Win a Free Unlock Code for your Verizon, Bell or Telus BlackBerry Tour Courtesy of Cell Unlock - 50 to be Won!!

BlackBerry Tour Unlocks!
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Jul 2009 04:06 pm EDT
Courtesy of the folks at Cell, we have 50 FREE Unlock Codes to give away for the Bell, Telus or Verizon BlackBerry Tour 9630. You'll be wanting to do this if you want to run your Tour on a GSM carrier in North America.

The contest is open to anybody who owns (or plans to own in the very near future) a Bell, Telus or Verizon BlackBerry Tour 9630! To enter, just be logged in to and make a comment on this blog post. The contest will close Sunday at midnight PST (winners announced on Monday), so post your comment now! And don't forget, we have another Tour unlock code contest running at the same time... so your odds of winning @ CrackBerry are improving!

Big thanks to Cell Unlock - you can visit their site @!

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Reader comments

Win a Free Unlock Code for your Verizon, Bell or Telus BlackBerry Tour Courtesy of Cell Unlock - 50 to be Won!!



How fabulous .. keep reading great things and to get it with all my travel .. Love you Crackberry - you have helped me through the curve .. Keep up the fabulous work

does crackberry and any/all affiliates have to fricken rule so damn much? how can this place get any better? seriously?

I have a storm, but my wife just got and am enjoying her Tour, she is a BB newbie. So it would be nice for her to win something.

That phone is awsome... I love it's looked and with the red numbers it looks so much easier to dial and type... Finnaly a world phone with a full keyboard and a good camera
Can't wait to get one

I don't know nothing about birthing no baby Miss Scarlet, but I would like a unlock code for my Tour. Please pick me I promise you won't regret it.....

CellUnlock, you are cool to the power of sick for doing this.

Any other parts of you you'd like kissed?

Hope I win hope I win hope I win...

when cellunlock had their free unlock code giveaway i went thru the whole order and everything... but never received a code. i even emailed them but got no reply... so im a little skeptical but if its free count me in.

I used cellunlock for my Telus Blackberry Storm a few weeks back and was extremely happy as I didnt want to go to some shady stores advertising there procedures and taking days to unlock ! Cellunlock provided me in a couple of the days the code and I was in unlock heaven !
Now I sold my Storm and have the Telus Tour which is locked again for use on North American GSM carriers, and I am travelling to USA a number of times next month so this would be great to win !!!..
Thanks Cellunlock and plz make me a happy man again !!

Finally getting a blackberry I used to be a hater and a judge but I cant hate or be a judge without owning one. I am going to go ahead and purchase the tour but unfortunately I am on rogers and I need an unlock. If you can hook it up that would be great!

This is great... I need to unlock my 9630 so I can use a local sim card when I travel to other countries> Hope I win.

Do me a huge solid and let me use this unlock code plz!! :) going to europe for a month it would be so Helpful !!! :)

My new BELL BlackBerry TOUR wants to be unlocked so then it can be used on any GSM carrier in North America!!

Oh, what a good idea. Thanks Cell Unlock.

- CB

I am looking for a new phone and decided I want the tour. I've never had BB before. I'd love to win an unlock code for it.

Crackberry, you guys are the shit. Way to boost our chances of winning the code. A big shout out goes out to CellUnlock and CB!

i so want one.

i know im getting this phone.
gonna replace my z6c world edition.

sux i cant leave verizon officially, so this would help....

Yeah right! I supposedly was to receive a free unlock code for my AT&T 8300 from Cell Unlock on 3/13/09. They never delivered! Sent them several emails to include their original order confirmation email to me. Not a word from them. The promotion was here on Crackberry.

This is the phone I have been waiting for all of my life. I love everything about it ( except for lack of themes for now ). If I got it unlocked it would be even better. Thanks crackberry!!

Alright I just got my Telus Tour now... was waiting to make sure to have it before posting but it would be really sweet to get this phone unlocked!

Earth was a depressing mudball for Snorglas. 48 hours down on that lump of water, dirt, and metal had left the intergalactic explorer depressed and strung out on anti-allergens and the strange local intoxicants. The only bright spot was when an enterprising young human had lent him a Blackberry Tour. Unfortunately, it was locked down, so while traveling the rest of the sorry planet, Snorglas had been charged exorbitant roaming fees, and was unable to change the actual network that it was used on. If only there were some sort of, I don't know, code, he could unlock his phone...

So yeah, 48 hours on the Tour so far, and it has been fantastic! Having a bit of freedom to unlock would be nice, though!

50+ contest... its about time for me to shine... please? lol. Telus unlock would be awesome! Does it come with instructions too?

Got my Tour shipped to me 3 days ago - I am really liking it. Still getting used to the trackball though. Goooo unlock code!

Plan to have a little vacation soon outside North America, using the TELUS sim card means a huge bill I dont want to have.