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Win a Free BlackBerry Z10 from!
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Jan 2013 02:44 pm EST

In honor of yesterday's official unveiling of BlackBerry 10 and the posting of our BlackBerry Z10 Review, we're going to be giving away a BlackBerry Z10 a week for the month of February. 

To enter is simple. Just login to and leave a comment to this article. We'll stick to CrackBerry tradition and keep each week's contest ending on a Sunday at Midnight PST. This first week will be a bit shorter and will end on February 3rd. Enter now. Good luck!  

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Win a free BlackBerry Z10 from CrackBerry!



Blackberry is Back and this pesky 9700 just won't cut it any more. 1 year left on my contract or maybe just maybe I can be so lucky!!!!

Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please!!!!!!!
Choose me, choose me, choose me, choose me, choose me, choose me, choose me, choose me!

I want it !!!!!

Yesterday I used to say RIM rules! Today I'm happy to say BlackBerry rules!!!!

Please Crackberry Kevin! Help me win!!!

Yes!!!!!! BlackBerry Z10 is a monster unleashed from its creator. Now is the BlackBerry time to shine!!!!!! I hope I get one

I sincerely hope that Blackberry dominates the market of smartphones as it deserves to the creator of the first smartphone!

Thanks so much Crackberry! I've been a long long time user of Blackberry and have never faulted!
I believe in productivity and professionalism and that's why BB is the best platform. Would love a new phone! Thanks!


Why picking me would be a double bonus:

1. My wife would be so pissed that I got to upgrade first!

2. I’d be happy!

From a family of blackberry owners, i have strayed. This new model just may reel me back in. My big concern is this, why a 3 year contract? Does BB really want to fail that badly?

Winning a new BlackBerry Z10 would be a dream, my current 9780 has recently been crapping out on me, and I would love to not have to spend my savings on a new phone right now.

Pick me! I'm an American and have to wait TWO or THREE months until I can have the chance to get my hands on this sexy new SuperPhone! Have pity on me, for my country's cellphone providers know not what they are doing to us.

To meeee pleaaaaaseee!

in germany we have to wait so much longer and i just cannot wait to get a z10 in my hands!

Excited about the launch of BB10! I've been tweeting about it all week! I'm excited to come back to Blackberry from the annoyance of iPhone overload ugh! But I'm more interested in the Q10...will you have a giveaway for that device too???

Regardless, the second AT&T announces the release date I will be ordering it online!!!

Switch from my Bold 9900 to a Galaxy S3 ... Totally regret but now stuck into a 3 years contract I can't afford to buy a BB10. Please Crackberry, GIVE ME THE Z10!

I live in Egypt and am living through the revolution...since the BB10 is 'revolutionary' I think i should be considered for one :-)

Aaah, i would love to get one! I'll be able to convert the non-believers and deserters to the most stable OS ever! Cheers CB team!

I like the New BB 10 design.. & i want to try.. this phone.

Hope i will buy in future...

Android..Apple..Win..BB... Good competition.. Enjoy!!!

I was at the London launch event on evening of Wednesday the 30 th and I loved it. The experience was amaZing, got a chance to play on both Z10 and Q10 devices [lucky I guess] and the drinks & snacks provided was fantastic.
However, I almost cried came the time I had to leave as I wasn't eligible to receive a free Z10 device when the lovely lady at the reception scanned my identification card but never the less I enjoyed the experience and will never forget it.

WOW!!!!!!!! 2207 comments in one hour, and all people's wants Blackberry Z10.


I'm so excited for BlackBerry as a company and as a brand. Whether I win or not I will have a BB 10 device in my hands this year. I am a BlackBerry fan for life!!!

I would like to have one, THat would make me the first person in the netherlands :D with the Blackberry Z10 !!!!

I was an early BB adopter when they first came out and will be again !! Ver early if I happen to win :-)

I like the New BB 10 design.. & i want to try.. this phone.

Hope i will buy in future...

Android..Apple..Win..BB... Good competition.. Enjoy!!!

this is technology at it's best!! been an avid bb user for several years. it's true, the adage: once u go black...:-)

I need a BB10 device to develop an app! Right now I'm broke and can barely make it through the semester with the money I have so I won't be able to get one like I planned to. But I would REALLY REALLY like one to develop with! My laptop is about 4-5 years old, so the simulator barely runs. I have to wait an hour for the OS to boot up properly. And I have to wait 30 seconds for a gesture to work!

If you can make this happen CB, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Look forward to sporting a new BlackBerry 10 phone. Waiting for the Q10, but a Z10 looks like alot of fun. Thanks Crackberry!

Black or White, Full touchscreen or Qwerty, doesn't matter as long as it is Blackberry 10!!!! I want one!!!
Blackberry team ftw!!

When the fearless leader of the crackberry nation showed up on the live feed of the launch to have his hair cut. If I was not at work, I think I would have cried. What other company exists that is so connected to its community ? I felt like Blackberry literally SHARED the launch with ME. So thanks kevin. Thanks for making the world a better , more positive place. A place where one can feel connected to a company that suceeds, and cares and FEELS the consumers they serve. Yes, I wish I was at the launch to feel the magic, and of course, get a device. But, maybe my wish will come true and I will get one in this contest.

Woooow....I wish, I am one of the winners. My playbook might get the update of BB10, but what about my bold 9900:( I just wanna use BB10 in mobile, it looks so cool.Crackberry, save me please.

Wow, over 2200 posts as I write this post. This is some great participation. I have to assume everyone posting on this thread lives in North America (such as myself) as the UK members are already holding their new device at the moment! By the way, has been sluggish to load for me yesterday and today, it must be getting hammered with traffic. I take this as a good sign.

I'm really hoping to see big things from Blackberry's new OS, and i wanna support it from the beginning just like storm 1/2. Heres to hoping the third time will truly be a charm!

Loved the review and all of the coverage! Would be ecstatic if I were to win a Z10! Can't buy them here until March :)

Thanks for the chance guys! :D

I'll just use my limited edition Manti Te'o version until you send me my free one........I'm pretty sure I talked on it for 8-hours last, and the battery is still charged at 100%

I've been hoping Research In Motion would act!!! This phone is awesome for two screens plus Skype or facetime. Keep going!!!!

Mmmm, this means you have at least 5 pieces. One for each week & one for the organizer of the contest. He cannot be forgotten for all this giveaway.

Count me in... my playbook died so I want access to that really awesome BB10 experience. That keyboard and the hub are the two features that I want so bad that are not on my 9900!

Count me in... my playbook died so I want access to that really awesome BB10 experience. That keyboard and the hub are the two features that I want so bad that are not on my 9900!

Officially putting my name in. I have never been short listed on here but lord knows I've never wanted anything more than this.

Staunch supporter of BlackBerry and those that work for them.

Been waiting forever to try this phone out!!! I need this to show everyone and everywhere I go what BB is all about. With this in my hand I'm a walking marketer!!! I'm a very conviencing person so Crackberry end this contest and just mail it out to myself already.

After having Apple, Android and now a windowsphone, it would be interesting to see a different way of phone operation.

omg this phone is awesome .......... i would love to win a z1o... please pick me ...........I never win

I am not cutting my hair till i hold a Tmobile #BB10 in my hands....i will take my next haircut picture with it. I am looking forward to getting both the Q10 and Z10.....I currently use both the 9900 and 9780....the last phone i used b4 a blackberry was a Nokia communicator, so u know how long ago ive been a BB fan....Hook me up CRackberry :)

Nevermind BeiBer Fever! This is BlackBerry Fever!

BB10 FTW!!

All your bases are belong to BlackBerry!

Being a physical keyboard-addict I'd rather get the Q10, but hey, any BB10 phone will rock my world!