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Win a Free BlackBerry Z10 from!
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Jan 2013 02:44 pm EST

In honor of yesterday's official unveiling of BlackBerry 10 and the posting of our BlackBerry Z10 Review, we're going to be giving away a BlackBerry Z10 a week for the month of February. 

To enter is simple. Just login to and leave a comment to this article. We'll stick to CrackBerry tradition and keep each week's contest ending on a Sunday at Midnight PST. This first week will be a bit shorter and will end on February 3rd. Enter now. Good luck!  

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Win a free BlackBerry Z10 from CrackBerry!



I've been a Blackberry user since the very first alpha pager; currently on a bold 9930. Would love to out the Z10 through it's paces! :)

I'm so excited! I have been waiting ALONG time for a worthy BB. I am so glad they did not just roll over and give up. Blackberry forever : )

Great Job sharing the details at the release Crackberry !!
Keep up the Great work !!
Can't wait to get my Z10, one way ,,,, or another !!!

Basically, I won a chance to take part to the BlackBerry Experience Launch Event in Paris an so, a brand new BlackBerry Z10. The problem is: they didn't accept me because I'm Belgian instead of being French. That means: no event, no BlackBerry Z10, lost money by reserving the hotel an by reserving the train to go there...
I feel like I failed my life now that I had the chance to go to this event but the fact I wasn't eligible to go was so frustrating and ruined my 2013 year. I've cried. I've tried to send emails to BlackBerry France to see if it was possible to get my Z10 anyway. The answer was clear: NO WAY.
What's going on now? I take part t this contest with the hope I'll win this awesome-incredible-revolutionary smartphone.
Btw, if someone have an idea on how to contact RIM by email it'd be great.
Thanks :)

Hello Crackberry winning a Z10 would be great,cause most of your followers down here in Africa,Nigeria our chances are way too slim! Hope I get to win some day!

Most of the entries seem to be from kids. I need this for work and have had a Blackberry for years. The Z10 is definitely head and shoulders above all the others. It WILL be supported by the grownup crowd.


hey Checking to see if anyone won the free crackberry/ blackberry stuff from the official waiting room leading up to the launch ? my Birthday is Feb 3rd and I would absolutely love a new Blackberry 10. My facebook profile picture is a black t-shirt and it says blackberry by choice, I love my blackberry but would love the bb10 so much more! can't wait to try the new camera features out.

Please pick me! I tired of using this IPhone and my upgrade is not until June! (Only using Iphone cause my 9900 is broke)

I miss Blackberry... I really hope this will do the trick. I would totally be happy picking among 70K apps. I don't need any of the crud that makes up most of the app count in the Google Play! Who really needs an app that tells you the sky is blue. Of course the missed ones will come in good time!

Remember that one time where I said I would swim in Lake Erie in January for a Z10, but then you decided a girl in bikini deserved it more? Ya I remember too. Good news, we can be friends again if you grant me a beautiful Z10 during any week of this contest. Still love you, Crackberry...but my heart is a little broken. Please mend it.

Thank you crackberry for this amazing apportunity to get one of our hands on the coveted BB10!! Here's to my chances and to those lucky enough to win! :)

Hey CrackBerry

I've been following #Blackberry10's progress since its inception when it was originally named BBX, approximately 2 years ago.

I remember the first supposed leak of the phone it was dubbed the BlackBerry London, remember, the one with the full touch screen, which had sharp corners a white bezel and had a completely different UI.

In the past few months, I've been following your site closely reading it almost daily, hoping to get another glimpse of BB10 before its launch, which took forever to arrive.

I haven't really posted any comments or anything on the site in the past except for the two other competitions which you guys ran at the end of last year to win a Z10 when it was released, I was unsuccessful in those two attempts and I'm hoping this time its different.

On the road leading up to the launch of BB10 I've extensively used my Social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, etc) to promote BB10 news and share relevant leaks which I thought was worth sharing.

I reside, for studying purposes, in a small town in South Africa called East London where hardly anything happens and with BB10 availability expected only for March, it may only be available to me much later in the year, and I just can't wait for that long to get my hands on BB10!

So that being said, I entered this competition as I thought it would be so cool to be able to actually have a Z10 before everyone else has it around me! How cool would it be to have the coolest phone running the best mobile computing platform before it releases here?

If I won this competition I would:

1. Have the most amazing blackberry to date.

2. Hype up my 500+ Facebook and Twitter friends as well as my school, that's about 700+ more people, and as they'd tell their friends and parents the news that BB10 is amazing would spread exponentially.

3. I would even go to a public place and advertise BB10 to people, as my friends, relatives and educators are already saying that its as if Blackberry is paying me to advertise BB10. I'm not in actual fact, its just that I love the platform so much!

Anyway, I think I've got "BB10Fever" (Get it "Beiber Fever") and I think some would say I'm obsessive where Blackberry and Blackberry 10 is concerned but I really am interested in mobile computing, its my passion! And winning this Blackberry Z10 would mean so much to me! I really want to see Blackberry rise like a phoenix out of the ashes and I want to be part it!

I hope you guys can make a wish come true, I hope that you actually read my comment and I hope that I win this competition so that I can in some way advance BB10 in South Africa and say I was part of something great!
"Blackberry 10 Re-designed, Re-engineered and Re-invented for people that DO!"


This is probably the 6th contest I've entered on Crackberry and it's pretty funny how this contest is being held during February--My BIRTHDAY Month!! Please align the stars for me and make me win a Z10 for my BIRTHDAY!!! That would be the best B-day present Ever!

Z10 for a Birthday Present!!!!! Feb 19th!

You should make one contest last only 10 mins. long, for fans who check your website literally every 10 mins!!! Nonetheless, I hope I win! Greatly appreciate it.

Most of the posts seem to be from kids who use their phones for toys. My Blackberry phones have all been used for work and the Z10 is head and shoulders above all cell phones.


Yes it is for me at this time the best!!!
In the mini Jam I have the devAlpha in the hand and it is true I love it.
Fast, Beautiful,and for an alpha it rocks!!! stable Hey cool!

Give me one and I was Lucky

What an awesome opportunity. I would LOVE to win one of the new Z10's. Not only would it involve me NOT spending the retail price on one but getting one for free from you guys would be a great story to go along with a sleek new Blackberry Z10!

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would very much like a free Z10. I promise to feed it and play with it every day. I understand a phone is not a toy, it's a responsibility.

Suffering because their's no BB10 here in the USA yet. However this could all change if I win. Thanks CB....

Comment number 2577. Good luck to me, another chance to maybe win a z10? This one will be tough

I'M FEELING LUCKY..........PICK MEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!


Bold 9900 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

i posted a comment but then got an error message, i tried looking if it worked but man there are a lot of comments... please don't think this is an intentional repost if it is...

anyway, i said i would have already preordered one if my carrier wasn't selling the z10 for so much ($350 on 2-year contract). so i would very much appreciate if you picked me.

does it help my chances that my birthday is on feb 4? ;)

Come On !! Lemme at it ! Have used all the devices except for Apple and Blackberry, Apple still ain't good enough for me UI wise, but BB10 has got me drooling

Could really use torch 9850 is starting to slow down immensely and has problems rebooting after battery pulls! So excited for this BlackBerry!

I love my Playbook 64GB and now I have an excuse to get rid of my IPhone 4. My company forced me to get it and I have hated it since day one. I've missed you Blackberry.

I don't want to gloat but I've already ordered my Z10 from Phones4u here in the UK - sweet deal: free Z10, 24 months contract on Orange, 900 minutes, unlimited texts and 1Gb of data, plus they gave me £200 instant cash back, all for £36 (about $50USD) a month. If I had got out of bed earlier and was one of the first 250 customers they would have given me a free 64Gb Playbook too (which would have gone nicely with my existing 16GB PB), but I wasn't quick enough for that freebie. Shame :-(

Why am I telling you all this? Because I now have a domestic situation... my fiance, very soon *to be* wife is threatening to call off the wedding unless I get her a Z10 too as she still has over a year left on her Tesco Mobile iPhone 4 contract and can't stand to see me with a better phone... so I need Kevin & CB to save my as yet not started marriage by giving me (my fiance) a BB Z10!

Help me, RELATE!

Why should I win a BB Z10? Because I've been upgrade eligible for 11 months and have been holding out all this time, as I still continue to wait for AT&T's release. I NEEEEEEEEED THIIIIIIIIIISSS PHOOOOOONNNNEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Would I get a chance to win with a 2500+ comment?
Prove me right Crackberry, cause i am in torment.
I am so dedicated to BlackBerry, can't upgrade until 2014
So I'll do anything to play for the BlackBerry team!

My girl friend would love me even more if i got a free phone for her Z10 all white and pretty like her. aaaahhhhhhh.

I'm here from France I want my Z10 to replace my BB 9860, the Z10 will be so great with my Playbook. I want this gorgeous phone, sorry not phone but BLACKBERRY...

Pick me please! That way, I could replace my crappy iPhone. I'll even use the Z10 to make a video of me smashing the iPhone!!! Thanks Crackberry...

I'm one of those lowly US customers that is stuck without one. :( Thanks guys for the videos making me even more jealous!

Feb 3rd is my BIRTHDAY! I'm already a BB diehard but winning a Z10 from CB on my BD would be ridiculous. I'd practically be in debt to you guys for ages.

Yeah baby Yeah, Already ordered mine but my wife would die to have her Bold replaced so soon as well! Count me in!

BBRY is being affected by the media , but when you ask people who use the BB10 they are so impressed with BB10 Hub Peak Flow BBM and now Skype.

The USA consumer is mad and frustrated that the BB10 is not available. means they are hungry for BB10.

BB10 Hub is exactly what is required by anybody who needs to be connected.

Crackberry saved me with the info on the Seideo extended battery for the 9900, boy it made a difference. Go BBRY Go Crackberry Go BB10 World


The topic says everything! The contest ends on my Birthday. Kevin how about making it the best ever. Impossiable dream but worth a try!!!

Proudly defended my BlackBerry against the jibes of friends who owned Androids and Apples. Now who's laughing? Loyalty pays off! Can't wait for a Z10, finally going to go full-touchscreen as I believe BB can get it right.

Ohhhhhhh man! I have ALWAYS been a physical keyboard guy... but the z10 is so sleek, and sexy that i'm totally sold!!! Can't wait to get my hands on a z10!!!!

Your coverage leading up to the launch has been great and thanks for the first hands-on reviews. Was so happy to see CB and Kevin featured in the big day activities! Well deserved for keeping the excitement alive even during darker days for RIM! Now it's BlackBerry....

Z10 and beyondddddd!!!

I would love to get the new blackberry!!!! I just want to say you guys do such a great job and keep up the work blackberry all the way.

I am looking forward to the phone to help me with my business. Blackberry 10 i hope will help me be more prepared and make my job easier

Please please please! For someone in Texas who will have to wait until at least March otherwise!
Sent from a scratched, beat up, wobbly, sad but well used and faithful 9810.
Keep up the awesomeness crackberry!

Whoo 1st smartphone was a BlackBerry, my last will be a BlackBerry....I just lost my job for the 2nd time in 4 years and this would be a great moneysaver if I win. Just say no to Crapples and Hemdroids...BlackBerry 4life...Wheeee Haaaaww!!!

Surely I couldn't be so lucky as to win the best phone ever!!
Z10 rules!! And so does CrackBerry!
Thanks guys for the best competition ever.
Durban, South Africa

Choose me please, my contract renewal is 10 months away and even though I love the number 10 I can't wait that long for a BB10 device!!!

Excelente covertura en el lanzamiento del día de ayer, ya queremos el Z10 para los paises de Latinoamérica, sobre todo aqui en Costa Rica que nos han llenado el mercado con mucho Galaxy y iPhone, ya es hora que llegue un buen telefono que haga la diferencia, como los que traen el Backberry 10.