Win a Free Unlock Code for your Verizon, Bell or Telus BlackBerry Tour Courtesy of Cell Unlock - 50 to be Won!!

BlackBerry Tour Unlocks!
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Jul 2009 04:06 pm EDT
Courtesy of the folks at Cell, we have 50 FREE Unlock Codes to give away for the Bell, Telus or Verizon BlackBerry Tour 9630. You'll be wanting to do this if you want to run your Tour on a GSM carrier in North America.

The contest is open to anybody who owns (or plans to own in the very near future) a Bell, Telus or Verizon BlackBerry Tour 9630! To enter, just be logged in to and make a comment on this blog post. The contest will close Sunday at midnight PST (winners announced on Monday), so post your comment now! And don't forget, we have another Tour unlock code contest running at the same time... so your odds of winning @ CrackBerry are improving!

Big thanks to Cell Unlock - you can visit their site @!

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Reader comments

Win a Free Unlock Code for your Verizon, Bell or Telus BlackBerry Tour Courtesy of Cell Unlock - 50 to be Won!!



Love my tour, but this would make my day! Just in time for my trip to Greece in August?! I sure hope so!!

Give me please. Big Red won't give until 60 days later. Stupid rule. What if I need to travel internationally next week. #FAIL

Verizon Wireless will unlock any global device as long as the account is in good financial standing and has been active for at least 60 days. One unlock code every 10 months.

CDMA phones from Verizon Wireless aren't locked.

Just got shipping confirmation on my Tour this morning! Hopefully I'll have it in my hands very soon. :D

I so want an unlock code for it!

I love this phone, easy to use, clean look, clear features. I had a iphone but went to the TOUR. Much better phone. No dropped calls. Andie

The Tour definitely gets my vote over the Storm. I don't like messy finger prints all over the screen. I never win a blasted thing in these contests!

Tour wins hands down over the Storm -- no fingerprints on the screen. But I never seem to win any of these contests!

Ordered a Tour but finding it hard to wait. No messy finger prints on the screen, like the Storm. But I never seem to win any of these contests!

This would come in very handy for my honeymoon next month. May the Crackberry gods shiny brightly on my post! :)

OMG I need this. Got my tour on Tuesday. Would be the first time winning anything.

OMG I need This. Got my Tour on Tuesday. Would be the first time winning anything.

Thank you for your generosity in doing this giveaway! I'll be sure to purchase something from your site in the near future in lieu of your kindness!

Here I Go Again....

Entering these things seems to keep me in the loser's bracket.

But worth a try I guess.

I just spent almost $2K on tickets to Italy, so a free unlock code might help offset the cost of making my phone work there! :)

Getting an unlock code would really cover my mistake when I wrote a comment in yesterday's "Free Unlock Code for Verizon" story. Since I'm on Telus.

Please unlock me. I have been locked by verizon since 1994 and I haven't left b/c their coverage is too good. It would be so nice to have a little freedom under my oppressor verizon.

I bought my Tour on launch day from the new local Verizon store. I live in Red Raider country for now. Lovin the Tour! Count me in on this contest. Thanks!! as always Thanks Crackberry!!

Hey Guys,

Well you did it again, another unlock code contest, I think this is great regardless if I win or not, just the thought of having the code rather than buying it is great not that 50 dollars or so is not worth it, anyways good luck to all.


Well...give me an unlock code, so my blackberry can live up to its name, as i go in a "Tour" around the world...(yah i know that sounded wack but hey, makes for great laugh)

I would really appreciate if you chose me for 1 of 50 unlock codes that you are giving away. Thanks for the opportunity, and your time.

I WOULD LOVE AN UNLOCK CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FREEDOM: The best thing about AMERICA, transferred to cellphones! Brilliant!

I didnt win the tour so I had to buy one. Maybe just maybe I can at least get an unlock code to help me during my travels! Go CB go!

Replaced my Blackberry Storm (worst Blackberry ever) with the Blackberry Tour. Other than the battery door Blackberry ever!

Its amazing to me that companies are still giving away free stuff in this economy. I think its fantastic and a great marketing tool. I would like to be one of the fifty luck ones!

I just got my Telus Tour and love it, but would love it even more if I were able to unlock it. :) Thanks.

One of my business partners just got the Tour and I was able to play with it for an hour or so. I really liked it. The track ball did seem a little slow but I'm sure it will be fixed with an update.

This looks like the offspring of the Storm and Bold together. Storm look with a Bold menu and keyboard. It has the same physical design and size as a Storm, except it has a actual keyboard instead of a virtual one.
It looks absolutely amazing. The great thing about this is you'll be able to type much faster with this then the Storm since the entire screen with the Storm requires to be clicked for each character that needs to be typed.
The Tour you can role fingers from key to key more quickly.
Don't get me wrong though, I love my Storm.