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Win a Free BlackBerry Z10 from!
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Jan 2013 02:44 pm EST

In honor of yesterday's official unveiling of BlackBerry 10 and the posting of our BlackBerry Z10 Review, we're going to be giving away a BlackBerry Z10 a week for the month of February. 

To enter is simple. Just login to and leave a comment to this article. We'll stick to CrackBerry tradition and keep each week's contest ending on a Sunday at Midnight PST. This first week will be a bit shorter and will end on February 3rd. Enter now. Good luck!  

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Win a free BlackBerry Z10 from CrackBerry!



Okay you twisted my arm so here's my comment.... Or question I guess.... Do you think BlackBerry will make a glass weave back for the Z10? I'd buy that. ;)

Pick Me , I am an international student who cannot get it a launch because of very very slim budget , But always pump for BB especially BB10 . PICK MEEEE here is my dilemma, I've never liked any touch screen phone (eg.iphone's or droids...etc...). It would be sooo AWESOME if blackberry was the one to make me fall in love with them!

I would love to win a brand spanking new Z10!!!! I can only renew in August so the 7 months I have left are going to be TORTURE!!!!!!!!

I want this awesome phone, My dream is once i want to try a phone without hang problem. It gesture drive me crazy .Plz Crackberry Give me a beautiful chance to be owner of Blackberry Z10. I have been watching all the story of Blackberry 10 Since it came to media. Its a dream for me to be a user of Z10. PLZ Select me....................................

Really looking forward to BB10, and the Z10. Though I am disappointed that I have to wait until March for AT&T to get the phone. Here's to hoping I get 1 free from the awesome people at Crackberry.

My wife is going to kick me out of the house if I don't get one of these in my hands ASAP!!! She thinks I love BlackBerry more than anything in the world; how could that be???

I beseech thee, pray tell what manner of phone shall a US Verizon customer receive if he dost not be on a GSM network and said phone giveaway which thou speakest of shall not work on his network?

Just gave my wife my upgrade & she wasted it on a Samsung!?!? Now I'm stuck waiting till June! Not sure I can make it... HELP!!!

Crackberry rules from Greece...Unfortunately in the Greece of crisis this phone belongs to my dreams...From the other hand thanks to crackberry I could dream it.... Thank you crackberry for it...and in my dreams I have Z10 and Q10 at the same time....

Please give me oneee. I never win. u.u and maybe nobody from Mexico has won something from CrackBerry before so I'll be grateful to be the first one. Plus I'm a college student and I cannot afford a Z10...

I needs me one of these as i was waiting last year for when the original date was to be released and had to get a New phone not of my liking instead.... no upgrade for 6 months and JONESING for the NEW BB10 ALL TOUCH.....OH CRACKBERRY .... PLEASE TAKE ME AWAY!

In combination with Pacemaker on Playbook hooked up with a music gateway on my Logitech Z5500, a Z10 would be a perfect fit so I can keep my Funk on! It's all about the Z!

Thanks for the opportunity. Regardless of results I will still be rushing to my provider the day it's available. Though I'm liking the keyboard feature of Q10 too.

Can't win if you dont enter... Just hope for luck now. CrackBerry, you're awesome! BlackBerry 10, amazing! Thanks for the chance. Woul'd make this wait til March so much better.

Would not mind to get an Crack on the BB10 phone never hade occasion to try an BB phone. Phone looks great and sexy.

Thank You.



I CRACKED MY 9930 SCREEN 10 minutes after I cancelled my insurance (my HEART BROKE). Getting a Z10 would be a gift of a lifetime right now. Just thinking about it is like the best dream I've ever had. I truly appreciate the chance to win a Z10.

Soooo nice, thanks @Crackberry. Yesterday RIM was renamed to Blackberry but in fact it should of been renamed Crackberry! :P

Broke the screen on my 9850, I sure could use a new BlackBerry. I am having withdrawal, only using half the screen!

Just when I thought the BB10 contests were over here comes another one. I'd love to get my hands on one of these! They look amazing!

*jumps up and down excitedly while waving hand* i would LOVE this! would be an amazing gift. Black or White, whichever you want to give away, i would be overjoyed if i won this.

Of course I would love a Z10, who wouldn't? By the way I see a New York reviewer changed his opinion this morning after he finally used a Z10. How did he review it in the first place? Can we say credibility gone!!!

.....I'm going through crackberry withdrawl not having the latest and greatest from Blackberry! I'm ready to take it to the next level with a Q10

..Let's Rock & Roll this already

So another awesome contest to win the future of mobile computing and I hope i am one of the lucky few that get to win a Blackberry Z10! Thanks CrackBerry!!!!

Loving the Z10!!! Always been a physical keyboard guy, but I think I can switch to Z10's virtual keyboard based on Kevin's review. (BTW, thanks for the great review, as always.)

Pick me!

I'm in love with blackberry 10! I've been watching the UK all morning un-boxing the beautiful Z10s. I would love a storm trooper aka the white Z10 but a chance to win one now would be over the top. Good luck team BB.

Was at the Blackberry10TO Fan event and wasn't lucky enough to have won a Z10 but this time I've got it in the bag. I feel it!


oh yeaaaaaahhhh..contest time........this will definite help us US customers count down to our release........count me in.....

Commeeeeent! Want to try blackberry! Need to find the perfect phone. iPhone wasn't it, Android wasn't it, on Windows 8 is cool but productivity is lost. Would really want a productive, yet fun, device. Thank you for considering me

Awesome contest!
This would sure solve my problem of not being able to afford to get a Z10 so early in my contract.

I went from 9630 to Droid x to 9930 to Note2.
Please bring me back. This will bring me back for sure.

I don't care what anyone says, I love Blackberry. I hope the reviews are GOOD cuz I want one!!! I was sold the moment I say it (on the Blackberry website).

Made an account just for this contest! I've wanted a BlackBerry for a while and have been holding out for BlackBerry 10 to come out. Hopefully this comment is the one!

Mail to... Please email for shipping address info. Crackberry's Valentines day gift to me. lol

Thank you :xoxoxo

My husband would love this if I won it. It would make a great gift for him. Than again I may just have to keep it for myself XD