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By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Mar 2013 01:27 am EDT

In the crazy world of CrackBerry, I'm pretty sure today will forever be known as Mind-Blowing Monday. After all, a lot of mind blowing things did transpire today. Perhaps I use the word phrase "mind blowing" a little too interchangeably with awesome, amazing and wicked, but you know, that's just how I roll.. err... write.

At the least, I think most readers will agree it was overall a darn good day for BlackBerry, so to cap it off right I just couldn't go to bed tonight without putting up yet another mind-blowing CrackBerry contest for a chance to win a Z10. 

A Quick Recap of Mind Blowing Monday...

  • A major US carrier finally announced the release date of the BlackBerry Z10 today.
  • Pre-ordering for the AT&T Z10 even went live a few minutes early and was here before Monday's end.
  • BlackBerry stock had a good day too, with shares of BBRY finishing the day almost 15% up.
  • That old Android port of Netflix suddenly became available for Z10 owners to sideload (the app is glitchy, but the streaming is smooth - better than no Netflix for those who love Netflix).
  • And of course, I announced the CrackBerry surprise I teased on my last Editor's Desk post, letting CrackBerry Nation know we're taking our editorial coverage to NYC to usher in the Z10 to America. When we took CrackBerry HQ to Toronto for the Canada launch, I promised all of our US readers -- who would be waiting well over a month to get their hands on the phone -- that I would make sure we kept the excitement alive during the US launch. Many of you took my surprise to mean massive BlackBerry (not CrackBerry) news, so were a bit pi$$ed off initially at it, but I think overall now that dust has settled all see that it means great things for not just CrackBerry, but BlackBerry too. Having CB in NYC as the Z10 rolls out, you know we'll be doing everything we can to spread the love for BlackBerry in the USA.

For better and for worse, the latter reminded me just how passionate CrackBerry Nation can be. And that's the passion that makes CrackBerry the awesome community it is. And for that passion we're celebrating with an impromptu contest.

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Simply login to CrackBerry and leave a single "mind blowing" comment to this post. Entering is as easy as that. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight EDT. Good luck!! 

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Win a Free BlackBerry Z10 in this MIND BLOWING Contest!



i'm always mind blown seeing BlackBerry Z10 videos on youtube.. i really cant wait to see it on personal! and im wishing to own one!

Na, kkamjjak! Menbungiya! (fyi this is korean romanize from my fave kpop song on 2013, i got a boy by girls generation) i am always mind blown seeing a lot of blackberry here in my country! i am really happy to see that on every hand there's a 'berry on it! and im so mind blown that all of my country's carrier support the upcoming z10, unlike the iPhone or other android or WP devices! but i cant apply to plan coz i'm still a student and i'm not a brat to ask my parents anything that i want coz i know the limitations! :)

i really wish i'll win! i am Bown Away by z10! and to be honest, i downloaded very single z10 video and watch them to relieve my stress! :)

On the 6th Day God created Blackberry and he saw that his work was beautiful and he then created Crackberry. The 7th Day he sat back rested and smiled at his wonder creations.

Its in the hidden scriptures they forgot to add that part in the Bible.

#Mind blown

Las' nite in ma dream was a beard called kevin
The beard said son a gonna take u to hevin
Seein dat beard talk a was at sixes an sevin
A said don make me wait cos ma V8 is revvin'
Da beard said man u gotta get into da vogue
Then with a flash of light turned into kylie manogue
Now dat bearded blunder can take a walk right home
But wid kylie in my head a don mind bein blown

yes, I agree. giving away a Blackberry Z10 is mind blowing enough and with all the blood,sweat and tears of the people At RIM to create this baby is simply amazing.

I believe This is just the beginning for Blackberry to Go "Thermonuclear War" for Apple and Android. if that doesn't sound "Mindblowing" enough LOL

Winning a z10 would help change my life. I've been through a lot in the past year and a half, and I've definitely found a way to crawl back towards the top. Having a z10 will help me launch a business phone for my new business that I finally got the nerve and bravery to give birth to. Might not be mind blowing to some, but my first business has truly saved my life.

shit. now I gotta say this: I foreit my winning chance to PlaybookFanatic here, based on that story. Win it, rock it & love it! I started my business in 2008 without a smartphone, then got me a Bold9000 early 2009 and have been loving BB ever since. A good tool often means half the job, and I think the Z10 will be a phenomenal businesstool. Good luck as an entrepeneur!

Blaize can't win, so I call dibbs on his comment as an extra entry for me. Mind Blowing.

Posted via CB10

A male bedbug stabs the female in the abdomen with his sharpened genitalia and inseminates her directly in her body cavity. The male bedbug — not exactly known for his brains — will often attempt to mate with another male, punching a hole in his abdomen in a case of mistaken identity.

A mindblowing comment?




















0100110101100100001 :D

Ew evah ot poleved a wen tcelid rof ruo BC noitan! (lisez-bien!) ;)

P.S. you might want to remove the breaks in the Binary to read it well :)

A mind blowing comment for sure !! ;)
As for the dialect .... ummmm ... I'm hoping not ! haha






yay "mind-blowing" mondays, z10 is a mind-blowing smartphone and the USA is ready for it. go CB show them the way.

I don't know how the launch will go as Verizon has the exclusivity on the white Z10... Looking forward to your reports from NYC! And I'd go for a white one on Bell, at least we get to choose in up here in Canada!

What's in store for "Titillating Tuesday"?

(the term I really wanted to use for Tuesday would have been censored)

Let's see if my decision to switch to Galaxy S3 would be regretable with the new Z10. I bought it to replace poor belaggio

I woke up today in the Matrix where i fell asleep into a dream within a dream within a dream in which I owned a white Blackberry Z10 given to me personally by Kevzilla who was in limbo. MIND BLOWN.

i'm from Barbados the z10 is selling here for $2000 Barbados dollars now if that isnt mind blowing i dont know what is and it is actually selling like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol, everytime Kevin writes "mind blowing" I build a mental picture of him enjoying the word haha. Kev, you're awesome...

Oh, and of course, my entry!! :D Crossed my mind blowing fingers :)

It was mind blasting

Do you mean mind blowing?

No no anything can blow my mind, it was mind blasting!

Russell Peters :)

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry Z10's capabilities and possiblities, the first mobile computer, powering the next ten years and it originated right in my home Waterloo Region. Mind=Blown to pieces!!!

Why did the chicken cross the road???

Answer --- To get to the other side!!

YUP that just happened :) aka mind blowing i guess

7 Facts Of The World

1. You cannot put soap in your eyes
2. You cannot count your hair
3. You cannot breath through your nose, with your tongue out
4. You did #3
5. When you did number 3. You realized its possible, but only you look like a dog
6. Your smiling right now because I fooled you
7. Cracker is the best site ever!

Posted on my Z10

I sometimes like to put in reach things that would normally be out of reach for those less fortunate.

I recently purchased a white blackberry Z10 (unlocked) and gave it to my neighbor who is a single mom with 3 kids.

And no, we are not dating lol.

Posted via CB10

I came here for a mind blowing blog and all i got was a lame contest, seriously guys step up your game this is getting more depressing than wpcentral.

My mind has been blown since the release of BB10. In the last week my mind was blown wondering why someone would bust a window in my car to steal dirty laundry... Hope they had fun washing it and hope I can enjoy a new Z10...

Mind blown that Crackberry is moving to the US and AT&T has there pre orders in the same week. Excellent news on both fronts for a Monday

Those minds who don't believe on BB10...
Will be blown once they play with Z10

Those minds who don't believe in blackberry,
Will be blown once they know about this nation... THE CRACKBERY.

Kev.... We just love ya....

Totally mind blown by the facts crackberry is mind blowingly mind blowing our mind blown brain to smithereen with all the mind blowing posts..
Outstanding mind blown contest for us mind blowned community.


If one blows their mind, can it truly ever be blown again? If so, does it regenerate in the interim, or was the first time not really a blown mind? And if you did blow your mind, would you have enough left to really know whether you blew your mind again or in the first place? MIND BLOWN!

Hahahahahahahahaha. Blackberry user since day 1 and I defected to iPhone 5. Now I get Zed 10 for $199 on AT&T but sell my crappy iPhone on eBay for $400 to to some silly isheep with no upgrade. Life rocks......I'm back!!!!!!!!!!

I need tha Z10!!! How about some Mind Tacos!!!! I Mean Brain Tacos!!! With Some Blowing Salsa!!!!! Maybe you can find some at NYC like you did on Vegas!!!!! Send me that Z10 to Mexico ASAP!!!!!

While I was writing a mind-blowing comment, my mind has just blown away and only the Z10, a mighty super smartphone, can put it back together.

Whats mind blowing is that I have been waiting this long to get my hands on the Z10. If I win one then I will blow my mind again and when I have it in my hands, I will blow my mind again. That is a lot of mind blowing!!!!!!

Mind blowing how many people see my Z10 and compare it with iPhone without realizing it takes "Keep Moving" to a whole new level. The world is changing once more...

Posted via CB10

Blackberry(formerly known as RIMM) has almost tripled in value since it bottomed on September 24th 2012! That's mindblowing! Power of Blackberry 10!!

Here's something mindblowing. My brother works in an Apple store and was a fanboy for years. But he hates his iPhone and wants a Z10!!

I just had my mind blown, and it only cost me $10.00. Gotta love the magical combination of modern pharmaceuticals and low self esteem...

I have checked crackberry first thing after work every day for the last 3 years...since I got my first job! And before that I checked after school. I'm consistently blown away by how awesome this community is.

As for the Mind Blowing comment...I think new flagship BlackBerry devices will be out EVERY YEAR, like Samsung or Apple. BLACKBERRY is BACK!

After writing an 80,000 word thesis on SMS messaging, a woman named Caroline Tagg received a PhD in text messaging. Mindblowing
Somebody please give that woman a Z10! (Jk, I want one first =P)

The little grey cells are popping neurons and synapses with the excitement of possibly getting a bb10. I can feel the building of sparks! Ka-pow!

Every person has a unique tongue print :) Also our heads are 1/4 of our total body weight at birth = mind blown
and I really want to win a z10 :)

The average human will eat an average of 8 spiders while sleeping!
Yeah... that's nasty and mind blowing at the same time!

If I was to win a Z10 that would be like the kick Leonardo Dicaprio and company received to wake up out of the dream within a dream called Inception

A Cockroach will live nine days without its head before it dies of hunger...dont believe me, take a iPhone from a Apple fanboy and see :-D

What if "c-a-t" really spelled "dog"? ..... BOOM! Thank you Revenge of the Nerds 2....I'm ready for a Z10, baby!

Mind blowed by the fact that the official price of blackberry z10 in Malaysia (+- 710 USD), Singapore (+- 736 USD), and Indonesia (+- 722 USD) is so much more expensive compared to the price of AT&T launch price (550 USD). So please give me a free z10!!

My mind has been converted to energy by Einsteins equation E=mc squared so my mind blowing mind has exploded to that of 18000000000000.00 tons of tnt. Take that for being MIND BLOWN.

So, will you stay in NYC or will you go back to Toronto...and what about when the Q10 and the eventual Curves/sliders release, where will you go?

Mind officially blown. Can't believe Veon is letting AT&T beat them... Wish AT&T had better service in my area... Oh well according to rumor, 6 days after AT&T isn't to long to wait...

Want in on this soooo bad, plan in purchasing either way but you could help a father of 5 and husband not get his butt kicked and hard conversation as to "why I spend our money on these phones" :-\

I think it's pretty mind blowing that so many people believed in BlackBerry despite history telling them that it was unwise.

And I mean that in a GOOD way!

lol... I still think I had the best guess out of that whole thread (I'd guessed that CB was going to release download numbers for the CB10 app... at least it was site-related!!).

If I won I'd give it to my Mom so we could have easier video chats.

It blows my mind that the makers of body wash that advertises as having a "Cooling Effect" DON'T warn you not to use it on yer boyz. Yeeouch!! (not phone related, but putting it out there)

Been a BlackBerry fan since I was 12. My first phone was the 8700c & it rocked. Typing this on a 9900.
Oh & BTW pick me!

The sound of E.T. walking was made by someone squishing her hands in Jello.

[BillCosbyVoice]Not to be confused with the puddin' pops mmm boppy poppity and a squishy squashity.[/BilCosbyVoice]

A review of the TimmyME application AND a contest to win a Z10 in one day?

My mind is completely blown.

Posted via CB10

My mind is blown that kevin forgot to mention that best buy is also taking pre orders on his bulllets... that blows my mind...

Today, in TMobile, I was told I use "Over Use" my blackberry 9300 and therefore and killing the battery. That blew my mind. Then, I read this and HOLY LEMON TATERTOTS!

i would love to win . need to win something anyway ... need to get rid of my iphone and come back to the blackberry side i miss it!!