Win a free tablet or smartphone of your choice with SwiftKey and Mobile Nations!

Take Survey, Get a Shot at Winning a Free Tablet
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 May 2012 02:13 pm EDT

SwiftKey and Mobile Nations are giving you the chance to win a phone or tablet of your choice. SwiftKey is one of the leading aftermarket keyboard for Android, and in return for letting the SwiftKey guys know how you use your phones and tablets, you could bag the device of your choice, up to a value of $800.

Head over to to begin, complete the survey. If you're one of the lucky three (yes, three) winners, you could get your hands on your dream phone or tablet, even if it doesn't run Android. In fact, even if you don't currently own a device that supports their kick-ass keyboard, SwiftKey still wants to hear from you, and you could still be a winner.

The survey is open internationally for smartphone and tablet owners aged 18 and over, and it runs until midnight on Wednesday, June 6. Be sure to check SwiftKey's site for the full terms and conditions.

Head over to SwiftKey's survey page to get started!

Reader comments

Win a free tablet or smartphone of your choice with SwiftKey and Mobile Nations!


Interesting in one of the questions they ask "Which Blackberry Playbook do you have?" and the alternatives are "Original PlayBook" or "PlayBook 2.0".

I've got mine since day one with OS 2.0... i guess i could answer "both?"

The options for me were "Original Playbook" and " PlayBook 4G LTE"... Just kidding :), I chose original PlayBook out of the 2 options (original or PlayBook 2.0).

I use my tablet mainly when I am away from the office. it is used solely for reviewing data and
creating data for use in office when it is synched to my pc. I can do everything with my tablet that my berry can, but the screen size is a killer. So I slip to my tablet. But a tablet without a physical keyboard and mouse is a waste of my time and I dislike wasting time.

I did the survey. I enjoy doing them. In high school I worked doing market research so I feel like I owe society by completing any survey that comes my way.

Link on homepage is wrong. Points to (a plastic thingie for attaching keys to a keyring). Should have been

The paragraph that starts with:

"Head over to to begin" is the one that leads to the right place. I didn't click on the first one because most often those links are created by the browser and not the blogger.

It's funny, because the link shows but actually takes you to

It asked me what I thought of how the Queen spoke..pretty funny. I always wanted a Blackberry playbook anyhow, if I win thats probably what I will ask for.
Strykazoid---Conquering demon at a time.

I just completed the survey as well. I have a BlackBerry Torch 9860 (AT&T) and an iPad 3. I hope the CrackBerry Community and Nation doesn't consider me a traitor. The reason for the iPad is that I needed the essential applications such as Netflix and Skype. If the PlayBook had them it would be a completely different story. I bought my sister a PlayBook for her birthday. So my iPad is just a toy for me. I owe all of my productivity to my BlackBerry. If I win the contest. I'll ask for a Bold 9900. I don't know what was going through my mind when I got the Torch. I mean I love it, but the Bold is just so sexy and I miss the keyboard.

Regardless of the contest's result, I will be first in line for a BlackBerry 10 phone. Cannot wait. Love RIM and love BlackBerry...Kevin, keep being the great CrackBerry leader that you're definitely the reason why I don't give up on they should hire you or pay you for all the people you keep on board!

If you are a traitor then what about me. I went from a Torch 9850 to an HTC 7 Trophy Windows Phone. Only because of blackberry current stock of crappy phones. I love Blackberry. But you have to give them the critics where it is due. Tough Love.

My phone crashed on me and refused to accept a reinstall of the OS. A complete waste of money. It was only 1 year old.

Wow! I see where you're coming from and why you'd be upset. I haven't experienced that with any of my BlackBerries, even the older ones. I think we all know that RIM is going through a rough time, but I'm trying to stay positive and I am hoping that they can pull it together with BB 10. Like I mentioned before, this hope is powered by Kevin and, to some degree, by the fact that I have been a BlackBerry user for years!

I hope the BB 10 devices will persuade you to come back...

I like how they asked how likely I am to depend on online reviews. As if I'm going to listen to a review from CNET. Or any other medium for that matter (save for Mobile Nations of course)......I might trust the NY Times though.

I'd love a keyboard though, would go well with my PB hooked up to my HDMI enabled projector in my office. Would give me yet another way to type on my PB (using my Bold is preferred)

Kidding about the NYT comment

I've got an office iphone 4, personal bold 9700, and 'original playbook' that automatically upgraded itself to 2.0.

With the win, i will gladly accept an android device.

Thanks for the contests crackberry.

I wonder if we get just 800$, or if its a voucher that we use on a device. If its a vouvher, I hope it doesn't expire, because I would use it on a BB10 phone. If it has an expiry date, I'd use it on a galaxy tab 10.1, a 9900 for my dad, or a galaxy note

Could we mix and match up to $800 or just one item up to $800? Because if we were able to mix and match, I probably would choose something like $400 phone and $400 tablet.