Win a free case for your Bold 9900 from Cygnett and CrackBerry!

Cygnett Matte Slim case for the Bold 9900
By Michelle Haag on 16 Jun 2012 08:11 pm EDT
Way back during CES 2012 in January, Alicia took a look at new cases from Cygnett for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 in the Matte Slim line. These shell cases give your BlackBerry protection against dings and scratches on the back and sides while keeping the slim profile of the device. The smooth and durable case features an anti-fingerprint finish so you won't be bothered by smudges. Personally I really like shell cases as they offer just enough protection for my BlackBerry without adding a lot of unnecessary bulk. The Cygnett cases come with a screen protector as well, which is a nice touch. Cygnett is an Australian based company that develops and manufactures accessories for a broad spectrum of gadgets including cases, portable speakers, earphones, power products and laptop bags.

We have a few of these to give away this weekend for the Bold 9900/30 in Frost (which is a purple color) and BlackFrost. To enter, leave a comment below letting us know which color you'd prefer. The contest ends Sunday at midnight, so get your entries in! 

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Check out all of Cygnett's products at

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Reader comments

Win a free case for your Bold 9900 from Cygnett and CrackBerry!



Can definitely use one of these. Now that I work for DHS been dropping my 9930 left and right! Thanks for the chance CB, Blackforest!

While I prefer my 9900 naked with the holster, my sister has been looking for a case for hers... Blackfrost for her please :)

Wow what a beautiful case for the Bold 9900! Chances of ever winning one look like a million to one but just in case my Bold 9900 gets some summer clothing this June, speaking on behalf of my phone I would like to cool it down with the black frost option :-).


Blackberry Bold 9900

Black is beautiful...Blackfrost all the way - thanks for a chance to win something other than a tie on Father's Day!

Sign me up for a nice blackfrost!

You run a business, use a real tools, not toys!

Blackberry Bold 9900
Blackberry Playbook 2.1

Just got my 9900 yesterday. A BlackFrost case would be cool.
(And if you have any charging docks or leather pouches laying around, I can take those off your hands to).

Nice case but i doubt it could be seriously slim let see
If i win i will really come to know
Frost i am waiting;)

I would love to try one of these cases as I have not heard of this company before. Thanks CB for introducing them! I love the purple frost color!!

Black Frost would be really nice. A smooth and slim looking way to protect your berry, like the way it wraps around just enough to protect the corners.

I never had a case for my blackberry other than the OEM one that comes with the phone but i don't use it! Would love to win one!

Great timing, I just lost my 9900 pouch over the weekend. Hope I can get the BlackFrost case.
Thanks CB!