this contest - your site is outstanding, and I feel like I am only a "shortcut" away from solving any BB problems I encounter!!


I am desperate for one of these... I currently have a 8310 and i cracked the screen.. TWICE and i dont have the money to buy a great case like this.. I NEED help with protecting my device.. this would be awsome to win it


I am a social worker.

I have to run lots.

When I run, things drop - hard, and I have to grab them in a hurry.

Normally I would spend 2 minutes looking at my phone WHILE running.

With an Otterbox, I would not help.



Hi all, for me the otterbox would come in good use for my blackberry. I work in security at a nuclear power plant and with all the equipment I carry around and the places I have to go my BB gets "run thru the mud" so to say. It gets dropped, banged around from bein in my pocket when I'm walking around, gets wet when I have to be outside in bad weather. Those are just a few reasons why I could use an otterbox.


I love my Blackberry more than any other electronic equipment I own. It gets a lot of use in my everyday life. So it's quite obvious that I need protection for it. Why would I need an Otterbox you ask? Well in the past 3 years I have gone through 6 cell phones...all lost due to damage inflicted upon it by my everyday. Some were from drops, some were from water damage and it got so bad that I exhausted the number of replacements on my insurance policy. I'm not a negligent cellphone user but am and active one that has a very busy lifestyle and yes I am a klutz so things happen. So far I have had luck own my blackberry...not a scratch on it but I believe that an Otterbox will effectively help keep it that way. Again I love my Blackberry or my Crackberry I should say and I would hate to see anything happen to my piece of of shiny crimson goodness.


You ever see what a bull can do to an 8330?!


The reason I need an OtterBox for my new Curve is that I am in the U.S. Navy and I use my personal BlackBerry for work. I am always working in dirty, oily conditions and this would be great protection for my investment. Thanks for your support.


Just because they look so cool!


Today, Oct. 3, I was working up on a ladder and took a call on my 3 month old VZW Curve. As I went to put it back into the holster, it slipped from my hands and fell 6' to the concrete floor. F**k, it's broken! Luckily, pulling the battery reset the unit and it still works. I need an OtterBox!


I had a OtterBox way back when I had a 8703e and loved it!! Have been meaning to get a new one but just never got around to it... So how about giving me one?? :)


I work in construction, installing garage doors and have dropped my phone off my later so many time I lost count. I have had 3 warranty replacements and just stopped taking my amazing Curve to work altogether, now i just put my sim in my wifes old pink razor, Yea it sucks having a pink phone on a construction site I get teased all the time. I would absolutely love this OtterBox case so that I could take my investment with me at all time and use it to it's full potential.
Thanks for the opportunity.


clumsy = 7 phones in 7 years

I need protection...otterbox protection.


I work for the city of new york as a fire fighter. I have dropped my phone a few times while in the process of getting ready to run to a call. Obviously I can't bring my Berry with me, But When I do drop it, im usually getting rushed out to throw on my gear and go, so the phone is the least of my worries at that point. It usually ends up being dropped to a hard concrete floor and left till the run is done. An otterbox would be a nice addition to my Curve...


I am in the Army, which means I am constantly changing my calendar as well as keeping my boss' calender update. My crackberry is an essential tool. But I must use it in every setting you can imagine. From my office to the weapons range to a field site, where it is usually muddy, wet and overall filthy. To protect my brain (my crackberry), an Otterbox would be perfect.


I am in the Army, which means I am constantly changing my calendar as well as keeping my boss' calender update. My crackberry is an essential tool. But I must use it in every setting you can imagine. From my office to the weapons range to a field site, where it is usually muddy, wet and overall filthy. To protect my brain (my crackberry), an Otterbox would be perfect.


Unfortunately, I tend to be a perfectionist and even something like a tiny light scratch that you can only see in certain lightning would annoy me enough to buy a whole new faceplate, battery cover, etc...


I need one badly and don't have the funds. Not to post a sad story but after 10 years at Wachovia my job is being outsourced to India I found out 3 weeks ago. Then Monday we were notified that we were being bought out. So hell either way I was going to be without a job chances are. But as they always say "when one door closes another one always opens". These cases are nice as hell but a bit pricey for me right now. I am probably going to start my own landscaping business within the next 6 months and this would be really useful on the job.


I am in the Army, which means I am constantly changing my calendar as well as keeping my boss' calender update. My crackberry is an essential tool. But I must use it in every setting you can imagine. From my office to the weapons range to a field site, where it is usually muddy, wet and overall filthy. To protect my brain (my crackberry), an Otterbox would be perfect.


I am in the Army, which means I am constantly changing my calendar as well as keeping my boss' calender update. My crackberry is an essential tool. But I must use it in every setting you can imagine. From my office to the weapons range to a field site, where it is usually muddy, wet and overall filthy. To protect my brain (my crackberry), an Otterbox would be perfect.


I will be getting activated to go to iraq on monday and i wont leave for a month or 2 but from what i hear about the otterbox it would really come in handy when im in the field or overseas since my blackberry is my life and it seems this otterbox can protect from just about anything.


I am in the Army, which means I am constantly changing my calendar as well as keeping my boss' calender update. My crackberry is an essential tool. But I must use it in every setting you can imagine. From my office to the weapons range to a field site, where it is usually muddy, wet and overall filthy. To protect my brain (my crackberry), an Otterbox would be perfect.


I am in the Army, which means I am constantly changing my calendar as well as keeping my boss' calender update. My crackberry is an essential tool. But I must use it in every setting you can imagine. From my office to the weapons range to a field site, where it is usually muddy, wet and overall filthy. To protect my brain (my crackberry), an Otterbox would be perfect.


I am in the Army, which means I am constantly changing my calendar as well as keeping my boss' calender update. My crackberry is an essential tool. But I must use it in every setting you can imagine. From my office to the weapons range to a field site, where it is usually muddy, wet and overall filthy. To protect my brain (my crackberry), an Otterbox would be perfect.


I am in the Army, which means I am constantly changing my calendar as well as keeping my boss' calender update. My crackberry is an essential tool. But I must use it in every setting you can imagine. From my office to the weapons range to a field site, where it is usually muddy, wet and overall filthy. To protect my brain (my crackberry), an Otterbox would be perfect.


I am in the Army, which means I am constantly changing my calendar as well as keeping my boss' calender update. My crackberry is an essential tool. But I must use it in every setting you can imagine. From my office to the weapons range to a field site, where it is usually muddy, wet and overall filthy. To protect my brain (my crackberry), an Otterbox would be perfect.


I am in the Army, which means I am constantly changing my calendar as well as keeping my boss' calender update. My crackberry is an essential tool. But I must use it in every setting you can imagine. From my office to the weapons range to a field site, where it is usually muddy, wet and overall filthy. To protect my brain (my crackberry), an Otterbox would be perfect.


I'm a volunteer EMT, if it weren't for my otterbox my berry would be in rough shape. My phone has been dropped on the interstate, dropped out of ambulances, been used in the rain, etc and it is still in tip top shape. Otterboxes are amazing!! Everyone should get one


I am in the Army, which means I am constantly changing my calendar as well as keeping my boss' calender update. My crackberry is an essential tool. But I must use it in every setting you can imagine. From my office to the weapons range to a field site, where it is usually muddy, wet and overall filthy. To protect my brain (my crackberry), an Otterbox would be perfect.


Need would be an appropriate word for protecting my "life" if you will. At work where I am a field supervisor to 50-60 paramedics in a given day and need to protect my most precious communication asset. I work 24 hour shifts and am usually awake 20 hours or so in that time and in any sort of weather and situation imaginable. I have to be able to communicate and keep my schedule with me at all times to be the most effective for my ambulance crews. And what a better way to lead by example than to be able to protect my blackberry with the best, an Otterbox! So my berry comes home with me too! Thanks Crackberry for all that you provide for us.


im not gonna bs bout how i need 1 4 my job or sumthin like that...i just want sumthin 4 free! lol


I work in the construction field, namely in HVAC. I currently have an 8310 with the Otterbox defender as protection. During the course of a regular day, I am on my phone about 60% of the time. The other 40% of my day consists of climbing ladders, working above the ceiling, working on hot roofs, or in messy mechanical rooms. I am not always in the best spot to talk when my phone rings, i.e. above the ceiling crawling on top of ductwork covered in dust trying to get to a damper to regulate airflow. Or, I could be getting information on an A/C unit inside the greasy motor compartment. When the phone rings, I have to answer it, as it is always important. I cant tell you how many times my sweaty, greasy fingers have dropped my Berry thinking it would be to its demise. But not with the OtterBox on the case(or as the case).other people that work with me at the same company that have the same phone without the OtterBox, have had similar situations as I have, including dropping their Berry's. Unfortunately, needless to say, their device didn't make it, as mine is still as pristeine as it was the day I got it, minus the trackball of course. In closing, if you want to take care of and protect your Berry and keep it looking brand new and functional, then get an OtterBox. If not, then don't. Personally, I paid too much for the thing not to protect it and take care of it. Just my opinion though.


i am a licensed EMT and i use my blackberry for many different purposes. Its a great communication tool, i can use the wi-fi to make calls from inside hospitals where the reception is poor, and i have a downloaded program on the blackerry that allows me to store information about medicines as well as other pertinent information that can be used on the job. It also allows me to store information for school, im also a pre-med student, so i can keep information for drugs for hospital usage and usage in the rig. Im buying another blackberry this weekend to use now (same model 8320 unlocked) because my current one is so scratched up from many falls on concrete as well as scuffs from being bumped into random objects affecting the screens visibility. The rubber skin works to an extent but doesnt help with water damage, which did me in when dropped in a puddle. i drastically need the otterbox to help protect my phone from the damn puddles as well as the concrete. this would be a great asset in my everyday life

James Kennedy

I need an Otterbox for my Blackberry Bold because I just recently purchased this handy little device, and my Siamese is beginning to chew it. The silver rim around the device already has little scratch marks from his fangs and unfortunately the device needs to be left out on my desk while I'm working. The cat however goes where he pleases, as most cat-owners know, there's no controlling a siamese! I want to have an Otterbox to protect my investment and I believe these devices are siamese-and-almost-anything-proof.


Oh how I need an OtterBox with Winter coming. I know Kevin's winters are much colder, but mine are wet. I'd love to take my Bold fishing with me.

I need one because I want one. :~)

Marcus Kizer

I have had my Blackberry for nearly two years now and it SHOWS. It has scratches, dings, bruises, you name it and its there. This blackberry pearl is my SIDEKICK. I don't know what I would do without it. I would be lost, torn away from the luxury of ultimate connectivity. Sometimes, while I'm sleeping, I can hear her crying to take the pain away but I just can't do it.
I think a protective shell as sharp as the Otterbox would make all the nightmares end and my precious pearl would appreciate it. Please Crackberry, help me save my Blackberry!


I work for a company that sells Pressure Washers and My 8330 is in need of an Otterbox. I've been sprayed with water and chemicals a number of times and have dropped a few phones in buckets of water while testing and repairing pressure washers. I've even ran my old Razor over with a floor scrubber! But since I've upgraded to a 8330 it would be nice to have some protection for my baby!!!


Im a police officer in Metro Atlanta been out in all kinds of weather plus I don't want to run the risk of damaging my Blackberry curve 8310.


I work in agriculture around cattle. I am hard on a phone and the environment I work in is tough on them also. I work in rain, dust, around all kinds of metal and wood and also the acids from the animals. I have a friend that got an Otterbox for his BB and loves it and was just telling me about it this week and suggested that I get one! Thanks Crackberry!


I work as a nurse in a very busy emergency department in Central Florida. My Berrys used to get beat up, scratched and tossed around and would fall out of the leather case I was using.
I purchased my first Otterbox Defender (and several more since then) and my new Berry is pristine, never falls out of the case ( the clip hangs on to my scrubs like crazy).
If I drop it ( I did twice today) Otterbox protects it from scratches and falls to the floor of the emergency department.
Love my Otterbox!!!


I could give you all some line about how I'm a teacher and I use my Blackberry to organize my class, and the kids are all over the place and I get my Blackberry knocked around in the shop and my classroom. But the truth - I'm a total clutz. I just drop my Blackberry for no apparent reason. They won't let me hold babies either. I really could use this, just so I don't have to buy a new Blackberry next month! :)



I must admit I don't have a physically demanding J.O.B. (just over broke) that will put my blackberry in danger of being damaged or that I am special and deserve a otterbox over anyone else :) well maybe I am special to a point but anyway The reason I need one is because I have a tendency of dropping my past cell phones and I don't want to damage my investment. This is my first blackberry and I really don't want to drop it and break it or abuse it so I really really would like to receive the otterbox for my blackberry 8330 curve.





As a truck driver, I have a BlackBerry and it is well secured in my OtterBox. There has been many times other fellow truckers ask me, "What is that on your hip?" I reply, "that's my BlackBerry"... as I take it out from the holster and throw it up into the air and have it land on the pavement. They are surprised that there is not a scratch on the Otterbox. Mind you that this throw is anywhere from 6-8 feet or 1.8288-2.4384 meters. They ask me where I bought it. I said I purchased mine from crackberry.com and they are amazed that there are protections for these types of devices out here in the market place. I don't mind throwing my phone in the air cause I know that it is 100 percent safe in the OtterBox.

Now, if I only could put the product to biggest test ever in my industry by having the BlackBerry in the OtterBox and running it over with a 80,000 pound or 36287.3896 kg payload that would be something to really talk about. Maybe someone out there with a lesser mindset then me might try this, but I love my BlackBerry and really do not want to take the chance of it not working after the test results. :: GIGGLE ::

New Cumberland, PA


Because I don't want to pay for one.


My name is CrackerJacks Curve. The cat that uses me lets me slide off the console of his truck and onto the floor. I have fallen out of his pocket onto the floor, My owner takes everywhere, I am a flyfisher Blackberry, a duckhunter and I just found out listening in on a conversation that tomorrow I am becoming an archery Blackberry for Buck Hunting. I am pleading from the bottom of my SIM card please save me. Maybe with an Otterbox I wont get replaced by the new Bold counterpart I keep hearing about. Oh heck, what am I thinking about, by the time AT&T gets off there duff my battery will probably be replaced by a solar panel. Come on guys help me out, If your a fan of the Steeler Nation the Black and Yellow would make a mighty fine prize. On the Otterhand, if you want to teach me a lesson for this pathetic comment, the black Otterbox would be real cool also.


Recently getting back into construction, my Curve is in need of more protection than a skin and the OEM holster can provide. This would be awesome.


I work in a courthouse performing court security. I get about 30 to 40 work related emails every day, but I'm unable to spend much if any time at a computer to read them, much less answer them. The agency does not like officers having anything in their shirt pockets, and when last we group-bought our shirts, the shirts arrived with the pockets sewn closed. Our pants pockets are typically filled with items needed for the course of the day, that used to go in your shirt pockets, such as notepads, ID case, some cash, etc...The only place that a BB will fit then is on the duty belt. It has to share a limited amount of room with a gun and holster, spare magazines, handcuffs, keys, a baton, pepper spray, radio, flashlight, multitool, belt keepers and whatever else one needs to carry. As belt space is limited, these items are pressed against each other, and they constantly bump into each other as you move, causing some items to grind against other items. When you get a break and try to sit in a chair with arms (which they all seem to have), you find that your gear makes you many inches wider than the chair's opening. So as you wedge yourself in, everything gets crushed together even further by the chair's arms. It's even worse when you try to stand back up, and find that the chair is coming with you. When dealing with unruly prisoners or unruly spectators, things can instantly turn from bad to worse. Invariably, during this type of situation, you will end up on the ground, wrestling with someone who is trying to get away, and/or trying to wrench every piece of gear you are carrying from your belt. With 4 or 5 other officers in the courtroom with you, and many more only a radio call away, it's only a matter of time before you find yourself and the other guy at the bottom of huge pile of officers with everyone's arms and legs flailing, gear crashing into gear, all the while hoping that no one on top of you is going to try to handcuff YOU (think of a rugby match, with all of the players encased in hard plastic and metal, but without referees to blow the whistle and stop the action). In this environment, candy bar style phones with exposed screens don't last very long. Flip phones with their protected screens might last one or two "scrums" longer, before the flip gets broken off the rest of the phone. It seems that the only way to insure your BB's safety is to Otterbox it.


I really need an OtterBox because I am in the Army. My job can take me to any environment from a standard office to a weapons range, a muddy field site, or a dusty desert. Oh, I can be sent to any of these locations in a matter of days. So you can see why I need an OtterBox for my crackberry. What other product could keep my crackberry clean, dry and scratch free?


Dear Kevin,
I've been a crackberry addict since even before I got my BB Curve & have learned so much from the site & the forums!! I love your contests & enter every one! Haven't won anythin' yet but they're fun either way! I am psychology & art major in NY. I do have a disbility & use a wheelchair & crutches. I try to protect my Curve as much as possible but the sleeve can be slippery at times & slips right off my lap while pushing myself up & down the hills of my school! When I use my crutches, sometimes I hold it between my fingers & as u may guess it has slipped & fallen! Since I am one of many awaiting the Bold, I don't get too upset if a slight scratch gets on my Curve but very worried about scratching my Bold!!! I'm hoping the Otterbox will relieve those fears! Also, being an art major & especially working with clays in ceramics this year, I want to protect my BB as much as possible since it's always next to me & getting clay all over it!


I usually take my phone fishing and on this one particular river I sunk my camera a few years ago. Then last month, I decided to go for an unintentional swim with my BBPearl in the waders' pocket. Luckily it was off. I let it dry for a week solid and it's working just fine now. Not so lucky was my camera. That's 2 cameras knocked out by this one river, but at least my BB still lives!


My company drills (bores) horizontally for pipelines under railroads, freeways and other structures. Many times our launch pits are 20 to 30 ft below ground. When I have to go down into these pits down a ladder, instead of 2 hands on the ladder, I have one safeguarding my curve protecting it from a fall. I’ve tried putting it in my pocket, but guess what, the screen gets scratched from other items in my pockets I’m required to have with me when visiting our various job sites. While in the pit, I'm shielding my curve from sparks from the welding and torch cutting going on. Not to mention it is tight at times and the curve has been caught on things getting thrown from my holster into dirt and groundwater from the earth. Also, because everything is powered hydraulically, my curve becomes slippery when I have hydraulic oil on my hands. Having the Otterbox would not only protect my Curve, but prevent me from having to email the various 3rd party developers for new activation codes because I got a new PIN! Thank you


Well I dont have an otterbox but use my Blackberry Curve all the time and never leave home without it. Having an otterbox would protect my precious berry anytime it gets dropped or banged against something. would be great to win one. You guys rule!!!


I currently own a pearl, but soon to get a Bold, when AT&T gets with the program.
Anyways I need the OTTERBOX to wife prof my bold, when I get it, you see I had her hold my pearl when I was taking care of the dogs and she dropped it and it went blank, I had to re-smack it on the deck to bring it back to life. I don't think I could handle it, if it was my soon to be Bold.


My cat recently decided to show me how jealous he is of the time I spend with my CrackBerry 8130. I put it down on top of the dresser and then walked out of the room. As I did I heard a thud as he sent it flying across the room. My heart pounded for fear that my BlackBerry might be damaged in that process and at that moment I realized more then ever that I needed to protect it from my beloved feline.


I have a 14 year old who drops things CONSTANTLY...and she thinks it's cute to leave notes on my BlackBerry. They are good, she calls herself the Evil Notemaker of Doom. I love my Curve, please help me protect it!


I think Mr. Norris has written a great review / testimonial for OtterBox products. It occurred to me that when my daughter was a toddler (she's 17 now), an OtterBox would have provided me great parental peace of mind. Think of the benefit to having an OtterBox for our most precious, non-Berry, items. If my daughter had had an OtterBox she would have avoided 3 trips to the ER, the countless knee scrapes, the face first fall in the middle of the malls marble floor, etc. The possibilities are endless. Anyway, I'm thinking that an OtterBox really must be the easiest, and safest way to provide insurance to our BlackBerrys, and retain all the functionality and down-right "Coolness" that we all love so much.
Mr. Norris, thanks again for your comments.


hi Kevin, my name is Amanda. I would love to have the protection that an otterbox gives, but I really don't need one. My husband on the other hand, desperately does. He is a one man construction crew. He impresses all his clients with his speed and precision, he is amazing at his job. But the rough and tough atmosphere he works in plays a major role in the life of his cellular phones. The kyocera went off a dock he was building, the nokia was crushed under the hooves of a huge quarter horse(who had a crush on my husband)and the motorola was slingshoted off the dash of his truck and out the window. My personal favorite was the lg shine that was knocked off a work bench into a wheelbarrow full of wet cement. We just purchased blackberries about a week ago and I know he tries hard to be careful, but I also know my husband and it won't last long without protection. Please have mercy on his phone!
Thank you and God bless.


1st I don't get free gas so don't ask.
I work as an outside operator dealing with weather, heat, gas, H2S, SO2, caustic, that would put a good test on the otter box if I win the price.

amar shah

My bold is on its way and I need something to protect it.


I work in a kitchen and am constantly splattered with water and grease... my last phone fell in to a pot of peas... though I know the OB wont help me there it will block my other mishaps... please save my curve from it's food related demise...



An OtterBox case would be super-useful to me as I'm often in dirty, dusty environments.



I have logged in to www.crackberry.com numerous times a day and have learned so much. I even go the Crackberry forums via Viigo throughout the day. I am thrilled to let you know that I am addicted to my Blackberry Curve 8130. The problem I had was that was so protective of it, I couldn't enjoy it. I couldn't bear having it up against my face due to oil. And I was so nervous about it being scratched, cracked, or worse. I learned about the Otterbox Defender on Crackberry.com. I knew it was the answer. I immediately was able to enjoy my Blackberry to its fullest. My wife was happy too. She could hear me now that I wasn't holding the microphone away from my face. Even better, I had my yellow and black Defender only two days before it saved my Curve! I had made a stainless steel cradle and had it on my desk at work. I was adjusting my monitor stand when potential tragedy occurred. The monitor stand is made of heavy steel and holds two nineteen inch digital monitors. It suddenly dropped right on my Blackberry. The Defender lived up to your reviews!!! It literally held up the stand and monitors without putting a scratch on my precious Blackberry. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I am so grateful to have learned about this excellent case through your site. I love it! I highly recommend this product.


I need an Otterbox case for my Blackberry Curve!! I work at a speciallized camera tripod head production company (Wimberly Inc.) where dust, aluminum filings, coarse pummus hand soap and sharp power tools are an everyday encounter. I worry that my little tech critter could become involuntarily exposed to and damaged by my harsh working environment. The Otterbox case would provide me with just the right level of protection my Curve deserves. Please send some Otterbox 'phone-home' love my way!!!


I just recently got my blackberry pearl and love the device. i have accidently dropped the device a few times and almost have a heart attack each time, an otterbox would be completly awesome to have. Thanks!!!


I am a freelance graphic designer and the mother of three VERY technologically curious children. My BlackBerry gets a major workout every day, often ending up in the grubby, yogurt-smeared hands — and mouth — of my littlest one. The next thing I know, her big brothers are playing tug-of-war over it. Then there's the dog, 160 pounds of smelly, hairy, drooling bulk with an inexplicable fondness for the taste of fine electronics. (My last cell-phone was never recovered, may it rest in peace.) So far all the horses have done is try to remove it from its slip case — with their teeth. As for the thumbs, that would be me: I'm all thumbs when I'm fumbling for my Curve to take an urgent call or check messages from a client. And heaven forbid there be rain involved, I cannot seem to get a grip!

I NEED an Otterbox, help me!


hi, i am a serious blackberry owner and have owned a blackberry in one of its many manifestations for the last 5 years. i work for fedex as a courier and use my blackberry curve every single day. The GPS helps me find stops i have never been to, i google zip codes and take calls and emails from my customers concerning how much freight they will have. As you can imagine i am out in every kind of weather and element there is and i need desperately to PROTECT MY BLACKBERRY. I realized some time ago that an otterbox would be perfect and now i have a chance to win one. Please help me protect a device that i use every day and remember any help you provide to the fedex man will only help get your toys delivered to you sooner. :O)


My Pearl goes through a true test of toughness on a daily basis! I have three full time activities jam packed into what i call one eventful day! My pearl is exposed to high levels of heat, smoke, bumps, drops, spills, and once even a 120 ft free fall (and may that berry rest in peace!) I am currently in my first year of school studying to become an RN. So while either in class or doing hospital time for a clinical hour or two my pearl is right there in my pocket with me. On my pearl i use Stedman's Consise Medical Dictionary, Pocket Medical Encyclopedia, and Medical Abbreviations and Acronyms to help me with some of the things that i still have trouble remembering. While in either the hospital itself or the ER for that matter it is hard to keep anything on your person free of any unwanted liquids whether it be any unwanted bodily fluids that you might get on you or your clothes or just washing up and forgetting that you have your berry in your pocket and being in a hurry might accidently spill some water on it.

After that i have to try and work my way through college and pay the bills so i work for a local modular home manufacturing plant. There my phone is exposed to high levels of dust, and whatever may be flying around whether that is saw dust, blown in fiberglass insulation(and let me tell ya, you don't want to breath that stuff in you'll be blown your nose all week and it coming out black!), or flying objects such as an air gun misfire you never know where those nails are gonna go. There i construct the ceiling portion of the home from cutting and laying out the ceiling drywall, to building the trusses and then framing up the ceiling all from scratch. Then comes the fun part of getting to run any electrical wires that may need to be placed in the ceiling and climbing in and out of trusses in the process. The pearl takes a little bit of a beating there. I can remember once i had it in my pocket, and while walking across the top of the trusses to get from one end to the other i lost my footing when i was about half way and fell face first luckily where my berry was in my pocket and how i caught myself the berry didn't get hurt at that point in time but that is just once and it could happen again. And after the ceiling is framed and wired we use this nasty stuff called vorafoam! There is two different chemicals that once they meet in the gun are combined and sprayed out in a stream in liquid form which is what we use to in a sense fuse the roof trusses to the drywall. And that isn't the cleanest job by far! The guns are old and they leak everywhere then you have your clothes at times covered in it and once it sets up into its final foam product that stuff can reek havic while trying to remove it!

And at any point in time during the day i could be called away at a moments notice! Being a volunteer fire fighter and a paramedic you never know when it is you will be called away from your everyday life to help your community in a time of need. At which time it can be in harms way from fighting a huge blaze for several hours being in the pocket and around all the sweat that you release from under that 50lbs of fire retardant bunker gear! But in this aspect of my life my berry is very important! Being a fire investigator and Hazmat Control Officer i use my phone to snap pictures of a scene while something is in progress to try and help my investigation out later on. Sometimes that may be from anywhere from 70-125 feet in the air in a ladder truck to snap a picture of the blaze from above to try and help find a centeralized location of where the fire may have started before looking for the burn patterns or even the evidence of an ignition source after the fire has been put out. And while at a fire you yourself are surrounded by water, smoke, high levels of heat, sweat, and whatever may be in the air around you or flying around!

So i think i really should have an Otter Box. Now whether i win one, or just outright buy my own..... which is i don't win i will buy one anyways! I am sadly on my fourth pearl as i have lost three others for different reasons. One i was trying to take a picture from up in our bucket truck and there was an explosion which caused me to drop my berry sending it falling 120 feet to the ground below where there was nothing left in tact. Or the one that i set on the med cart and while the doctor was trying to hook up a bag of potassium to a patient the nurse came in and tossed a bag of saline on the cart and it popped and my phone didn't even stand a chance there! But more recently was at a drill weekend for that army national guard! We were doing some combat training and one other soldier got himself caught underneath an old tank that he was using as shelter and i had to crawl under it to help get him out. well he started to panic and as i got him out he jolted and kicked my leg in the pocket where my pearl was at none the less causing the screen to crack in two places and shove the keys and the(mother board as i call it) out of its housing and partially into the battery compartment.

So i do believe i NEED an otter box but its just a matter of how im going to get it whether it be winning one of these or buying one myself!


My curve is basically a football player whose gotten to many concussions, I made the mistake of never getting a case for it and the wear and tear is starting to show, little nicks here and there but I really want an otterbox for the bold because once I have that baby I'll be sure to take care of it like it was my baby.


I work for Sprint in Business Customer Care and every customer that I talk to that is getting a Blackberry for the first time, or someone who has had a Blackberry for a while but may not know what can be done with it, I refer them to Crackberry for assistance. Giving me an Otterbox for my Pearl would be one more thing I could tell all these people that I deal with every day about and rave about from Crackberry.


Oooooo I'm gonna need an otterbox for my new Storm


Like Jeff Norris above, I too work a very demanding job. I'm a nightclub doorman at two of the roughest parties in Toronto, Ont. Canada. On weekends I work 2 urban parties at Tonic and Metro nightclubs respectively and my phone often takes a beating in the physical scrum of removing unruly patrons from the premises. I am on my second Blackberry Bold in a month and a half and I have been looking for a rugged solution to protect my device from drops and bumps and splashed beverages. OtterBox came to my attention last week and I have decided I need to try one, as the leather holsters and rubberized skins in conjunction with screen protectors are of little avail. Anything that could significantly extend the life of my new Bold is worth the money... OtterBox Defender Series sounds like the right choice. Help save my BlackBerry! :)


Hello, I have four children and desperalty need a good case. I do almost everything through my Curve, so I leave it out where it is easy to get to. Only problem is, my three year son loves my Blackberry. I have a few movies on there for him when we are at the doctors, or anything that reguires waiting great periods of times.
So, if he sees my Berry he has to have it, I have found him climbing onto my desk to get to my Blackberry. Well needless to say , I found him on the toilet the other day, going number 2, and he had my Berry watching or at least trying to watch Care Bears. While taking a poop.
HE has dropped my Berry a few times, and of course I tell him no but if he finds the Berry, he has to try to get the Berry, SO PLEASE HELP ME, TO HELP MY BERRY!!!!Hello, I have four children and desperalty need a good case. I do almost everything through my Curve, so I leave it out where it is easy to get to. Only problem is, my three year son loves my Blackberry. I have a few movies on there for him when we are at the doctors, or anything that reguires waiting great periods of times.
So, if he sees my Berry he has to have it, I have found him climbing onto my desk to get to my Blackberry. Well needless to say , I found him on the toilet the other day, going number 2, and he had my Berry watching or at least trying to watch Care Bears. While taking a poop.
HE has dropped my Berry a few times, and of course I tell him no but if he finds the Berry, he has to try to get the Berry, SO PLEASE HELP ME, TO HELP MY BERRY!!!!


Sprinkler system, lawnmowing, tree trimming, parking lot cleaning, plumbing repairs, toilet plunging, snaking drains, cabinetmaking, drywall, tape and texture, painting, roofing repairs, pool cleaning and chemicals, spa and hottub cleaning and chemicals, carpet cleaning, hauling garbage, electrical repairs, computer tshooting, snow shoveling, snow blowing. Just a short list of the things I have to do at work on a regular basis. What would you want to put your Blackberry in, your pocket?!?!


Now I see what CRACK-BERRY is all about...I'M HOOKED!! "they tried to make me go to crackberry-rehab, I say NO NO NO!"

Yes, I am asking to win two. One for me and the other for my Blackberry GURU. I was recently FORCED to get a Curve 8330 for a campaign I am working on. I was adamant that I did NOT need all that technology "on the go". Then my friend (aka Blackberry GURU) got me up and running and now I couldn't imagine life without it! We both treat our blackberry's like they are more precious than the hope diamond. The problem is - I am a Mom (PTA, Soccer, volunteer). I am constantly running around and I live in fear that I will drop and damage my precious BB :-( My dear friend (the GURU)is a police officer, as well as "extreme sports" person. He kite surfs and YES, he has actually been carrying his phone and answered it while kite surfing in the ocean (told you he's hooked!). With the situations he faces in his job, as well as the sand and water while kite surfing, I worry he will ruin his BB too. Help us both to protect our precious little gems! I feel I OWE him, because he helped me learn so much about my BB in the first few frustrating days.

Please pick us!!


I NEED the otterbox cause I drop my blackberry all the time! thank goodness it is so tough or i would have to buy a new one all the time!


The otterbox would be great for my device as I work for a chemicle company that has a lot of equipment on navy ships. Knocking it up against the bulk head is not healthy for my curve.


Hi, my name's Devin and I desperately need an otterbox. Like the opening testimonial, my job is SERIOUSLY hard on my Pearl 8130. I'm a diesel mechanic that repairs and cleans heavy equipment in a steel mill. That means drops out of high semi trucks and equipment cabs, crush hazards, heat, dirt, grime, grease, water, & chemicals. My pearl is also used as a modem for a laptop so i can locate equipment using GPS and my personal organizer, can't live without it! So far in 5 months my phone has been replaced 3 times. My carrier has suggested i try using a rugged Nextel but they just can't do all I need my device to do. So I stick to my guns with my Blackberry. I think this case would be a great help to me in my workplace. Thanks for the great site! Better support than my carrier lol.


I'm constantly on a film set and sometimes soaked in rain because of it.

Light stands and hot lights are pretty common too.

That's why i need an otterbox


I'm a chief with my blackberry bold with me at all time. I need the protection of the otter box to keep it safe from my torching grill that I use. its in constant danger of heat and water and grease. Like everyone here I'm a crackberry addict, I'm lost with out my blackberry. to protect it and to make it last forever I need the protection of the all mighty otter box so i can have a peace of mind knowing that my bold is in a safe hand and continue producing delicious meals for each and everyone of my customers. ^^


Well, I work 2 jobs, one is doing loss prevention, chasing down shoplifters and other creeps, and my other job is doing security work at concerts, bars, and other events...I am always scared of taking my blackberry with me to work, since I fried my last phone on the job at a biker rally...it rained for about 3 hours and well...the phone died.

An otterbox would at least protect my BB from getting trampled on if I ever dropped it, and from those nasty elements :P


Well you could say I am pretty rough on phones, sometimes in anger or frustration but most of the time by freak accident. I have gone through 5 phones in less then two years before getting my blackberry pearl 8130 in August. My phone calamities all started in 2006 during my time in the US Army at Fort Lewis WA. I was injured breaking my tail bone during a training excercise, guess what broke along with my tailbone? You guessed it my LG flip phone outside screen and camera crushed to pieces right along with my ass bone. Well luckily I had the Asurion insurance with Verizon because Boy did i get my moneys worth out of them. Less then 6 months later getting into my truck with my wife backing out of our driveway I stop and ask "where is my phone" not feeling it in my pocket or seeing it on my console where I usually leave it while driving. Well to my utter dismay there it is laying before me in my driveway almost mocking me as it didn't appear broken. That is until I opened it up and was introduced to a screen that resembled a Piccaso painting. Oh the phone still worked, the screen though DONE. Again I used my insurance and got the phone replaced, though it was the limit where I could use the insurance. Less then a month later driving on I5 on my triumph motorcycle, again disaster strikes as the phone comes off my holster and goes tumbling down the highway never to be seen again...Yeah that one was mostly my bad and I doubt the Otterbox would have been much help on that one. So I couldn't get the phone replaced now that I used up my insurance on it, so I had to pay cash for my next phone which was the "ruggidized" GZ One Type S. Did I manage to demolish this phone like all the others? You bet your ass I did. A little dirt biking in the capital forest Olympia WA and a nice spill off the side of a very steep hill took care of the GZ One and the rest of my vacation haha. So once again Asurion insurance replaces my phone for me(since it was a new phone I got to re-insure it again) I am out of the Army now and my new every 2 from Verizon kicks in so I figure why not get a Berry, always wanted one never could afford it. So I give the GZ to my sister and get my blackberry. My past experience with phones has made me paranoid about this thing! I am so scared something is going to happen to it and my wife keeps saying it's just a matter of time before it happens... I guard this phone like the secret service is guarding the president. Though today It almost happened checking my email by a big bowl of Vietnamese soup aka PHO haha luckily I saw the upcoming calamity and moved my phone away from the hazards. It was kind of long winded but its the horrible truth behind Me and cell phones and I think that case would provide me with some piece of mind.


Hi guys (and gals?),

As a TRUE Crackberry addict, I coulnt live 30 minutes without my Curve 8330 if something happened to it.

Although my work is not as fascinating or compelling as the person who sent you the testimony, I can tell you that my BB has travelled...a lot.In the last 2 months, it has travelled with me over 10 000km by air, train, bus, car and boat. I can't even start telling you how many times it was banged up by airport guards, other travellers or how many times it could have gotten wet.

After reading the sender's testimony, I've realized that I just don't want an Otterbox, I NEED an Otterbox. My BB's long term survival depends on it. Please enter me in the draw for one!

PS: As any good Crackberry addict/reader would do, I am sending this from my BB ;)


well this is not a testimonial because ummm I don't have an Otterbox... But the reason it would be nice to have one is for a couple reasons.

1st reason: I love my BB VZW 8330 and it is the coolest gadget i've ever owned, when i get something i like to tear it apart (not literally) and i try to find the end of its capabilities, and an otterbox would help preserve it so hopefully someday i can find the end of it. Without one would be like Christopher Colombus without a boat, Lewis and Clark without a trail...

2nd reason: I am scared of my wife and yes this is literal!!! lol She takes every opportunity she can to sneek up on me or hide and jump out and scare me. We live in an older Big house and its already creepy enough but she finds it funny to do this to me ALL THE TIME! especially when i go through the house at night to check on my 3 kids and to turn off all the lights...
Case in point: I believe it was last saturday night around 11pm and i had just shut everything off and started walking down the stairs to the basement (where our bedroom is) and she was not hiding at the bottom of the stairs which suprised me so i began to feel my way through the basement when i recieved a new email so i clicked the trackball to check it and slowed my walking pace to a slow feel-around stroll so i could read it while walking through the dark, and thats when it happened... she was behind me and grabbed me and screamed and my Berry became airborne... It was like one of those slo-mo moments where all you can do is yell: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"...
Yeah well, first i was scared, then i got mad, and now after sharing this, I am embarrased.
If i don't win an otterbox i will most likely be buying one in the near future once i'm able to afford one (Not for a while) but if i did win, that would be cool too... It would be like preservation of a species in the face of a predator... My wife.

Thank you...


At work I demo the Otterbox. I have several customers who have a variety of occupations, but the ones that are hardest on their phones are city workers and military. I know one who has had his phone run over by a humvee twice. The advantage of the Otterbox is that it's very protective. It keeps the phone liquid resistant...living in AZ and the monsoon season, this is a Godsend. The plastic casing and rubberish covering makes the phone more apt to stay together since it protects the camera lens and flash as well as the screen. I also love the clip that holds it on to the belt. It can be moved sideways and up, it holds the phone when the phone is facing in, which also helps add more solid protection. I take the holster/holder off my belt and let my customers shake it and try to loosen it out of the holder, just doesn't happen.
I would love to have an Otterbox of my very own. This is a great tool for the person who wants to be extra careful to the person who is accident prone with phones. It's a necessity to any Blackberry collection and tools.


I can relate to Jeff. As a freelance photojournalist (stringer) my BlackBerry and I have been through alot together. We spent two days at the Piute Fire near Lake Isabella sending minute by minute details in relation to fire activity and evacuation details to our newspaper an hour away in Ridgecrest. BlackBerry and I have also reported from at least three shootings, a 10 year flood, numerous car accidents and countless fires. Our job calls for me to be be on my toes 24/7 and be able to go from shooting with my DSLR to tethering and sending photos as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately doing so has not gone so swiftly, ive slipped and have dropped BlackBerry a few times. Last week I had to use my AT&T warranty to trade in my original 8820 for a refurbed 8820 because I wore out my trackball. I broke the belt clip off the supplied carrying case a month into ownership and as I reach a year the magnetic flap on said carrying case is about to fall off due to excessive wear and tear. Ive thought about buying a new swivel case like the one that came with my phone, but I truely believe what I need is an OtterBox. I beg of you, please help me keep BlackBerry safe.

Thank you for your consideration,
Bryan Herbert


I am a motorcycle police officer. That should be enough said. Unfort. I have the horrible job of enforcing traffic laws, and that makes people become violent. I have actually gone through two curves and now have a bold because of fights and scuffles at work. I was shot in the ankle while riding my police motorcycle. This would be a great insurance policy for my bold. Just in case I was to get hurt, and lightening was to strike my police radio, I would still have my bold in perfect condition to call for help!!!