Win A Free BlackBerry Smartphone Every Day In June!

By Adam Zeis on 1 Jun 2009 04:03 pm EDT

Weather Channel

Who doesn't want a chance to win a FREE BlackBerry? The Weather Channel Mobile just kicked off their second annual Mobile Month to promote the use of it's enhanced mobile products for the summer months.  Last year the event saw over 700,000 entries, the most of any contest held by The Weather Channel.  The contest runs now until June 30th, and you can enter for a chance to win every day.  To enter visit, or jump straight to the contest page

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Win A Free BlackBerry Smartphone Every Day In June!


I just entered twice. ;) You can enter once per day on your PC AND on your BB. :) I'm gonna enter 60 times. ;)

That picture is misleading. If you check the official rules:

"7. Prizes: THIRTY (30) GRAND PRIZES: A Blackberry Curve 8900."

Well, at least I can sell it. I'm on Verizon.

I thought it would be to get rid of their supply of storms....
would have been great...imagine if he bought the coyotes?
Free BB Storm night!
unloads 18,000 of them in one night!

If I win I will trade it for another BB device.. Not sure which one though.. I have a Storm and a Pearl.. Not sure If I would like to have the Bold or Curve?? Done rambling

I might be the only one on the planet who has things a bit worse, after getting .148 installed than previously with .75.

It would be nice to start again, clean slate!

Why doesn't Australia have contests like this? The U.S crew get so much more from their BlackBerrys!!! Dammit!!!!

I wonder what they do to prevent multiple entries.
Anyone with half a brain and several P.O Boxes could rig better chances.


i just read that this offer for U.S residents only..

that sucks.. i was cheering for nothing then i guess..:(

its good to see that somebody see that we are going through some tough times.thanks people over at the weather channel.

Here we go again.
If you live outside of the USA, then forget about entering these contests.
When are these companies going to realise that there are others outside of the USA that have this service, use blackberries and like the opportunity to enter contests.
As I said, this sucks!!
Wisen up people, the US of A is not your only market. the po box. (i was thinking of that myself....darn!!)
i need a new Blackberry sooooo bad.

Funny how the graphics for the contest show a BlackBerry Storm, but the contest is giving away an 8900 a day...

i did a quick scroll and nothing popped out at me. and another thing it tells you right away whether you win or not? can some one let me know, free blackberry caught my eye and the rest was a BLURR


I find it funny how people see the word "contest" or "free" and instantly start posting the "PICK ME" entries.

Too bad these people are not literate enough to actualy read the entire original post and see the line that says
" To enter visit, or jump straight to the contest page."

COME ON PEOPLE!!! Adam was nice enough to even post the hyperlink on "contest page" to bring you directly to the entry page.

The log in process for this contest thru my storm is impossible. Weather channel.. please lookover and fix the issues !!!!

People, your comments here don't count you have to login at the site.. Sillys


I just got my Storm in April so I'm a little annoyed that the Storm 2 is coming out this soon since I could never convince the wife to let me buy one with our first baby on the way. So....I sure hope this contest comes through and I get a free Storm 2.