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Win a Free BlackBerry Z10 from!
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Jan 2013 02:44 pm EST

In honor of yesterday's official unveiling of BlackBerry 10 and the posting of our BlackBerry Z10 Review, we're going to be giving away a BlackBerry Z10 a week for the month of February. 

To enter is simple. Just login to and leave a comment to this article. We'll stick to CrackBerry tradition and keep each week's contest ending on a Sunday at Midnight PST. This first week will be a bit shorter and will end on February 3rd. Enter now. Good luck!  

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Win a free BlackBerry Z10 from CrackBerry!



I really need the Z10. my daughter had the Bold 9900 which she LOST, she is now stuck with an INQ. It is her 16th birthday and i would love to give her this great new phone and keep her put of Apple's hands. Please help me.....

Everyday i fight. Its getting tough, they seem to be getting stronger. They're even travelling in packs, trying to surround me, and eventually consume me. These zombies blindly follow the pack, feeding off the scent that is boring UI's and fragmented OS's. Brains decayed to the point where they feel specs are the strongest indicator of a good phone. The only way for me to slay these zombies is the great weapon that is the Z10. Crackberry i need your help!

Would be so awesome to win a Z10. BB10 looks so amazing, I can't wait to be able to get one. Being in USA, I have to wait till march.

I'm in! Can't wait to ditch my HTC Sensation for this beauty. Release date in the Netherlands still unknown so HELP me get my new phone! And don't forget BB10 for my PlayBook! Way to go CrackBerry for this great contest.

Would love the chance to get my hands on one of these, have been boring my apple workmates about it for months, it finally comes and its gonna cost too much to upgrade, so now sitting the rest of my contract out, don't let the apple fans have the last laugh....

Count me in! I would love one of these, especially since it will take AT&T so long to start selling them.

I want to be counted in this contest. I just hope by the time the end of March comes I have one o these in hand.

Oh there are a lot of comments around here :)
Really hope I win. Almost feels like this OS was built specifically for me.

CrackBerry rocks!

Please don't make me upgrade to a Samsung - I can't wait four more months for AT&T to offer Z10/Q10!

Been a dedicated BB fan for years, through the ups and downs....hopefully with the release of these beasties RIM will be on the up again. Can't wait to get my hands on a Z10!!

I like my odds! Hmm. . . . well, they're better than if I hadn't entered.

Here's hoping! I'd love one!


Patiently waiting, daily checking for the the Z10! I may only be a 4 year Blackberry addict, but nothing else can compare to the real deal! Live on BB! I want one bad!

I would love to win a Z10 because for months I followed BlackBerry 10 on here so excited for it, but because I recently got a Bold 9900 on contract I can't experience it like I would like to! Please Kevin! Great work following BlackBerry news and rumors, btw. :)

Yes Please! The wait until mid - late March will be mid to damn near maddening. Would love to get an early Z10!

Team Crackberry please choose me to win your Blackberry Z10. I am in love with everything Blackberry and involve my myself within the mobile community everyday. I currently cannot afford to purchase the new Blackberry unless I can find $500 randomly under the couch. I am a student and will make the best use for this Blackberry. I am one of Blackberry's biggest fan and this will mean the World to me (Get it Blackberry World). I would even go to the extent to eat 10lbs of blackberries for one. I am willing to go to great lengths to prove that I am the best choice.

Team Blackberry Be Bold (Blackberry Z10 be Zen Be Bold)

Jamal - Ottawa, Canada

Have waited so long for this day to come. Heard abuses from the non BB folks to give it up, throw it away, it is not worth it. I have gone through crashed OS on my BB Torch, but I kept reinstalling and chugging along. The wait h as been worth it. BB has turned the corner and will be a strong player in the smartphone industry which they started. Kudos to the BB team!
Z10, Q10 and many more to come for centuries



Thanks CrackBerry for all of your hard work over the last few weeks. I've been following every post, and can't wait to get my hands on a Z10. Thanks for having another contest!

My Z10 should be here on the 5th but another one would be enough to get the wife to give up her iPhone. Fingers crossed!

HERE I AM!!!!!!!!!

Please choose me. I live in Jamaica and its kind of hard to get any right now. I also didnt win in any of the other contest CrackBerry held.

I will gladly take one! I'm hoping in some slim chance I might win one if these contests! So can't wait to get my hands on one! Really can't wait to see my circle of friends and coworkers faces when they see me with it!

believe it or not, i dropped my phone in the toilet just a couple days ago. I'm currently phoneless for the next 3 weeks so if could be an angel and help a brother out it'd be greatly appreciated

I've already pre-ordered my Z10 but I would gladly take one in white! I'd give it to my Fiancee and come across as the biggest hero, she's in school and we can't afford to buy her one too!

Win a free BlackBerry Z10 from CrackBerry!
1:1228 impossible but thanx for the review
realy love it...
and god bless

Yes please! My 9930 is on it's last leg (a lot of drops, owch) and I need to start spreading the good word of BB10

Greetings from Middle East!
Can't wait to get my hands on the Z10 or even the Q10 when its available!!
Good luck to all (:

I would poop my pants if I won this. It's time for me to upgrade from my Bold 9780. I need one so I can convince my friends to jump on the bandwagon too! still awesome, if I won I'd just have to buy one for my girlfriend :D
BB10's finally here B-) BlackBerry <3

Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang
Walla walla, bing bang
Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang
Walla walla, bing bang...
Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang
Walla walla, bing bang
Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang
Walla walla, bing bang

Team Crackberry,

Have waited so long for this day to come. Heard abuses from the non BB folks to give it up, throw it away, it is not worth it. I have gone through crashed OS on my BB Torch, but I kept reinstalling and chugging along.

There will be iphone, Android users who silently will switch over and may not ever admit that this Z10 and Q10 are far superior. I as a BB users for years can say it openly, always been a proud BB user, always will be. No ifs or buts about it

The wait h as been worth it. BB has turned the corner and will be a strong player in the smartphone industry which they started. Kudos to the BB team!
Z10, Q10 and many more to come for centuries

I've been waiting for this phone ever since I bought my playbook. I just fell in love with the multitasking and that alone has won me over. And being half way through a phone means I'd have to pay $450 for a Z10. This would be amazing! I believe in BB10!

I'm a poor student locked into a contract with a Torch 9810 on BB OS6 for the next year and a half. SAVE ME CRACKBERRY!

This is awesome, I am already saying goodbye to me Galaxy S Plus...
This would indeed be great, thanks Crackberry!!!

It would be awesome to finally have something to show for all the talking I've done about the bb10 devices. And if I have something to show the people they would fall in love with it and go out and buy it. So your actually doing Blackberry(ex-RIM) a favour in giving away these phones :P #FinallyHere... Ps. I need it because I don't know when South Africa will get them...

Finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I am so excited for this device. To win one would be amazing!!!!!!!!

Dear Kevin,

I am in desperate need of a beautiful Blackberry Z10. It would be an absolute blessing if I win one.

Thank You

I'm in! I would love to win a Z10!. Great job, Crackberry Team, on your coverage of the BB10 release. Great to see all the activity and the positive vibe around here.

Send some of the #Blackberry10 love my way with a Z10 of Q10. Pleeeeeeaze!!

A Blackberry Lover & User of a Playbook & Torch9800!!

Since I'm not eligable I could definitely use a hand stepping up from my Torch to a Z10!
Either colour? I don't care!!

Thx (fingers crossed)

Hey guys... you have a HUGE Following here in Bermuda... where we probably won't have the Z10 for many months... would really love to win!!!

California is checking in Santa Rosa, CA. I would love to win a BlackBerry Z10. The best blog site ever!!!! CrackBerry for life!!!!!!!!!

Well, I try, very interested on Z10, it would be my first BB; maybe will be my lucky week :) (or may not, which is more probable considering me and luck don't have what could be called a great relationship :D )

With kid number two, my wife wants me to finally get a phone... this will be my first phone ever! The Z10 looks awesome and would be awesome partnered up with my PlayBook. Thanks for the chance to get one for free as we virtually have no extra cash on hand to buy one.

Yes please. Since I am leaving a comment anyway for the contest might as well say I thought yesterday was a disappointment. They didn't really have any surprises regarding features and to totally ignore the playbook like that was a huge disappointment. They should have taken a page from Apple and said the words "It's available now" for the new app store, playbook update and the Z10. Instead it was a lot of, soon, later and who knows. Our household was considering a new tablet (we have 2 playbooks) and I was hoping to try out BB10 on the playbook and probably get another but I'm just going to go get a galaxy tab.

Would posting here multiple times increase my chance??? Maybe or maybe not but hoping I'll get picked......BE BOLD!!!

been a crackberry fan from day 1 ! :D would love to win the z10 this is the best blackberry to date ! ive always been a blackberry fan #WatchOutiPhone ;-)

Been a daily Crackberry fan since I picked up my Playbook in the early days. You folks are funny, crazy, and best of all, passionate. I feel guilty because Telus is shipping Z10's this coming Tuesday. Mine is ordered but winning would be the way I get my wife to dump her iPhony and join the 21st century. Be Bold!

Hadn't been to Crackberry in awhile. Thought I was an iPhone Man now, but since yesterday, that has changed back to Blackberry!