Win a new BlackBerry Q10 from @RogersBuzz and CrackBerry!

Another chance to win that sexy new QWERTY BlackBerry everyone wants!

BlackBerry Q10
By Michelle Haag on 7 May 2013 09:32 pm EDT

Are you a Canadian still waiting to pick up a BlackBerry Q10? Well today might just prove to be your lucky day - the good folks at @RogersBuzz have provided us with a brand new Q10 to give away to one lucky CrackBerry reader. 

We know many of you are Z10 owners who don't have the means to jump on the Q10, while there are also plenty of you who are still undecided - so here's another chance for you to get a BlackBerry Q10 without having to think about it.

If you're a resident of Canada, all you need to do to enter is leave a single comment on this post telling us your favorite feature of the Q10 - the keyboard, classic design, Instant Action, badass battery life or whatever it may be. 

We'll run this one through Sunday at midnight PST, so drop your comment below to get in on the action. Huge thanks to @RogersBuzz for hooking this one up!

Unfortunately this one is only open to Canadian residents but not to worry - we'll have more contests for everyone else soon. 

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Reader comments

Win a new BlackBerry Q10 from @RogersBuzz and CrackBerry!



Fantastic keyboard + crazy good battery life :) Nothing beats the Q10, really. Oh, and would be nice to win something...anything, for a change lol

The battery life, it's always a challenge to have a smartphone last so long, the old bb's used to do such a good job for that, can't wait for one to do that again!

Black Q10 is phone for James Bond and i want it...
Thanks and good luck to me :)

Posted via CB10

Love the physical keyboard and the fact it saves the battery life. would love to hook my girlfriend up so we can video chat over bbm along with my z10

Posted via CB10

Colleague brought in her new Q10 today. I have Z10. That keyboard is pure BlackBerry. Always the keyboard.

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

In all the excitement I forgot: power fricken sweet apps for business and knowledge like that beautiful CB10!

And powered by QNX. And big ass batterry...I could go on all night :-).

Posted via CB10

Battery life, my new job is goona mean a lot of time away from a charger. Extra batteries and long life will be a huge difference. Pick me!

I love all the firsts but they lose because they didn't post up what feature they love the most about the q10

I'm going to say that the keyboard is tied with the 2600 mhz LTE speeds

Posted via my ZED 10 on CB10

I miss the keyboard still just a bit. I went to the Z10 because I couldn't wait, and haven't regretted it for a nanosecond. But I still wonder......

Posted via CB10

Definitely the Instant Action feature. I need to work quickly and efficiently, so this feature fits the bill on both counts.

The best feature isn't really feature to me, but it is the uniqueness. It stands out in the crowd, nobody ever asks you what that phone is, because its so obvious! Its nice to be a little different while still having the best phone out there :).

So hard to decide between physical keyboard and the beautiful "Bold" classic look, but i have to say the physical keyboard!!!! @Rogersbuzz

Posted via CB10

Sweet, a second chance!

The keyboard with the shortcuts! Is the best feature. Can't do shortcuts on touch screen devices.

Fingers crossed FTW.

Posted via CB10

Pick me!!!! My friend have a bold and want to pick an iphone5 I don't want her to leave blackberry!!!!!

Posted via CB10

Of all the awesome Q10 features I've seen the best has to be one to really make use of that awesome keyboard!
Those keyboard shortcuts where you type an action and it completes it (like "tweet RogersBuzz") is exactly the type of power user feature that keeps me moving.

Fav feature is that you could type in your shortcuts and universal search by typing from home screen!

Posted via CB10

Solid build, best physical keyboard on the market, and the greatest OS of all time... ;)

Posted via CB10

That would be the bad ass battery for sure my z is great but streaming radio and music just ripping through the battery and I would love to own the Q to get along my mighty Z rock on BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

The keyboard as much as i love my z10 for real business man needs a business is sweet lovin :D lol

Posted via the Batcave

Battery live, operating system, keyboard and... well it is a blackberry that good enough for me

Posted via CB10

Keyboard, obviously. Although I got a look at one recently and the screen is quite nice, too.

Hands down the keyboard with its quick type n go is the best feature followed by the better battery life. PICK ME!!

Posted via CB10

It's a toss up between the keyboard and the amazing battery life. If I win it goes to my fiance so I have to say the keyboard since she's a keyboard fanatic. She still rocks the curve 9360

Posted via CB10

The coolest thing about the Q10 is the high quality finishes like the carbon back plate and steel case surround.

Let's try thus again lol. My favorite feature of the Q10 is for sure the physical keyboard, FTW

Posted via CB10

would love a BB10 device!!! (still have 9900) trying to convert all my friends to go back to blackberry, what a better way to help them along then by showing them the real thing that is the majestic Q10!!

Very nice @RogersBuzz and @CrackBerry! Well done.

The best part of the #Q10 is the keyboard shortcuts. The #Z10 is great for typing - don't get me wrong - it's just that the Q10 is always watching that real keyboard for guidance.

Couple that with Peek and the Hub, Skype, and all the built-in Social Media function - this is a great business tool.

Please consider a White one when you pick me.


I have to say that I love love love my Z10. I was on the pre order bandwagon and had my Z10 on launch date! But if I had had even an iota of patience, I think I would have waited for the Q10 and the physical QWERTY keyboard! I've become a master of the Z10 keyboard but I have to say that I miss the keys! I'm a BlackBerry die hard and have still hung on to my Bold 9900 just in case. I just couldn't see it go! Way to go BlackBerry! BlackBerry 10 is simply the best there is!

The keyboard and the hub. I would love to own one and I am with Rogers so we are a perfect match..

Posted via CB10

By far my favourite features are the 2gb of RAM, 328ppi, and bb10. I'm very happy that Blackberry made their qwerty version powerful and sleek. Can't wait for that autofocus camera with timeshift! I would be oh so grateful:)

I just love that keyboard. I had one in my hands the other day and couldn't believe the bright screen, the weight and feel of that beauty.

Really hoping to get a Q10 from CB! Picked up mine last week from Rogers, used it for 3 days then came home on the weekend to the wife complaining how her Bold 9790 is broken. Spent the entire Sunday trying to get her 9790 fixed, but couldn't. Therefore, she ended up with the Q10. :(

My favorite feature is that my wife will have other buttons to push than mine...and she'll keep her hands off my Z10!
Pretty please, with sugar on top! My psyche is begging you!

Posted via CB10 on a Z10

The keyboard of course but I thought I'd miss the trackpad and back button and surprisingly I'm not. Gestures feel 2nd nature now.

Greatest keyboard and amazing battery life to go with it, then top it off with the gorgeous screen real estate enhancement! Best of both worlds, touch and physical keyboard :D

Posted via CB10

Best thing about the Q10 is that it's got the best of both worlds. It's boss like the Z10 but has the keyboard that all blackberry users love! it also feels like the perfect size for a phone and has a very sleek design. Better features then Z10 from battery life to headset that is included. Oh and love how the keys are basically matte black!

I like the fact that it maintains the classic blackberry styling and keyboard while completely revamping the experience with great horsepower and software! Great phone

I love it all! BlackBerry 10 in a flashy new but obviously blackberry body! But I am most excited about the physical keyboard paired with the new os.

I love my z10. I miss the Keyboard a little bit BUT the 2100 mAh battery is what I really need as a big time traveler :)

Posted via CB10

I'm rocking my 9900, would love to upgrade to the next generation of BB! If a Z10 owner wins... I want their phone!

I love the q10 and need one desperately.
My fav part about the q10 is the keyboard. As a developer I want to build and buy games that is the keyboard as a gaming pad!!

Viva La wasd!

Posted via CB10

The clean look with the redesigned traditional keyboard with instant action. If I were to win this I get someone converted to the new BlackBerry Q10 and crackberry!

Posted via CB10

I love the Type N Go feature, it gets you instant access to do whatever you want to on this device. Best productivity device on the market.

Posted via CB10

I can't afford the Q10 so I need to win very badly. Bought the Z cause I couldn't wait to get back to BlackBerry. Now the best of both worlds the best keyboard and touch screen.

Posted via CB10