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Win a free BlackBerry Z30 from CrackBerry!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Aug 2013 12:57 pm EDT

The title pretty much says it all. Want to win a FREE BlackBerry Z30? Here's your chance.

We don't actually have one on-hand, so this is an IOU for the Z30 (if that's what it ends up going by) when it officially becomes available. We've heard all about it the last few weeks. It's been in loads of photos and videos and there isn't much left to the imagination at this point. We certainly can't wait to check it out in person but in the meantime, we're giving one of our lucky readers the chance to have a Z30 of their very own come launch day.

The Z30 will be the biggest, baddest most awesomest BlackBerry to date and I'm definitely excited for it. It will make a great addition to the BlackBerry 10 lineup and should make for many happy big-handed BlackBerry fans. 

So even though I'm on holiday in Italy for a bit, I couldn't help but think that what better way to keep the Z30 love flowing from abroad than with another great CrackBerry contest? 


To enter to win a brand new BlackBerry Z30 - just leave a comment on this post telling us why you want it. We'll run this one up through the end of the month (August 31st) then pick a winner at random. Who knows, we may even fire up another contest after this one ends. Good luck!


I want it because its as BB

Allan in T.Dot

Hold the phone! Dang! This post is going to draw a few looks and nods!

Himanshu Mehta

Z30 = Best Brain Machine ( BBM) 4 Bad Boy Me ;) ( BBM)

Posted via CB10


The tri-vector....i will be the proud owner of ALL the 10's.......ZQZ 4 Me.

Posted via CB10


Any new BlackBerry is worth having! I support BBRY so winning one would be awesome!!

Posted via CB10


I'm going to give my Z10 to my father with the hope that my mother and him switch from their current flip phone (yes, they DO NOT have a smartphone) to a BB10 device.


I'm in

Posted via CB10


Just picked up a Z10 and I love it! Think I could really use the bigger screen on the Z30 though

Shabee Mahmud

Omg this is the sweetest BlackBerry ever!! I want it!!

Posted via CB10

Sarcasm Detector

Because I NEED it! No really I need it.

Posted via CB10


Because big hands deserve a big phone! Bring it on...

Posted via CB10


I'm always dying to have the latest and greatest. This should be a stellar device.

Posted via CB10

Anubhav Nagpal

I want it. It would be awesome addition to my Z10 :)

Posted via CB10


Two words - massive battery. The glorious big screen is a huge draw as well. Hey,a speed bump doesn't hurt either ;)

Posted via CB10

Nicolae Misca

I would like to have the new Z30, to replace my Z10, i like very much BlackBerry

Posted via CB10


Because I love Blackberry!!!


I want this beautifully crafted phone ! And I'd show it off!

From the 8320- 9780- 9900- Z10!!!
Hoping for this Z30

Flicked just like that!!!

Posted via CB10


I want it because Z is my favorite letter and 30 is my favourite number, so Z30 is my favorite smartphone :)

Posted via CB10


Been waiting for this one! BB10 and a 5" screen...need I say more? it's gonna be sweet!


Pick me pick me please...

Posted via CB10


My son and daughter are both becoming BlackBerry fans so if I had the new Z30. My son will have an early Xmas gift my Z10 and daughter can have his 9800.

Posted via CB10


Looks awesome and I would love one!

Posted via CB10


It's all about the bigger screen and more battery

Posted via CB10


Still rocking a 9300! Could do with an upgrade. I'm in!


It makes the Z10 look like just a taste of BlackBerry 10, I have to have it!

Posted via CB10


I hope get one, I would love to have that additional screen real estate.


Pick me! With everything we are hearing in the media, I hope that the z30 isn't one of the last devices out of Waterloo.

Posted via CB10


Because my wife left her Q10 at the Baskin Robbins making that the most expensive ice cream run I've ever been on.

Posted via CB10


I could use the larger screen size--especially if the font is nice and large for my middle-aged eyes. ;-)

dobermans rule

I would like it so I can use that instead of my iPhone 5!


Z30 will put BB & BB10 back on the map.


You can never have too many blackberries!


Would love a new phone!


BC I'll send you guys bunches or bunches of cookies!!! And BC it's a BlackBerry!


Wow a new Blackberry, sign me up

Posted via CB10


Why do I want it? Because it's bigger, better, bolder and a BlackBerry.

Steve Spadafora

My wife can have my Z10 and hopefully I'll be lucky enough to win the Z30!!!!


i need to add this to my collection.. i've had every single touch screen blackberry since the storm came out.


I travel allot and I'd like to give it to my girlfriend. She's never had a smartphone and it would be nice to video chat on BBM.


Because this would make all my ifriends jealous

Posted via CB10


I sure would love to have this phone...


Gotta try, just for the change to get a bigger BB10 device.

Posted via CB10


I need the Z30 in my life because I love BlackBerry and will always stick by them! Also because BlackBerry 10 is awesome and 10.2 on the Z30 is bound to be immense...

Posted via CB10


Z30 BBigger, BBetter, BBlackBBerry.


I love the design, but more importantly I have big hands and this would be a perfect fit!

Posted via CB10


I loves me some Blackberry and I do believe that my hands are big enough to handle the keyboard on this wide body model.


I would like a BB10 device before BB bites the dust.


I love BlackBerry touchscreens!

Posted via CB10


Just to show off bb10 on a larger screen :) and so I can give my gf my z10 lol

Posted via CB10


I need a bb10 device for each hand!


Gift me if I crack my Gmat with a 780 score.( exam on 8th october)

Posted via CB10


I want it because I find that my Z10 is sometimes a little too small when doing certain tasks like viewing certain sites and trying to fill out forms. I feel the Z30 size will help with those tasks that I still find a little difficult on my Z10.


Please and Thank you :)

Sexy White BlackBerry Z10


I can pass my preordered Z10 on Verizon to my wife.

Posted via my Verizon Z10 10.1 on CB 10


I would pass my Z10 to a buddy of mine.


I love the all touch BlackBerry Z10, so I will sure take an all touch BlackBerry Z30 thank you very much!


If I had the z30 I would shave my legs arms and chest and walk around in a swimming cap for reduced wind resistance as I would need extra speed being so used to using the power of a z10 AND z30 combined. Boosh

Posted via CB10


If I win the Z30! I will make a video on "Why I hate my Z30 more than my Z10!!!"

Posted via CB10


... because it's soooooooooooooooooo .......... SEXY!!! :-)


Blackberry is awesome, Crackberry is awsome, Z30 will be awesome... what else do you need to know?


My Z10 needs a big brother. I'm in.

Posted via CB10


Want it cause I love bbry

Posted from my amazing Z10


I'd love to win a Z30...never won a competition on Crackberry before... can you make it my first??


Because it supports BB10 deployment and because my Torch contract is up for renewal in September!


Because I support BlackBerry and I wanna Keep Moving!

Posted via CB10


For that big screen

Posted via CB10


Got a Z10 already but a new device would go well for the family. Thanks, CB.


I want it because it's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Bruce Desmond

I'm a technology trendsetter at my office. If I get a Z 30 , everyone else will want one. That's the way it happened with the Z and Q 10s. This could save BlackBerry's bacon.


i feel like i'm the only one left of people that i know to still use BlackBerry to get a Z30 i would use it to show to everyone i know to have them go out and buy a Z30 because it is the best and we all know that word of mouth and hands on is just the best way to sell something i'll had the latest BlackBerry and what better way to top off my birthday month then knowing that i will be getting the next phone....


telefono bad-ass
questa cosa sembra incredibile .. un mini-me playbook e potrebbe andare bene solo nelle mie mani grandi!*

*this thing looks awesome .. a mini-me playbook and it might just fit in my BIG hands!


I want it for a huge screen and hub experience!

Joel Hill

That phone looks amazing, so yeah, I want one.

Posted via CB10

Prasanna Sampath

i want it without reason



August 30th is my birthday. It might be the last BlackBerry ever...do you want any more reasons to give me this one ? ;)

Posted via CB10


Because I need a new Blackberry!


got a Q10 on my belt and need the Z in my pocket ;)

Posted via CB10


It's simple... it's Blackberry! it's speak for it self! It's Blackberry! What more can I say? It's Blackberry!

Posted via CB10


I want it so I can show it off!


I give away my previous iPhone to my son once I have owned Z10 for good. My son always complains how slowly iOS is running. He gets used to all-touch screen where he is gaming on. I want Z30 to be his birthday present the end of this month. So I can completely get rid of last Apple product in my house.

Posted via CB10


I want one because I support BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10


Let's see if this is my new lucky forum. :)


It's gonna be a showcase phone for me to help convert the iSheep to BlackBerry 10! Send it my way and let's single handedly save BlackBerry! :)


Posted via CB10


I would like one of the new Z30!

I always want the latest, greatest...and this would be the one!


Long life to BlackBerry ;-)

King Nith

I want it. I'm a huge BlackBerry fan! BB till the end.


I want it bad, I've been waiting for this device since it was first rumored. I've been wanting this to be my first BB10 device. It's been taking forever to get a release date and what's worst is that I'm with Sprint which I'm leaving as soon as T-mobile gets a date for the Z30. I want it bad!


Looks like a great quality build, of course I want it. Oh, and the added screen real estate, larger battery and 10.2 are all great.


For getting rid of my reading glasses :)


I have had the pleasure of demo'ing a live Z30, and I have to admit its light years better than my Z10. The screen, my god, its unreal; I was able to test out NBA Jam it was amazing! For gamers, this device will hit home. I didn't think the typing could get any, but it did. Huge battery, lightweight, I was highly impressed with the hardware. I need to have this device!!!

Denise in Los Angeles

It will be an awesome phone!! When you pick me, I will promote it and CB 24/7!!!!


Because 5' is better than 4.2'. At least that's what she said.

Posted via CB10


Pick me! Who couldn't use a bigger, badder BB?


I love a big screen... especially from BB. G'luck everyone!


To Keep It Moving...

Posted via CB10 with my white Z10


I am so ready for super sized BlackBerry!!


Me me me

Posted via CB10


I want it because it's the new BLACKBERRY!!

Posted via CB10


My daughter wants a Z10. Now she can have it and I get a bigger and badder phone.

Posted via CB10 with my Z10


I'd love me some Z30!

Posted via CB10


I want a z30 to show off and market in a way that BlackBerry won't!

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10


This would be a great upgrade to my dying 9800 Torch

BB forever....


I am ready to win a z30 to give it a present to my wife

Posted via CB10


I could use a new phone


Please let it be me!!!! Z30..... :D


After the Playbook/BB10 letdown, I'm having trouble convincing the wallet to reinvest in BB despite our long history together. Make me a believer again!

Its Spade

Winning a z30 would be like winning the lotto for me... next to impossible.... good luck to anyone who wins.. I know I wont

Posted via CB10

Jimberry Storm

It;s a mini Playbook on Steroids, that's why eyes wants its!!!


I want it because BlackBerry is like Pokemon... Gotta catch 'em all!!! :)

Posted via CB10


Would like to win one.


Need to get better battery life than my Z10!


I'm all in......

Posted via CB10


I made a commitment to buy all BB10 devices released this year to showcase then to my friends and coworkers. After Z10, Q10, Q5 my wallet hurts a bit seeing as I haven't been up for an upgrade until next Feb. I'd love a free Z30 from CrackBerry then I could use the money I save to support developers not just BlackBerry.

Thanks CrackBerry

Posted via CB10


The Z30 is intriguing.

Rushabh Buricha

i need blackberry A30 because I have bold 9700 and want to experience blackberry os10....


I hope I can win this gorgeous Z30 phone. It will be a birthday gift for me next month. And besides, I never won in any contests like this. Love the looks, I'm sure I will be famous in our office if I won this contest.

Posted via CB10


Because the hardware looks beautiful and it has awesome software to boot.


I want it because.... it's the most awesome blackberry to date :) it's the berry on cracks a proper crackberry device. It might nit win the spec wars but if that qyad gpu is truley in the device...all hell will unleash :D muahahahaha :)

Posted via CB10


Hey Its Blackberry Z30 I love to have it!! Crackberry crack my name.


I already have a Q10 but the 730 would be perfect to have one physical keyboard and one all touch Blackberry!!!

Posted via CB10


I want one Cuz it's cool

Posted via CB10


i deserve it cause of the playbook ripoff :D


I want the z30 because blackberry is the best!

Posted via CB10


would love one so i can pass my z10 on to my gf who's still on her 9780!


Would be a great addition to my blackberry family..

Ted Kim

I have nevvverrrr tried a touch screen BlackBerry (9300 to 9900 to Q10) I want to try one for sure!!!!!

Posted via CB10


Yes a Z30. would be nice after using a Z10!


I want to win it because my BlackBerry discretionary fund has been depleted for the year.
And I also want to see what all the fuss is about with the virtual keyboard!

Posted via CB10


It could be the last BlackBerry branded phone... I want it as a collector's item! :P also, it looks awesome, and I like the idea of holding a tablet up to my ear!

Posted via CB10


I want one because not only I have been a loyal BlackBerry user(8330, 9330,9850, 9900 all 2 year contracts 3 playbooks), but I work for a big retailer that sells BlackBerry in the USA And could show it off to every customer. Lastly the carriers won't give me one and I can't upgrade from z10 for a long while.

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry is my primary phone for a Cell Phone plus, having a Z30 will be the best thing that happening to me to date. And it's style will make my clothes make me look awesome. BlackBerry is turning around. Be Bold Be BlackBerry. Would be nice to have a new phone that runs faster. BlackBerry forever. :D

Posted via BlackBerry Z10


Because it's the newest BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10


Winning a new phone is a great way to get a new one!


I want it because Blackberry is the best and I have a lot of coworkers and friends who will be made jealous!


This may become my first full-touch phone. Just let me win :-)


my GF's z10 just got water damaged. It would be cool to give her an even better phone :)


The question is why wouldn't I want it! I'm a huge BlackBerry fan and loving my Z10, but that Z30 looks oh so sweet!


In the cold Sweden, I would like to lit up the environment with a shiny Z30

Posted via CB10


I do all the mobile phone testing for the company I work for and getting my hands on the upcoming Z30 first would be great.

(that and I'm dying to make one mine)

Posted via CB10


I love the large size of this phone. Thank you Kevin for letting me win this wonderful blackberry


I want it because I simply need it! Thanks!


Oh I would love a new phone

Posted via CB10


I wouldn't mind winning this.


Because I'm an iPhone convert who has fallen madly in love with BlackBerry with the Z10. Plus, bigger is better....screen size that is.

Posted via CB10


Phone looks great and my wife will be due for a new BlackBerry around the time of release.

Posted via CB10


I really want one! Stuck with Sprint and waiting for BB10! Z30 would really make me happy!!


I want the bigger screen.

Posted via CB10


I really dont have a good reason. I would just like to win something.


I want to win because it is my turn!!


I'd like to win the free Z30 so I can bribe an Apple/Google fan to say that BlackBerry is the best. If they say it, I still won't give them the device because I would immediately lose all respect for them. Stick with you're beliefs


I am all in for this!

Posted via CB10


"Just leave a comment on this post telling us why you want it."

For a souvenir to remember the good old days...


The best of BlackBerry needs to be used in the wild for others to join the team. Please pick me; I won't let you down!

Posted via CB10


Already have a Z 10 - could always use another BB :)


Why should I win it? I work in a call center with 400 bloodthirsty android yahoos and while I proudly rep my Z10, to answer one of their other gripes (screen size) would be amazing. Go BB!

Posted via CB10


I want it as typing on my 9860 is beyond. I need a bigger and better screen


i need a blackberry!! i don't want iphone or android anymore!!


Why wouldnt I want one, I need to own the entire Z series!

Posted via CB10



pls pick me!


I would love to win the Z30. I've been waiting for a bigger BlackBerry and it's almost here.

Posted via my awesome Z10


I would like to have one Z30 because it summarizes the opinion I've been pushing since the first time I've seen BlackBerry 10. It's flexible and purefull as much as Android is, but with the elegance of iOS. And now finally BlackBerry 10 has a device which show off its potential.

Really, I'm crossing my fingers!

gordon mcpherson

I need a z30 in my life....that is all

Posted via CB10

Martin Denis

Gonna replace my PlayBook that won't connect to AppWorld for some reason. With better specs too!

Posted via CB10


More bb10 goodness! Bigger, faster, better.


This beast belongs to my stable


Have been a huge BB Evangelist in the midst of the doom and gloom that surrounds them these days! A reward for "keeping the faith" and continuing to try and convert the masses one soulless droid at a time. :-)


I would love a Z30 for two reasons, 1: I can pass my Z10 to my wife & get rid of her icrap, 2: so I can tell all note 2's to suck on this Berry!

Thanks in advance CrackBerry, ShopCrackBerry.com & Mayor Kevin!


Because I've become a BlackBerry evangelist and could use some more artillery!
I've bought four playbooks and a second z10 ( gave my other to my brother) and my shares are hurting. :(
I believe. And I want one!



I want it because BlackBerry is better than Samsung.

CB10 on the Z10


I'd love one! This way I can still test new OS' on both that and my Z10 and keep helping the community... and myself ;)

Show some NYC love

Sent via Z10 on Verizon running .1047 thru CB10


எனக்கு என் தாய் மொழி எவ்வளவு புடிக்குமோ , அவ்வளவு ப்ளக்பெர்ரி புடிக்கும் !!

Posted via CB10


I want to see if bigger is better lol

Posted via CB10


I love my Z10 and if I win the z30 I will give my z10 to a friend to help convert more people to bb10.

Posted via CB10


Currently using z10 but wish to upgrade to 30....

Posted via CB10


Hey CB! I would love to win the Z30. My son in law needs a new phone, he can have my Z10 and I get the Z30. Win - win.


I want a new Z30! count me in!


My Z10 stop working and i cant afford a new one! And bigger screen the better eheh!


A Z10 on steroids, the perfect solution for all communications requirements.


I'd love the upgrade, plus I can give my Z10 to a non blackberry user so they can enjoy bb10 (I'm tired of people wanting to play with my phone haha).

Posted via CB10


My mom could use a new BB10 device, plus I never win anything (from Crackberry ;))

Jeandry Brito

I want to win this because I don't want to change from a BlackBerry to galaxy! And since this is the "Galaxy Killer" why not putting in to a killer hand? A die hard BlackBerry fan? I'm too excited for this. I want to be the first to get this device and show it off to my Island of Aruba!

Posted via CB10 app on my Z10 Stl100-1 on


I'll give my Z10 to my wife if I win the Z30 and make her into another BlackBerry convert.

Posted via CB10 on Z10


Just to show it off to other people that BlackBerry van!

Posted via CB10


I want a Z30 so I can test the flexibility of my thumbs. That's a big ass phone dawg.

Posted via CB10


Why do want want one???!!!! Because it's BB10!!!!! And I'm still using a 9780....I need BB10!!!!!!!


I'm really looking forward to the extra real estate. I didn't think I would like the z10 but I love it. Now with the z30 on the way I can't get enough screen!!!

Posted via CB10


My z10 called,

it wants its z30 back ;)


Because my wife stole my Z10 (converted from droid) and my next HWUG isnt for another 18 months...


I want it because as Kevin says, it is the biggest, badest, most awsomest BlackBerry yet.

Posted via CB10


A giant phone for a giant guy. It would be nice to have a phone that looks normal sized.


I already have a q10 and I am ready to replace my second phone (full touch Android) with another BB10. The OS is that awesome!

Posted via CB10


I need this. This is like BlackBerry's fatality (mortal kombat) to ios and android

Posted via CB10


I'd love winning one because I can't afford it


I want one!! I mean, who wouldn't want the biggest baddest blackberry yet?! Isn't that a good enough reason? Blackberries for all!!!


I want this because I'm a BlackBerry lover and I've had almost all the best blackberries till date. So this will be the next. Nothing like winning one

Posted via CB10


From 8100 to 8110 to 9700 to Z10 now for a Z30. (hopefully)


have seen Q10 ads on ctv the amazing race. go BB go.


Oh yeah. would love this new device.


OK everyone!! Back off, I want it. LOL


Just gimme gimme gimme!

Posted via CB10

Just Neo

My 9930 is on the last leg of its life. I would love to replace it with the Z30.


I absolutely love the design of this phone; it is sufficiently different from most devices in the market yet has the look that marks it as a Blackberry flagship. It's got BB DNA!

Also, this may be among the last "pure blackberry" devices made if the company partners with some other firm or actually ends up selling the business (I really hope this doesn't happen).


A Z30 would make moving on from my PlayBook easier

Posted via CB10


So I can get my girlfriend on the BB10 wave and then BBM videochat and ditch skype!

Posted via CB10


I'm in. I want it for one reason: it's a BlackBerry!!!


I want it cause is Big!!!! Let me have it!!!!


Oh god!! Please CB grant me the pleasure to have that superb artifact. Plz plz

Posted via my amazing Z10!


Gimme...or I'll go to Window Payne 8, pineapple, or the green alien!!!!.... jk. BlackBerry rocks. Love my z10.

Posted via CB10


Dear Crackberry crew, I am a student & I sincerely need this Blackberry phone because I've been using my Blackberry Bold 9700 for two years now and haven't gotten a replacecement for financial reasons. Also, getting this phone will serve as a much needed birthday gift & as a study & research tool for me. Thanks


BlackBerry keeps me moving and the Z30 will be a nice compliment to the big moves I plan to make.

Posted via CB10


I have the Z10, the Q10 so the Z30 will be a nice addition to my bb arsenal.

Scott Fleurie

I want an iPhone and samsung killer!

Posted via CB10

Javid Gozalov

Because I love BB10!

Posted via CB10


I want it coz it's big N badazz!

Posted from my zee 10




Omg I want it, I need!

Posted via CB10


Because I honestly believe the phone was made for me. That's the honest truth!


If I won I could share the blackberry experience with others and not feel lost without my Z10 :-)

Posted from my Z10


Well, I'm on Sprint and have been waiting without a contract with my 9650 for a couple of years for a New BlackBerry to be sold on Sprint and this Z30 would be the perfect replacement. Way to rock CrackBerry.


I never liked smartphones, but when I saw the new blackberry z10 and it's new OS, I changed my mind and bought the z10, the hub is amazing, accessing emails, WhatsApp, messaging is just brilliantly unique and convenient compared to android or apple, the z10 basically replaced my laptop, the only downside in terms of watching movies, TV series, you tube etc. the screen size is too small for my needs otherwise it's perfect , so I need that z30, hopefully I win it, if I don't well I buy one anyway.

Posted via CB10


Because I'm the best bet in NYC to market this phone.

Ryan Christie

I need this to get away from apple! My 3GS on its last leg


I would like one because I would like one. So please. Thank you. Kind regards.

Posted via CB10


Because I'm an obsessive compulsive technology collector


It would look nice next to my Z10. :)

Posted via CB10 on my Z10


I want one cause the wife needs a replacement for her 9810. And I want to keep her from wanting an android or ios device

Posted via CB10


I would use it to convert all my friends to BB10!

Posted via CB10


I want a Z30 because it has awesome screen size and battery size! Love it!

Posted via Q10 using CB10


This would be sick for media!


I want one to combine with my z10 to make a z40

Posted via CB10

Lyzard King

I'd love it, a touch of life compared to my 9320


I need a big screen for my bad vision and 4.2 on the z10 is a tad small for me.


I would love to win so I could give it to my wife


Oh, pick me please. A Z30 would be so awesome.


Pick me

Posted via CB10


I never win anything so it would be really cool if you could change that :-)

Posted via CB10


Because if I don't get one I will cry!

Posted via CB10