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Win a free BlackBerry Z30 from CrackBerry!

Login and leave a comment for your chance to win a BlackBerry Z30!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Aug 2013 12:57 pm EDT

The title pretty much says it all. Want to win a FREE BlackBerry Z30? Here's your chance.

We don't actually have one on-hand, so this is an IOU for the Z30 (if that's what it ends up going by) when it officially becomes available. We've heard all about it the last few weeks. It's been in loads of photos and videos and there isn't much left to the imagination at this point. We certainly can't wait to check it out in person but in the meantime, we're giving one of our lucky readers the chance to have a Z30 of their very own come launch day.

The Z30 will be the biggest, baddest most awesomest BlackBerry to date and I'm definitely excited for it. It will make a great addition to the BlackBerry 10 lineup and should make for many happy big-handed BlackBerry fans. 

So even though I'm on holiday in Italy for a bit, I couldn't help but think that what better way to keep the Z30 love flowing from abroad than with another great CrackBerry contest? 


To enter to win a brand new BlackBerry Z30 - just leave a comment on this post telling us why you want it. We'll run this one up through the end of the month (August 31st) then pick a winner at random. Who knows, we may even fire up another contest after this one ends. Good luck!

R Field

Because my Z10 needs a big brother.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10


THANK YOU KEVIN. and thank you r field for letting me ride on the top comments.

Now i really need to replace my supertank 9800 torch.
this supertank has seen the light of days and definitely need a replacement.
And this Z30 is the perfect fit to replce my trusted supertank.
Thank you to kevin and blackberry for this phone. (well, a lil bit of affirmation doesn't really hurt as long as it's for this fricking Z30, now does it? )...


Because I have never won anything before
And I have been a loyal BlackBerry user since 2004

Posted by my Z10 while still waiting for my full Bridge support on my Z10


Because who wouldn't want to win a BlackBerry Z30? ;)

Posted from the future via a Z30, courtesy of a CB contest.

Lam Khe

Only Blackberry. My dream, i love you!


It is bigger with better BB10 OS :-)


Because my last bb was about 3 years ago and this seems a great way to come back


I was totally an android person until, April 2013, when my android phone broke down, and i had to switch to an alternate. As i was'nt looking to buy a new phone just then, a friend lent me his blackberry bold 9900. i always believed i would never ever be "blackberry compatible" (and i had never bothered to try out one either) mainly because i adored the full touch screen,( i guess that came from having a full touch screen for my first phone)and i always enjoyed having a variety of apps on my phone.,
But the three months following that were indeed amazing. Apart from the fact that with a bb you do not have as many apps as you would with an android, a black berry is simply amazing to use. BBM is the best messenger service i have ever come across...and i absolutely loved the keypad of the 9900, this coming from one who would live and breathe android, specially the touch screens!!!! And to think of all the possible reasons i would make up to discourage my friends who were and are still bb users., i take my words back!! I like d blackberry, yes i transitioned over from the android, and i hope i can own a blackberry of my own soon!!! :)


It is 2013, the android invasion hit the earth. The Machines took control of everything. The GoogleNet killed almost all the resistance. The Apple's Battalion fell in the cupertino's battle. The Redmond's company sent their soldiers to suicide attack. We are the last stand before the Android dominance. Because the Z30 is what the earth deserve, but not the one it needs righ now. So they keep hunting it, because it can takes it. Because it is not our hero. It's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Z30.


Then, please give it to me.


Lmao! Nice! Lol

Posted via CB 10 on my naked Z10 ;)


Just combined two legends together! :')
LOL, great one! x')

Posted via CB10


Come on, be honest, you've been working on that one for a few days now!


Nice! I love it! Just change the typo "takes it" to "take it" and you're golden :)

...Then, please give it to me :P


Thanks...hehehe. I am brazilian, but it was a typo. :P

Varun Luthra

Amazing, so when is BB10 Rising :)


They need to give me first. =) Where is the winner, it is clear that I deserve with my comment =)


Thx to allow me to write comment in here :D

Crackberry please come to page 115 and pick me account to be winner ;D

Come And Pick Me lol

Posted via CB10


I want the Z30 because it's the must-have of the year ;)


Hi! I want to win this to show everyone I meet what a wonderful device the BlackBerry Z30 is!



Thank you for all you do here at Crackberry. This must be a difficult time for your company Crackberry considering all the controversy surrounding Heins. Regardless of what the outcome of Blackberry regarding all the controversy surrounding Heins, it is my deepest wish that www.Crackberry.com live long and prosper and supports Blackberry into its new ownership.


Blackberry, i love it.
it makes me proud of my blackberry device, everything is really interesting. I read news about blackberry everyday and i really love Blackberry z30 and want to make a clip named hands on blackberry z30. It seems a dream for me.
I used Ios, androi, windowphone but i feel bored until i have a Blackberry phone. I will introduce my Blackberry Z30 with my friends like a crazy fan and it makes me happy. Now or future, using a blackberry Z30 is sure but i have to try to study hard because i'm only a student. :))

Joana Marie Carreon

I really love blackberry phone and I want to have this new Z30...All the features of a blackberry phone are so good, I think this BLACKBERRY Z30 will give the consumer great satisfaction,,,thank you blackberry for making my life easier...


I would love a Z30 because I am a huge BlackBerry fan just like everyone else is in crack berry, and I would love to show it off to everyone !!


I love blackberry so much so i want that z30. Good luck to me xD


And because I love BB10


Because I want my girlfriend to have my Z10 and I get the Z30!!!


Im in! My 9810 is on its last legs.


Im 1 below................. my 9800 is paralyzed


I'd love to have one, this is going to be my all time favorite BB.


My Birthday is at the end of this month, isn't that reason enough?


As is mine! And I bought the Z10 outright on the first day it was available, can't afford to do it again for the Z30.

Khalid Osman

Same as mine. And my reason is the same I have a z10 and can't afford a Z30


Z30 would be awesome. The PlayBook would no long be required!

Posted via CB10


I want, cause I wants it!

Posted via CB10


I want, cause i needs it lol, Kevin Do it, Z30 Do it


I've been craving a bigger phone lately, the Z30 looks like it'd fit the bill perfectly!


I want the z30, because it's an upgrade from my current bb

Posted via CB10


I want to pass my z10 to my daughter and need a z30 for myself!

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or PlayBook!


I can give my wife my z10 to convert her and I can use the z30. #bb4ever

Posted via CB10


I'd love a new BB10 phone!


I want to show off....

Posted via CB10


I want it because it'd be my first ever full touchscreen phone and I'm #TeamBlackBerry!!! I want a Z10!!


Would love to win it! Although I think the Z10 is the better form factor, who wouldnt want a new device :D


This would be an amazing win...


Birthday is on Friday, 16th- Would make for a perfect late gift.:D

- Posted via BB Q10


I want one because its a better Z10 and things are looking up for BlackBerry no matter how gloomy it looks

Posted via CB10


That doesn't make any sense lol

Posted via CB10


Because BlackBerry is better than any other phone obviously! :)

Posted via CB10


I need to get the Z30 so I can show it off to everyone and then give my Z10 to my to suck her back in to the world of BlackBerry and get her off her Samsung Galaxy 2


Large screen with BB10 rocks!!

Posted via CB10


I want one becauseeee...I wanna experience all of BB10's yummy goodness on that 5" screen :)

Posted via CB10


I want it so I don't switch to the new Samsung galaxy note 3 and have the best of DROID and BlackBerry on one device


Posted via CB10


Definitely mark me down!


My favorite phone

Posted via CB10


Awesome device! I love to be part of #TeamBlackBerry


It's not a matter of wanting one for me.. I need one! I have really fat fingers and even on my awesome Z10 keyboard it is still hard to type :(

Posted via CB10


If I win this one, it maybe will replace the PlayBook as my BB10 Tablet.


Because i'd love it like my own child... my own.. digital.. replaceable child.

Posted via CB10


Disappointed that bb10 won't be on playbook, would like a bigger screen than the z10...z30 looks good

Posted via CB10


I want it cause I love my z10 and it can only be better.

Posted via CB10


Heck ya, who wouldn't want one of these beauties!

Posted via CB10


Pick me pick me

Posted via CB10


I want this awesome device, great spec, if I had this I will keep moving, Love it.. amazing design...

Posted via CB10


I want it.. like bad!

* @DJBrianS | BlackBerry Elite | www.djbrians.com *


My fiancee signed up for a 3 year on Z10 a few months back, but is drooling over this one! Need to win it for her (wedding gift lets say, lol)


I want it so when I go to work I can snub the Apple fan boys. Woohoo

Posted via CB10


I need it because BlackBerry runs in my blood, I gotta get'em all

Posted via CB10


Biggest I want the biggest and baddest BlackBerry there is. Plain and simple.

Posted from my Q10 on the West Coast

Dave Bourque

I want a Z30 because it is a Z10 on steroids! And I love my Z10!


collectors edition could be last BB10 device ever.


Cause it's awesome!!!! + My b-day is the 18th of September + I really really want it.

Posted via CB10


I love my BlackBerry but would REALLY love more screen real estate :D C'mon Z30!


If it can take out my PlayBook, I'll gladly use it.

Posted via CB10


Because BlackBerry is simply the best !

Posted via CB10

Mega Skipper

I need it, because its free :) lol


Yes please :D

Posted via Z10... a white one ;)


To make other people jealous!

Posted via CB10


I love @CrackBerry. You're alway make me crazy. I Want Z30 because i love BlackBerry brand. Thanks!


I'm a PlayBook and 9360 user. I have seen and tried out BB10 and love it. Was thinking about picking up a Z10 but wanted to hold out for the Z30. It's an amazing phone from the rumored specifications that I have read and would make a young man very happy. So there! Thanks for the opportunity to win one CrackBerry!


Amazing contest, at this point i can tell you I'm making a Congress and having my device my my side is making this more easily, Using the z10 makes a new level of Enterprise empowerment, and for sure having a new devide from BlackBerry Home will make it awesome.
go visit my site www.socialmobilecongress.com and get the news.
BlackBerry rocks


i want it soo bad since ive lost my z10 and stuck with a gnex now!!!


Would love to win one to compare to my Z10!!!

Posted via CB10


I want one to show up my friends and their S4s.

Posted via CB10


I need to win because I love BlackBerry =). I have high hopes that BlackBerry will never die


From everything I've seen, it's total kickass!! Yes please. It being released with stock 10.2 is going rock too!

Posted via CB10


I'd love to get one for my wife so she's convinced BB is here to stay.


I would love it to use it instead of the Playbook. More real estate for games/media consumption. Plus.. I am currently using both Q10 and Z10 and they feel lonely without their bigger brother ;)
The BB10 family needs to stay together!


Please i will take one!!

Posted via CB10


"New is always better, right?"


I want one because it is the latest and greatest BB! Who wouldn't?


Love my Z10 but I still want a bigger screen. Pick me, I never win anything.

Posted via CB10


Well I need something to replace my PlayBook, don't I ??!!

Posted via CB10


I want it! Better specs, larger screen and it just looks sexy!


Would put my wife on a level playing field...:)

Posted by Q10


Me wants!!! Finally would allow me to do my work properly, and it doesn't hurt to have a bigger screen for YouTube!!!

Posted via CB10


A Z30 to add to my collection? Count me in. The large screen will be awesome on my somewhat middle aged eyes!

Posted via CB10


It's what I've been waiting for. I already owned a Z10. Now I want a bigger one. :)

Posted via CB10


Love my Z10, but bigger is better!


Birthday is in November, so it would make a timely gift :)

I love my Z10 but the bigger screen would make it badass, I have been using docs to go lately for my personal stiff and would benefit from a larger screen.

Posted via CB10


It will help me so much with my work! I really need and want it! Hope to win!


I want it because like you said it's the biggest blackberry ever produce. I hope I will win !!!!

Posted via CB10


Because I've never won a CrackBerry Contest..... what better way to start than with the Big Z30

Swiped from the Ever So Awesome White Berry Z10 10.2 on CB10


BlackBerry rules!

Posted via CB10


Z30 looks like an amazing phone, and I'd love to experience a bigger touchscreen phone which I've never had the chance to do.

Posted via my BlackBerry Z10


I'm currently loving my 9360 and will need to upgrade at the end of my contract in November, would love a new Z10, but the Z30 would be even better!


HOLY. You guys are so awesome. I would love to have a nice big screen. Go big or go home!


Seriously, do I need to say it?. It's new, looks great and of course it's a Blackberry!!!


I want it before blackberry becomes "Sony Berry"!!

Posted via CB10


WAO !!!! lt give a try !!!

Patrick Pierobon

Holy smokes, Well first off I had my iphone break on me, I than went and got a Z10, loaded up the 10.2 Leak Version and was so amazed by it I dropped the Z10 and cracked the screen. All happened in one day! Now i'm stuck! Plus I would like to have a little more real estate when working on my phone.

Looking forward to your email!



I'd like a larger BlackBerry for sure!

Posted via CB10


Not only do I want it, but NEED it! I've bought two Z10s since launch and both have died of unexpected causes.


I would love one :)

Posted via CB10


To spread the Blackberry love.. I will gift it to my wife


I want it because I'm being wooed away by Android and I need to rekindle my love for BlackBerry!


I'm a gestures phone based lover owning a HP Pre3, a Nokia N9 and now a blackberry Z10. The Z30 would perfectly fit in my family !

Posted via CB10


Just because my z10 just die...

Posted via CB10


I want one because it looks awesome.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10 on Rogers.


I so need this one!!


Because being a 6'7" giant, the Z10 looks and feels puny in my hands. A Z30 would be more proportional. And blackberry rules!


Because it's such a sexy phone and I want it!!!


What do you mean "why I want it"??? Because it's a Blackberry Z30 for goodness sake!!!

Posted via CB10


I want it because it looks cool


I would love a 5" BB, and the build quality looks amazing!


Great, can wait for BB Z30, super awesome monster from BB <3


I love my Z10 - super happy I chose it over the Q10. It would be great to use a Z30!

Bob Etingoff

Love Blackberry platform. Have the Z10 and loving it. The new Z30 looks even nicer. Would love to upgrade, especially for free.


I need it :)

Posted via CB10


I want it because having a BlackBerry devices like that make me feel like I'm rich and making my email experience easy

Posted via CB10


I'd love one because I'd love to stick it to apple. Had an iphone for three years and that was enough!

Posted via CB10


i want it because i want it!


I'd love to win this phone, I'm using a z10 and I love my phone and I work for a multi carrier cell phone company I love selling blackberry and I'd love to have the z30 to show my customers the actual phone while selling it :)

Posted via CB10


Is big opportunities to have that device

Posted via CB10


Want the z30 so I can give my girlfriend the z10 and not have to worry bout my phone missing cuz we are blackberry fanatics!

Posted via CB10

Sonuraj Sonu

i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....i want it....


I have been a loyal BlackBerry fan for years & would absolutely LOVE this device for its larger form factor and to show my Samsung loving buddies what this bad boy can do :)

Posted via CB10


I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...I Need It...


I waited to be in the middle part of the comments. first comments never win. :)

I want to flaunt my love and loyalty for BlackBerry. Having the biggest, baddest BlackBerry in the Z30 would serve my purpose! :)

Posted via the Z10's sexy keyboard.


I want it, I need it. If you don't give it to me I'll have to buy it and that's going to hurt my wallet

Posted via CB10


Because it's a BlackBerry, of course, and perfect for working with documents and spreadsheets on the go!

Via CB10 on VZW Z1010STL100-4/


Me please. Cause I always want the best of the best!

Posted via CB10


A bigger BB than Z10 with a more solid build? Awesome...gimme!


Hey, good time for a feel-good give-a-way ;-)

I'd love one because I love the z10 but my aging eyes would love a larger screen . . please and thank you :)


Because I love BlackBerry

Posted via CB10


Because I believe in the BB!


Take me in, I want one

Posted via CB10


I need the extra screen size so that the people peeking over my shoulder when I am on my Z10 can have a better view.

Posted via CB10


I carried the Z10 but ultimately switched to the Q10 when it launched. My single biggest critique of the Z was the less than stellar build, materials just not up to Flagship standards. The Q addressed this in my opinion especially for those of us loyal to the legacy design. I want the Z30 because it looks like the right combo of touchscreen largess and top notch build.

Post courtesy of my Q10 on the EVIL blue network.....


This will be a great device to win!! I sure hope I do. Thanks for the chance.


because I am still using curve 8310 :(


So it can look after my little children (Q10 and Z10)...

Posted via CB10


I would like to be entered into this because I would like the newer bigger model.. is that reason enough?


cause if z10 is this amazing cant what z30 would be like!!!!


I want it because it's fantastic!!

Posted via CB10


Italy, You lucky Crackberrian!

I want it because I want it.

Posted via CB Q-10


#bb4life. That's why I want this phone!! It will look nice with my PlayBook and Z10. (wife will be getting my Z10 to replace her iphone)

Posted via CB10


A larger screen is why I want to win the Z30!


Hmm, with all the announcements today from BBRY, and all the speculations, what happens if the Z30 doesn't see the light of day? Just asking... Hoping it comes out all I can win it.


I want it because it looks like the best phone yet


Because I never won anything in my light :(


I've been a blackberry and crackberry fan for years !!! And it's my birthday on august 24th !! #teamblackberry


the Z30 got the most powerful specs I need, plus it's a BB and got BB10 on it ! what do I need more !


Would love one. My wife loves my Z10 and wants one, but her renewal is not up for a year. I would love a Z30 to give her my Z10.

Posted via CB10


Because I love it

Posted via CB10

Sayumi Whisp

I love my z10 and i show it always tobmy friends...
But many of them say: its cool its stylish.. But to small.

With an z30 i could show them how sexy bb10 is and they dont need glsses ;)




It's blackberry, and we need to support them like crazy! I love my Z10, and needed it ASAP to give them support for the launch, but now its time for a Z30!!


I would love to add to my collection of BlackBerry's! Ever since I used my first 7230, I never used any other phone. Long live BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10


"The Z30 will be the biggest, baddest most awesomest BlackBerry to date..."

Posted via CB10


I need this bc I've had 3 Z10 b4 this one and I'm still loving BB.


I want a freaking huge screen. Z30 is the best I can have! :)

Posted via CB10


OMG!! If I had one, I would give my Z10 to my mom... and rock this bad boy!

Posted via CB10


Because bigger is better and another Z is always good!

Posted via CB10


now dis what i'm talking about! bring it on CB gimmi the real #bigdaddy BB!


I would love the Z30. I love the Z10 and think that the 30 would be a nice addition to my BlackBerry family.

Posted via CB10


Win a phone let me in here

Posted via CB10


I want it because it is one hot looking phone!


Because I love blackberry 10 and I'd like to watch some movies on the larger screen

Posted via CB10


Because I love my Z10, it would be the natural progression! And I could read CB on a grander scale!

Posted via CB10


Would love to get my hands on this Z30 so I can gift my Z10 to a complete stranger to get more BB10 devices out there in the wild.

Posted via CB10


Because patience is not rewarded very often in life, and I'm still muddling through with my 9650 (in limbo hoping BlackBerry eventually makes #BB10 bridge to PlayBook fully functional, even if not fully #BB10).

Jason Goodine

My wife is looking for an update to her bold 9900. She is interested in the s4 but I want to keep her with BlackBerry. She likes my z10 but wants it bigger. If I win one at a future date I can get her to hold off.

Posted via CB10

emmanuel irbin

My bb storm is way too old.


I would love one, thanks.


In love with my Q10. Can't wait for z30.

Posted via CB10


For the past 5 years I've owned the 9700, 9800, 9900 and this year while I waited for AT&T to release the Q10 I got impatient and picked up the Z10. Man I have no idea how I lived with the smaller screen real estate just to have the amazing Qwerty keyboard. I don't regret the decision to give up the physical keyboard and fall in love with the virtual keyboard while enjoying the bigger screen real estate . Why stop there I would love to increase my screen size. Bring on the Z30


For the past 5 years I've owned the 9700, 9800, 9900 and this year while I waited for AT&T to release the Q10 I got impatient and picked up the Z10. Man I have no idea how I lived with the smaller screen real estate just to have the amazing Qwerty keyboard. I don't regret the decision to give up the physical keyboard and fall in love with the virtual keyboard while enjoying the bigger screen real estate . Why stop there I would love to increase my screen size. Bring on the Z30


I would love to win because I love BB10 and I want it to succeed and also so I can show it off to all my Iphone loving family!!!! :p


I would love one because it will be the baddest

Posted via my awesome Z10


Me please!

Posted via CB10


I want it so I can display, for all my disbeliever coworkers to see, just how kickass BlackBerry can be!


Because I need a BlackBerry for dev purpose :D


My Z10 wants a bigger brother!

It's just a phone. Get over it!


I want one just because I want the latest and greatest BlackBerry phone!

Posted via CB10

Zahi Ali

I will love to have Z30 because I have all the BlackBerry 10 and legacy devices :D never won any competition but this time I will ;)

C0001799F sub to my channel! Posted via CB10


This would be a great replacement for my wife's dying BlackBerry bold.
Early christmas gift :-)

Posted via CB10


To complete my BB10 phone family, still have one BBOS and is time to change this one.

Posted via CB10

Jawuan Robertson

I want it because, I want to splash in everybody face how great BlackBerry 10 is. I already have the Z10 and it's time for a upgrade, when the Z30 comes out. And my birthday is next month lol :).

Posted via CB10


You are the man, Kevin. It's better with a BlackBerry.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D


I would like one to show everyone why BB is NOT DEAD!


Looking for a big brother to my Z10!

Posted via CB10


I'd would like to experience BB10 in a bigger sreen....just because the Playbook won't get any BB10 update!!


i would like to have a Z30 for all the aggravation that i had with my credit card info being used and stolen from shopcrackberry. LOL


Well I would love one because I'm starting school soon and would love to manage my assignments on my phone, especially on a secure blackberry ;) and even flash it around competing against the top dogs!

Posted via CB10


I'm the only die-hard BlackBerry fan left at my place of work, I want the z30 so I can show them how good BlackBerry can be!!



After seeing the video, i want it badly. Such a beautiful device.


To support a great Canadian company that has fallen on hard times, recently.


Z30... would be a nice add up to my BB rehab med kit! I do want oneeeee!!!!


Have to have the latest and greatest from BB! My gut is that at 5", this will be an excellent alternative to using my PlayBook 32 WiFi and could perhaps explain why PlayBook is legacy/end of life. It will be replaced with a phablet (or whatever the term being used is).


My wife and I both have Z10's. We found OS10 to be the best BB OS.
Our daughter has a 9900; loves the phone.
As a 'poor student' she does not have the funds to upgrade to the OS10.
If she wins this newest phone she will be in heaven!


My birthday is coming up :)

Posted via CB10


Because I still love and support BlackBerry despite the "bad news day" today!!


I want to rep my love for BlackBerry! I've got a Z10 now, but I would love to be able to upgrade my gf's 9900 to BB10! This way we can BBM video!


because I missed out on the Z10/Q10/Q5 contests......... so why not go for a giant BB as the new daily driver.
Thanks CB for the giveaway!


black spots coming and going on my 9780's screen, Time for an upgrade! Come on, Crackberry!


Is this the time that I win? :)


I need this! the new BB flagship!


Please pick me CB crew. :)

I'll love you guys and gals and BB forever!


i'd like to give it to my wife.

Brian Hope

I like how Blackberry is going big on the screen size. I love the BB10 OS and would love to be able to have the Z30 to show it off......


I was not very lucky last year. Loads of bad stuff happened. But I was still watching BB's struggle against the odds. Same as mine ;) I won't give up and I will find my way to victory as BBRY will! Therefore I have to be a Victor! :)


Nowadays everyone deserve to have a mobile or tablet...not because its fashion it because



Pic me, think it's about time i have some good luck this yr :)
BB10 fan :)

Steve Marler

Yes Crackberry team, an awesome gift for any hard core BB10 user. Put me down for one of them.

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I'm just saying I'd love to win this bad boy. Pretty slick.

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It would be the sickest promotion for blackberry ever! Everybody in my country owns a blackberry, but they are thinking about switching to other platforms even tho i showed them all the features on my z10 (crazy right) if i pull this out to them im sure they will be thrilled about blackberry 10.

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I've got a Z10 and a Q10 so if I win the Z30 I'll only have the Q5 to go!


I need this Z30 sooo much!!!


Hi Crackberry. The contests are great. Would love to get my hands on a Z30.

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im in... i want one because i still believe in blackberry, ang the z30 its gonna be the most awesome smartphone eveer...


PB replacement for sure. Leaked videos look great.

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love the bigger screen =)
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Bigger screen means no bifocals!

Canadian Z10 owner on Telus