Win A Month of Slacker Radio Plus Service!

Slacker Contest!
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Feb 2009 10:01 am EST

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Though we have known for a while now that Slacker would be coming to BlackBerry smartphones, it was only earlier last month at CES 2009 when the official launch was made (read Press Release). Speaking of CES, while down on location in Vegas we we also recorded an awesome video overview of Slacker Mobile Application for BlackBerry smartphones by the company's Director of Marketing Communications (video after the jump).

Slacker Radio Plus: While Slacker Personal Radio on its own is awesome and free, upgrading to the Radio Plus Service provides a few big benefits, including unlimited skips, unlimited song requests and no audio or banner ads. The cost to upgrade is $3.99 per month (billed annually at $47.88).

Contest Time: Sweet! Slacker is offering us up 25 1-month subscriptions to Radio Plus to members of, so you can really take Radio Plus for an extended test drive. For your chance to win, you only need to do two things:

  • have a valid email address tied to an account setup at Slacker (ie. try the service!)
  • login to and make a comment to this blog post!

Contest entry closes Thursday night at midnight EST. The bad news is that Slacker is only in the USA, so that limits the the contest a bit (sorry readers from Canada and around the world!). Good luck to those who enter! Be sure to visit for more info and to register your account if you haven't done so already.

Video: Slacker Mobile App for BlackBerry Smartphones

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Reader comments

Win A Month of Slacker Radio Plus Service!



I've had a blackberry for sometime; started with the Pearl and now moved on to the Storm. I've just really started utilizing and started to download apps; second day browsing around and what do I see? it just makes me want to be on all night adding all kinds of apps to my phone! How awesome!

Im a HUGE!!
mornings start off with some 80s/90s rock to pump me up for work, then jam through the day on some great blues rock (which I might add, is very hard to find on most net stations). Then close the night with some chillin smooth jazz and meditation can it get much better then this??? Oh, I know....FREE!!
thanks Slacker! a fun way to hear new music you haven't before, and it nice to use if your working out. (Yes, I take my Berry to the Gym, but I leave it at home when I go on a run...) I would love to have Slacker Plus for a bit. I would like to know what more it has, but I'm a poor college student (with a Berry, ironic?) and can't justify Plus... But I might have to if I demo it and like it...

This program kicks @$$!!!!! I was previously using FlyCast but Slacker's program is oh so much better!

I sure am happy I found that Slacker's ready for the Storm :) A free month would really be the icing on the cake!

i was so sad i could'nt enter this contest because i had the storm...then they released it for the storm and i literally came straight here to enter
keep up the great work crackberry!

I think Slacker is absolutely great!! They rarely have commercials. The music is awesome and there is plenty of stations to choose from!!!! It sounds awesome on my 9000 Bold!!!! It would be awesome to have a 1 month subscription for free!! Thanks!!!

Been using the basic app since it came out, works great aside from a bit of buffering. But if you cache a few stations this is not an issue.

I have been around for many years and Slacker has really hit the mark. I waited on the edge of my seat for the release for the Storm. I guess GOOD THINGS come to those who can WAIT.

This looks like one of those 'must have' services for the Storm. Just loaded yesterday, and would like to try the Plus service to determine if it's worth the extra cost. A yearly subscription committment is a little lengthy, but may be worthwhile.

I just downloaded the official app for my storm and its great. I might buy the Plus even if I don't win it free for a month.

I just tried out the free version of Slacker and it is awesome!!! I am considering trying the Plus version just to see if it is that much better! Everyone should give it a shot!

I've tried almost every mobile radio program there is....the one I love the most is Slacker.

I love the fact that you can store content to listen to when you don't have a connection. This is one app I'd love to win a subscription to!!!

This is nice. Listening on the Storm while on the road or sitting in the hospital would coming in handy especially when you're not near a wall or have a charger.

i've never used slacker radio before, but im willing to give it a shot. Its great that they have a version for us storm owners.

Very cool. Now I have something to listen to on the way hoem from work & am not at the mercy of my local radio stations.

I'd like to try the premium service, now that it is out for the Storm I have a chance at winning :)

Slacker has completely changed my workday! I'll plug my BB in to a charger and just sit and listed to some tunes all day long. I love that it will run in the background so I can still use my blackberry for blackberry stuff, too. :)

I've heard of slacker radio before but never looked into it. It looks like a great idea. I'm going to download it to my Storm right now.

Hey guys i really want to try the premium service. I just got this and my storm and really enjoy this. I want to see how the premium is and if its worth it..

I havent used slacker yet but i am dying to and now the fact that it's available for the storm i'm even more excited and i would love to win this app. It would surely make my day!

Slacker was my favorite app on my Curve and now to its going to be on my SuperStorm! YES!!

i've been waiting for slacker to come out for the storm. i've been using the old version which worked pretty well, but i was really excited to see they came out with a version for the storm. just downloaded it, and this is the type of stuff i've been waiting for for the storm!

I wouldn't mind giving slacker plus a test drive. I am new to this application but from the other comments I think I am going to love it.

Giving me a lot of great music at my fingertips while keeping my SD card free for other media. Perfect!

How exciting - I used to listen to Pandora when I could listen to streaming audio at work - but no longer can, and was impatiently awaiting them to offer their service on verizon - but as of yet, they're still only offering on at&t and sprint. THANK YOU SLACKER!

Always carry my iPod, but thought I'd try Slacker radio. Incredible! Love the fact that I can listen to music now without having to carry my iPod and a separate set of earphones. I'm really enjoying this app!

ive entered to 4 such contest, havent won yet...but this one is by far the best so maybe luck was holding out on me!!!!

I'd like an order of Unlimited Skips with a side of no commerials please...

One can only take so many Turbo Tax radio spots of dead presidents crackin' wise jokes in ones' ears.

i d/l'd slacker yesterday and i've been jammin ever since!
this is a must have for storm owners.

This program is just awsome.....By far the best I have found for my Storm..
Thank You Slacker...

This is by far the best app for my blackberry! It is a MUST for anyone living out here in Montana as we are about 5 years behind on technology. My freinds are just blown away. This is too awesome!
Win or lose I will upgrade to the PLUS version... so "pick me!"

So I just tried Slacker for the first time today. It is unbelievable. I actually went ahead and signed up for the Plus after about 30mins of use. Great Product and recommended highly.

Slacker Plus is wonderful. I went ahead and made about 10 custom channels and they work beautiful. It actually plays songs that i want to hear and shows signs of getting smarter. Being able to skip as many times as I want is wonderful too but I find the more I use it the less I skip anyway haha.

love slacker. I use it everyday to and from work. I work at the Denver International Airport and have a long bus ride to and from work. Slacker and Crackberry make the ride much more bearable. Keep up the good work on all fronts and i look forward to rocking my Black Label Society station and my local favorite Devotchka. Cheers to all of you guys and your hard work bringing awesome information and products to little guys like me...ROCK ON!!

Just got it for the Storm and am SO happy! Since XM elimiated the only station I subscribed to them for in the first place, I've been looking for a reasonable replacement. I think Slacker is going to work perfectly!

This is awesome just signed up for Slacker and enjoying the 90's Rock. If only they had a Punk station that would make me weep!

Been playing with Slacker this afternoon and enjoying the 90's Rock and Metal stations! If only there was a Punk Station would my life be complete.

Amazing app and would love to try the preimuim service

I love Slacker! I'm always jamming while I get ready in the morning, and it puts me to sleep at night. I work for a Verizon retailer and it's an awesome selling tool to non-crackberry addicts like ourselves...

I am the proud owner of an IPOD 12BG IPod classic and love it. However since downloading Slacker I have had little to no use for the IPOD as the music on slacker is every bit as good as what I have placed on it. This is the best app EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you slacker.