Win one of two custom-made CrackBerry Clocks!

Tell us what YOU think it's time for BlackBerry to do next!

Tell us what BlackBerry should do next, and win one of two custom-made CrackBerry Clocks!
By James Falconer on 26 Jul 2013 04:31 pm EDT

To say it's an interesting time in BlackBerry's history would be the understatement of the year. Folks are weighing in with their passionate opinions about where the company should go, what they should do, and how they should execute it.

With that in mind, I thought this would be a perfect chance to run a little contest to get YOUR thoughts on the matter.

So… here's the deal:

What we need you to do is head over to the official contest thread and tell us in essay format what YOU think it's time for BlackBerry to do next. Flood the market with new devices? Strengthen and expand carrier partnerships? Encourage app growth? Give us your thoughts, in detail.

We will select two of the very best essays and feature them in the blogs. On top of that, the winning entries will receive one of two custom-made clocks, courtesy of our friends at

That's all there is to it. Start writing your essays now... good luck!

The contest is open worldwide and will end Sunday, August 4th at midnight PST.

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Win one of two custom-made CrackBerry Clocks!


All we had to do to win a solid gold BlackBerry is comment on a thread, but we have to write an essay to win a plastic clock? What is this madness?

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Show this phone in action!!! Commercials, commercials, commercials, tell us what separates BlackBerry 10 from BlackBerry 7! Advertising the phone should continue to be priority #1 after building a wonderful device. The new Q10 commercial is getting better than the Z10 one of flying on carpets and all that nonsense. Right now many still consider it the same old BlackBerry, tell them why it's not!

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I totally agree with your assessment. They have rested, and now it's time to press the accelerator. Again, show some of the uniqueness of the BlackBerry 10 software. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

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1.) Blackberry must do everything in their power to fill Blackberry World.

2.) Blackberry 10 devices that are released should have a modern and different look that is appeasing to not just Blackberry users but all smartphone users as well

3.) Blackberry needs to advertise more of their large touchscreen devices.

4.) Blackberry needs to stay modern, updated, and re-invented!

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Exactly......did this idea come from the BlackBerry marketing department :)

Hope it's a gag and not serious.

Oooh, I guess they went back to school. Lol.

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They need to advance this mobile computing system. They are releasing phones but have not brought us the total experience. The ubuntu phone is on its way and is a full fledged mobile computing platform and there doing it for 32 million. BlackBerry has 3 billion in the bank and can't provide us this? This is what needs to be next. Well I'll hold me tongue here because they still need to provide more updates to the bb10 platform.

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Forgive me I'm not good at essays

But here I go

I think blackberry need to work on there carrier relationships a lot, look at today for example Verizon just now push out 10.1 and to me that's one reason why people don't want them due to issues with the os(reboots) and can't download some apps or apps are way out if date.

The other thing they need to work on is apps... why well let's recall back to the 1st iPhone and the ad campaign with "there's an app for that" with BlackBerry it's we have ummm a knockoff app for that or not one at all, while I'm not a big app person my self a lot are and for some that makes or brakes them.

Please please blackberry don't fail iv been a die hard fan ever since I got my 1st 8700c.


I tried my best I know I fail at typing :(

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We dont need more more phones we need to be marketing the phones as a marketing major in college i am very disappointed. I know for a fact that i could have marketed it better then what they did. They also have to do a totally new release for 10.2. A major event for this is need.

This is pure Madness (mildly). An essay for a $12.99 clock. To win a phone, we comment. To win a clock you want an essay about what should blackberry do. Tell BlackBerry to allow sync of notes and task with outlook 2003 and up, just like the 9900 does. Add quick app from key pad.

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Doin a great job with the phones... Jus NEED more & more advertisements... Its time... Now can have a clock!!!

Got better things to do sorry love BlackBerry but they need to figure there shit out.

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Everyone saying, why would I want a clock, blah blah blah. Didnt your mothers teach you if you have nothing nice to say dont say anything. No one wants to hear your bitterness. Take it to a forum or something. And as a college student with a new place, a CB clock would be amazing. Writing one now!!

Move forward...create niche..Z10 is a gen...give more of it..improve SW update cycle time...pour in more updates..keep your customers happy and most importantly don't forget your loyal customers..treat them with can't just lower the price of Z10 and leave the early adoptee in lurch..get your act together...have a fantastic year!

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Free T-Mobile msg: We're giving away 730 Samsung Galaxy S4 phones. Enter by 7/31 for a chance to win: See rules: this a true contest why would they not have a promotion like this someone's marketing is on point just wish it was blackberries by the way I took letters out of the link, this is not a Samsung fourm lol

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You're joking, right?

The clock isn't even attractive. The circular saw blade clock from Canadian Tire is much better.

BlackBerry in this moments, what should be the next step, first as part of this new OS they must send new updates, as with the PlayBook on his time, with the new updates they will show the developers that they must come in to the show, after that apps, BlackBerry maybe doesn't have to many apps on store hey! Based on popular demand, ei Instagram, I see now people using Kickstarter for making windows apps with their new products, we must too have this option, with popular apps people will understand more the benefits of blackberry os 10, and we will love more to have native than ported, with this and the devices we have on market we will have more clients for our loved devices, bring then the A10, is like the Skype app only preview as on his time viber, we need full versions, remember when the blackberry jams started they gave developers the alpha devices, hey send some love to the popular app programmers and some invitation to BlackBerry HC so they can see the love, and also make an invitation combo with CrackBerry to do a full research for developers and they can finally see how many users we are.

BlackBerry keeps things moving

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