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By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Aug 2013 12:57 pm EDT

The title pretty much says it all. Want to win a FREE BlackBerry Z30? Here's your chance.

We don't actually have one on-hand, so this is an IOU for the Z30 (if that's what it ends up going by) when it officially becomes available. We've heard all about it the last few weeks. It's been in loads of photos and videos and there isn't much left to the imagination at this point. We certainly can't wait to check it out in person but in the meantime, we're giving one of our lucky readers the chance to have a Z30 of their very own come launch day.

The Z30 will be the biggest, baddest most awesomest BlackBerry to date and I'm definitely excited for it. It will make a great addition to the BlackBerry 10 lineup and should make for many happy big-handed BlackBerry fans. 

So even though I'm on holiday in Italy for a bit, I couldn't help but think that what better way to keep the Z30 love flowing from abroad than with another great CrackBerry contest? 


To enter to win a brand new BlackBerry Z30 - just leave a comment on this post telling us why you want it. We'll run this one up through the end of the month (August 31st) then pick a winner at random. Who knows, we may even fire up another contest after this one ends. Good luck!

Reader comments

Win a free BlackBerry Z30 from CrackBerry!



I'd love to have a new Blackberry.
Thorsten Heins has grown up near me.
Enough reasons,
greetings from Germany

Hey I would love having this new BlackBerry it would make surfing CB that much easier.

Posted with a Q10 on CB10/ Thanks to berry leaks

Hi! I want the Z30, because it is an awesome peace of technology! I love the shape and the large screen, great! And the BlackBerry 10.2 OS is better then ever, it's so fast, what you can see on the videos, cool! Thanks CrackBerry for doing this!

I want it because I Have the Z10 that's super amazing awesome and I want to test and use their next Instalment which seems awesome with a big ass screen

Sent Via My Z10

I really need a need phone urgent! I think my phone is like on its last 3 months then it will self destruct! LOL! I really would like to get a bb10 phone but since i live in a strugling country i cant afford to just go and buy a new phone!

I've NEVER won anything in ANY contest, but yet I keep on trying. I'm either a tremendous fool or I know that the law of averages must eventually come on my side. Combine that with the fact that I absolutely LOVE Blackberry and I've NEVER had a full touchscreen device. To win this would definitely make my entire YEAR!!!!!!!

I tried Android and Windows Phone. I don't like both.
Blackberry seems much better. So I would be glad to be able to switch

I want to be able to give it to my fiancé. She's going to need a new one pretty soon. =D

Posted via CB10

Would love the z30 because it's a nice size for tablet-style use i've never had a tablet, and really don't want a windows/android/iOS one. The connectivity with my Q would be great!

Posted via CB10

I have been a die hard BlackBerry fan since my first cell back in middle school, there would be no better holiday gift then the best black berry has to offer!!! Would give me a chance to stick it to my IPhone loving friends :)

Posted via CB10

I want it! Reason why is here in the US everyone makes fun of having a BlackBerry but I have stood by them as a faithful customer. I've disowned stores for not carrying BlackBerry phones. Lifetime bans! The Z30 would be the perfect tool to stand up to the masses!

Posted via CB10

I would love to have new Z30 because I am so loyal to you guys and blackberry. I also want to show the apple fan boys that it's better than that new iphone5s.

Posted via CB10

I want it because my uncle kept showing off his android that it's bigger then my phone and I want to show him up.

Posted via CB10

Hope to win this! I love my Q10 but after my wife got her Z10, I've enjoyed the larger screen. Would love to have one of these when they arrive!!

Posted via CB10

I love blackberry and i like to think of my self as an ambassador of blackberry, I love sharing my experiences with people and even engage in conversations with customers at my job. I use my BlackBerry with pride and having the z30 or whatever is may be called as another weapon to intise people towards the brand would be amazing!

Posted via CB10

We Dutch like things for free :) So Crackberry isn't it time for a Dutch treat? I would fancy a new BlackBerry Z30.

Posted via CB10

I want the new Z30 based on pure processing performance. The potentially latest phone supposed to offer greater technical flexibility for power users. Quad processors will offer greater utilization of highly intensive apps, while offerring seamless user experience. Such higher hardware specs with the Z30, software application can push the limits of a developers' imagination. In the age of apps, why not make application function at the Z30 limits. The increase viewing area of the Z30 makes it very attractive. Users are always seeking devices that can offer greater view area for work or for fun. I want to experience the highly touted Z30 for myself. Why would you not want the Z30?

Posted via CB10

Hi from Ecuador , i want it the z30 in my hands.... why ? i am going to buy it ... but i prefer it free !!!
but whatt happend to car kevin was going to give , about instagram ???

The Z30 would be awesome since I love the screen real estate already on the Z10 and to see more would be GREAT!

I have the worst luck when it comes to competitions. I therefore would like to win it just so I know it is possible to win if you keep trying!

Posted via CB10

plaese let me finally win something!! I've been trying to win a Z10, and a Q10 for my girlfriend but have had no luck! Please let me win this Z30 so I can give this phone to my loyal girlfriend who switched to blackberry (z10) from Android just because she loves me!! I just know she'd love the Z30!!

Ahhh this would be awesome! Got pushed in a pool with my z10 in my pocket (not to mention my wallet etc.). Ripped the battery out and got it on rice asap, but the screen is pretty wonky now :( a z30 upgrade would mend my poor heart pretty effectively.

Not to mention the fact that I just love the form factor.

Thanks for the opportunity!


Posted via CB10

I want the Z30 because it means everything for me and my business. It's my tool of choice and have had every level of BlackBerry starting with a pearl.

I am a BlackBerry for life fan as well as a small investor in the BlackBerry company.

Please pick someone who is a freak for BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

I want it because it will be the only BlackBerry device to be able to have the whole crackberry team signature and this is Priceless...then it have to come to me at no price. pure logic.

Posted via CB10

I want this so I can go to my friends that have an s4 and say my blackberry is better than yours

Posted via CB10

I really want to come back to a BlackBerry. I miss the platform and the joy it use to bring. I hope that I win, it's my Birthday month and would be an amazing birthday gift! ;-)

The reason I want it is because I am a 6'5" tall and have big hands. Hence my name BigR3dBri.


Posted via CB10 on my Z10

They say bigger is better...and when the best of the best phone (blackberry) goes bigger, only good things can come of that...

Err I want the new BlackBerry so I can show my S4 and HTC one buddies how much better it is than theirs!

Posted via CB10

My Z10 needs a friend and since the PlayBook won't get BB10, this could suffice perfectly.

Posted via my Z10

I'd love to have a bigger screen and an USB port with support for host mode so that I can plug the SD card from my camera into my BlackBerry to look at my photos on the big screen.

Posted via CB10

I would love to get that phone! Ever since Blackberry 10 was in development, i was so excited about the Blackberry Aristo! I was going to get the Samsung Note, but the thought of a huge Blackberry was to good to pass up. At the moment i have a Z10, so when the Aristo didn't come out at launch, i was disappointed...and while I love every minute I get to use my Z10, i really want the big screen that the Z30 has. Watching videos, playing games and even typing would be so much better. I love big phones, so i cant wait for the Z30 to drop, and if I could win it, that would awesome!!! I think Blackberry 10 is meant for big screens!

Posted via CB10

Cuz I love blackberry. I came from android to blackberry and will probably never go back. Can I win? Please.

Posted via CB10

I would love one for business travel, the Z10 works well but a bit larger screen would be nice to work on.

Posted via CB10

I need it, I want, I love it... My inner CrackBerry head desires it, a z30? Are you kidding who wouldn't want it?!... I'm in!!!

Posted via CB10

I could show off and promote BlackBerry's greatness to more people at once with a bigger screen - easier for a small crowd to gather around rather than just a few people at once. ;)

Posted via CB10

Oh man, this phone is gonna be just awesome! It would mean the WORLD to me if I was able to win it. Being a college student, I would have the hardest time in the world to get this phone, since money isn't exactly separable. You guys would have my everlasting support, appreciation, praise,... everything! I hope I am able to win this phone.

I would like to have one because I think it would be a great addition to my blackberry family

Posted via CB10

i want one because i believe in blackberry, i believe bb10 is going to be what turns things around for blackberry and lets face it from the pictures it's the sexiest phone ever

I want it for coz of the bigger screen, better CPU, faster cpu... and the camera functions...

Posted via CB10

Because I am a full convert and I cannot stop showing off my Z10 to my friends and family. The coolest feature that seems to impress the most is the time lapse face detection and correction when taking a picture. People can't get over how cool it is. They ask what App it is and I say.. nope it's native functionality built right in. :). Imagine how awesome that would look on the Z30!!?? I've gotta have one!

I want it because it would make a great gift to give the girlfriend to keep her amused and stop her asking for an engagement ring.

Via CB10 on my sexy Z10STL100-2/

Aiming to replace my PlayBook eventually, so a 5 inches phablet would be perfect. I'll keep the PlayBook as a media player instead ;).

Thank you CrackBerry! You are most generous!

Posted via CB10

I would love a z30 I like my z10 but I got a z10 because my boy friend had a 9900 and he always had better phones than me then he stole my idea of z10 and got one on contract just because I had a better phone now if I got a z30 he won't be to beat me on that! If your wondering yes am gay lol.

Thanks for reading.

Posted via CB10

I want it because it could potentially be one of the last blackberrys and I have loved blackberrys since playing brick breaker on my dad's original blackberry. I would honestly sell my gs4 if I won.

I would love it for dev purposes ...but just having both da z10 n z30 is a no-brainer.

Run it!

Posted via CB10

Awesomee! I'd always loved BlackBerry and the Z30 seems like a good replacement for my 9860 even though I have a Z10 but I still use my old torch and I'll be able to use just 1 device!

Posted with mah Z10!

I want one so I can show everyone what a great product BlackBerry makes. I do it with my Z10 all the time when ppl ask me. They often ask if I work for BlackBerry because of how I ramble on and on about how much I love my Z10

I like it and I want it because it bigger than my z10 and I am sure it will be amazing phone for anyone who wants to bring a new BlackBerry phone. 3>

Posted via CB10

I would love to win the Z30 to help me keep moving forward. I have always been the marketer of BlackBerry to my circle of friends and contacts. Now imagine how impressed they would be!!!

Posted via CB10

Still rocking the Bold 9900 and the Torch 9800 as a backup, but I'm getting insanely jealous of my buddies with the Z10 and the Q10.... need one!

Well, because my wife is bugging me for a new phone and I really don't want her to get an Android or an iPhone and I fear she will only be happy with the something that has the screen size of the Z30. So, please help me keep my wife happy, cause everyone knows, when momma's not happy, nobody's happy.


As I get a little older it gets a little harder to see the print on the screen. So I need that Big ole bad Boy!

I love my Q10 but I would also love the potential big screen experience of a Z30!......also to replace my aging playbook.

I want the Z30 so I can breed it with my Z10, in hopes of creating more blackberries. :)

Posted via CB10

after my 2 z10s got stollen, this will be like the perfect gift from karma(crackberry) to my loss

If the rumors are correct.. Z30 should be coming around the time hockey starts!

Now that's double points!

Posted via CB10

I would love to have the z30 just cause i believe in blackberry and love blackberry with all of my heart - i walk around with my z10 like i have the best phone in the world i can only imagine having the z30- i want an elite phone and from the description of the z30 itll be the perfect phone for me ;)

I want the Z30 because I think it will actually stand up to compete against the other multi-media devices (S3, S4 etc)

Posted via CB10

I'm in. Want to pass my Q10 to my wife.
Funny thing, pressing any letter key on my laptop keyboard doesn't make it capital letter. Oh, it's not BB - it's a PC.

Would love to have one as I don't actually have a phone of any kind. If I could afford one right now, it definitely would be a BlackBerry over iPhone or android. Also, my birthday is on the 20th, so it would make a great gift for myself.

Still loving my PlayBook.

BB STA-100-5 LTE/4G/GSM aka Z30 launching with Canadian carriers early to mid October. I wouldn't mind one to ditch my 9900 with the aging keyboard.

Posted via CB10

I would like to have one because I can't afford a new tablet so I would like this as it has a bigger screen.

Please and thank you crackberry!

Posted via CB10

I want the Z30 because I'm addicted to all things blackberry. Looks like it's going to be another great phone, couldn't hurt to have one.

Posted via CB10

I would like to experience a large full-touch smartphone with a good keyboard. Maybe it can convince me it's better than a Q10!

I want it to show my apple and Samsung friends that blackberry is better and with the z30 it will make it that much easier

Posted via CB10

I'm turning everybody into BlackBerry users in my family and also my friends. This would be a great additions to help put a BlackBerry into there hands.

PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!

Posted via CB10

While I absolutely love my Z 10, I could definitely benefit from a device with a bigger screen seeing as I no longer have a computer or laptop and am pretty much doing everything right on the z10. The excellent Web browser helps out a lot but sometimes watching steaming videos could be better, as well as selecting links on websites that aren't optimize for mobile devices(yes they are still out there). I am a former owner of the blackberry storm and storm 2 who then switched to the iPhone 4. Bought the iPhone 4s, then the 5. After my iPhone 5 got stolen, I took a chance on the z10 and haven't looked back sense.

BlackBerry 10 is absolutely awesome and I can't wait to experience it on a bigger device.

Posted via CB10

Just because I had never won before anything from CrackBerry even though I have entered myself in each and every contest. Let see this time whether you listen to me or not.

Used my first paycheck to pay for my Z10! I need this new one bad! I'll trade you guys at crackberry my z10 for it lol

Posted via CB10

the z10 is an excellent phone but i was hoping for a bigger screen. i would give away my z10 for the z30 any day.

I would like it because I have never really won anything and winning a Z30 would be a very cool surprise. ( would like to pre congratulate the person who will actually win this lol)

Posted via CB10

Have the z10, got the playbook need the z30 to complete the collection. Blackberry rocks

Posted via CB10

I want it so I can show it off to everyone and convince them BB is still very much alive!!!

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

I want a Z30 for the big screen, big battery and what looks like solid build quality comparable to the Q10 (I'd want it even more if they call it the A10).

I'd love to have one.. looking to scrap this Android galaxy s2 for a real phone.. please pimp my phone and bless me with the Z30! I will be eternally grateful!

Quick and easy...I am on Sprint still rocking my Torch 9850 because 1) Sprint has failed to carry ANY BB10 phones (at this point at least) and 2) I am a total All Touchscreen fanatic and am dying to get my hands on one...I am a BB fan but no money to buy the Q10 and then a couple months later get the Z30 so I have to wait EVEN LONGER to get my hands on a BB10 phone :( If I win then I could get the wife a Z30 or a Q10 and get her off of that stinkin iToy5 she has lol

In other words...Pick me pick me pick me!! HAHAHAHAHA!!

I have had more BlackBerry phones in my life then any other, so this will keep the tradition alive! And it could be a graduate school gift :)

Posted via CB10

I want it because I love Blackberry, I have the Z10 but I'd like to give this phone to my best friend since she deals with a lot of people i think she could get a few people hooked on it. and plus i would get a Z30 the third BB10 device coming out. I'm sure that many of the bugs will be fixed and it will be a fun to use for apps! :D

I hope I get chosen! I want a BBZ30 not only because I believe in blackberry but I have been a blackberry fan for a while. I have always gone back and forth with phones, but always end up with blackberry. Not only do I use it for personal reasons, but I use it for work related reasons as well. I would like a Z30 just because of the size of the device which I think would be a good fit with me!