Win a FREE $2,000 Porsche Design BlackBerry courtesy of CrackBerry Kevin!

Win Kevin's Porsche Design BlackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 15 May 2012 02:06 pm EDT

3 Ways To Win: Leave a comment to this post or follow @crackberrykevin on twitter and add +Kevin Michaluk to your circles on Google+. Do all three for three chances to win!

* Update - May 15th, 2012: OK folks, this is it. Today is the final day to get entered to win my Porsche Design BlackBerry! If you're not in on the contest yet, what are you waiting for?! I'll be announcing the winner here tomorrow on CrackBerry! *

Original Post - April 27th, 2012: As the world's #1 BlackBerry Fanboy, I take pride in always having the latest and greatest BlackBerry. So when the $2,000 Porsche Design P'9981 Smartphone from BlackBerry went on sale in North America, I just had to have it. The P'9981 is an exclusive (and expensive!) smartphone that gets a *lot* of attention thanks to its distinct styling and limited availability. As I mentioned in my P'9981 Review, you kind of feel like a celebrity just owning one.

And as much I enjoy using the P'9981 and being a member of the newly-formed Club P'9981 owners group, I've decided it's time to pay my P'9981 forward to a lucky member of the CrackBerry community. As was pointed out to me in an email I received from a reader earlier this week, the Fearless Leader of CrackBerry Nation should rock a BB more representative of the 99% of CrackBerry Nation, not the < 1%. I couldn't agree more. So I'm back on my white Bold 9900 and my P'9981 is up for grabs! 

How to Win Kevin's P'9981: So this is it... your chance to win my slightly used but not abused Porsche Design BlackBerry. And because this contest prize is so awesome, I'm going to give you three ways and three chances to win:

  • Chance #1 - Leave a single comment to this post (tell me why you want my P'9981!)
  • Chance #2 - Follow me on twitter: @crackberrykevin
  • Chance #3 - Add me to your circles on Google+: +Kevin Michaluk

That's it. Do any of the above and you're entered. This contest is open worldwide. Contest ends May 15th at Midnight PST. The winner will be announced May 16th (my birthday!). Best of luck! And let's hope OS 7.1 is available for the P'9981 by the time you get my P'9981! :)

Reader comments

Win a FREE $2,000 Porsche Design BlackBerry courtesy of CrackBerry Kevin!



I could totally use a P'9981. In for the win!

I think this will this be the most posted thread ever?

Okay, got a lot of attention because the phone is **** ugly...

and you value it so much that you are giving it away and value the readers here so much that you are giving us a second hand handset...

This is ridiculous...

I'm number 977 to reply to this thread so there is some interest in the phone, that's for sure.

Maybe his London BB10 arrives on his birthday ;)

@JackKennedy.. DUDE.. It's not a second hand phone. It's previously owned by CrackBerry Kevin phone. THE CrackBerry Kevin. That makes it probably worth like $10k or something crazy like that. And way more meaningful to the lucky winner than some brand new P'9981 that anybody with $2k can go out and buy.:)

Plus.. this is a CrackBerry Kevin contest... I'm personally footing the bill on this bad boy vs. "CrackBerry the site." Maybe we'll do another contest down the road for a new one, this one is mine up for grabs. Also.. don't forget.. Miss CrackBerry has a P'9981 too, so there will still be one in the family. Having two in the house just felt greedy. Better to share the P'9981 love with a CrackBerry fan!

Kevin, Your generosity is greatly appreciated. But will that Porsche P9981 device be upgradable to BB10 later this year?

Oh, and will you be autographing the box?

CBK! This is just the greatest thing you can do! I admire you for the 'pay it forward' and would love to win this super neatO phone.

Yanno, THIS is why I love Crackberry ... the wonderful and helpful community that it is.

I'm not a member of Twitter or Google, so this is the only entry I can make.

Got my fingers crossed... Awsome phone.

DUDE!!! Mr. Michaluk has just hit the nail on the head, I am not trying to suck up but the fact that this phone was previously owned by CrackBerry Kevin!!! THIS PHONE IS FAMOUS!! I am sure that this phone is worth way more then the 2k Price tag, this is why I have tossed my name into the ring! @Kevin... Please check my post to see my reasoning for why I deserve the P'9981! Thank you for your continued support of the BlackBerry, if it wasn't for you, this brand would be dead!! Your heart truely bleeds BlackBerry Juice!!!

I am a huge RIM supporter and have been taking a lot of slack over it from friends. I bought the PlayBook when it first came out and am a shareholder. What better way to help me further my push to have my friends return to the blackberry platform than by adding the P'9981 to my arsenal to show off.

"Better to share the P'9981 love with a CrackBerry fan!"-CrackBerry Kevin

So true my friend. I am sure you really mean it! Cheers

Amen to that Kevin! My missus will take damn good care of that sexy beauty of a phone when I give it to her, after you declare me the winner of it. Thanks in advance and keep up the great work.

Good point of view, in Europe we value a lot second hand devices, specially when you get them at half of the retail price. I remember my first 8320 piece of art back then. Of course I would like to own such a device, who doesn't want to? In my country even if you wanna buy the P'9981 you wont find it on the market. Good luck to everyone out there. I hope I'll own the 10k collectible.

First off, who wouldn't want to own a Porsche BB, and second, why not one that Kevin used personally?

Will you autograph the back cover?

Kevin Michaluk, could you please add the blackberry curve 9380 to the phone list.I opened an account in your doyen but I had to choose the curve 9360 as my phone because my actual phone, the curve 9380, is not listed.
Thank you

This is Crackberry Kevin at his finest. Giving appreciation to the people who appreciate his hard work and all the time he puts in.

I really like the phone, and i follow you and appreciate what this community do, but i thought you were a humble person, and it seems you are not. For me at least, i dont care this phone belongs to the "fearless leader of crackberry nation" and you telling us this like if that was the Non Plus Ultra, isnt cool and sounds like pretencious and if you were doing this just for promotion because you are "THE" crackberry kevin. And just for your name you are a valuable person, and you are not. If we are all dudes and part of this community maybe without the intention of doing it, you are giving a msg that can be misunderstanding.

Thank you

JK, you are an a$$. He's doing a giveaway and this is the most intelligent thing you can say? Try, "thanks!".

I work at a best buy mobile & I'm the ONLY person left here who uses a blackberry !!! It would be nice to win this cuz then I can brag to all my co workers that I own a special edition 2000$ berry ! <3

This will certainly be the most commented thread!
I would love to own this BB... But definitely to see what's so special about it except for its pricey tag.

Man I hope I win.. I want the P'9981 not only for its look and show off, but also for its power!!

BlackBerry #1 Fan from London, ON

Hilarious how all the fucking haters of this phone suddenly want one when its free! F**k all u hypocrites! I don't want this piece of shit ugly slab of metal! If i would ever win this i would either destroy it or give it to someone who would just stuff it up their hypocritical ass! NO THANK U! good luck u Hypocrites

Well you commented, and you read the post, so obviously you do have some interest in it. Honestly they should just take your name off the list, because you don't deserve such an item. If a 2,000 phone is a piece of sh*t to you, then what's your treasure? I spent all my life taking hand-me-downs and what not. I've learned to appreciate what I can get whether its a treasure or a not so luxury item...besides, you don't like the haters, but you are one? C'mon man. Show humanity some respect...

I'm unlikely to get the car ever but at least I can try for the phone.......I'm in England so I hope it's right band drive!

DariusG1996! I would LOVE to win this phone, It looks awesome!!! Also, I have never won an online competition before... CrackBerry to be the first? :D

Also it's BOUND to be better than my curve 9360 (battery is awful)! Pleeeeeaaassseee?? xD

I know the value of a dollar and would absolutely treasure the phone. Been a blackberry owner all my life. Thanks for the opportunity!

Kev help a guy out to be a baller. I promise I won't sell it to some rich fool so I can get a 10 device.

I would love one these porsche design phones ! Even tho I drive a jeep, I'm sure I could still rock this wonderful phone ! Btw great contest kevin ! :)

May 15th Blizzard tell me how to get my copy of Diablo3, May 16th CrackBerry Kevin tells me how to get my P'9981 . . . Well, I can dream can't I?

An AWESOME SMARTFONE from an AWESOME GUY having an AWESOME BLOG is gonna be TOTALLY PRICELESS! What more can one ask for? :)

I would love to get a smartphone that lives up to my standards ;) I need a new phone as my 3G curves screen is bugared

I'd love a head-turning device that would make all of those iPhone people wonder who would make something a sleek and stylish as the P9981. Just to see their reaction when you say "it's a BlackBerry" would be priceless. Hopefully RIM will have a ton of new eye popping devices in the not so distant future.

Would love to win this, it would be a great upgrade to my 9780 and would go great with my PlayBook!

I've owned every bb since day 1, when the first blackberry looking device hit the street! Ok I passed on the Storm, whew! I want that Porche Design unit! I now live in Hong Kong and I'm the biggest fan over here.
Cheers Davey B (with his white 9900 )

3368 has got to be my new lucky number!!! Winner winner chicken dinner... Got to win one of these at some point... Lol

I would like to win a P9981 because I am the biggest fan of Blackberry in Portland Oregon. If I win, I will use it to lead my business to dominate the world!

It is very nice from you to give such expensive phone for free. I think I am the best to give this phone to, because it got Arabic letters carved on it is keyboard. My Mothertoung is Arabic, so I will make the most useful use of the nice phone. wouldn't let me post unless I replied to a comment. Good luck everyone!!!!!

But since I'm replying to jechow, I think the most posted thread had to have been for the BB10! I'm probably wrong

I can't afford a Porsche, and I could afford- but don't have the expendable income to buy a P'9981.. So I completely appreciate Kevin offering up his slightly used, I mean, fully loved- device :) and giving me a chance to win it!

Posted from my Playbook

I'd love to win this for one simple reason. To show It off! People need to see thet RIM always have & still produce the best phones in the world

Totally up for the phone would make a great birthday present as it is one day after yours! Loving the crackberry Site learning loads about the awesome playbook etc

Heck yeah I'll rock an obsolete Porsche Bold running BB7.-whatever for a year or so while the rest of you battle your way through BB10.x.x.x ;-)


+1 For CBKevin for giving away something that valuable. I hope the winner will show it off with proud ! BLACKBERRY ALL THE WAY

I failed to notice that we were suppsoed to give a reason. One: I'm a huge fan of Blackberry. I've had a 7105t, then the 8900 curve, then the 9700 Bold, and now my 9900 Bold. I also have two Playbooks that I love.I am constantly doing my part to spread the word and convert those around me to a blackberry. My Son's love them, My sister even bought a playbook, and my girlfriend just got her first blackberry, and LOVES it!

Thanks Kevin!

I could imagine myself holding this wonderful piece of art on the frozen tundra of Nunavut! CB for life all the way from the north pole!!!Sportin a 9630!!!

So I am German too ;-) guess we need to split it in two or three or 80 Million, so all Germans can get their piece of it lol

Cheers and good luck winning it

Slightly used but never abused...LoL

You must treat your device with kid gloves. I wouldn't mind throwing my nick in the running. Always been interested in the device, not interested enough to pay the 2000 bucks.

Good Luck to all the others who enter!!!

How to become the envy of all your friends. Help me out Crackberry. Will be sure to tell them I won it through you!!

I keep trying to justify buying one, but I'm all for winning one.

I wonder how many people who bitch about how ugly it is, will still try to win it. People on here are funny sometimes.

Kevin! I would love your P'9981... And would treat it with utmost respect. Also I would tell EVERYone I know about how I won it, and promise to preach the CrackBerry gospel as long as I live. I'm the hugest fan I know, and I'm gonna be signing up to twitter (haven't yet I know I know) and also to Google+... Just to enter the contest. Please oh please I hope I win.

I would love to get this phone for my wife. She does so much for me and her Blackberry is running very poorly. She has the Bold 9700 and all it does is keep freezing.

Why, you ask? You know how badass that would be?! It'd be awesome! Plus, my 9930is unusable here in Europe, only when I go visit family in the US! SOOOOO..the 9981, would be AWESOME. I miss my keyboard man! Help me out!!!

I need the phone because it would be nice for my first BB phone to be so kick ass. Plus it would go nice with my Playbook that I just typed this out on.

I hope I win, I believe I can make a great person who helps everyone really happy by giving it as a well deserved gift (as much as I would love to keep it hehehehhehehe)

I'm an VietNamese and do you know in my country we are very... very love BlackBerry. My country currency is lower than USD very much so that had an P'9981 was very difficult , maybe impossible for us. And my dream is develop Software and Game for the BlackBerry Smartphone user Community .So I really want to have your Porche Design BlackBerry to make my Dream come true.
Please contact me by my email : or facebook :

Thank you so much for reading my comment and if i was chosen and sorry about my English !

I would love to have it as it would become something unique and flashy, to show to all those who thrust their iConformity devices in my face.

This would be oh so magical.... What a collectors piece to make all the iphone geeks jealous!!! Thanks for the great giveaway!

I'd love this awesome Blackberry (and the Porsche 911 (with all its variations)has been my favourite car since I can remember ;) )

Already following you on twitter and just circled you on Google+.

Good luck everyone

Roz K. I am following you on Twitter but I'll hedge my bets and post here too. I don't have a smartphone but do have a Playbook - would love a BB smartphone to sync with my tablet. My old Nokia regular talk phone is falling apart

I want to win! I've been a long time lurker but you finally made me decide to register for an account. I really would like to win this phone because it's one of a kind and what more can you ask for as a devoted blackberry fan? Let's do it!

I would love to rock one of these phones at my Godson's 1st Communion tomorrow, sadly won't win it in time for that :( but could still win it in time to rock it at my mom's 65th bday at the end of May :)

Yes Please.
My old Torch is getting a little frayed around the edges and a shiny new Porsche would make a nice replacement.


I know I follow you on Twitter, and after I leave this comment I'll make sure I've got you on Google+

Why do I want it? Honeslty -- I'm a sucker for free electronics, especially when it comes to mobile technology! That's all, really.

I don't do the Google+ thing, but I am already a follower on Twitter, so I guess I get 2 chances to win with this post

I am a huge Porsche enthusiast and a big BlackBerry fan!!! Porsche is a passion for me :) One of my dreams is to own a Carrera one day... maybe that dream can start by the next best thing a BlackBerry designed by Porsche!!! and hopefully one day I will fill that Porsche keychain I have with they key of my Porsche :)

I wanted this phone before it even hit the market...and when I heard the news of it being $2000 , my dreams were shattered :( ...following you on twitter since time :D

As an attorney, it would be much more appropriate to have a Porsche instead of the more practical Honda Pilot necessary for hauling children and their stuff around. Alas, it may be my only chance to own a Porsche.

added you G+ under the name Jerry Culala
a long time follwer @jerry_culala

i want to win that BB of yours, will take good care of it! i want to win because my current BB phone is a very old BB curve 8310...

nothing better than a blackberry

tried them all (iPhone, Windows Phone, Palm Pre, Android), keep coming back to the BB as my #1 choice of mobile device

Having a unique BB device would make me feel special and in the privileged few.

nothing better than a blackberry..

So I got 2 enteries? I follow on twitter and now this. I don't have google+

I hope I win. My curve is falling apart on me.

Dang I hope I can win this. It would be the highlight of the year for me. Please pick me. Thanks so much Kevin for the chance.

I already follow Kevin on Twitter so would this count as my second entry??

I'd love the 9981 because it's so rare. And I refuse to spend $2000 on a phone!! :D

Oh sweet berry lord... Awesome. Ive been thinking lately that i really really want a taste of os 7 atleast before bb10 becomes the talk of the town. Porsche was outta my scope/means..... Id so love ur banged up 9981. It would b the only one is jamaica! Pick me ! Serioisly tho... I want!

hope i win! a great gift for a mother of three in time for mothers day! let that BB be a mother's day gift to me on your birthday ;)

My dad deserves a good phone, a reliable phone, one that has the business, email and security as a center focus. Not games. I can't think of a Blackberry that will fit him better.

Would love to win this one, he's been cursing his Android for a while now, so it's about time to get some rock steady, and stylin.

and chance #3 :)

I really want to see it in person. Man it looks fugly but what a collectors piece.

Oh sweet berry lord... Awesome. Ive been thinking lately that i really really want a taste of os 7 atleast before bb10 becomes the talk of the town. Porsche was outta my scope/means..... Id so love ur old loved 9981. It would b the only one is jamaica! Pick me ! Serioisly tho... I want!