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Win a Free BlackBerry Z10 from!
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Jan 2013 02:44 pm EST

In honor of yesterday's official unveiling of BlackBerry 10 and the posting of our BlackBerry Z10 Review, we're going to be giving away a BlackBerry Z10 a week for the month of February. 

To enter is simple. Just login to and leave a comment to this article. We'll stick to CrackBerry tradition and keep each week's contest ending on a Sunday at Midnight PST. This first week will be a bit shorter and will end on February 3rd. Enter now. Good luck!  

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i'm in .... Z10 all d way


PLEASEE!!! am dieing to get one, but cant afford to upgrade for another year :(


Absolutely could use some BB newness. Zed10 lead the way!


I would love to win a CrackBerry, BlackBerry Z10!! I can't wait to run my fingers thru that QNX Neutrino RTOS!!!
I'll be getting one for sure on the 5th... I'm camping outside the Sasktel store right now in -40... I'm the only one out here tho :(

BB4L! :D


I guess due to the time delays and the various showings and leaks. The Blackberry 10 did not impress me as I hoped it would. I thought they would keep something big to be shown on the day itself. I gues Kevin cutting his hair was pretty big. Anyhow, I feel I will only truly know how great this is when I actually start using it. I am such a huge blackberry fan and love my 9900. However, I found myself buying a nexus 4 yesterday just due to the amazing price. z10 if you feel you can win me back, please just send yourself over. cheers, from your soon to be lost fannnn........


Sure ill take one never won anything on the site yet.


Looked like Heidi took pleasure in chopping your hair off with what looked like dull scissors :)


I am new to Crackberry. I have been following each and every update related to Blackberry OS 10 and Z10 and Q10 handsets. This is for Sure that Blakcberry is taking RIM down and this new OS is the future for all OS.


Oh my god, It would be so awesome to win this!


It would be a nice upgrade to my Curve 9320


...waiting for the device!


Zed ain't dead! He lives within the Z10! I NEED ONE NOW! MY TWO PLAYBOOKS ARE LONELY!


Oh man, you guys are awesome. Another great contest. Okay everybody, nobody bash the winners/Crackberry staff on this one!


This Z10 will be the ultimate phone that puts BlackBerry back on top, which ultimately will also put CrackBerry on the forefront for all those new converted BlackBerry Z10 owners.
CrackBerry is the ONLY place to find out about everything BlackBerry if you want to know the info.
Please make my day.............



well chances are slim to none but what the heck! in!


YEssssssss is freee!!!! just tell somethig. ;-)


True multitasking like webOS......
Count me in.


I got my first blackberry five years ago and I have never thought about changing. I will never change. This phone is exactly what I needed then and what I need now.

Saint James

Not gonna lie , Never really won anything in life . But on wards and up wards , let love prevail and lord shine his light on me .

fingers crossed and good luck to everyone sincerely .


Hey if I win one in Feb. Still quicker then the waiting till March. The Storm2 is getting a little long in the tooth.


Yep, would love one of these!


Pick me pick me pick me!


As always, great contests. Thanks CrackBerry!


I'd take one.. looks sexy


Love the new Z10! Can't wait to get one!


I would loooove to replace my curve!


Hoping for a free blackberry Z10 because the price in my country is going to be pricey and it won't be released in a month :(

Just hope that i can win this blackberry Z10 :)


oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! oh please! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me!



Please show some love for this unfortunate Sprint customer


it would be nice if my name got picked.. had to switch to my wife's old iPhone 4 when my 9900 died..
This would be a great device to come back to


Lost so much money with RIMM. Belive in BlackBerry!


I will kindly take mine in white if that is an option. Please and thank you.

P.S. great work on that Zed10 review Kevin.



I'll take this over the car you promised


I need a BB10, Please... Thanks.


Pretty Please... I would love one sooooo much... I am a huge Blackberry fan, and pimp BB every chance I get.. I want the new Z10 to pimp BB even more!


Lost so much money with RIMM. Belive in BlackBerry!


I'm on Verizon in the US, long time shareholder, bold 9930 user, PlayBook 64 user, and BlackBerry fan!!! Thanks!


Posting from my BB Playbook bridged with my BB9930. I can't wait for the new BB10. I've been calling Verizon daily to pre-order. I don't know what has me more excited, this or my soon to be baby boy (due March-obviously my son).


please please the more the merrier! BB10 Z10 FTW!!!!!!!


I'll take mine is white please...


I need to wait to get one until my upgrade is available in the middle of the year. It would be nice if I can win one, sooner.


devoted BB user since 2004.....would love to get my hands on one of these bad boys!


My wife wouldn't let me do the "What would you do for a Blackberry 10" contest.... so I would like to enter this one! :)


Duh!!! so many comments alraedy ..... :-s i wish i can win


This phone is phenomenal. Best out there. I have a Nexus S and after looking at BB10 Nexus S sucks. Heard from couple of bussies that there were lineups in UK for Z10. Go BB10 Gooooooo.......!!!!!!!!!!




Hey i have been a Crackberry fan for years i live the BAHAMAS And always gets left out show your carribean peoplesome love pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .

le professori

Watching the official launch, i enjoyed watching Kevin's pony-tail finally getting the chop. Kevin was a bit reluctant but gave in. It was great to see Kevin fullfil a promise made when the launch of the new phones was delayed. Bravo!!! BB Zee 10 for me folks!


Pick Me!! BB z10 FTW!!


It's a beautiful phone, I'd love to win one!!!


Thank you in advance :-)


please please please i NEED this. cant believe the US has to wait till march..enough teasers already! makin us loose our minds here!


I would like one,,,please.


finger cross!!! I hope to win at this time. hahahaha


I am rooting for BB 10 from the bottom of my heart. I have been waiting for BB z10 for years with my wear-and-tear Samsung phone. I had a chance to get my hands on BB z10 a couple of weeks ago - that is simply beautiful! I love the "flow", "peak", and the amazing "text". The text makes me smoothly type any words in one hand while I made terrible typos on Samsung phone every time. Blackberry Z10 is made for working moms like me!


I need one cuz it's gonna take some time b4 it gets in2 d Nigerian market.


I'm in for a Free Z10



In Alberta & Want a BB10!


Can't wait to get my hands on the new Z10, despite my friends best efforts to sway me away from Blackberry and into an iPhone. No thanks, Apple! Blackberry all the way!


I would sell my soul for a z10. Just saying. if you wanna trade ;)


I need this phone bad!! So bad that I am picking one up on Tuesday. But....I would not mind having a second one to hand out as a gift.


Pick Me!! BB z10 FTW!!


This would make me sooooo HAPPY!!!


I would love to have one early instead of waiting for my contract to be up!


Thank you in advance :-)


I would love to have a Z10 since its not coming to the AT&T till March


BlackberryHub Count me in !!!
Blackberry is Back with Bang :)


i love new tech. sign me up.


BIs mineThis one, don't know wen it will be in Africa and I've been stalking it on crackberry ever since its first rumour.


It's beautiful, I like it, I want it!!!

Just Neo

I would love the Z10! It needs to come out sooner in the US.


An employee of mine is getting one, just to enjoy me.

I'm a BES admin and have to wait to the end of the year to upgrade.

No fair!


My Torch is really starting to get old, and had it not been for Rogers changing the hardware upgrade policy, I'd already have placed my pre-order for the phone. Instead, I'm forced to wait or rely on contests from Crackberry to help feed my addiction, so please let me win!

Moreover, my gf is slated to leave Crackberry Nation next week upon delivery of her Nexus 4. I want a Z10 so I can try to win her back to Blackberry!


Man i hope i win cuz it was going to be my own bday gift the 4th but have to wait till march now im sadididididididididididididididididididididid.


Z10 looks sexy. BlackBerry!!!


I need this to show off at my workplace! Its an ad agency and everyone is in love with the iPhone! My last hope is to convince the SVP to switch to this from his Torch. Its dying and he's contemplating going to iPhone as well.


Sad that PlayBook is still waiting for BB10. Would love to have a free Z10!


I am entering to win the new BB...I Luv BB and dont want to switch because im particulary in love with the BBM service that allows me to communicate freely with my friends and family back home..I miss them lots and whatsapp isnt as reliable as BBM. So i take lots of mockery from friends for not changing to Iphone or Android...but i tell them i LOVE my BB I am NOT changing.. :) so pick me and help undate my bb 8520...its 3 yrs old and ready to b changed. :)


You know what they say? You can't win if you don't play. Consider me now in the game.
Thank you CBK and the gang!


Amazing giveaway I hope I get chosen for one :)


Good luck everyone! ^_^ Thank you for the opportunity!


Thanks for another great contest guys!

Hope you pick me! I've already got two pre-ordered! Would loved to get a third to help in transitioning my whole family over to BB10!!!


This shouldn't get messy at all! Thanks Crackberry!


One for me please, need to test it before ditching my nokia 920


I could be the sexiest tech savvy senior if I won a BB Z10!!!


I'm an At&t customer and I love the white design, I hope its not just an exclusive and that color comes for at&t customers! This is a deal breaker for me :(


To by se mi líbilo mít jako jeden z prvních Z10 v České Republice :)


I would love to win a Blackberry


i'd love to win a z10! rooting for blackberry to make a great comeback!


I think switching to Blackberry 10 is the only way for me to keep smartphone experience as close to my needs (stricty functional and aesthetic)as it could be since my Pre3 is exhausted and its last braeth is not so 'distant future' scenario.
No mobile OS deals with multitasking as good as webOS and BB10.
No other is elegant enough to fits stylish, neat man demands with a tool able to meet his needs combining form and content in one fine, exceptional device.
PayPal integration (for buying apps, etc.)is a great idea for those who doesn't willing to link their CreditCard information/account with a smartphone [try to buy an app for webOS from 'not supported country' without CreditCard - can be done, but mobile, smart phone with network based (international)app store should be smart and mobile (quick, simple, available for all, with payment method free choice, international)].
Hope to confront textig/conversation 'legends' with actual experience as well.

That's why I'll choose BlackBerry Z10 (or CB can choose for me ;) ).

It's all about the OS, but hardware is important too.
Both are the best deal 'to-the-time' in my book.
Software (apps, games, updates)should follow.


Ok Kevin, Adam and the rest of the team. It is time I win a free device. Pick me please. :D


Love to have a Z10 to go with my Note 2, RAZR MAXX HD, and Galaxy Nexus. All that android needs some BB love! Loved BB until switching to Android after the Storm 9530.


Please add me to the list, desperately need a new phone; the 9850 has been used hard. Would love to be holding a new Zed 10 in hand.

Thanks Much!


Thank you very much for this.


Would it be a terrible imposition when I win this to get a Q10 instead please? I'm a purist, I have a 9930 and I almost never use the touch screen on it, I HATE the whole on-screen keyboard ethic that came in with the ubiquitous toy phones that abound and, since I own a company that actually makes IPHONE APPS BUT CHAMPION THE BLACKBERRY CAUSE AND I FORCE MY GUYS TO MAINTAIN A BES SERVER JUST FOR ME!!!! thus enduring all manner of ridicule, that I am the most deserving person on this board to receive the new Q10. Did I mention I'd prefer the Q10 over the Z? Just want to make that clear if there is any way you can manage this. Thank you.

major payne

I would like to win one for my friend. I'm not a blackberry user but she is and has a old broken one.


I am here as well, waiting..., waiting..., waiting...


Yes!!! I dont wanna wait until march for mine! please give me the opt to own such a beautiful phone!

Goliath king james

Ive been reading since a year watching every single day and no sleeping watching bb10news i deseve a gift.....thanks


Hummm...let's see.... OK i will take a Z10 please! Pick me, pick me!


BlackBerry fan in pain down here in the US... If I could get a Z10 before March it'd make my year! Thanks Kevin & CB!


Is there a left-thumbed model available?


RIP RIM.. Long Live Blackberry!


BB4LIFE never going to switch my personal device


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! I would like one sooooooo much! thanks guys!


BB4LIFE never going to switch my personal device


Heck ya would love one Please


Dying to come back to #TeamBlackberry - all I need is a good reason ;)


The BLACK-er the BERRY, the sweeter the juice! I'm in "sweet anticipation" for the US market, and "juicier" the product will be when we get them! My Storm 1 has been dunked in 48 ounces of "High Quality H2O", dropped down an elevator shaft, tumbled down a flight of flagstone pavers, dropped 20 times and it's still rocking and rolling along.
Albeit, I now "Butt Dial" my entire contact list from time to time. C'mon Verizon, I need a new Blackberry!
FYI, call me a BB geek, but I've been fishing for news from RIM and Blackberry for over two years. It's part of my daily regimen!

Voodoo Child

Pick meeeeeeeeee, pleeeeeease!!!!


BlackBerry til i DIE! lol. my gf needs a bb10! i'm buying mine next week!

mike in nc

I really need that phone


I am so ready to get back into the blackberry ecosystem I've missed it for far too long


BlackBerry always for me!

~I am BlackBerry by choice~


Yes, please. At least I could fondle the new phone till AT&T in ready to let me use it on their network. Otherwise, I'll buy one whenever it's released.


Mmm Z10... Yes please...


If I win I'll shave my head with the blackberry logo on one side and the cb logo on the other


please please please i NEED this. i cant believe we have to wait until March in the US. stop with the teasing already! makin us lose our minds over here! But will love you forever Blackberry, no matter what. If Possible PLEASE white Z10 please please please please please


I want to come back to Blackberry. Pick me!


I want one of those things! That works on Verizon!


Pick me please!! Pretty please! :)


Wow what a phone - love to get one!


Thanks Kevin for the Contest. :-)

And now pls write us what´s changed with BB10 regarding BIS as a consumer. ;-) The Forum is overload with this....


Can I have a Q10 instead when I win this thing? Thanks.


Wooo! Z10! Can't wait!!!


Pick me please, I'd love to come back to the crackberry nation. Been gone for far too long.


Love to win one of this. Thanks


I can hardly wait for this phone, hope I win one!


An awesome prize, Crackberry. I'll put my bid in. Fingers crossed


Okay, give this Z10 to me right NOW!


Please send me a new BBZ10, my old curve is in need of retiring she's had a hard life.


comment LEFT, so i get a z10 ... RIGHT?


This is a perfect chance to convince me to become a black berry user. I'm all in.

Would this be a darker side of the dark side if I cross?


Okay - please please please.


Thanks for the chance, its cool looking....


This gotta be my turn to win!!!! Come on guys YOU CAN DO IT!!! ;)


Oh please, make my day!


Can't wait to get my hands on a BB Z10! Whether I buy one or happen to win one, it doesn't matter.....I'm getting one. :D


Kevin great job to you and the rest of the CrackBerry crew for an excellent job with yesterday's event coverage. I would love one of these phones.


Yo quiero uno de estos.... Gracias


I could sure use one of those beauties.

Wisdom Like Silence


by the god-emperor of the mankind, i want that thing!


I want one!! "The die is cast"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would be happy to receive your generous offer.


Okay, you twisted my arm.... So here's my comment... Or question... Do you think BlackBerry will make a glass weave back for the Z10? I'd buy that. ;)


I've been following BB10 and am excited to see what RIM or I guess Blackberry is bringing to the table. I would love to get my hands on one of those amazing Z10s. Thanks for the chance to win!


*Rolls the dice* - Come on Z10!


Hi, I tweeted at Kevin today saying i will not be cutting my hair till i hold the Z10 from Tmobile in my hands...I believe most of my Twitter followers are tired reading my #BB10 tweets, but I dont care....I LOVE BLACKBERRY

Unique Steph



Yes, please!
Saskatoon, SK.


Oh I want one so bad....


Pick me I want to come back to team blackberry


Oh wow! Cool prize. Thanks for the chance to win a replacement for my aging Bold 9700 :)


YES! Please Help! Starving for a new BB10, My poor torch has been waiting to go forever and having to wait yet another 2 months for AT&T would be death!


totally in! love blackberry 10


May the 10 be with you!


This is why you are my favorite site, blog. Thanks!!!


wow this is great, fingers crossed for me :D


I need this phone still under contract for another 2 Yrs :( and my wife won't let me break it.

Blackberry by choice!!!!!!!!


can i a get a whoop whoooooop,, im in!


I have my iphone friends even excited about this phone and are calling telling me about Z10 (which I already know), so they are waiting for me to get this phone and I can't wait to win it to tell them that I won it! That will just make bragging about it even sweeter, because they can never win their little i-thingies.


Neeeed to get my hands on one of those!!!!


i need one! i must have one! so pick me. i never win


Pick me man. Pick me man. Im youre friend guy


i am all in. Blackberry Z10 all the way.


I wonder if beg, would that help much? I'd love to put my curve in my 'backup or loaner' drawer!
Please? Please? Please? Pretty please?

Either way, glad to see that Thor got the job done in releasing BB10. I'm stoked my Playbook got the BB10 affirmation too! I hope we see that soon!

Besides, after I'm flaunting mine on the train and in the club, everyone will wonder what my slick assed phone is! It's a BB, baby!


I want to winnnnnn please


I CRACKED MY 9930 SCREEN 10 minutes after I cancelled my insurance (my HEART BROKE). Getting a Z10 would be a gift of a lifetime right now. Just thinking about it is like the best dream I've ever had. I truly appreciate the chance to win a Z10.


I need a device now! I pray every night that my 9800 doesn't kick the bucket.


I need a new phone, love BlackBerry, and can make great use of it to promote BlackBerry's business (Its wired to write BlackBerry instead of RIM)


1st I would like to thank Kevin and the CrackBerry team for my Z10 you guys are the best I'll cherish this phone......I WON!!!!!!


I'll give it a try. I'm one of the few BlackBerry users left in my company. I refuse to switch to the iPhone.


One for me please. Loving BB10 but can't afford to get it till April :(


Thanks very much for the chance!


I wonder if beg, would that help much? I'd love to put my curve in my 'backup or loaner' drawer!
Please? Please? Please? Pretty please?

Either way, glad to see that Thor got the job done in releasing BB10. I'm stoked my Playbook got the BB10 affirmation too! I hope we see that soon!

Besides, after I'm flaunting mine on the train and in the club, everyone will wonder what my slick assed phone is! It's a BB, baby!


One for me please. Loving BB10 but can't afford to get it till April :(

Arturs Grablevskis

Incredible offer, thanks for having a chance!


woo would love the new hotness


Well I'm the poor bastard in the US that doesn't get it until March, so please for the love of Blackberry let me win this!


Another chance - great.
Thanks again for this great site and this awesome opportunity .


What an awesome thing it would be to win a Z10


Awesome opportunity to have a BB10. :)



please me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a white Z10!!!!! please please please please......................


I think I already left a comment, but I'm leaving another one. PLEASE GIVE ME A Z10!!!!


CRACKBERRY, you guys are AWESOME!! Same with the Z10! Please let me win one!!


Thanks for the contest! Count me in, please and thank you! Chances are slim but you can't win if you don't play, eh? ;) btw - great job on the bb10 coverage


I currently use a Samsung Nexus S but I do own a Playbook and I would love a Z10. I am rooting for Blackberry.

Fingers crossed!!


Please select me for a Blackberry Z10.



Here we go again, Hope I win


Yahoo! I can brag the BlackBerry Z10 at the office. It seems I am the only one that is excited with this phone. Wait till they see the Z10.


Ohh man I hit my 5,000th post on the forums the day bb10 was announced on the 31st. This would be a calling if I were to win a bb10 phone also!


Help me find an excuse to get rid of my iphone 5 !


alright lets do this baby
BlackBerry Z10 i love you
im hoping to bring you home to mama


I'll be happy to win that Z10.


I have a 1 in 10000 chance!


Yesssssss!!!!! I hope to have one of this.


Black Z10 ...cradled, not stirred
Thank You


I would love one of these. I know my company won't be getting me a new one anytime soon.


This list is so long! I guess buying will better my odds of having one soon.


Kevin should me cause I'm in favor of him keeping his long hair:p


Back in Black.. BB is back


Yo!!!!! Im in USA and I do NOT wanna wait until march, please let me have this!


Pick me please....I really want a Z10 and cannot wait until March release here in the US