Win a FREE $2,000 Porsche Design BlackBerry courtesy of CrackBerry Kevin!

Win Kevin's Porsche Design BlackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 15 May 2012 02:06 pm EDT

3 Ways To Win: Leave a comment to this post or follow @crackberrykevin on twitter and add +Kevin Michaluk to your circles on Google+. Do all three for three chances to win!

* Update - May 15th, 2012: OK folks, this is it. Today is the final day to get entered to win my Porsche Design BlackBerry! If you're not in on the contest yet, what are you waiting for?! I'll be announcing the winner here tomorrow on CrackBerry! *

Original Post - April 27th, 2012: As the world's #1 BlackBerry Fanboy, I take pride in always having the latest and greatest BlackBerry. So when the $2,000 Porsche Design P'9981 Smartphone from BlackBerry went on sale in North America, I just had to have it. The P'9981 is an exclusive (and expensive!) smartphone that gets a *lot* of attention thanks to its distinct styling and limited availability. As I mentioned in my P'9981 Review, you kind of feel like a celebrity just owning one.

And as much I enjoy using the P'9981 and being a member of the newly-formed Club P'9981 owners group, I've decided it's time to pay my P'9981 forward to a lucky member of the CrackBerry community. As was pointed out to me in an email I received from a reader earlier this week, the Fearless Leader of CrackBerry Nation should rock a BB more representative of the 99% of CrackBerry Nation, not the < 1%. I couldn't agree more. So I'm back on my white Bold 9900 and my P'9981 is up for grabs! 

How to Win Kevin's P'9981: So this is it... your chance to win my slightly used but not abused Porsche Design BlackBerry. And because this contest prize is so awesome, I'm going to give you three ways and three chances to win:

  • Chance #1 - Leave a single comment to this post (tell me why you want my P'9981!)
  • Chance #2 - Follow me on twitter: @crackberrykevin
  • Chance #3 - Add me to your circles on Google+: +Kevin Michaluk

That's it. Do any of the above and you're entered. This contest is open worldwide. Contest ends May 15th at Midnight PST. The winner will be announced May 16th (my birthday!). Best of luck! And let's hope OS 7.1 is available for the P'9981 by the time you get my P'9981! :)

Reader comments

Win a FREE $2,000 Porsche Design BlackBerry courtesy of CrackBerry Kevin!



Please Give me your Porsche Design P9981 BlackBerry as in Russia who do not have this phone and I'll be the first and I really like the design that is not with anyone else will not mix. So please give me his so I could move BlackBerri brand in Russia and showed what a united nation, Blackberry)))

I can't honestly give a reason. I would only sell it. Don't like it. If you pick me I would settle for a blackberry 10 device

i would love 1, I have been a Crackberry since 2008 Sprint pearl 8310. I went with that phone for a test run, then fell in love with the device. since then I've upgraded to curve 8330, bold 9000, touch 9800, and now with Bold 9900. I have converted 20 of my friends to Blackberry. This would make a nice trophy with my other Berries.

Sorry Kevin, I don't use Twitter or Google+.
I am entering to upgrade my Bold 9650. It'd be a trip to be the only janitor in town with a Porsche BlackBerry :)

This would be the best thing to ever happen to me! Please let it be me.

P.S. - I am getting married in May and it is also my birthday in May - so this would be a great present @crackberrykevin

Well, seeing how I'm NOT quite rich enough to grab a Porsche (not that I wanted one in the first place. More of a Italian man myself.),I might as well try to get the Porsche designed BlackBerry instead. Had both Storms, a Bold 9000, 9700, and a Torch 9860 before grabbing a iPhone (and immediately getting tired of it, haha), then moving over to Android for the GNex....but I've been wanting to walk back over to the RIMpire. Wouldn't it such a grand (or should I say.... TWO GRAND. WINK. ;) ) rebirth into one of my favorite platforms? I think so.

Kevin. I..... want the phone.

Search your feelings. You know it to be true.


Hey Kevin. Your P'9981 would give a boost in my life, seriously. I'm a college student, I cannot afford something like that and I need to be classy.
Please give it to meee.

ive been taking a lot of stick from my iphone friends this P'9981 would definitely make them swallow their trash talk!

Count me in for the iconic porsche design blackberry!!!, my curve 3g its breaking itself apart, I really need a new a phone!!!

I've been working so hard helping Blackberry users to use their smarthphones to the fullest, it is hard to compite against iphone androids users in my city with only my pearl 9150.

Please give me the chance to spread the word,

It will be amazing too if you could give to contest your used 9900, I guess your about to buy something new.

thank you very much.

I want it because I will be the only person in my country which has this awesome phone. This phone is very beautiful. Good luck

As the former #1 BlackBerry fanboy, I believe it is your duty to pass any and all titles, rights and paraphenalia to your succesor, me. So cough it up Mitchaluk. :P

@BBSuperAbuser is a podcaster, media producer, private BlackBerry technical support provider, experienced alpha and beta tester, theme designer, and the #1 BlackBerry “Super Abuser”.

Sign me up for this one, futuristic style matches me to a T
I would brag all over town if I got this one! CrackBerry Rox!

Chance #1 This is a really cool give-away! I want your device because I am a huge RIM fan. Went from Pearl to Storm1, Storm2 and Torch. Also have a 2 playbooks in the house (mine and the wife's). No, I'm not rich, I just love technology gadgets and devices, esp. BB products! I would totally use this, not sell it.

I've been getting a lot of stick from my iphone friends this P'9981 would definitely make them swallow all that trash talk!

Hey, I'd be happy to have something as unique as this phone. Gotta say though, you should feel free to rock whatever device you like. This whole 99 v.s. 1 % argument is silly. CrackBerry is not a political movement or party, and I suspect the majority of people could care less that you paid that much for your phone, as long as we can come, complain about RIM and learn new stuff :-)

I'm not gonna front or lie...I already have a 9930 and I love it! I only want the P'9981 to SHOW OFF! Lol. Honesty is the best policy!! Lol

I would love this phone. I have an android and been wanting to jump back to blackberry for a while now.

this is the best give away Kevin has come up with. I would never imagine giving up my lovely phone for which I paid $2000 and is so exclusive. And Kevin is doing it for the love of crackberry nation. I am sure none of the other mobile nations community leader would ever do it if they had an expensive exclusive phone.

Im from Germany and Love BlackBerry!
I'm also Love Porsche but don't have the money for it :-)
So let me win the small Porsche

Im from Germany and Love BlackBerry!
I'm also Love Porsche but don't have the money for it :-)
So let me win the small Porsche

I want the most exclusive BlackBerry ever. Not just a P'9981 but a P'9981 owned by CrackBerry Kevin! That's the ultimate prize for a BlackBerry fan. Pick me please!!!

Having this Blackberry would be GREAT ! Knowing that I'll be buying BB's until the end of me or the last one ever to be built!

As much as I would like to have one, don't give it away because people say you should have the same phone as other schlubs. If you like that 9981 then flaunt it.

I know I never have won any BB stuff from CB. It would be great if I can win today :) Count me in, please!

Why I want it? Because it is so crazy different than anything else out there. I'm different enough with my 9850 (since I have never seen another one in the wild), but this would be WAY out there. Thanks Kevin.

I know that a porsche designed phone would go down well at the world famous Isle of Man TT motorcycle races. I wouldn't tell anyone that P-design aren't related to the cars of the same name! Would be happy to show off a unique phone at a unique event! Fingers crossed!

I really want that phone! It was a bunch of people on here who talked about how ugly this blackberry is but I for one, always thought it was a beautiful phone.

Comment number 997, one off the magic number. (if you know anything about Porsche's)
But I'd use one of these.

5 years ago, I single handily convinced a small mom and pop type health care company to "go corporate" and introduced them to the blackberry curve 8330. My boss (the COO of the company) was the first to get one. We didn't even have a blackberry server at the time but I was able to "hotwire" her phone so she could get her company email on it. With in WEEKS, I had other officers of the company up and running on a blackberry. The CEO was in LOVE with his phone and new found freedom of not having to be at a computer to get his emails. Secretly, I like to believe that my hotwiring of his phone contributed to an unexpected bonus at my annual review! Once our IT department found out that our CEO was running around with an unsecured blackberry, they decided to purchase BIS. At one point, there were probably close to 500 users with a blackberry and they had ME to thank for it. It literally was the best thing since sliced bread!

Fast forward to today, it is a totally different story thanks to Apple. I can count the number of people who still have a blackberry on both my hands and it makes me sick. The life span of a blackberry for heavy users is about 2 years. The timeline went from new blackberry in 2007 to newer blackberry in 2009 to iPhone 4 in 2011. I will not convert! I still have my "hotwired" blackberry torch (because I'm an AT&T customer and I refuse to switch to verizon and nor do I want to be on my companies BIS) and I'm holding out that if somehow I can land myself a P 9981, it just might be enough to lure my companies smart phone users BACK to blackberry in 2013.


Thanks for reading! :-)

Well since I wouldn't be able to afford a dream Porsche Car.. Anytime soon.. A Porsche designed phone would be a great filler in it's place!!

This phone has grown on me as time has gone by. I love my 9900, and there are a few around in South Africa. However in S.A. every second person has a 8520. So in the sea of mediocrity I would love to be able to stand out even more from the crowd. I know there is one Porsche store which sells this phone here, so I would love to be one of the very few to own it here.

Oh, I nearly forgot: PRETTY PLEASE!!!!

I am a huge BlackBerry enthusiast and would LOVE a chance to have a device that I would never be able to get on my own. Awesomeness!

Please pick me, i am an aspiring student and having this amazing phone would help with launching my career once i graduate!!! Please pick me!!!!

I can see myself purchasing a Porsche anytime soon. If I won a Porsche Blackberry it would make the disappointment bearable. Good luck al.

Are you serious? As if winning a P'9981 is not good enough already, winning the one used by Kevin is like getting Ironman's armor worn by Tony Stark himself. Count me in !!!

Would love this blackberry!!! It would be nice to have the matching car too, but I'll settle for the phone first ;)

Well, I'm already following you on Twitter.
I don't have google+

So I guess I'll leave a comment here.
I've been looking for a way back into the Blackberry world for sometime now.
Just haven't had the money and the two year upgrade is still a year away.
So yeah.

WOW WOW WOW KEVIN U R THE BEST.... IM IN NEED OF THAT 1 .... MEEEEEE PLEASEEEE MEEEEEEEEE I have been the true fan since 2004 NOT 2007 boom when every1 jumped on the band wagon.........MEEEEEEE PLEASSSSSSEEEE lol Good Luck 2 Every1

I would absolutely love to have the P'9981 in my hands as I'm a very young professional who's landed a position at a fortune 100 company. To be young and rocking this sporty phone would really give me that Young Professional look that screams "I'm here to play with the big boys". I finally have the job of my dreams and want to rock it with class.

As always, thanks for the opportunity.

I want the BlackBerry Porsche Design P9981 because I like the color, design, and many other things. I would also like to try out the BlackBerry OS7 and the theme looks cool! Last, it have the famous Kevin fingerprints on it, therefore it's not just Porsche design, it have some Kevin's signature design on it too!!!

i really want to see how good is the most expensive blackberry's build quality.
as i own several 9900 and and most of them have really bad build quality.
so give me the p'9981 and hopefully i'll change my perception of RIM's build quality :P
Thank you .

First of all, thank you Kevin for your generous offer and an opportunity for all of us to win a P'9981. I like the unique design of the Porsche Design Berry a lot and as a business owner, I believe using one would really bring a lot of attention as you and Mrs. Crackberry did. I can't say I deserve this anymore than other people would, but I certainly would take good care of the precious Berry that you once used and owned.

Hmmm... trying to live with my 2 y.o. BB 8530 ...But would like to update to a faster & newer BB phone with a Larger home screen Font, Larger keyboard.... AND seeing how you are cool enough to give your BB P'9981 away, it would really come in just in time.
Awesome give-away !

I want it because I would take care of it everyday. I would bottle feed it, clean it three times a day, call very cute names and make sure its well taken care off. I would gladly adopt your P'9981.

I'd like to have this so that I'd have a far cooler phone than my fancypants managers and their iPhone 4Ses!

Since im just starting my career in IT i dont have nearly enough money to buy a real Porsche so i guesse i'll have to setle for the Porsche Blackberry :D Thanks Kevin!!

Hey - I took delivery of the first Porsche Panamera GTS in the UK on March 1st. Seems like the 2 should go together!


I would like your P'9981 to help spread the BlackBerry "love" to all of the iPhone user in my community. Plus my Storm 9550 has been on the fritz for the last year, so I am definitely due for an upgrade before too long anyways.

BlackBerry Porsche is too much. I have a Kepler one, which I have to sell next month. I need money to live. My friends were getting mad when I said I have to sell it. They didn't know who they asked to if their device's getting problems. Yeah, I am their advisor for free. I'm not deserved for your porsche, But I want to serve my friend, spread the informatif news or tips about gadget. I won't sell your porsce. It would be a history if I had it.. Would you let me deserved?

I want to feel like i have something few others have. its a incredible feeling to know only a handful of people actually have a device like this.

I could also use a new phone

Would love me the Blingberry for all the ladies to drool over and to hold me over until BB10 devices are out!

I want it because I may be the biggest BlackBerry fan ever! I've got a BlackBerry tattoo and have been using them nonstop since my first BlackBerry the 7100t!

Didn't realise I had to write a reason too, I've got my old BlackBerries, and I'm getting a PlayBook in a week, so I'm gonna try and start a small little BB collection and museum of my own, the Porsche BB will surely add to the novelty, as its a unique phone. Not that it'll be a huge collection or something, but I've loved my BB since the day I bought it, I owe it this much! Cheers!

Hi, Kevin! Really nice of you to be giving away one of these.

I would definitely like having this phone since I can't upgrade until February of next year and new BlackBerry phones released in the USA and Canada usually arrive here in Mexico months later. I was originally given a Curve 8520 in 2010 (like most college students at the time, especially girls), but it was unfortunately stolen and got a nearly 4 years old Bold 9000. I really like BlackBerry, but this Bold is showing its age and I can't install more than 3 apps at the time.

I would make good use of it and take care of it, especially since I may get a PlayBook in the near future. Thank you for the opportunity! I already follow you on Twitter!

Kevin you are awesome! thanks for all these contests! I would like to win because it is an awesome phone. I still have a 9650, which is cool but I would like OS7. This has been used by you!!! (why not have a phone worn in by the best berrier out there), and because I want to gain some hype for bb10 and none of my friends think bb's are sweet, and if I had this it would really show them how awesome and effective blackberrys are. Thanks again kevin, happy almost birthday

Kevin..... I need this phone.... I think I might have to explode if I am to wait fir the BB10.... This will do for the meantime !!! Cheers kev.....

What a crazy idea, Kevin you where off the map with this one, I can tell you this as an enterprise account manager for a celular operation company, I try to have always the latest blackberry on hand, in fact I use 2, my loyal and persona 9900 and my bussines one 9300.

Everytime I get ask do you use the phone you sell, and I say yes, also the like to see it and taste it, so I can tell you I can make a lot of good to your Blackberry Porsche, so let rock that party at full speed, as a Porsche can do and more faster run on the Blackberry Porsche Life.

Again of the world your idea,

I would love to have this device for several reasons:

1) I'm still sporting a 9780 and haven't even had the extra $$$ to move to OS 7, much less 7.1, so the upgrade would be greatly appreciated.

2) I'll never have enough $$$ to sport an actual Porsche car so I'd be ecstatic to have the opportunity to carry a small representation of their superior design quality in Blackberry form.

3) I'm rapidly entering the throes of middle age and could use anything that might up my 'cool' factor

4) Because it just plain rocks the house and I need one! :-D

I'll have to buy a matching accessory if I win - a porsche... oh wait, is that supposed to be the other way around?

I need a new phone! And what better than the most exclusive Blackberry ever that was won from the #1 blackberry fanboy!

This is probably as close as I'm going to get to ever owning one of these BlackBerrys. Sooooooo expensive. So do me a favour Crackberry... Send that thing my way. Cool? Cool.

Holy crap look at all the entries already!! So many said its an ugly POS when it 1st came out, now look at em all jump up for a free one LOL....add me to the list

I would love to win this Porsche Design P'9981 because I absolutely love BlackBerry. I would love to win this phone so I can be able to show it off as a representation of BlackBerry NOT going anywhere & that Apple & Android better wacth their back if they think BlackBerry is going to roll over & die.

I would love to have this handset because it is a sick and iconic looking device. I work on Porsche's for a living too, so it would be awesome to show off to the customers the beautiful and defined design of this device! Thanks for the chance!

I want to try out that keyboard.
Please RIM don't make your BB10 keyboard phone looks like that.
I want this phone because I want how a love-hate relationship feels like.


If you give away your Porsche Design P'9981 won't that disqualify you from being a memeber of the exclusive owners clubs?!? lol

I'll be happy to take your place in the club :)

Why I would like to have your Blackberry?? Okay so this might be long. I bought my playbook in October. On December my friend gave me her Blackberry Bold. I loved it, but sadly it broke somehow in Feb. I have never gotten over it. I now have my old ugly phone and I hate it. My friends make fun of me for standing up for RIM / BLACKBERRY, but I still persist. If I got the Porsche designed Blackberry Bold I would show all my friends up with it and be very thankful and happy.

Whatever your decision is I will respect it, but would be overly grateful if you would allow me to win this on you're Birthday. :)

Benjamin G.

It's a great design and different than most everything else out there. Who doesn't want to add something a tad bit more unique to there repertoire?

Thanks for the chance to win! Now over to Google+

Hi Kevin,

I would be honoured to win that blackberry! It is so nice.


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

This is my dream phone! All I can do is dream about it. I still haven't been able to upgrade to a blackberry 7 phone yet! Winning this phone would be a dream come true! cutee79

Because I know that I would be the only one in 100 kilometer radius to have such a cooooool phone!