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By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Aug 2013 12:57 pm EDT

The title pretty much says it all. Want to win a FREE BlackBerry Z30? Here's your chance.

We don't actually have one on-hand, so this is an IOU for the Z30 (if that's what it ends up going by) when it officially becomes available. We've heard all about it the last few weeks. It's been in loads of photos and videos and there isn't much left to the imagination at this point. We certainly can't wait to check it out in person but in the meantime, we're giving one of our lucky readers the chance to have a Z30 of their very own come launch day.

The Z30 will be the biggest, baddest most awesomest BlackBerry to date and I'm definitely excited for it. It will make a great addition to the BlackBerry 10 lineup and should make for many happy big-handed BlackBerry fans. 

So even though I'm on holiday in Italy for a bit, I couldn't help but think that what better way to keep the Z30 love flowing from abroad than with another great CrackBerry contest? 


To enter to win a brand new BlackBerry Z30 - just leave a comment on this post telling us why you want it. We'll run this one up through the end of the month (August 31st) then pick a winner at random. Who knows, we may even fire up another contest after this one ends. Good luck!

Reader comments

Win a free BlackBerry Z30 from CrackBerry!



Why do I punish myself. I keep posting to these contests, and never win.

Must be that if you cut me, I bleed black(BlackBerry black).

Posted via CB10

What an awesome prize. I would love one so that me and my long distance nephew can communicate using BBM video often and text one another on a regular bases. He doesn't have a BlackBerry as it it a bit expensive for him to buy.
Thank you.

I would LOVE to have a BlackBerry A-series 10 device because I am such a BlackBerry diehard. I mean, there are lots of diehards here, but I'm such a diehard that I would wipe Thorsten's behind for free if it meant BlackBerry lasting forever.

~STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US

I want it to replace my ill-fated PlayBook! I'm willing to try a 5" device to replace a 7"...

Posted via CB10

2" is a big difference, why not just use the Z30 as a hotspot, connect your PlayBook to it. You end up with a faster PlayBook. Works great with the Z10.
But yes it would be nice to win the Z30....

Well, I'd be cray-cray to not want a Z30! My poor Z10 gets lonely at times...having big bro around would help with that...LOL

Posted via CB10

I want to finally win a contest from Crackberry.
and a new Z30 would be a perfect contest to win.

I'd love to show all my friends how awesome Blackberry can be. It would be my first one and what a way to start out!

Why I want it? Because it´s Blackberry. Every other device I have it´s better and better. I wish to keep it that way and Z30 sure will be not only the best BB on the market, but best smartphone there.

Because BlackBerry is my life an ill take anything BlackBerry. I want to show off another phone by BlackBerry to all my iPhone friends to let them no they are on the wrong ship. My Z10 already amazes them so a 5" screen would have them like... wow they put out another phone. Go BlackBerry go! An thanks for the contest CB.


With home automation on my mind, this would be a great add for a central command, whether from home or abroad with the secure offerings from BB.

Posted via CB10

I Love Blackberry and Always Love To See New Inventions Done Introduced By Blackberry... LoVe BlackBerry A Looooooot... Thank You

Posted via CB10

I would very much like to be counted among the BlackBerry Elite who will own the most sophisticated smartphone known to the industry. The Z10 is a prelude to its greatness.

Posted via CB10

Listen Crackberry,
I have a Torch 9800 that is on its last battery dying, spinning clock hanging, application freezing, low memory available so web page closing, checkerboarding while web surfing legs. Have I not suffered enough? Be kind and upgrade me to some snappy BB10 5inch screen goodness.

If don't win, am switching to Android...

I always wanted a BlackBerry big phone but now that i have the z10 cannot afford the new one
.. :(

Posted via CB10

Hey! I would really want to have this beautiful Blackberry piece. I have been a Blackberry user for a while and I'll keep being a poweruser.

Posted via CB10

Who wouldn't want another BlackBerry. This one is going to be awesome. My wife wants a touch screen as her 9780 has run its course.

Crackberry rules.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!

I want it or im going to kill 10 Cats, JK. I love animals but i Do want it. Why did they call it a z30? Maybe something else will take the place of the A10 thats is even better.

I would like a Z30 because I want to get a BB10 device and I am still in my contract for another year.

Love to have this awesome phone. Tired of those androids. also august 26 is my birthday. Haha. I wish that will be my present.

Posted via CB10

I am not really admire this phone because of it's low specs but if I can get it for free... well..... with an open hand I'll take it. :)

I currently have a z10 and I've been trying to convince my fiance to switch to BB10. She uses a curve 9360. She's finally agreed but only if she gets to take my z10. So I would need the z30 to add another BB10 user.

Also, my birthday is in December so it would be an early birthday gift.

Posted via CB10

I currently have a Z10 and I'm beyond happy with it. The Z30 looks amazing and I would love to have this one in my hand. If I should happen to win this, I would pass my Z10 onto a person (free of charge) that is on the fence about buying a BlackBerry just to show them how amazing it is, so that they will go out and tell others to get a BlackBerry. I want to keep the BlackBerry alive!

I'm trying to convince more and more people to switch to BlackBerry, my wife's contract is up at the end of the month and told me if I can get a deal on the z30 that she will take over my z10 and give her q10 to my daughter, a free z30 would definitely be a deal :)


I would love to win a Z30 as I think it would be the perfect partner for my Q10. The Z30's lovely 5" screen would make a sensational platform for watching playing games, watching You Tube vidéos and reading large bodies of text. It would also make a wonderful replacement for my PlayBook.

Because I want blackberry to come back prove all the naysayers wrong, and want to show off a shiny new BlackBerry :)

Posted via CB10

I want it so I can replace my zed.
My screen broke and it's a pain trying to navigate with only half the functionality, let alone posting in my help channel which 200 people read on a daily basis, and also help folks out here..

So I want it!

C0001BBF0 - BlackBerry 10 help channel.

I'd love to win it so my wife can move to BB10 for her birthday at the end of the month. Go BlackBerry and CrackBerry!

Posted via CB10

Because I want to feel the sensation of the first "Phablet" BlackBerry, with a size of 5 ' very appropriate for use as a primary device in the everyday activities.

A very very precise size
Love this size :)

Posted via Z10STL100-1/

Can decide between the Q10 and Z10 but can buy both with 1 contract. This would allow me to switch as my needs swing back and forth

I adopted the z10 day one and I love the bb10 operating system. My gf is an android user and I'd love to get her onto bb10 but she likes the larger screen real estate. The z30 could be the ticket that brings her back and gets blackberry one more user

Turned Zeke day one; Channel Pin C0001A853

Damn I love my Z10 ! but but but this 30 is crazy ! bigger screen , better spec , and I highly doubt it will preform hell way better :o ,, need to get my hand on it :D

I not only want it but I need it. I suffer from "sexy Dominican hands". This makes it where my hands are big for the z10 and just right for the z30....and the ladies of course. ;)

Posted via CB10

Who wouldn't want a free BlackBerry!!! :-)
But seriously: with the bigger screen, I can put off getting new glasses. That's really what it's all about for me...

I want it because it could be the last BlackBerry ever and I just love this brand and it's phones.

Posted via CB10

I love my Z10 but very much love the increase real estate, as being a musician and Blackberry lover and user I want the Z30 and most of all support BlackBerry !

I would love to have something to replace my PlayBook, what better thing then another BlackBerry :).

Posted via CB10

I am a BlackBerry Fan! I strayed for a bit and got an iPhone...Hated it! now I have a Z10 and am loving it. But, who doesn't what new tech?!

Posted via CB10

*it would allow me to give my Z10 to my brother who is a IPhone enthusiast, which he then could tell his friends who mainly have IPhones about how great the BB10 is.
*Then I could strut around with my new Z30 and continue telling everyone how great it is....

Posted via CB10

My Z10 is looking for a big brother (meanwhile my girlfriend is already looking suspiciously to my Z10...)

Posted via CB10

I want it because my wife needs a Z10 and she can have mine once I have the free Z30 ;)

Posted via CB10

The wife loves my Z10. I just need to put a Z30 in my hands so I can hand her the Z10! Thanks CrackBerry for all the contests!

Posted via CB10

A new blackberry with an even bigger screen?? Sounds great to me! Would be fantastic for movies and working on documents!

Posted via CB10

To enter to win a brand new BlackBerry Z30 - just leave a comment on this post telling us why you want it. REALLY? Go out and try an iOS device, then try an Android device, and then try a WP device. Now you know why I want a Z30.

Ummmm....Yes please! I would want to win because I would be the baddest Mo-Fo on the block when I pull out my Z30!!!

Posting a comment is easy why - hmm...
The more the merrier?
I would pass either it or the Z10 on to a family member who has not got a smartphone.

Posted via CB10

I want blackberry Z30 because its Blackberry the best company Better Apple and samsung it is a business phone And entirely suits me And people can play games on it too it has so many things The best company Love it

I would love having a z30 so I can give my z10 to my mom!

Posted via my white Z10. LG banter- blackberry bold 9900- Z10

Would love to win. The larger screen is the main reason I would want it. The looks of the device in recent photos/videos have definitely grown on me as well.

Thanks for the contest CrackBerry!

Posted via BBCBZ10

I've been a BES admin for a number of years and we are gearing up for BES10. Most devices would likely be Q10 devices, but I'd like to be ahead of the curve and be one of the first in my organization to sport this next generation BlackBerry device.

I love my personal Z10 and am sure that the new device will blow all others out of the water.

Help me Kevin-Wan... You're my only hope!

Cheers from my Z10!! - 00

Being a child of the 60's, my eye doctor - who is the same age as I am - took great glee in telling me I have presbyopia, and then defining that as "old eyes"...
My new Z-10 is much easier to see than the World Phone I held onto until the new O/S and larger-screen phones came out, but from what I see, the Z30 would mean I wouldn't have to use my 'readers' any more just to see the passwords in the Password Safe...
LOL - I want one !

I guess phablets are becoming the "in" thing so I gotta get on this before the other hipsters.

Posted via CB10

So many times I was about to switch away from bb. Then I hear they coming out with a new phone and I save up to get it when it comes out. This has happened since the storm.... every time!
And thank you again crackberry for another awesome contest that I get my hopes up for winning somehow!

Posted via CB10

My old Bold 9700 just died and I really need a phone right now... I wish I could buy a z10, but I cant afford one here in Brazil... So... Please! Maybe it's my turn to win =p

Of course I would love a free phone.... and to be honest the Z30 has my attention or what ever it ends up being called.

So I can continue my mission of showing people how great BlackBerry products have become, and possibly sway a couple into a purchase.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry has created the z10 great phone so the z30 is going to blow all others out of park

Posted via CB10

I would love to win a  Z30 because... My son had his iPhone stolen and is now using my old  9700 as a replacement, I'd live to give him my  Z10 and have that beautiful  Z30 for myself!!!

Posted via my  Z10 -

Want one, waiting for the Z30 to come out before upgrading. Please, me? I'm Canadian and love only Blackberry's.

I'd like to win a Z30 so I can get a T-Mobile BB10 phone and leave Verizon. The whole 10.1 fiasco REALLY pissed me off. Help me say goodbye sooner rather than later!

I would love a Z30 so I can finally have something that is not second hand or passed down to me!

Posted via CB10

Why do I want a new Z30?

Well it wouldn't be for myself. It would be for my father. He's getting old and his sight isn't as it once was. So this device would help him see better with a bigger screen. Plus it would have bigger icons for him to hit with his massive hands he has. Lol

Posted via CB10

ahhh I would LOVE to get my hands on the Z30 - or whatever it will be known as - that way I can give my Z10 to my Girlfriend haha

I have been a loyal BlackBerry user since 2005, when I was issued a 7290 at work. I have always been quick to put in a good word for BB when I get the chance. I would like to win a Z30 so I can give it to someone who needs a new phone. I really like my Z10 and don't need to upgrade right now.

We're still waiting for a free car. Win a z30 aka here's a used 9900. Fool me once.....

Posted via CB10

Would love to win a Z30 (or whatever it ends up being called when its officially announced) and continue my long tradition of owning BlackBerry devices and save me a few hundred dollars buying one. Getting married in a year and buying a house soon, need to save up my dollars lol

I switched to BlackBerry when the Z10 came out and what an amazing thing it is. I can't wait to play with the Z30

Posted via CB10

I bought my BBZ10 unlocked before US release & would love to upgrade to the new BBZ30 as soon as it come available.

Posted via CB10

Since Sprint never offered the Z10 the Q10 was my only choice. I like the Q but really wanted a bigger screen. Sprint will carry the Z30 and this contest ends the day Sprint is supposed to release the Q10. I could wait a little longer for a Z30 at this point and I think it would be worth it.

I don't want it I will go out and buy one when it comes out will pay up to 800GBP for this device.

Posted via CB10

I want one so that I can give it to one of my people looking for a new phone just so that they don't get swayed into buying same ol' Androids and Apple products!

Free marketing which I have been saying BlackBerry needs, as I already got my Z!

Posted via Me on my Z

My entire family has gone from BlackBerry to iPhone. I'm the only one left that is still a die hard BlackBerry fan. I'd love to have this monster of a phone.

Posted via CB10

I currently have a Z10 and l love it. When o tell people it's a BlackBerry, they usually say "oh, I thought it was an I Phone".

I want to have the Z30 so I can hear "oh, I thought it was a Sung S 4!"

Posted via CB10

Another amazing giveaway! Love BlackBerry and the CrackBerry nation! And c'mon, who wouldn't love a free BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

The bigger screen would be great.
The fast flow of the os looks amazing

Posted via CB10. BlackBerry ®  Z10

I would really really really really love it if I was given this phone! Pretty please. :)

Posted from my Red Zed

I want it because all I own is BlackBerry and I will only own BlackBerry!! Plus it will go great with my Z10!

Posted via CB10

I will like to donate my z10 to family member, but I will need a replacement, and the z30 will be perfect. Thank you

Posted via CB10

I would love to win a Z30 as it would make an ideal partner for my Q10, a replacement for my Playbook and it's my birthday on September 1st,2013.

I've had my z10 since it came out. Waited in line. Unfortunately it's time for an upgrade, a Z30 would be perfect.