Win a Free Unlock Code for your Verizon BlackBerry Tour Courtesy of Horizon Wireless - 50 to be Won!!

Win a Free Unlock Code for your BlackBerry Tour!
By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Jul 2009 01:56 pm EDT

Courtesy of the folks at Horizon Wireless, we have 50 FREE Unlock Codes to give away for the Verizon BlackBerry Tour 9630. You'll be wanting to do this if you want to run your Tour on a GSM carrier in North America.

The contest is open to anybody who owns (or plans to own in the very near future) a Verizon BlackBerry Tour 9630! To enter, just be logged in to and make a comment on this blog post. The contest will close Sunday at midnight PST (winners announced on Monday), so post your comment now!

Big thanks to Horizon Wireless - you can visit their site @!

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Win a Free Unlock Code for your Verizon BlackBerry Tour Courtesy of Horizon Wireless - 50 to be Won!!



I just called, and they said it was sent today! If that's true, I'll have to wait to play with my new toy after coming back from vaca!! I've almost considered canceling my trip, just so I'd be here when it arrives!!

God, I hate being a crackberry junkie!!! LOL!!!

I would love to win one of these Verizon Blsckberry tours for my girlfriend bc I have been bugging her to get a Blackberry forever!!!!!

Having a really horrible day. Winning an unlock code would be nice!

Thank you CrackBerry ... **crosses fingers**

Woo! No harm in trying, right? I gots me both a Storm and a Tour. Be nice to have the Tour unlocked cause of the keyboard, moreover the Storm at least.

I currently have a 1st generation iPhone but am tired of AT&T service, therefore looking at the tour with Verizon. Would love to have feedback on any who have made that change. The Tour looks great, although there is the Storm. Suggestions???

I am looking forward to becoming part of the Crackberry Nation. Just ordered my first Blackberry (Tour) after 8 years of using Windows OS units.

She will be getting a Tour very soon. It would be great if I could snag this so should could use her Tour down in Mexico when she visits her grandparents.

well i live in indonesia and i just try my luck filling this form...

long live blackberry....please support blackberry users in Indonesia...


Hey, my name is Arjun. The new BB Tour looks amazing, i have the BB Bold. I like how they use the sleek concept from the Bold. The videos probably better than the bold too.

I have 3 Blackberries in my family. I'd love to upgrade my 8330 Verizon phone for the new 9630. Even my collegues have the same phones

I would love to win a new tour! I have a long time before I can upgrade! My anniversary is coming up! 4 years of marriage already! Its time for a new toy! (jp)

Just picked up my 9630 after having an 8830 for 2 years.

It's awesome and I love it! However, a super spiffy unlock could would sweeten the deal.

I was one the first to get a Tour last Sunday. I waited for months for it, these "unlock codes" would be great!!!

Lovin' my Tour! :D the fact that this one can be used anywhere in the world and can be unlocked is icing on the cake! Crackberry Rocks!!

Awesomeness for some awkward reason I want to sing JukeBox Hero right about now. Lol Crackberry and Horizon Wireless, I tip my hat to you. :-)

So far, so good... great device! Please enter me into the contest for a free unlock code.

Thanks Horizon and CrackBerry!

The Tour seems like a great new addition to the blackberry family!!!! I wish I could trade my storm in for one!

Oh Horizon hold a Verizon,
Chop and screwed with by the best folks money can buy,
The hearts of the Crackberry Addicted with focused eyes,
Wheres the Bold of old and the wicked Storm of fixes,
Is when a Tour comes across the Horizon to rescues it's siblings from Iphone sloooow glickes,
Unlock,unlock,and free The Tour so that it can go on tour.

If Verzon Service is so good >?? What's the practical applicaiton of this - Moving to AT & T or T-Mobile What am I missing here ?

.....A TOUR 9630. That would be the greatest day of my life. I'll finally get rid of very old blackberry. Greatest site EVER!!!!!!!

Well, I didn't win the Tour so I had to buy it. Love it! I would love it even more if your could unlock me. Can't you hear my Tour crying, "Unlock Me, let me out I'm a Tour"

As much as I love my tour and vZw's service, I can always use a bit of att prepaid backup. Cause hey, you never know!

This would be cool to win.I plan on going to Italy in November so having my phone unlocked would be really nice.

I'm an avid reader of your posts, a frequent visitor to your forums and a customer of your store - I absolutely love CrackBerry! I'd love an unlock code for my new Tour!

Thanks CrackBerry!

This is a great website to learn more in depth about your blackberries phones. I have learned a lot and enjoyed the website.
Thanks a bunch.

Come on Horizon please pimp my ride! What, what do you mean wrong show and is Xhibit still gonna be here?

4 more days until I'm eligible for my upgraded BB and the Tour will be all mine! This is better than a count down for a vacation!

I apparently have a lot to learn about
having a BB thru Verizon.

I'm looking forward to learning more about GSM, unlocking and the advantages of both.

I went to play with the Blackberry Tour at a Verizon Store, and I was amazed on how great it feels in the palm of my hand. The phone is just 100 times faster than the storm which I have. The tour meets all the requirements that I need. I love the physical keyboard as well, it works well since I'm constantly messenging people. I want to switch from the storm to the TOUR because the TOUR is awesome and its the greatest and latest!

I look forward to owning one sooner or later. I hope it's sooner rather than later, (I would like to win one of these contest).

I just got my bold unlocked and then it broke- I also had to change service to get a new number because I moved. I think I got lucky the first time but please unlock my new tour!!!

OK yes i admit that i had bought a tour as much as i like the storm it just was not reliable enough or fast enough to just make an emergency call if needed with out the clock waiting icon. so i did the next best thing not to give up on rim i bought the tour now i need the unlock so i can save on calls while traveling so how about it?

Almost every day before plowing into my work I check in with to see what is new in the world of Blackberry. If I miss a day, I go back through the news items. As a trusted place for BB news, I know I will in the know regarding new apps, app updates, and BB trends. When I left the Palm/Treo realm I NEEDED a place to learn BB and associated news, CB is it. You guys do a great job. Keep it up. Thanks, Jack

I should get my Tour by friday from fedex! i cant wait... currently on the Storm... great phone but hate the texting on touch/click screen.... i cant wait for my tour to arrive!

in the past has been useless in trying to win one of these contests. So, lets make this time seem that all the banal minutiae of the other posts fail in comparison to mine.

Can I win???? Lemme win this time!!!!

Did it work?