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Win a Free BlackBerry Z10 from!
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Jan 2013 02:44 pm EST

In honor of yesterday's official unveiling of BlackBerry 10 and the posting of our BlackBerry Z10 Review, we're going to be giving away a BlackBerry Z10 a week for the month of February. 

To enter is simple. Just login to and leave a comment to this article. We'll stick to CrackBerry tradition and keep each week's contest ending on a Sunday at Midnight PST. This first week will be a bit shorter and will end on February 3rd. Enter now. Good luck!  

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Win a free BlackBerry Z10 from CrackBerry!


I am soooo glad to be back where my roots are-- Crackberry Blackberry!!! Would luv to win Blackberry 10Z was thinking about giving it to my hubby for his b-day on the 2nd (he already have BB and I don't) sooo, this one is for me celebrating my BDay EARLY :) thanks for the chance to believe again!

Feb 5 is still too far away! My 9700 is dying!! I gotta get a Z10! Great job on covering the launch Crackberry! See you in T.O.!!

I've been following all the news and rumors of BB10 for soooooo long, it would be the greatest thing ever if I could win a Z10. Great contest @crackberry!

Hey Kevin, I would love to win this phone for free...but seeing how I never won any contest from Crackberry, I wouldn't mind paying like $150 or $200 for the Z10...I would even trade in my Bold 9900 for it!

So I have been erading CrackBerry for months now, who knew the advantages of registering! A Z10 would let me pass along my 9900 to my 11 year old, get him hook on the power of the Berry at an early age!

Yesss plzzz me and my partner love bb we always on um whattsapp bbm app world facebook the net we are innnn!!!!!! Yes plzzz

Great! A nice Z10 would perfectly fit to me ;)
Think I'm in!

P.S. Do you think BlackBerry will raffle of your hair?

I am US carrier deprived of Blackberry 10 until later this year,winning a Z10 will solve this sad matter.. :)) Good Luck everyone

Please i really need one i dropped my BlackBerry in a glass of water and it wont work properly...

My 9650 is on its last legs. The flash doesn't work anymore, I have to pull the battery every day, and the paint's coming off the keyboard. Been waiting like a novio for BB10 for, like, ever.

Winning a Z10 would renew my joie de vivre!

I've never been. Very lucky for this kind of things. Maybe this one would be the good one !
Bold 9900 user

I hope to be chosen because it 's an impressive tool! I can not wait to have it in your hands! There sesuo always, you are great! :)

i am loving the blackberry Z10 just pick me i am all the was in jamaica and i only used blackberry i would love to win the Z10

I'm a BB user for life, and the Z10 would be a great early birthday present for me!! Please choose me :D

I have been quite a loyal fan of Blackberry. Been waiting eagerly for z10 !! I know kevin you are the true fan of BB !! You cut your pony hair live at BB10 launch event. I saw it !! Respect you a lot. I would really love to have a z10 in my hands :D :))

Ooh!! Count me in please!!! I'm so excited about the fact that BlackBerry 10 is finally here. I'd love to win a white BlackBerry Z10 because my current BlackBerry Torch 9800 is only slightly more than two years old and it already feels slow and sluggish from time to time. I was excited about BlackBerry 10 since I saw the videos of the BlackBerry 10 demos from last year's BlackBerry World keynote. I was going to pre-order a white Z10 from Telus but it would be even sweeter if I won one courtesy of CrackBerry. #TeamBlackBerry

Since I've alienated all my friends with my constant bb10 talk, it's only fair bb10/v1ki comes to fill the void and be my new friend!

Given the fact that nobody in Norway uses a BB, and that ive been a fan since 2007 with my first BB device being the Storm, which i LOVED even tho the fact it actually was terrible (!!!), shows that i deserve a new BB! :D


Some say BlackBerry is back. I say they never left! Just a few of the fickle users jumped ship for the headaches of the other lesser platforms.

First time poster, long time reader (if that makes sense lol)

my storm broke down 8 months ago i've been using the old 8530 curve waiting for BB10 to come out. Surrounded by friends who have iphones and android telling me blackberry wont last and that i should gave up but i never lost fate. in fact not only did I brushed them off but since i'm Blackberry by choice argued how the Z10 would make them eat there words...give me the opportunity to prove it to them please :-D !!!


Oh I hope I can win this! Thanks for the opportunity for someone to win a Z10! I haven't known the last time I have gone absolutely ballistic over something. I have been freaking out knowing that they won't have any BB10 phones in the US until March :/...If I have to, I will have someone get me one from Canada and pay full retail price. I am THAT desperate.

BlackBerry Z10! I definitely need a new phone. The slider on my 9800 is shorted out, speakerphone is intermittent.. BB10 not coming to the US for another month... Thanks in advance CrackBerry!

I hope to be chosen because it 's an impressive tool! I can not wait to have it in your hands! I follow you always, you are great! :)

Pick me CB please. Longer week, eh..? So either the first week ends on Feb 10 (not on 3rd) or the week is shorter. Either way, we love you... And you should also make available some t-shirts in store (#1 BLACKBERRY FANBOY). Go get some rest, you guys are REALLY tired.

Love to get my hands on one to check out the
All new HUB!
All new Camera Shift
BBM Share!!
BBM Video!!
All new Blackberry 10 Voice Commands.
Predictive keyboard!
Boat load of new 70.000+ APPs
The one hand touchscreen Action
I want to see how that Dual Core 1.5 GHz will feel in my hand
No more waiting time with the 2gb.

One for me, please.

Pearl 8100 -> Bold 9000 -> Bold 9700 -> Torch 9800 -> Bold 9900 + Playbook -> Z10 (courtesy of Crackberry)

My 9900 has been getting so much dust under its screen that not only can I not see the edges but it also wont respond to touch input anymore. A Z10 would be the ultimate replacement! Thanks Crackberry!

Please pick me! I want to give my long-distance girlfriend a Z10 so we can BBM! And also I can convert her to BlackBerry =)

I've already completed step one: brag up the Z10 to my iPhone friends. Step two: show off the Z10 in person. Help me complete step two please!

Well, seems like forever - and now that I have seen it in action - gottahaveit!

Though in Canada, I am away during the initial release and unlikely to get one. Thanks for the chance, 'twoud be awesome.

Curve 8330 CDMA (eww, I know, u/g to BB10 soon!)

A new BlackBerry Z10 would make a great day for this disabled user in the states. i already use A BlackBerry Torch 9850 and a Playbook 16 GB. Love them both.

Hope I win.

Wow this is awesome, i hope i win. I could then give it to apple obsessed sister and get her to open her eyes to innovation. #BB10BELIEVE

maybe just maybe I can win one of these since I've entered into EVERY ONE since BB10 was first announced. Good luck all.

BOOM! MTS is taking way too long to bring this to market! Hoping this is a winner winner chicken dinner!

Dear crackberry. Please pick me so that i can prove to all my friends the power of blackberry10.
Even they are bb user they still did not trust the new era of Z10. pick me crackberry. pick me. =)
example of cases:

"bb is a failure product of full touch screen since storm!"

"Blackberry10 ? blackberry still remain blackberry right? (the reboot and load problems)

PICK ME CRACKBERRY. I want to kick their ass with this new device. ifags android fags.

contact me through twitter @emanthehalia :D

I have been waiting this for this come back for soooo long...

I'm just crazy about BLACKBERRY. I don't know how long I have to wait. they have not yet announced the date for INDIA :-(. Cant just wait to get my hands on it.

I visited every damn webpage on internet with the words blackberry 10, read all reviews and watched every single video. I was one of the 11000 livestream audience,


I am really looking forward to seeing what it can do. I would love to have one for free :) Need an extra one for my baby crackberry addict Alex my 9 month old son!

Certainly do not expect to win - but figured I'd show the platform some love from the US market. Ready to switch back from Android!

I have a torch 9810, love it to pieces, would like to see bb10 in other hand, loving the full screen experience

Eu quero agora!! No Brasil sem data definida para a chegada do Z10. Pelo menos abril de 2013!

In Portuguese Brazil

I would love a blackberry z10, more specifically a white one to use on AT&T. I would probably abandon my lumia 920. Thanks crackberry for this amazing opportunity.

Ohhhhh Yeah! Contest time!! Let me win!!! I need to win so my GF who is on contract with an iPhone can get the phone she really wants!!! I convinced her to fall in love with the Z10 and now she wants one!! LET ME WIN!

Im so Angry CrackBerry, Cause Ive Been Waitin For Months till The Blackberry 10 Launch And Know I Have to Wait Till March ? I ve been Being Loyal since when All the Plp Sayin That BlackBerry Already was Died I ve Been Brought A lot Of friends To BlackBerry Family Persuadin friends to Buy Playbooks And Now ? everybody Wants an BlackBerry 10 Seriously ?

I want TO SAY I WANT One Blackberry Z10 Cause I DESERVE IT ....
this is how Im loyal to the blackberry

and I have spreadin the BlackBerry word to a Lot of Friends Out There ...
SO I Deserve IT Kevin And CrackBerry Family

maybe just maybe I can win one of these since I've entered into EVERY ONE since BB10 was first announced. Good luck all.

blackberry was my first phone and it was so addicting I feel in love with it. I really want this new z10 but no matter what i will be getting one

I leaving Sprint for Verizon to be able to have this phone so it would be nice to win this contest to offset my termination fee with Sprint.

Im so Angry CrackBerry Cause Ive Been Waitin For Months till The Blackberry 10 Launch And Know I Have to Wait Till March ? I ve been Being Loyal since when All the Plp Sayin That BlackBerry Already was Died I ve Been Brought A lot Of friends To BlackBerry Family Persuadin friends to Buy Playbooks And Now ? everybody Wants an BlackBerry 10 Seriously ?

I want TO SAY I WANT One Blackberry Z10 Cause I DESERVE IT ....

This would be the end-all, be-all of giveaways to win here! Without some help, I'm stuck with no plan upgrades until Christmas. Crossing my fingers...

I'd love to win one CRACKBERRY along with every other intelligent person who leaves a comment. It would be CRACKBERRY COOL to be one of the five lucky winners. I've always been a classic type of guy with a physical keypad but this all touchscreen looks pretty impressive!!!!
Good luck everyone.

Wow, CrackBerry you give the most chances to win stuff and put out the best information of any other phone website!
count me in!

Please pick me!!! Pretty please!! I'm a diehard BB fan and I want to show my new phone off to the world!! Wanna help me? ;)

Okay so I saw this and it had zero comments rushed to log in then now have over 500 comments wonder how many its going to be by the time I finish typing this, and you know what's funny I keep typing while people are posting and am wasting time my comment will be last and won't be seen damn :'( its just that am rehersing how am gonna use the bbz10 keyboard its depressing I even imagine I have blackberry hub on my 9860 :'( ah let me go watch another review video to pass the time......:(

Came back its now 1200 over comments, damn. You know am in afrika and if America is getting the phone late can you imagine how long it will take to come here, BY the time it arrives here jesus would have come back 2pac would have come back, aliens would have taken Over the world and I would still be waiting for a bb10 I wanna have some pride and not beg but screw pride please oh please give me a bb10 :'( like seriously am typing this on my knesse :'( I need bb10 NOW not next year NOW

Well....It can't hurt to try! Pick me pls....been a BB user for years and have endured abuse from my Android and iFruit fanboi friends.

The touch screens I've used; Palm m125, Palm Tungsten E, BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Torch.
The BlackBerry Z10 would be a excellent addition to the collection.

Come on CrackBerry, Give me a Z10. Its Eiter that or I go get one myself Tuesday morning. Your move.