Win a FREE $2,000 Porsche Design BlackBerry courtesy of CrackBerry Kevin!

Win Kevin's Porsche Design BlackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 15 May 2012 02:06 pm EDT

3 Ways To Win: Leave a comment to this post or follow @crackberrykevin on twitter and add +Kevin Michaluk to your circles on Google+. Do all three for three chances to win!

* Update - May 15th, 2012: OK folks, this is it. Today is the final day to get entered to win my Porsche Design BlackBerry! If you're not in on the contest yet, what are you waiting for?! I'll be announcing the winner here tomorrow on CrackBerry! *

Original Post - April 27th, 2012: As the world's #1 BlackBerry Fanboy, I take pride in always having the latest and greatest BlackBerry. So when the $2,000 Porsche Design P'9981 Smartphone from BlackBerry went on sale in North America, I just had to have it. The P'9981 is an exclusive (and expensive!) smartphone that gets a *lot* of attention thanks to its distinct styling and limited availability. As I mentioned in my P'9981 Review, you kind of feel like a celebrity just owning one.

And as much I enjoy using the P'9981 and being a member of the newly-formed Club P'9981 owners group, I've decided it's time to pay my P'9981 forward to a lucky member of the CrackBerry community. As was pointed out to me in an email I received from a reader earlier this week, the Fearless Leader of CrackBerry Nation should rock a BB more representative of the 99% of CrackBerry Nation, not the < 1%. I couldn't agree more. So I'm back on my white Bold 9900 and my P'9981 is up for grabs! 

How to Win Kevin's P'9981: So this is it... your chance to win my slightly used but not abused Porsche Design BlackBerry. And because this contest prize is so awesome, I'm going to give you three ways and three chances to win:

  • Chance #1 - Leave a single comment to this post (tell me why you want my P'9981!)
  • Chance #2 - Follow me on twitter: @crackberrykevin
  • Chance #3 - Add me to your circles on Google+: +Kevin Michaluk

That's it. Do any of the above and you're entered. This contest is open worldwide. Contest ends May 15th at Midnight PST. The winner will be announced May 16th (my birthday!). Best of luck! And let's hope OS 7.1 is available for the P'9981 by the time you get my P'9981! :)

Reader comments

Win a FREE $2,000 Porsche Design BlackBerry courtesy of CrackBerry Kevin!



Thank you Crackberry Kevin for hosting this amazing contest, and good luck yo everyone who enters!

For the first time I show off my new blackberry playbook to my friends and they loved it! If I had the porche design bb and the playbook I'll be a power house......muhahahaha!!!

For the first time I show off my new blackberry playbook to my friends and they loved it! If I had the porche design bb and the playbook I'll be a power house......muhahahaha!!!

If i ever win this device (which I never do actually win anything ), besides bieng the only person in the country with this phone, I would be so gratefull to replace my old Blackberry for this.

I had my Torch 9860 stolen, now I am left with an old iPhone 3gs.... I hate iPhone... Please I need a Blackberry again, I am going through BB withdrawals... This P'9981 would be the best cure !!!! Cheers !!!

This is a smart looking phone. I want your phone, so that I can give to my son in order to keep him loyal to blackberry. He has an old 8520 and a new tablet. The Porsche would have him advertise for bb with his circle of friends. What a graduation gift!

Happy Birthday to you Kevin.......and Happy Anniversary to my wife and I....A. Porsche design BlackBerry would make the ultimate "re-gift" for my wife!..(on the 16th )

I want to win because i don't have a blackberry.
Ive always wanted a blackberry, everyone i know says their great. and i mean everyone!
Im tired of everyone and their mothers and grandmothers talking about their blackberrys and how awesome they are.
Im always getting made fun of for my stone age phone that can't even downloads apps

therefore if i win this blackberry , everyones grandmother will have a heart attack.

+ it looks Amazing and its BLACKBERRY.

because it would be great to text my friends with while I ride my pink fluffy unicorn while he's dancing on a rainbow

I love my 9860 Torch but miss my keyboard. As a car guy and Blackberry lover, it would be cool to to have your P'9981 Kevin. Rim for the win. On a side note, anyone at Rim ever try to hire a marketing genius from Tim Hortons? (If you are Canadian you will understand)

(Sung in a sultry Marilyn Monroe voice)

Happy BB-irthday to you,
Happy BB-irthday to youuuu,

Happy BB-irthday Crackbery Kevin,
Happy BB-irthday to you!

Allow me to cherish that sweet sweet P'9981 and make me a BBeliever!

A Birthday Haiku

Crackberry Kev's Birthday
Device of the BB Gods
The Gift of Gifts Given

Happpy BBirthday Kev!

Why do I want this device? To say the longest name for a cell phone to each person that asks "What phone are you using?" I'm using the Porsche Design P’Nine thousand nine hundred eighty-one Smartphone from Blackberry! BAM!

Kevin, I lost my job not too long ago and my mother passed away also. I have been using my friends iPhone 3g. Right now, I can't afford to buy a phone. I need your Blackberry P'9981to regain the confidence that I need to get another job and to get myself back on track with life.
Please help me achieve that, by letting me have your phone. It will be my first Blackberry and I promise that it will be in good hands. Thank You

Why I want a P'9981 ? well if you knew me would be pretty obvious but will put it like's a BB - always want the latest BB phones!

I gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta have this phone! Rooting for BB to pull thru and make a comeback this year bigtime!

WOW thanks for the opportunity to win this beauty. This could do wonders for my social life and I can feel smug knowing I'm sporting a $2000 phone. The fact that it has been fondled by Kevin is the icing on the cake.

Take Care

Although my chances if winning is very slim, i guess it won't hurt to try especially if it's a BBP'9981 that was previously owned by CrackBerry Kevin =D

Good luck to who ever wins it ;)

Brand new CrackBerry member and not very knowledgeable BB user. I don't want to win. I'd rather see one of your long-time CrackBerry addicts who will make a better use of it than I would win. Congratulations to the CrackBerry team and to everyone for making this an outstanding forum!

I want this phone because I love my bold, blackberry and, especially, Porsche, which is my dream car. By using the Porsche designed bold, I can satisfy myself.
The Porsche designed bold can only satisfy me by two of the most my favorites.

HBD Kevin I think I will win that Porsche bb cause I just got the news that I will be a D A D !!!

Awesome!! :D

I want to win a P'9981 because the design is super bad! Don't think it's an ugly device at all! Looks super futuristic to me...

Hello Kevin,
I don't use Twitter and Google+. I am not going to tell you how much I love you, how much I am going to praise you if I win your phone. No.
But anyway I'd like to have Blackberry P'9981 :)
So this is my offer: I like and I read it regularly. I'd like to promote it even more in my homeland. I am going to meet sir Richard Branson and other famoues people soon. We now make foundations for a great international business that you are going to hear about soon.
I promise to make no 1 partner in our business in branch it represents.
I will make PHOTOS of me and SIR RICHARD BRANSON with my (yours) P'9981 and send it to you as A PROOF.
Keep up the good work! :)

Would love to have this phone because I LOVE Blackberry's!!!!!! Best communication device on the planet.

HBD Crackberry Kevin. Have fun on the 16th.


I want your 9981 just because i got the feeling im gonna win it. It's been a while ive not come to CB, i own a 9900, works prefect for me...decided to take a tour into the site and saw ur contest, nd got this feeling inside me...weird, well this is gonna be my only entry, & this will be my phone tomorrow.

That BlackBerry is exclusive and should be secured. If I won it, I'd lock it down with a password and encryption.

When my friends ask me for the umpteenth time why I haven't switched to an iphone, I will be bold, display it for all to see, and say... behold, the BB coolness. ; )

Yes! I wanna it ! I am a totally new guy to the smartphone area since I did not use any smartphone before. I am now thinking between iphone and BB. This BB is so amazing that has been beyond my expectation. If I am so lucky to get one, I think I will become a big fan of BB.

i would love it because i want to get away from android and back to blackberry. i miss BBM!! and the keyboards.

I want this phone. I have a purple 8530 from Sprint, and that baby is on its last leg. I would love to switch to magenta and have this phone. It sort of looks like a prop from the "I, Robot" movie.

If I do win, Kevin has to promise that he'll autograph the inside of the battery cover. I mean it now. :)

my heart is actually racing right now... An opportunity to be considered to win this piece really got me excited. :)
I would totally rub it in to my i-friends. Porsche and bb, there is no better combination!

hello ???? is this thing on ??? lol i would like to be the final entry into winning that absolutley gorgeous device. i swear when i seen it a couple weeks ago on i literally had to change my shorts. i will gladly donate my bold 9900 to someone with a less technologically advanced phone.
im almost positive ill pick up chicks with that phone. cheers

Hopefully the future will be in my hands... either by contest, or buy one myself. Might as well try to win it free.

This phone is probably the closest I'll ever get to own a porsche...
Thumbs up to Kevin to let someone else enjoy this unique phone!!!

I owned a BB Playbook, totally loved it, I want to win cause I never own a BB device before but I am planning on buying my 1st BB 10 this fall. If I can win that Porsche, it will just be sooner than later. I am your BIGGEST BB fan. follow crackberry mostly everyday.

Why do I want your BlackBerry, Kevin? Because I'm using a BlackBerry 8230 FLIP phone!!! When everyone asks me about it, I just tell them it's the new BlackBerry Retro...but that lie can't go on forever!

I've been a BlackBerry user for the better part of 6yrs now and advocating for them against my Android & ios counterparts for years. Also loving tech and typically getting the cream of the crop (example, buying videotapes, why buy the $60 standard when they have a limited/collectors/special edition available, I go for the gusto!!) Unfortunately I don't have $2k sitting to spend on a BlackBerry (they are more than mere phones) and within my circles of business, artistic, & tech types I would be sure to make them envious of such a premium exclusive device. I'm waiting and hoping.

Jig Insane
BlackBerry = Success

Hi Kevin,

I'm from Australia and as you know, not too many blackberry users here (everybody into iToys here...)

So, if I got that Porsche, I'll be your representative down here :)

All the best and keep up the good work!


I took one look at it and said, 'that's HOT.' I'm always looking for the latest and greatest Blackberry products, help a sista OUT!


Hi Kevin;
I recently learned about this contest and became very intrigued by it when I actually saw a photo of the P’9981 on the Crackberry site along with the contest announcement. This is a beautifully designed phone. Frankly, I cannot imagine why you’d be willing to give it up to this contest, but I am thankful for the opportunity to win it. I have an appreciation for beauty with exceptional practical function, and this phone completely fulfills both criteria. It is a singularly unique phone. Being of a very practical nature, I have to admit that I probably would not normally consider purchasing such a phone, given its price point. I am a single parent whose focus is on helping my two sons through their post-secondary education. Therefore, the only way that I could ever hope to possess such a phone is to win it. I’ve been a hard worker all my life. I have never expected to have anything given to me; I have always worded for what I have received. Winning a prize such as this would be a first in my life. My pleasure in owning this phone would not revolve around what the phone ‘says about me’, either. I would simply enjoy the functionality and security of having a Blackberry device (I am currently an Android user but planning to switch to BB on my next contract renewal) that is also beautiful. Plus, it would also certainly serve as a conversation starter that would then permit me to start reversing the negative publicity (undeserved negative publicity at that) and public perceptions of RIM. I am a proud Canadian, and I want this Canadian company to succeed.

I need it, it is the baddest blackberry ever. I could show off for the iPhone and Droid Fanboys at work.

Okay Kevin. The closest that I will ever get to owning a Porsche is if one drives by me. That is unless you give me yours. Which, by the way is pretty darn cool. Your phone, bought with your money, and giving it to a lucky fan on here. Much respect my friend and thanks.

My 9700 broke yesterday!!! i could really use this!! dont want to buy another berry till bbx comes out!!

. All the technicians at work but me uses iphone got my wife a 9860 and it was doa sent it in for repair 2months ago and now she is talking about getting an IPhone if i won this i could keep her on blackberry

if i win i'll give it to my gf... her birthday is 9/9/81, her favorite number is 9... 9*9=91... it's a hot prime number and this is a hot prime cell. seriously would love to win. here's to hoping.

Happy Birthday Kevin. Have a good one. This looks and sounds like a great phone. Thanks for breaking it in for me. Cheers to all.

Hey I'm honest. I want to win Kev's phone, get my picture taken with Kev and then sell the phone to the CB nation.

Ive commented here but im gonna comment again..cos ive just lost my bb this morning :sigh: so yeah a new phone from crackberry would be nice :D

Ive commented here but im gonna comment again..cos ive just lost my bb this morning :sigh: so yeah a new phone from crackberry would be nice :D

Would love to win this so I could pass my 9900 onto someone else to start their blackberry obsession :)

I've always felt like a celebrity on the inside and owning this phone would be one more step towards being one on the outside. :)

My good old 9000 have been struggling in the past few months, and passed out these days. The carrier had no Bold's at the time, so they gave me a Lumia 800. It's a gorgeous phone! Fluid system, blazing fast menus, amazing screen, native Office apps, the best virtual keyboard I've ever used but...
It doesn't feels like home :(

Please, help me getting back on track and fully productive!
I'm in!

This is one beautiful device, would love to win it so that i can pair it up with my Playbook, all the best of luck to me:):)

I'm so tired of my Curve 9300, the screen is terrible and scratched, and it freezes up all day. Really want that Porsche Designe one!

Hey Kevin, I think this pretty cool of you to do this! It would even cooler if I won it :)

PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would love this phone like it was my own son! Please grant me the honor of being the father of this phone.

Kevin I want that 9981. My 9700 is due for an upgrade and the wife has ideas for a sofa.

Hook a brother up :)



I need this phone cause @crackberrykevin is my hero and I want to be just like him... And this thing is pure bling.

It'd be a huge upgrade from my 9800, and it will help me get my work done faster while on the job. As a Bell TV installer, I see thousands of people, and I do have to put my phone in their hands to read agreements sometimes.

Hi Kevin;
I’ve heard that in some cultures it is the norm for the birthday person to give gifts to the guests. I suppose that could be your intent in giving away your P’9981 on your birthday. Whatever the reason, I really appreciate the chance to vie for its ownership. I am currently a very happy BB Playbook owner. I rely on the information from Crackberry in making decisions about purchases such as this, and the advice and information I’ve received on this site has never disappointed me. So, having a chance to acquire a P’9981 would really be a huge thrill. Thanks for this opportunity, and Happy Birthday!

Would love to get of those to go with my silver porche (not) but hey if I can get a real porche car maybe I would be lucky enough for a porche blackberry!!!'

You don't understand how much I desire the phone and the everlasting effect it would have on my happiness!! Please let me win!

Kevin, I would love to win your P'9981. This device represents RIM's creative genius. This phone shares no similar look with any other phone. What better way to be a Blackberry Ambassador than to rock Crackberry Kevin's P'9981!

Just checking in again kevin. I'm following this since day 1 so as a fellow bbfanboy, you can be sure i'll give this piece of heaven a great use and good care!! I don't care if 2nd hand is THE P'9981!!

WOOO! KEVIN!!!! First of all since your birthday is tomorrow I want to wish you a happy early birthday. Aside from that, I have always been a blackberry lover. I love the keyboard, it is just amazing. I switched to the iPhone for a while but i missed my old blackberry too much. Something about blackberry's just had me captivated. Thus I switched back to my blackberry bold 9000 lol. Its a bit old and I dont have much money to spend on a new phone. Thus, this porsche blackberry looks AMAZING! I would be honored and so excited if you picked me. I Think the design is kick ass and I love what blackberry has been doing recently. PLEASE PLEASE read this and take it into consideration! :) Best wishes and pick me!


Okay Kevin I'll give it a shot. I only have a 987 right now but this is going to look awesome when I upgrade to the new Boxster!!! I can only promise pics....

This is my second attempt and hope is my lucky attempt :)

The limited edition of Porsche is amazing, it's a true art design of Blackberry Smart Phone.
Truly don't mind if I get this One from CB, maybe only some people carrying this in Indonesia :).

Thanks for the share and the updated News always here at CrackBerry.

With Love & Respect from Indonesia,

I would love to win this device, the sleek design and form factor look amazing! Thanks Kevin and CB!!!

WOW thanks for the opportunity to win this beauty. This could do wonders for my social life and I can feel smug knowing I'm sporting a $2000 phone. The fact that it has been fondled by Kevin is the icing on the cake.

Take Care

I would love to put this phone on the table next to my friends Iphones and Androids. If that doesn't start a pissing contest, I don't know what will lol

I am in for a win too kevin.... Lets see... My hopes are up for this sexy device... Love the design

Blackberry addict
bb bold 9900 + 32 gb playbook.
Previous devices: Iphone 3gs-bold 9000- bold 9700.

i could really use some p9981,
I've been a blackberry fan all this years and cant afford one
i just wished i win this contest

Thanks Kevin !!

As a hobbyists concept designer (especially in the RIM) arena, I could certainly use this device to design the next or even better BlackBerry Porsche mobile. Finger crossed to me winning. Great contest Kevin...okay, pick me already! ^The DigitalHomeBoy

I want it because I used to be a Crackberry addict, then went to Android and now I want back in the club. Plus I need one as a dev device.

are you really really really going to give it away? wouldnt it hurt? would you feel weird? tell me the truth.

Ok been tring to post for days hopefully being one of the last will be lucky really would like to win the Porsche Design phone.

Ok been tring to post for days hopefully being one of the last will be lucky really would like to win the Porsche Design phone.

Bad Ass Chicks with Bad Ass Toys & a Sick Ass Porsche 997.2 GT3 needs to be rocking this sweet phone wether it's in the car, on the go, or racing on the road course. Ready to throw the iPhone 4 to the curb and rock this special Porsche Design BB owned by Kevin, what could be better? I can promise you it's going to the right home....

: )

This would be a cool phone to have, and to win actually. I wouldn't normally be able to purchase a phone like that! :)

hey ! i need this porsche 9981 because i cracked my berry at the gym with a dumb bell then i ripped the keyboard flex cable while trying to replace the screen. now my sprint 9930 is in a baggy. help ! i been off the grid for 2 weeks.