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Win a Free BlackBerry Z10 from!
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Jan 2013 02:44 pm EST

In honor of yesterday's official unveiling of BlackBerry 10 and the posting of our BlackBerry Z10 Review, we're going to be giving away a BlackBerry Z10 a week for the month of February. 

To enter is simple. Just login to and leave a comment to this article. We'll stick to CrackBerry tradition and keep each week's contest ending on a Sunday at Midnight PST. This first week will be a bit shorter and will end on February 3rd. Enter now. Good luck!  

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Win a free BlackBerry Z10 from CrackBerry!



This phone looks so awesome. I really want to dump my company-provided phone for this. I'd have more leverage if there was no cost involved :)

Oh please I want to win with all my fears that the BlackBerry is the Z10 please ask, I'm going through a hard time and no money to buy the Z10, I'm from Ecuador ............... .... regards

It would be cool to get the Z10 from Crackberry before it lands in guys, no pressure...but im ready...:-)
Just saying...

Thank you crackberry.always the best in matter of BB!! always support BB!!
and i want it too cause blackberry z10 iz zo good!!!

As a RIM Alumni, thank you for continuing to shine the spotlight on BlackBerry on their darkest days and embracing their new culture of openness. However, always continue to keep them honest.

PS: I'd really really really like a Z10 to evangelize the brand!

BB10 is looking pretty sweet. I'm a recovering Brackberry addict myself. (I used to have the BB Tour, but switched to Android with the HTC Droid Incredible.) I wonder if 10 is awesome enough to make me relapse. One way to find out would be winning this contest.

Funny...there seem to be more comments here than the typical post. And I'm no exception. Thanks for the chance, Crackberry. Also nice to see Blackberry acknowledging your role in promoting the brand. All around good stuff.

Finally, it's here...really looking forward to the playbook update! Would love to get my hands on the Z10!!

PLEASE!!! Im stuck on this out of date iphone 4, not even a 4s! i need productivity back in my life!!! seriously though.



A BlackBerr Z10 contest?!!? Sweet!

Now if only they can make a "Blackberry Z10/Q10: CrackBerry Edtion" ;)

I would love a Z10, it seems I will have to drop Sprint though. I am willing to change carriers for the Z10!

I hope I get lucky, I've been hooked to this site and glued to the screen every 30 minutes just to get updates on bb10...PPPPPPLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZ LOL

Let me win one of these, I would love to get my hands on one. I had a look at a dummy unit in a phone shop today and they are just so nice.

Awesome! I have wondered for 20 yrs now if that "Most Likely To Win A BlackBerry Z10" award I received in high school was ever going to pan out.

Best contest evar.

Typed on my full price 64G Launch Day PlayBook with official Bluetooth Keyboard and case while tethered to my 9800 that is on it's last legs.

Pick me :(

The keyboard on my Bold 9900 has been giving me problems *sadface*
So therefore i would be honoured if you picked me to be one of the winners of the new Z10
I will love you even more than i already do Crackberry <3
I would even get the crackberry logo shaved into my head if you pick me plaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :(

BlackBerry for life <3

Considering i live on canada pension checks and have been credit card frauded, except for this i have almost no chance of getting the zed10 ,heres hope'n,good luck all

I'm so down to win a blackberry z10. On my momma I'd get a crackberry logo tattoo if I did lol.

"BlackBerrys Back, BlackBerrys Back, tell rm isheep and droid users BlackBerrys back"

damn i`m super duper excited about blackberry, blackberry 10 and the launch and everything else. been in some heated debates with friends and no matter wat i`ll be defending blackberry all the way. wish i can be the first in jamaica to own a blackberry z10 that would make 2013 and the rest of my life awesome just plain AWESOME :D

This is awesome, I am a student and can't afford a contract free phone or one on those stupid 3 year Canadian contracts!!!!! Go BB10

It would be cool to pick this up without having to upgrade my contract to hold me over until the Q10 arrives. :)

Oh my god, I want that superphone so much !
It is so beautiful and the BlackBerry 10 OS seems so incredible !
Thanks CrackBerry !

O Blackberry!
Our phone and native QNX!
True Multitasking in all thy users command.
With glowing lights we know we missed,
the mail, call or tweet!
From any app,
O Blackberry, we swipe the bezel for thee,
Kernel keep our device, smooth and lagfree!
O Blackberry, we swipe our bezel for theee!

Seeing the unvieling of BB10 was AMAZING enough! I still can't believe it's finally here! But actually owning a BB10 device would be a dream come true!!! #BB10

Z10 looks great! I was a long time BB user but left a couple of years ago bc they just got left behind by the competition. This phone looks great and based on the specs should be up to par or even a better overall phone compared to the iphone. Look forward to coming back. Have been waiting for an updated BB for so long! Congrats BB.

Oh my god, I want that superphone so much !
It is so beautiful and the BlackBerry 10 OS seems so incredible !
Thanks CrackBerry !

it seems like this should be a memorable or special comment for such a great and long awaited phone, but i am too excited to think. I hope I get picked.

Poor me, I have to wait until March for the Z10 on AT&T. I know, get a straw and suck it up or here is a bridge for me to get over it.

Can it really bring me back from my gnex? I honestly have no idea until I try. Once I decide I'll give the "lesser" device to one of the millions who are suddenly sick of their iPhones.

Have been following the progress of BB10 since it was mentioned. For me this is the phone to have, with or without BIS - just think it is a piece of beauty!

I can't wait till i get this phoneee!! been waiting for too longg. Been sticking up for Blackberry for soo long, let me get this and prove BB is the real deal! :P Pick Mee :P

My wife needs to get a new BB Z10 before her company makes her change from her Torch to an iPhone. Don't let me be the last Crackberry in my house.

It's not till after I left blackberry that I realized how much I missed the unified inbox and push tech for almost everything: Facebook, Whatsapp etc. And as I was just about to turn back, it's no longer for me anymore :(

This is great because I am stuck in a contract for another two years and my current blackberry is falling apart. Since I really can't afford a new phone, this would be awesome!

Show South Florida some CrackBerry love... I'm the only one in my office fully reppping BB and believe me... I catch so much slack from the iOS and Droid users here.. 1 other person has a 9900 and he hates it and can't wait to get rid of it....yea I kno.. What an ass... Let me be the only one Repping BB and the new BBZ10 with Pride in my office so I can show it off and convert them all.....


My father is using a Samsung flip phone from 10 years ago. He now wants to get a Samsung Galaxy S3 or an iPhone 5.

Please help me save him with a BlackBerry Z10!!!

The phone is not for me. Though I am a BB User, I have one of my best friends Rudy who is the most die hard BLACKBERRY Enthusiast on this planet next to @crackberrykevin. You all should see him versus 30 people defending the blackberry product on facebook. He will not consider buying or using anything else and I often wonder why he doesnt work for seeing as he is a web designer and IT master. So There you have it... this is for Blackberry Superfreak Rudy!

Hi that Z10 is hot at last a phone that makes the iPhone an galaxy look like yesterday's. News
To bad I can't. Afford. It but I believe you guys are the best

Ohh GOD! 2013's gonna give me the longest month of February without being a leap year..
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssseee make me feel that i'm lucky 1....... Dying to sleep with it in my hand.....

What is your methodology for picking winning entries I wonder? Is it random? Is it based on time stamp? Is it based on the content? I really dont know but would love to crack the CrackBerry method so that I can receive my spanking new flashy Z10 so I can make all my iPhone friends (not that I have that many) drooling... oh what a day would that be.

while I don't share everyone's enthusiasm...I would definitely appreciate a new Z10 to test the waters. After all, my smart phone cherry was pooped by a Blackberry :-)

I wonder what are the chances of winning? I mean 1000-5000 people or so 4 Z10s chances are 1/250 to 1/1000. Still pretty good I'd say.

Patiently waiting, daily checking for the the Z10! I may only be a 4 year Blackberry addict, but nothing else can compare to the real deal! Live on BB! I want one bad!

I confess, I've been bad. I left BB for iPhone a few years ago because BB was behind the times. BB is back with an enticing product and I'm ready to come back to the Blackside. I hope I win a new Z10 and good luck to the rest.

Here's to hopeful wishing! The Z10 would be an awesome upgrade from the 9780 I am currently sporting! Thanks for these opportunities!

O Blackberry!
Our phone and native QNX!
True Multitasking in all thy users command.
With glowing lights we know we missed,
the mail, call or tweet!
From any app,
O Blackberry, we swipe the bezel for thee,
Kernel keep our device, smooth and lagfree!
O Blackberry, we swipe our bezel for theee!