Win a FREE $2,000 Porsche Design BlackBerry courtesy of CrackBerry Kevin!

Win Kevin's Porsche Design BlackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 15 May 2012 02:06 pm EDT

3 Ways To Win: Leave a comment to this post or follow @crackberrykevin on twitter and add +Kevin Michaluk to your circles on Google+. Do all three for three chances to win!

* Update - May 15th, 2012: OK folks, this is it. Today is the final day to get entered to win my Porsche Design BlackBerry! If you're not in on the contest yet, what are you waiting for?! I'll be announcing the winner here tomorrow on CrackBerry! *

Original Post - April 27th, 2012: As the world's #1 BlackBerry Fanboy, I take pride in always having the latest and greatest BlackBerry. So when the $2,000 Porsche Design P'9981 Smartphone from BlackBerry went on sale in North America, I just had to have it. The P'9981 is an exclusive (and expensive!) smartphone that gets a *lot* of attention thanks to its distinct styling and limited availability. As I mentioned in my P'9981 Review, you kind of feel like a celebrity just owning one.

And as much I enjoy using the P'9981 and being a member of the newly-formed Club P'9981 owners group, I've decided it's time to pay my P'9981 forward to a lucky member of the CrackBerry community. As was pointed out to me in an email I received from a reader earlier this week, the Fearless Leader of CrackBerry Nation should rock a BB more representative of the 99% of CrackBerry Nation, not the < 1%. I couldn't agree more. So I'm back on my white Bold 9900 and my P'9981 is up for grabs! 

How to Win Kevin's P'9981: So this is it... your chance to win my slightly used but not abused Porsche Design BlackBerry. And because this contest prize is so awesome, I'm going to give you three ways and three chances to win:

  • Chance #1 - Leave a single comment to this post (tell me why you want my P'9981!)
  • Chance #2 - Follow me on twitter: @crackberrykevin
  • Chance #3 - Add me to your circles on Google+: +Kevin Michaluk

That's it. Do any of the above and you're entered. This contest is open worldwide. Contest ends May 15th at Midnight PST. The winner will be announced May 16th (my birthday!). Best of luck! And let's hope OS 7.1 is available for the P'9981 by the time you get my P'9981! :)

Reader comments

Win a FREE $2,000 Porsche Design BlackBerry courtesy of CrackBerry Kevin!



I think the Porshe device is super ugly, but it sure would be fun to be the only person around sporting one! Count me in to this contest!

Would love to rock this phone and be the only one in my city with one! Being a student in alberta, i dont get my luxuries especially when trying to get a degree. But lets face it, once in a while i gotta treat myself, and in our case CB treating me :)

Pick me for the win and keep it Canadian :D

Here's my comment. I'm already following Kevin on Twitter and have him circled on G+. That should be three entries.

I'm the biggest BB fan in the orient. And I'm also the biggest Porsche fan of the orient. Put the two together and its that phone. That phone is mine!

The strong shall live, the weak shall die.

Count me in.
Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

You can't beat that prize!
I'm thinking of getting my first Blackberry and if I could get my hands on that beauty of a phone, I'll be on top of the world!

Woohoo! It would rock so hard if I win! I'm the only one in the family that has BBs, my playbook/9900 so kicks the crap out of the Iphone/ipads my wife and kids have...and they know it! The addition of the 9981 would put completely. Over the top!

Fallen in love with Blackberry! Never had a smartphone until I got a Bold 9900 a month ago! It's Incredible!
Been learning as much as I can about RIM, Blackberry and have gotten so much out of Crackberry!

Good luck to all entrants!
Keep Calm and Be Bold!

Only in my wildest dreams that never come true. Still rocking a blackberry Tour 9630 and love it. The P'9981 would be such an improvement though. A guy can dream though right?


I'd love your Porsche Design BlackBerry for obvious reasons 1. it will stand out. 2. i can say i got it from CrackBerry Kevin :P

I think I'd like this particular prize, not just because I'm a CrackBerry fanboy (as we all are) - but I'm the #1 Kevin fanboy!!! He's so dreamy...

Following on twitter @freeway49, would love to have this unique phone for many reasons, very nice, unique, and a blackberry lover. Thanks for the opportunity

This dock on this device is better than the 9900, and would bring me a deeply visceral level of satisfaction.

Hi Kevin, I think it's an aesthetically pleasing device, and given the BB innards, I sure would like to own one. Cheers and thanks for keeping the BB flame burning.

Kevin, I spent most of the year perfecting my Devo look - I've got all the jumpsuits, the flower-pot hats, the wrap-around sunglasses. But I don't have the phone to match. Unless you pick me! Without it, I can't complete my look, but I just can't drop $2K on a phone right now, so please??? (I'll send you a pic in the complete ensemble once I get the phone!)

i miss my blackberry after having trading mine for an android. nothing like the keyboard and the ability to knock out an email or text fast. would love to have this exclusive phone to get me back using a bb again. can you send this my way?

It would be cool to show off the Porsche to all my iphone friends! Can't afford to upgrade my phone this would be great to WIN! Already following on Twitter! Kevin Rocks!

I really want to win this P'9981 and having stalked Kevin on Twitter and Google, I'm hoping since I can't get real Porsche , this is the next best thing! If not the best thing ever!!! :D

Would be amazing to rock the p9981 and pair it with my playbook.
That's for doing this contest, who ever wins I will be gealous of you.
I would also like to know are you giving this away cause you know your getting a new toy to play with soon. BB10 alpha device?

Count me in, good luck everyone!
I would like your 9981 because it's super sexy but not in budget

i have been a blackberry fan for years.. it was my first smartphone..i have a blackberry pearl for 3 and half years....i would love to get a Porsche..

Definetly I can't miss this oportunity to own this phone NO ONE of my friends have it so they will be mind blowed with my brand almost new P'9981... Nice contest!! And good luck everyone!!

Oh dear God! Not only is it a P'9981, but it was used by Kevin!!! You have got to be kidding me! This is insane! How can somebody be this nice and giving? This is amazing! Wow!

Well, I wish everybody good luck and the winner will be one lucky dog! Wow!!!

Thank you Kevin! Man this is amazing!


Dude, I'd give my left you-know-what for that beast of a Blackberry. Not that you'd want it, but still......

I want to win your phone not only because its an awesome phone, but because holding your 9981 will be the closest I'll ever come to shaking your hand. You rock Kevin. I'd love to meet you if I didn't live so far away.

Oh to deprive you of this iconic phone on your birthday of all days.

Would love to be the winning post... but with a twist... I'd like you to auction the device to the highest bidder and agree to split the proceeds 50/50 between two charities.

We both choose an established charity each.

That way we get three potential winners, the new owner and two worthwhile causes.

Fingers crossed.

(Edit: Ebay or via the forum for the auction as a suggestion.)

Chance #1 - I've been a BlackBerry fan since day one!! But unfortunately, the only way I've been getting a blackberry is through contracts and TABS. I would love to win a new Blackberry for a change! Either that or I'm waiting for my recently 21 bought stocks at 13.01 to sky rocket!!!

Chance #2 - Follow me on twitter: @crackberrykevin ... DONE!!

Chance #3 - Add me to your circles on Google+: +Kevin Michaluk ... DONE!!

Hope to win this so I can upgrade from my 9700 to help me pass the days until bb10 phones are out.

Words couldn't describe my happiness or my friends and colleagues jealousy!
Hopefully being the 30,420th post won't hurt my chances.

Having left #teamblackberry for my Motorola Atrix, I just feel like coming back. Would be great if I win it :)

Send this baby over to the Philippines and I will use this sacred piece of BB hardware to slap some sense on the Chinese soldiers trying to claim Scarborough Shoal their own! /end rant

Definitely would love to win the Porsche design. It will give me precision, productivity, and appearance of prestige to all of my friends lol.

Lovin' my BB

the lives of everyday people, is shot the sense of the majestic and the tragic and problamatic. Which means it has value!!!! Kev....if I win your phone I will pay it forward and give my bold 9930 away too.....thanks

I would love to win this exclusive BB porsche design. I really need something exciting to help bring BB phones back into my life. This could be it.

i really want to get a black berry phone...i recently got a BlackBerry playbook and have been following crackberry ever since. i cant wait to get a bb10 device but i would love a p'9981 simply because its relay sexy.. especially yours being a member of crackberry...i would value it if i win...i hope i do.

It's the unique and distinctive charisma which make me very happy to win Kevin his superb BlackBerry P'9981.

always wanted and love the 9900 and the 9981 would be amazing to have, Love the design of Porsche and this only shows their amazing engineering on a different level.

Oh yeah I love to drive fast! I don't even care about gas mileage on this thing. I'm definitely feeling the love here Kevin. I would do that unit proud. Looking forward to showing off that Porsche!

I would show this phone anywhere, anytime, even if not gonna make a call or do anything,only for the pleasure of people knowing that I have a very expensive and exclusive phone :D
May the force be with you.

I would show this phone anywhere, anytime, even if not gonna make a call or do anything,only for the pleasure of people knowing that I have a very expensive and exclusive phone :D
May the force be with you.

Why would i like to be the winner? Well...... because i really like blackberry and what it can do ... and the fact that cant upgrade for a while because of money so im stuck with a curve from several years ago.

I want the phone simply because you touched it KEVIN!!!!!! The only reason i have not bought one yet is because (they cost 2000$) and most importantly because none of them have been touched by you!

Seeing that I never win anything on crackberry this would be a perfect way to make it up to me !!!! For my loyalty :)

Might be the only time I'll own anything that has Porsche on it. I'm a tad too tall and big for the car. Let me brag about owning and "driving" one! Hehehe.

What better way to make my boss love me more if I can give him my 9900 and use the porsche! Id love to win this phone!

I wan the Porsche design blackberry because i think the design is unique!
Some ppl think its ugly, but well, each to his own:)

please pick me! i want the porsche phone so bad!!! i love blackberry and i HATE the slave to trends cell phones have become. EVERYONE at college has the newest iphone or droid. me, im sticking with my good ol 8530 til my upgrade comes around. why? 1. i cant afford a phone out of contract. 2. i love blackberry and my curve. I just can wait to upgrade to my next blackberry. Getting this porsche blackberry would not only help a struggling college student get an AWESOME early phone upgrade, but i know that no one at school will know what the phone is...which i think is perfect! i will have a phone with a better OS than most (in my opinion), and one that is of much higher quality and craftsmanship. the fact that no one around me would know this would be pretty cool in my opinion. I like blackberry, i like nice things, and i dont like everyone knowing what i have/how much it cost, etc. sooooo please pick me please!!

Comment - done!
Twitter - following!
Google+ - added!

oh yeah, i've been a bad boy - so pick me! do it! ;)

"Si forte in alienas manus oberraverit hec peregrina epistola incertis ventis dimissa, sed Deo commendata, precamur ut ei reddatur cui soli destinata, nec preripiat quisquam non sibi parata."

BI NEED to win the Porsche design BB. Two of my favorite one beautiful & sleek device! I'm a BB loyalist. I've probably owned a dozen BB's (maybe more) in the past 10 years. I'm faithful and won't even LOOK at other devices (okay...I do look!).

Thanks for chosing me!!! :-)

I had the original Bold 9000, I upgraded to the 9800... I was going to get the 9900, but I wanted to wait for the BB10 devices. This would be a great compromise and I would probably preserve it, since it was your phone! Lol. I'd love to have this if chosen! Followed, and commented, I'm not on google+ but I just might just for another chance at this!

thanks CBKevin!

I must have this phone! Only beautiful people have this phone and i'm darn near as beautiful as kevin...well, except for those rippling abs of his...and that magnetic gaze..the hypnotic tilt of the head that's oh so beguiling..did i mention his impeccable fashion sense, stunning poise and general overall magnificent presence?

I love P9981 because it is so beautiful and fashion and very expensive :D. I hope winning. Thank Kevin

I would love to flaunt this GEM in the faces of all my iphone and android phone carrying co-workers. So sick of their crap phone talk. BB4L

God I really want to have this phone!! Kevin, you know why you should give this treasure to me? Because I am the #1 BlackBerry Fan in the Philippines, since I got my first 9700, I knew that BlackBerry will be my phone forever. Now I have the 9900 and 9850, I gave my girlfriend a 9800 on her graduation day and upgraded it to 9810 last Christmas, gave my brother 8520, my mom a 9360 and my dad a 9860 last Christmas also. Plus I bought a 64GB PlayBook for me and 16GB for my girlfriend as a birthday gift.

I always market BlackBerry to my friends and friends of my friends. Since I have 9700 last 2010 I only know 2 people who got BlackBerry back then, now almost half of my friends are using BlackBerry (well I'm not taking all the credit for that because the BlackBerry grew tremendously here in the Philippines but hey, I have my own share! ;) ). I also have a BlackBerry blog for the Philippines.

Though I've been blessed with these gadgets, the $2,000 BlackBerry Porsche is way out of my budget and it would really reeeeeaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyy be awesome for me to have this sick device, so Kevin if you think my love and dedication for BlackBerry is worth rewarding your BlackBerry Porsche then I would die to have this one! =] Also if you choose me, please put your signature at the back of the P9981 for me. =]

Posted from my Playbook Bridged with a 9810 not far from RIM's head offices in waterloo.

Screw my last post. When I get that slick blackberry, I'm giving it to the girl I love the most, her birthdays the 14th of may. Shed love a 2000 dollar phone

Twitter: Followed for awhile. Google + JUST for this contest. Why do i want to win your phone? Honestly it isnt about the look of it, the price, the fact that its Porche designed.... its the fact that its coming from "Crackberry Kevin". Thats a big deal to me. Thanks for the contest bro.

If I win, it'll be the most resounding proof that it's time for me to move on from Sprint. Lemme win, baby!

I live in winnipeg, so i could pick it up in person, my birthday is on the 14th of may and i couldn't think of a better present, my bb 9700 is on it's last legs but i am waiting for bb10 before i replace it. And I would look really cool with a porche design phone.

This would be an outstanding upgrade to my Storm 1! Pick me Kevin! BTW- I love the response to Jack Kennedy! What a poor sport. In a few years he'll be the one who is the newest "BIGGEST FAN" of BlackBerry! He's one of those follower kinds.