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Win a Free BlackBerry Z10 from!
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Jan 2013 02:44 pm EST

In honor of yesterday's official unveiling of BlackBerry 10 and the posting of our BlackBerry Z10 Review, we're going to be giving away a BlackBerry Z10 a week for the month of February. 

To enter is simple. Just login to and leave a comment to this article. We'll stick to CrackBerry tradition and keep each week's contest ending on a Sunday at Midnight PST. This first week will be a bit shorter and will end on February 3rd. Enter now. Good luck!  

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Win a free BlackBerry Z10 from CrackBerry!



I've never won anything in my life but I had a good feeling about BB's #BlackBerry10TO competition. When I learned I hadn't won I was seriously gutted! It wasn't not getting the phone or going to the launch, it was just I genuinely thought I had a chance, I really did. Thanks, CrackBerry for allowing me another shot at Z10 goodness and thanks for making the launch all the more interesting and fun :)

I would love to have a BlackBerry Z10! It is a beautiful and a great new device and start for BlackBerry!

I like BB. I have a 32GB PB and it is a solid piece of art work. I need another Blackberry. Please feel free to send me a free BB.

Well now ... I sure wouldn't look a gift Z10 in the mouth but I hope I win before Feb 5th when I go and get one regardless ;)

Perhaps if I did win I'll convince my partner to trade in her 9900 for the Z10 even thou she is holding out for the Q10.

I'm looking forward to getting back to BlackBerry...and a device from CrackBerry...maybe even signed by the CrackBerry team??? Good idea, right?!

Nothing I could say here would describe how bad I want one of these bad boys.
So thanks for this contest and I hope I win.

Hahahaha. I got wayyy too excited when I read this. Pretty sure I even screamed like a little kid. So holla, all you crackaholics! And then pick me. ;D

I already plan on getting one by the end of next week. I told my buddy who works at a wireless company to save me one, but it can't hurt trying to get one for free!

I have been an avid BlackBerry fan since I started using them throughout my career. They are the perfect devices for both Business and Personal in my book.

I am glad ot see that Blackberry didn't cave and become a mee too app platform. My kids haeve enough toys, and fr myself, while I love the apps during "me time" I find the android and iPhone to be horrible productivity platforms when operating in a sure environment

This would be a nice upgrade to my aging bb 6210 xD

By the way.. it's pronounced "Z" not "Z" :D

Good luck everyone

My 9800 is really starting to irritate me, it's developed some sort of issue with it's BT pairings in that it sometimes needs a battery pull for it to talk to other devices...

I'd really like a new Z10 :)

I promise I wont sell it on eBay.

As much as i want it i can go buy a Z10 on tuesday,

Give it to an AMERICAN so we can start getting some devices seeded and build anticipation!!

I want the white one and according to your postings it will not be available on AT&T. So I would love to win this contest.

Please pick me, I'm getting married in a few months and can't afford to buy one outright and I have 2 years left on my contract. This would be the best wedding present and I would even send you an invite to come party at my big fat italian wedding :)

My Torch has had its share of bugs over the last year but, as always, I've stuck with my dear Blackberry. I always will. People say to me that BB10 will fail, I say no. It has already succeeded - it's Blackberry! I will always be BB.

Unfortunately, my families situation at the moment means there's no way I'll be able to afford one of these handsets soon. I really don't want to buy some other, cheap phone on another brand than Blackberry - I want to stick with it, as I always have, and would like to continue to do so if given the opportunity.

Having this would be the greatest thing. I'll be telling all of my friends to join the Blackberry/Crackberry family!


Can't wait to get my hands on this device. You have to pick me...Z10 is named after me. My name is Z :)

Either way, long live the US and every other great place.....This is just the beginning of something great^ @ByersPJr

Wouldn't it be great to win the new ZED 10 ? Will certainly make the wait for the Q go a lot easier so me want one please

What you have achieved with this device Blackberry great, have a balance between the hardware and software amazing great achievement Blackberry

Lo que ha logrado Blackberry con este dispositivo en estupendo, se tiene un balance entre software y hardware sorprendente gran logro Blackberry

Agr8song Loves & Works with BB. We could not have made it without BB and you Crackberry People!!!
Thanks for keeping us moving ;-)

I'd love this because if anything it frees me up to try to get a second one to give my girlfriend. She hates touchscreen phones and more importantly she hates BlackBerry phones and she was super impressed by the OS yesterday and wants one.

So give me this phone so I can try to get another BlackBerry convert!

My son would love this for his first ever Blackberry (and phone for that matter)! That would make us a COMPLETE Blackberry household!

Holy comments Batman! This contest will set a record.

Count me in. I am only half way through my current mortgage…I mean phone contract ;), this is the only way for me to get one.

Here's the thing. If I win, I'm still going to purchase one.

That way I'll still have a super duper awesome Z10, for myself

The other one will be given to who needs to be convinced how awesome the BB10 experience is. This person's only criteria are: 1) I need to know them, 2) need to be willing to give it a fair trail, 3) need to be willing to evangelise BB when possible.

Can't wait till Monday morning when I read a posting telling me I won a BB Z10 allowing me to share some BB love with others.


What a coincidence, I just so happen to be in the market for a new BlackBerry!! The Z10 would do just dandy!!! Thanks!

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I'll even send you my Bold 9000 that still works if I win one :)

Doubt I'll win, but I love this phone and so here goes another futile attempt x_x <3

Oh and thanks CrackBerry for all the information, and the contests and... well basically everything ^_^ The community's great. :D

Team CrackBerry please choose me for this contest I do not have enough money for a new phone unless I can find $500 under the couch. I am a student going to school in Ottawa and I am in absolutely love with everything that Mobile Nations and Blackberry does.

I am all in for BB10 and will make you proud (Blackberry Z10 be Zoetic Be Bold)

zoetic - of or pertaining to life Both this word and the next come from the Greek word, “zoe,” which means life

bold - Fearless and daring; courageous

To use a Blackberry Z10 is to liv a fearless daring life

Been over to the iOS and Android side the past 2 years for work reasons....would be thrilled to come back to BlackBerry

Pleaseeeeee I have the bold 9900 and its a great phone but I neeedddd the new Z10 I've been following this phone on since nam! Pleaseeee I have a year and a half be4 I'm eligible for an upgrade!

I would LOVE a new BB. I'm BB from way back, but recently upgraded to a windows phone, something i severely regret. Bring me back into the fold!

I'd love to win. Waiting until the end of March for Verizon Wireless to release is just killing me.


Let this be the first official BlackBerry Z10 in Slovenia - since our carriers are gonna take atleast 2 months to even start offering them with subscriptions.

I've been to the Balkan Jam and was very impressed by the device itself, how smooth it works on presentations, although I got no luck to try it on my own.

Oh man how I would love to be able to be the first person in N.D. to have the best Blackberry Ever!!!!!!!

Do want! I need to shut my coworkers up. All they do is talk smack about BB, this would pretty much blow their mind covers.

I had a BB since the original Pearl. Currently using the 9900 Bold. Can't wait to try the new Z10 with BB10!

Greetings and thanks for this offer. Sure hope I win. And I hope BB10 gets RIM back on a roll!

"All is for the best in the best of possible worlds."

wow thanks for the chances! My older brother won't let me get the Z10 because he says it's unnecessary to have such a great phone for my age (gr.11). I do not want to buy a 9900 off craigslist. I hope I win!!!

I would LOVE to get my hands on a z10! It looks awesome - here's hoping some people start migrating back to BB

It has been an emotional couple of years for me. Defending Blackberry among the sheep! I am on this ship for the duration GREAT JOB!!

Pick me pick me!! I will be good and show the phone off to every non-believer I know, I will do my part to advertise BB to those around me and at my work!!! :-)

I see this promo and there are 700 comments, I Log In so the page refreshes and there are over 900! LoL "No Demand?" Yea...right. #BB10Believe

Please oh please oh please pick me!!! I've been with Blackberry since the Bold 9700 days and now my Bold 9900 keeps freezing and all. With the delay of BB10 in the US I'm forced to wait longer....

PLUS my Birthday is Feb. 25th!!!! What a great way to celebrate with a newwww Z10! -_-

I would absolutely love a Z10. I haven't had a BB in ages, and I really really miss it! And I hate waiting till March enough.....

Dude, this total torture. First all the hope of RIM making a comeback, then Crackberry posting all the leaks of what is to come, and now seeing it happen. To know it is so close, but yet so far. Carrier says its coming, but no time and pricing available yet.

Why must I suffer if you could make a difference by being so kind as to give me one?!!!!!

Bring It ON!! Z10