Win a new BlackBerry Q10 from Bell and!

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 May 2013 05:42 pm EDT

In Canada and didn't get to pick up a BlackBerry Q10? Well today might just prove to be your lucky day - the good folks at Bell have provided us with a brand new Q10 to give away to one lucky CrackBerry reader. 

We know many of you are Z10 owners who don't have the means to jump on the Q10, while there are also plenty of you who are still undecided - so here's your chance to get a BlackBerry Q10 without having to think about it.

If you're a resident of Canada, all you need to do to enter is leave a single comment on this post telling us your favorite feature of the Q10 - the keyboard, classic design, Instant Action, badass battery life or whatever it may be. 

We'll run this one through Sunday at midnight PST, so drop your comment below to get in on the action. Huge thanks to Bell for hooking us up!

Unfortunately this one is only open to Canadian residents but not to worry - we'll have more contests for everyone else soon. 

Reader comments

Win a new BlackBerry Q10 from Bell and!



Love the fact i can feel the button im pressing but still have the hub and word flicking.

Posted via CB10

Keyboard, better battery than the z10 :(
Better display for better battery life than the z10.

Question why wasn't the same tech used for the z10 in regard to battery life.

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I love everything about what I've seen on the Q10. The Bold is a beautiful device to hold in your hand. I have to believe that the Q10 will feel that much better!!

Posted via CB10

Keyboard, Keyboard, Keyboard!!!! And cause Bell has the best 4G LTE, Rogers sucks outside of major cities.

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I love Android, and all the stuff I can do with it... but I really miss a physical keyboard.

And I'm curious about BB10. My last BB (8130!!!) Ran 4.5.... barely....

the keyboard and all the shortcuts it brings i have a problem trying to quick mute/vibrate during meetings and typing emails and mega essays. Would love the ability to gain back my influence with the Q10. Also cant beleive the structure build of these devices light strong and well worth every penny.

Thanks bell for teaming up with crackberry for this. I must have to say the classic design and keyboard you just can't beat!! :)

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I want that keyboard and I'm dropping Telus and switching to bell. Telus is just rude, after 5 years with them.

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If I win this phone I will run naked down the street in Windsor Ontario with CRACKBERRY.COM on my back LOL.. CANADA loves BLACKBERRY :)

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One favorite feature? Impossible.

But if I had to choose only one feature over my Z10, it would be the keyboard!

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The amazing battery life. The dark theme. That amazing keyboard and the fact it is on the best mobile network Bell.

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The rugged feeling of the device. It feels indestructible.
And battery life is much better than the Z10.

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The Q10 is smooth classic and elegant. I need one. The keyboard puts it over the top!!

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The Phone is Sexy! And my mom currently has the 9900 and it would be sweet for her to have the Q10! BBM video from anywhere in the world with her!

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Would love to get a Q10 to further my connectivity a Z10 battery without a bundle is a pain the longer lasting Q10 battery and the keyboard make it a must have. Winning one of these would be amazing always wanted it just couldn't wait anymore for BB10

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I want my baby back baby back baby back q10 with that sexy backing and qwerty keyboard mmmmmmmmmm ueah

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Haven't been able to fiddle with one yet, but for me the keyboard is absolutely the top feature.
Don't think I could give up the Z10's extra screen real estate for it, though - maybe one day we'll get a killer BB10 slider.

I'm glad the device is still small and sleek unlike the chopping boards of today.

The best feature though is BBOS 10.1!

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The keyboard its absolutely beautiful and an example of perfection!! thanks for the great contests crackberry!! you dont know how much my z10 wants q10 for a buddy lol!!

Its difficult to nail down a single feature. So I will define my own feature.

It's the 'WOW'

but if I had to pick it would have to be the physical keyboard


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O Canada! We stand on guard for thee.

My favorite feature of the Q10 are the keyboard, classic design, Instant Action, and battery life!!!

Posted via CB10 on Blackberry Z10!

I have the Z10 courtesy of my employer, but I miss the keyboard on my old Bold, and as a bit of a heavy user, I'm not happy with the battery life on my Z10 either. So it's a bit of a tossup as to which would be my favorite feature... the keyboard or the longer battery life... yeah, it's one of those.

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The physical keyboard is the number one reason I've waiting for the Q10 to be released before purchasing a BB10 device.

The QWERTY keyboard awesomeness, the great battery life, sexy design, that really cool dark theme, and OS 10.1, what's not to love (and fanboy over, of course!). I would love to win this amazing piece of workmanship!

Been using a touchscreen for a few months now. But all these fingers long for are the touch and feel of a proper KEYBOARD!

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My favourite feature is that it screams iconic BlackBerry. BlackBerry 10 OS, fantastic keyboard, amazing build quality and a one-of-a-kind glass fibre backing... Recipe for perfection!

No Quebec exclusion? Thank you Bell!

The keyboard is obviously the main feature but I'm so used to having to go in and out of apps, I'd love to see the difference Instant Action makes.

My battery has lasted from the morning of the world and shall last until the last star falls from the night.
Although I have taken the form of the Q10, I am all phones as I am no phone and therefore I am... a BlackBerry.

My favorite feature is the keyboard shortcuts. It's convenient to access other features on the phone. Something you can't do on a touch screen.

What's interesting is that you can type with your " eyes closed" on a physical keyboard or not looking at the keyboard just buy touch. This is also unique with the physical keyboard.

Got my fingers crossed for the win!

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Instant Action, hands down! Forget Siri, forget Voice Control. Just type an action and you're neck deep in your app.

Best feature about the Q10 is the keyboard's intuitive quick actions. The Z10 is quick, but on what other phone can you simply pickup and begin typing commands to access all aspects of the phone from search, to contacts, to BBM, to phone calls. Truly innovative!

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Classic iconic Blackberry design. It's proudly Blackberry and at the same time it holds its own against competing flagship phones.

Everything about this phone is amazing. Happy the berry is back...... ain't nothing better. # BlackBerry all day

What I like most about the Q10 is the differentiation it has over any other smartphone on the market. Its cool, serious, professional, fun, nice looking....

The battery life would be awesome. Love to have a Q10 for sure. I promise to be a very proud owner.

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Front facing camera for BBM Video chat. A first for a BlackBerry with a physical keyboard if I am not mistaken :D

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Honestly, all I can say is wow! for battery life and return of the keyboard on steroids. I am a bb lifer.

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Although ive never used a blackberry cause im on android i wouldn't mind trying out the blackberry q10 for one day to see how it really is. It would be nice and i would have to say one of the best things about the blackberry and the new one is its smooth physical keyboard that gives you that productivity feel. The battery life that doesn't drain so quickly in one day due to gaming such as the likes of apple and samsung. The red blinking notification light (my favourtite one) that would keep alerting me on new messages, email, bbm ect. instead of turning on the phone to see an activity. With the blinking light i automactically know i have new activity somewhere. The ability to do anything i want on a touchscreen as well as using the keyboard. Portability and ease of use in the hands without trying to cling to it with two hands. But the best feature is the blackberry hub. everything from email, facebook, twitter, missed calls, calendar events, etc ect that i can view in ONE place. it makes things a lot easier something that ios and android dont have. As well as the the peak and flow thing. watching a video and using thumb gesture to peek at something with no lag and its quite effiecent. That is all i have to say about blackberry.

My favorite feature of the Q10 is the battery life. This presents a significant competitive advantage and allows me to stay focused and "Keep moving".

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My favorite q10 feature is the BlackBerry Balance, the ability to have both personal and business profiles.

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Keyboard of course, it's gonna be killer. And the looks of it- its just a great looking phone. BlackBerry is back and running :)

Posted via my sexy white Z10 using CB 10

What I love about the Q10? It's hands down the keyboard. There's no better way to stay hyper connected and efficient than by typing away at on a real keyboard!

Classic keyboard looks and feel awesome!! I want a Q10 and give my Z10 to my GF

Posted from my zeta diez

Being a die-hard BlackBerry fan, naturally my answer is the keyboard as being my favourite feature of the Q10!

No question about it: keyboard with the multitasking ability of BB10 blows every other phone out of the water. Well, Z10 is a close second in book perhaps.

favourite feature? how about the entire package?
truth be told, at first i thought it was going to be a keyboard, but i'm loving the new black theme. i'm all about black (no goth). i drive a black car, have a bunch of black clothes, always get the black phones, have black hair (but that one was genetics).

black theme is hawt!

It would probably have to be sleek design of it how there is not another smartphone out there that can keep up with it. Hats off to blackberry for pushing through the negative comments. Lord of the phones Return of the blackberry

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