Win a FREE $2,000 Porsche Design BlackBerry courtesy of CrackBerry Kevin!

Win Kevin's Porsche Design BlackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 15 May 2012 02:06 pm EDT

3 Ways To Win: Leave a comment to this post or follow @crackberrykevin on twitter and add +Kevin Michaluk to your circles on Google+. Do all three for three chances to win!

* Update - May 15th, 2012: OK folks, this is it. Today is the final day to get entered to win my Porsche Design BlackBerry! If you're not in on the contest yet, what are you waiting for?! I'll be announcing the winner here tomorrow on CrackBerry! *

Original Post - April 27th, 2012: As the world's #1 BlackBerry Fanboy, I take pride in always having the latest and greatest BlackBerry. So when the $2,000 Porsche Design P'9981 Smartphone from BlackBerry went on sale in North America, I just had to have it. The P'9981 is an exclusive (and expensive!) smartphone that gets a *lot* of attention thanks to its distinct styling and limited availability. As I mentioned in my P'9981 Review, you kind of feel like a celebrity just owning one.

And as much I enjoy using the P'9981 and being a member of the newly-formed Club P'9981 owners group, I've decided it's time to pay my P'9981 forward to a lucky member of the CrackBerry community. As was pointed out to me in an email I received from a reader earlier this week, the Fearless Leader of CrackBerry Nation should rock a BB more representative of the 99% of CrackBerry Nation, not the < 1%. I couldn't agree more. So I'm back on my white Bold 9900 and my P'9981 is up for grabs! 

How to Win Kevin's P'9981: So this is it... your chance to win my slightly used but not abused Porsche Design BlackBerry. And because this contest prize is so awesome, I'm going to give you three ways and three chances to win:

  • Chance #1 - Leave a single comment to this post (tell me why you want my P'9981!)
  • Chance #2 - Follow me on twitter: @crackberrykevin
  • Chance #3 - Add me to your circles on Google+: +Kevin Michaluk

That's it. Do any of the above and you're entered. This contest is open worldwide. Contest ends May 15th at Midnight PST. The winner will be announced May 16th (my birthday!). Best of luck! And let's hope OS 7.1 is available for the P'9981 by the time you get my P'9981! :)

Reader comments

Win a FREE $2,000 Porsche Design BlackBerry courtesy of CrackBerry Kevin!



Ok, I'll bite. It is a cool looking phone, my wife's Curve is dying and we're not due for a replacement for a while, I just sold a Porsche at work...made sense to enter. Like the NY lotto slogan, "Hey. Ya never know."

Thanks again Kevin and Crackberry for the awesome contests. I would love to win this phone. This phone can hold me over until BB10 comes out.

WOW, thanks for the opportunity. I for one will not sell the phone. what I will do is give my torch to my down syndrome brother that always plays with the BB and will keep the porsche phone. once again thanks for the opportunity.

In answer to the "tell us why you want one" question, I submit: Who wouldn't?!!
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I rest my case.

I'm hard core BlackBerry fan, defending BlackBerrys honour when my iFriends keep dissing BlackBerrys & also because I never win anything

Woot! I really hope its me this time! As a student, I can't take part in the finer things in life being on a low income budget. But, this would change everything!

I have never won anything! Went on Crackberry today looking for some cool new rumors and such, found this post and almost cried. I NEED this phone. It's not only sexy but, just, just, just AMAZING. Made a Google+ and Twitter just for a chance to win. I really need to win. My friends have been mourning the loss of my best friend (R.I.P B.M. 5/9/12) by playing Minecraft, I have by getting my blackberry flow on full blast. I just really need this.

i posted a comment but do not see it. so here it goes. I will not sell the phone I will use it. The phone I currently have will go to my brother which is down syndrome and always likes to play with the torch I currently have. thanks for the opportunity and for your being so kind. to see my brother at facebook search for Andy Olmedo he likes when I leave the computer on with his photo. let me now if you want to speak or say something to him.

Crackberry Kevin!!! I want your Porsche because I have business aspirations, and I feel that if I have a Porsche and my current BB Bold 9900, I think I certainly can make my life easier! :D And I also would love to be in the same group as Yeezy, Jay-Z, and Beyonce! :D

I want this because I truly want to see RIM succeed and as the only person of my friends who have not abandoned Blackberry for other platforms, it would be nice to have a device to really rub in their faces...

Would be really nice to win one of these. Can give my wife my blackberry and have this one... It is mother's day after all... ;)

Ok . . Wow! Virtually no chance but here goes! Have wanted a blackberry for many years and i'm hoping to pick up a 9930 when my contract is up in August. But hey, this would be pretty amazing! Thanks for your generosity Kevin, has really gotten me excited about becoming part of the 'get things done' family!

I'd like to win it for the rather childish reason that I'm working in a campaign and it would be great to have a fancier BB than our candidate...

do you really need a reason why i would want a p9981? lol....
in my country it cost about more than usd3000 and they sells like, yeah count me in....

This is a great device and blackberry outdone itself with this one. I like this device verry much and I think that this kind of contests are wellcome! And hey, following Kevin it's a great ideea if you want to see and learn more about blackberry/RIM. Keep it up Kevin!

Two words that ruined my very first "Blackberry" experience. "Blackberry Storm", I had high hopes this would of pulled be away from the iOS environment during the earlier days, no matter how many updates it had, nothing could fix my experience with the Blackberry Storm. I even tested the Blackberry Storm 2 in the store, and I still couldn't justify the move to even upgrade to that version.

In the end, iPhone kept me as a long term user. Now that I see what Blackberry has been up to, I have high hopes I can go back and experience something I should have many years ago.

Cause Kevin is the man and to be the man one must follow in the footsteps of the man and branch off and blaze their own path so bright that it eclipses everything the man had previously done...

This is my closest chance to get this lovely monster. If I have lucks in my pocket at the moment, I will throw all of them for this device.

Pick Me, Kevin.. i had to have it, coz i live in BlackBerry Nation

Chance #1 - Checked
Chance #2 - Checked
Chance #3 - Checked

Having in count that the BB that I use right now is a Storm 9520, this would be a big improvement for me!! so please Kevin let me be the cool guy in my office full of Iphones...

I'd loveee to win that phone, it just looks so elegant ! And considering i can never afford it, winning one would be totaly awesome!

Thanks for this contest Kevin

Huh. A giveway for a £1500 phone. I assume those bemoaning the contest will hand it back and say no thanks.


Why do people have to hate all the time? Can't we all just get along for once?

I wanna win!! I haven't won a Crackberry contest before and its about time... AND... For the bragging rights of course! ;0)

okh better share the P'love to me dude,, it's got my attention for the first time of those attractive design, thnks for your time n generosity (if it's f**in real)

I had to comment. I love my Bold but the thought of owning a hot new toy has never been something I will pass up. I really want a BB10 but this will do for now.

Wow if I win I can tell my everyone a won a porsche lol. Well all I got to say is this is a nice phone to win.

Wow ! I'm surprised by this generous crackberry moderator Kevin. I loved visiting this web daily for it's up to date news but I never expect to see this before; a P'9981 Blackberry phone. Gee, I'm would give lots of thanks if I won P'9981 .... to crackberry kevin !

Twitter / G+ :

Wow ! I'm surprised by this generous crackberry moderator Kevin. I loved visiting this web daily for it's up to date news but I never expect to see this before; a P'9981 Blackberry phone. Gee, I'm would give lots of thanks if I won P'9981 .... to crackberry kevin !

Twitter / G+ :

I want the Porsche Design P'9981 because it will look too awsomely sexy in my hands.
Anyway LOVE U BLACKBERRY.................and THANX Kevin for being so willing to give away the eyecandy.

I like the the Porsche Design Blackberry cause of its design and profile. If I win the contest it will be my birthday gift from you cause we have nearly same birthday, my birthday is the 15th of May.

What a privilege...and an honor it will be to carry CrackBerry Kevin's phone in my pocket and receive calls on it.

I can't wait to spread the news of where and how I got it to "those who don't know of the P'9981 [that] stop and ask what is as they're seeing it for the first time..."

I want to experience/see firsthand that "psychology and panache" advantage that CrackBerry Kevin's (my new) P'9981 has on my "old" Bold 9900

I will also "be leaving my SIM card in the P'9981 and my BBMs will come from my 2AA PIN" - because that's a promise!

***Proudly a Pioneer BlackBerry Owner***


I would love this phone. Since my last blackberry was used just too much, so it was worn out. And now that I have been laid off, I cant get a new one. SO I would really love to get this phone!

And man I love this site.

What an awesome contest, Kevin<- you rock!!!

i hope I can win this. I love the whole design of the device, Just cant get anywhere near that price tag. Lol

Have a Happy Birthday Kevin!

In for the contest, and yeah, that piece looks rock solid :-)
Me wants it!
Proud BlackBerry owner since 2007
8100, 8220, 9300, 9810.

Because what's more exclusive than owning a Porsche Design P'9981? Owning a Porsche Design P'9981 previously owned by Kevin Michaluk.

Does this come with the LIMITED EDITION CESAR HQ desktop clock? Now that would be EXCLUSIVE!!!!

i would use the phone for its purpose as i do my 9930 and then some.I keep my life organized professionally and personally as i use the camra to grab instant shots documenting business photos and personal keeping them separated by folder for easy access. My career supplies a 9930 so i carry two because i was already a BB fan before we got them.We love the phones but i cant stand that we all have the same phone.I am also an artist and i write songs often in memo pad.Closing out my first hip hop album now (Black Flame) written entirely in my 9930! amongst other projects.I use BBM Bluetooth & E Mail to send and receive music from different producers i work with,I also appreciate fine art when i see it and the physical keyboard is nothing short of it not going to go task for task for what i use the phone for because i have yet to touch on games & social media.Its not just a phone for me its a tool to make life easier and have fun while you do it! To top it off my playbook makes life on BB a gorgeous display for my family friends and co-workers.Having two 9930s and a playbook makes me feel like i can talk to an (ALIEN) lol but with Kevin's porche design 9930 i just might!!!!!!

"tell me why you want my P'9981"

And i really don't know the answer. It's like asking "tell me why you want a lamborghini". So i wrote this useless comment just for fun ;)

I think getting a Porsche Design BlackBerry would be so awesome.

I'm a BlackBerry user of 7 years, and I can say in earnest that BlackBerry will forever be the only phone I use, #period

I believe in this brand, I believe in this company and I think having this phone will simply be the symbol of my commitment and dedication of this brand. Plus, it is simply wicked awesome. lol

Well, I'm following you on Twitter and my rather dusty google + area. So I'll leave a comment also.

Hoping I'm able to win that Porsche Design Bold P'9981! That thing looks pretty gorgeous, would be a nice way to remind my peers Blackberry is nowhere near dead!

Kevin, this would be amazing for me to win! I'm a broke student and love my BlackBerry. I endure daily chirping by my friends, because I use a "crappy phone that has crappy apps". I don't think they'd say anything if I had an exclusive, luxurious, $2000 P9981. This would be so great to win, please pick me!

I want P'9981 to feel the difference and look different than most of business people around me.. A lot of people switched from Blackberry to iPhone (which I don't like being too restrictive) .. If I get this then it will be motivation to other colleagues to "go" for Blackberry (not for Porsche one but otherwise too ) or at least not to "switch"

Let me see if I am lucky this time..


Wow, I've tried out many BlackBerry devices, but this Porsche Design BB is just sexy. Certainly very thoughtful and generous of you Kevin to put this on. I don't know many people that would.

Howdy Kevin, I added you on my twitter and I'm happy to notice you're a Formula 1 fan! Amazing race this Sunday by the way! I think it's one of the best season's in years! Anyway as a huge race fan and car guy I would absolutely freak out in utter excitement if I were to win your Porsche P'9981! I'm now going to cross my fingers and hope I'm the luckiest guy on tomorrow!

I would want to stand out with an awesome designer-style blackberry.
ESP from a 2yr old 9800 torch. TIME FOR A LEVEL UP DESIGNER STYLE!! :D
The porsche design bb will totally make my blackberry life awesome!!!

Whoa. I'm so late. But here's my shot:

(1) My sister needs 2 new blackberries (her 8520s are on their last breaths) and I could give her a new phone.
(2) My birthday was the day before this contest started and I hadn't got anything so it would be amazing to get one of these!
(3) I've been fighting a war with my android/iphone friends and this would be a great new weapon to fight with :P


16th May is my 2nd year anniversary with my girlfriend. This would be a perfect gift for her and perfect timing!. She hooked me up with blackberry and it would be nice to give a little something back to her with something as awesome as this blackberry porsche phone.

Thanks crackberry!

uhm...why i want your P'9981 ?
As the first comment of mine , i want your P'9981 because i want to write more fun games and apps for BlackBerry OS but i don't have enough money to buy an BB Bold 9xxx or any OS 7.x devide(now,i'm using Nokia N70 2nd hand T_T) so your P'9981 is a chance for me to get an BB smartphone for free ! Hj,i hope that i will be chosen . Thanks you for reading my comment and give us a chance to get a great smartphone as P'9981.

I love BB and my country too ! Goodluck to everyone.

PLEASE PICK ME! I have been dying for this one since I first laid eyes on it. I LOVE the P'9981. I WANT IT!!! LOVE IT! NEED IT!!!

I would love to win because I'm stuck with a cracked phone screen on my curve 8520 help a girl out CrackBerry :p


All my friends have converted but I've stayed true to the berry and this phone would definitely turn their heads. #LoyaltoRIM

Saw someone using one at my favorite steakhouse, Cut. Was awesome end to an awesome dinner. Of course asked to play with it and it was amazing.
Would be too cool to have one.
and my 9900, RIP, met its end in a pool yesterday :(

,i hope to win this p'9981 courtesy of Kevin ;))

PS> This will be the greatest birthday gift for me! Kevin's Birthday is on 16th and my birthday is on 19th...


Hi Kevin! Nice meeting you @ BBW :)

I'd love to own a Porsche Designed BB... Two great companies to produce an awesome device.

It would be a first step before you raffle the awesome QNX controlled BB Porsche car showcased @ BBW!!! :D


Can't remember if I entered and I'm not sifting through 4600+ comments to try and find mine. I'll just add this one to be on the safe side.

Let's see ... checking the contest details ... Ah yes ... shiny black Porsche 911 to match?
I'm in! You are the best CrackBerry Kevin!!!

WOW never in my wild dreams....BLING BLING with me on the street and this.

Sigh I never win anything :(

Thanks Kevin for keeping a wee blackberry torch burning during this transition time.

Long live blackberry and of course CrackBerry !!!

I would like your P'9981 because I am a huge car enthusiast, and this definitely fits my passion for cars. Also, my 9700 is slowly dying on me, and I need a new device :(

I'm still stuck with the 1st generation Bold and my boss are not allowing me to get an upgrade ;-) I am definitely due for an upgrade :-)

Because its the only way in the world I'd ever own a BB device that cost more than $250, and when I win it, I'll do the same with my 9900, not that it would garner much interest.

Love the phone and hope i win. All I need is to get the car to go along with it. I guess i will have to settle for a keychain instead!!

I've been waiting for the perfect phone to replace my Curve 3g. This is the one! Cant wait to have it in my hands!


I've always wanted a Porsche... Car not the phone, but I would gladly upgrade from the car to the best smartphone in the world.


Porsche P9981 "Nothing Even Comes Close"

It will be pampered, cleaned and polished on a regular basis, It will always be treasured and spoiled.

Let me be the one to "show it off"


Keep being the leading publication and editor in the Blackberry World.

Well done and well said.

Be Bold!

Been a BlackBerry user since 2003 and reading crackberry site almost everyday for almost 2 years now. It would be great to win something that was once owned by CrackBerry Kevin.

Easily the most amazing design for a blackberry phone. Would be awesome to be able to own and use this device.

Design and technology at its best. Hope you have a draw for the QNX Porsche that was at CES to go with this phone. It's a great phone and I would take it off your hands. Thanks CBK.

I currently do not have a phone :/ (They're expensive!)
The only blackberry product I own is a Playbook with a cracked screen...
Winning this phone would be so amazing! I used to love iOS but it's getting kinda boring to me...This would be my first "Real" phone, and I would definitely keep for a long time and use it ALOT! (I'm a Developer/Hacker). Thanks for this contest!
I hope I win :)

Driving a Volkswagen has only introduced me to the wonders of German Engineering. Now the thought of having a Porsche in my garage too (like, when I'm in my VW in my garage) is overwhelming! Seriously - love to win it, especially knowing that Kevin's earprint is on it!

Hi,I do hope i can win this:) But I do very grateful i have blackberry curve now,as i was considered a low income family,my dad work as bus driver and my mom was a cashier at carrefour hypermarket,but we still live our life quite well and i believe that's because the Grace of God and i know,to some people buying a blackberry especially the cheapest one is nothing,but to me i'ts like so bigggg. i'm so thankful to my parent for buying me blackbery curve and i had using it for almost a year:) And i do know the chance of winning this is very small,but i believe Nothing is Impossible for Our God.And really,i dont know how i will feel if i win this,i never use such an expensive phone before,i really grateful if i can win this :) thanks,God bless

Kevin, I need this phone to make all my iPhone friends absolutely envious. Plus, I'm hoping it'll make my dream of owning a real Porsche that much more true.

I need a good blackberry. My boyfriends is falling apart and if you send me this thing, I will be able to give him my good Torch and use this one!

OK... before time goes out... ;) why i would like to have it? Well... i have almost all BBs from 8300 on.. and im planing to buy all of older models... and what i miss in my collection is 9981... so yes... it would be really great to have it in my collection in my office (after i get BB10 since im gonna use it till then). ;)

My Porsche P'9522 is broken just 3 weeks ago. I hope this Porsche BB will become my new phone. Thanks for the opportunity and Happy birthday Kevin !!!!

The reasons I want this are simple: I'll never drop $2K on a phone, I couldn't make it to BlackBerry 10 Jam to get my Dev Alpha device, and I'd love to try an OS7 device while I'm waiting for the new OS 10 devices to hit the market (my 9700 is still treating me right).

If won, would be the only Porsche I could ever hope to own. Had a BMW designed keyboard (Benq), that got me through my midlife crisis.

We would use the following punchline on all our apps :)

"This app is used regularly on official P'9981 of Crackberry Kevin".

I would love this device...I bleed Blackberry and not having this would put me into a state of disarray, confusion, malcontent and deep depression....Kevin, don't let this happen! you have the power :)