Win a CrackBerry Crunk Case for your BlackBerry Z10 or Q10!

By Adam Zeis on 22 Aug 2013 04:20 pm EDT

Having a case crisis? Not sure just which case is your favorite? Let us help you out.

The CrackBerry Crunk Case is your new favorite, and that's that. Our CrackBerry-branded Crunk case is a flexible skin that not only looks great but also gives you good protection for your BlackBerry Z10 or Q10. The case goes on easy and holds tight, keeping your device protected from those bumps and bruises of the daily grind. 

The Crunk case is available in black, white and of course CrackBerry orange, so you can pick the one that best fits your style. If you're having trouble choosing just one, you can grab all three for a discounted price and swap them out whenever you want.

The CrackBerry Crunk Case is available for both the Z10 and Q10 for just $14.95 - but we're giving you the chance to win one free! Keep reading for the details.

Purchase the CrackBerry Crunk Case for the BlackBerry Z10
Purchase the CrackBerry Crunk Case for the BlackBerry Q10

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To enter to win a CrackBerry Crunk Case for your BlackBerry Z10 or Q10, just leave a single comment on this post letting us know what case, your device and why you want it. We'll pick three (3) winners at random to receive a new case. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PT. Good luck!

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Reader comments

Win a CrackBerry Crunk Case for your BlackBerry Z10 or Q10!



Orange case on my Q10 would be amazing. Haven't found a case I like yet, and this could be the one. Go O's!


Posted via CB10

I would love a orange case. I think that the orange case and my white Z10 would be a great a match as melted cheese on toast :D

Posted via CB10

White Crunk! Z10 because I'll become a walking Crackberry +BlackBerry promoter, I'll have yet another excuse to whip the phone out and show off! :p

Kind Regards, Tino Chiko C0008DDD1 TechCraze!

Crackberry orange for my Z10 because I destroyed my flip shell using the flap to get back into my house after I locked myself out lol

Posted via CB10

I would like the black case for the z10. I don't yet have a case for my phone and it is on my person at all times to keep it as safe as possible. I would feel much better if I had a case.

Posted via CB10

I want one so bad. I've been addicted to the CrackBerry Forums for quite sometime and after taking a small leave, I'm gonna be getting the Q10 I've been desperatly waiting for.
Device is a Q10 and I want it in CrackBerry Orange :D

I just picked up a Q10 and would love to have an orange Crunk case to represent the best tech blog on the Internet! Go Crackberry!

Posted via CB10

Don't know which case would be best for my z10...but I do know a free case is the best case! Thanks Crackberry!

Posted via CB10

I would love an orange case because I've already dropped my Z10 a few times. Thank god the thing is built like a tank, but that doesn't mean it can't get scratched...

Thanks CB!

Posted via CB10

Black or orange Crunk Case for my Zed10! Because you can never have too many cases!

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

I would love an orange Z10 case! Looks like a great case to protect my phone, and it will help me tell more people about Crackberry, cause you know they will want to know where I got my awesome case! Thanks!

Z10, orange, of course. Crackberry color, baby!
And why would you NOT want one?

C0001BBF0 - BlackBerry 10 help channel.

Crackberry is enabling my case addiction. Z10 in orange, please.
More cases, must have mooooooore.

Posted via CB10

The orange crunk case for my Z10! Why? Well I live in the UAE and there's not a wide selection of cases for the z10 available in retail stores + it looks fantastic!

Posted via CB10

Would love to get a black CB Crunk case for my Z10 :) looking for a new case and this could be the one ;)

Posted via CB10

i waant one... for my z10 an orange one, because i need to protect my awesome device with an awesome case..

I really would like to have a black case for my black Z10, because I want to keep it as long as possible in a good shape.

Posted via CB10

I have a Z10 and would like an Orange one because it's bright and easy to find in my purse :)

Posted via CB10

I need one to be able to compete with our favourite ninja... I'll take an orange one of course and it's to dress my dear Q10.

I want the orange chunkk!
My phone is BlackBerry z10
I want it because i dont have any casee for my BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

I would love the Orange Crunk Case so I can sport the Crackberry Orange! :). Seriously, I would love this for my Q10!


I would love an orange case for my Q10 :). My black case on my black phone could use some color! :)

I'd like the CB orange Crunk case for my Q10, it'd be nice to have something slimmer than my otterbox and an option on what case to use. Good luck to everyone who enters.

Posted via CB10

Q10 case! Oh Yes. My device is naked. Naked is not good for the BlackBerry public...Cover my Q nakedness with this nice case and let her function with dignity.

bcuffy. Q10, 9900, PlayBook 64gb, Iphone 3gs.

I want the Crackberry orange one for my Z10!!!! I dropped my last phone twice and had to spend almost $150 on fixing it! I would love a brand new case for the protection of my favourite phone!

Posted via CB10

black q10 case! previous phone was a nokia and lets face it, they build tanks. my previous bb was good and all but its like comparing a G-wagen to a tank.

Anyone got a Dev Alpha C case? Do they fit in any Q10 cases or will I have to go all steampunk and make my own? :-)

I'd be proud to sport a CB orange case for my Z10, it will definitely catch people's attention and give me the opportunity to show off the capabilities of my BlackBerry 10

Posted via CB10

Orange Crackberry crunk case for my Z10 because my poetic atmosphere recently broke and I am confused as to what case to buy! Plus the case is soft and bendy, and orange is fit!

Posted via CB10

I'd love an orange one for my z10!! But only if it has the Crackberry logo on the back. Otherwise, black one it is!!

Posted via CB10

I have a Z10 and would like the black one. I do not have a case yet, and need some protection but like the black since it blends in so well.

I have a stormtrooper Zed 10, And I'd want an orange Crunk case.i use an otter box but I'd like to see how black(back) white (phone) and orange (Crunk case) would look...

Posted via CB10

Black Z10 case. I need a Crunk to be less of a CrackBerry nerd rockin my leather holster now!

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

I already own all three Crunk for Z10
How awesome would it be fore you to send me one for a Q10 with the Q10 attached!? Most awesome thing ever!! And I would love yall even more!

Z10 :)

I would love an orange CB Crunk case for my Q10, because I love fall colors, I am a CB addict, and my smart Q10 typed Crunk all by itself!!

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

I'll take an orange crunk case for my z10 because I don't have a case and I like orange

Posted via CB10

I just convinced my company that a new Zed10 to replace my 9900 was the best option for me. Now I need to find a case for it. Hmmm where to look, where to look!

Hi, because I love Blackberry and of course Crackberry and I want that everybody knows it!
Orange Crunk for Z10!

Give me the orange CrackBerry Crunk Case for my new Q10. My Q10 is feeling very cold right now due to being naked.

Can't win if you don't try... Like to set my hands on the orange crunk case. But you know what would make this ideal since I don't have a Q10 yet is to win this case so I can instantly put it on my Q10 when I get it the 2nd week of next month. Will have pics to prove it! haha

Crunk case in any colour on my Z10 would look great. Currently using the full, rugged Case Mate but this Crunk skin looks really sharp.

Yes, please. I just got my second Z10 (this time in white after my first one had an unfortunately accident) and I need to protect it. I'll take any of them or all of them.

My current device is a Black Z10 stl-3. I'd love to get my hands on the Seidio ACTIVE case. Full protection and the convenience of hands free entertainment is amazing.

Posted via CB10

I would love a black Crunk Case for my Q10 to prevent it from getting scratched when I inevitably drop it!

I need a black Crunk case for my z10 because I bought the white poetic atmosphere and it is now a grayish yellow and falling apart!

Posted via CB10

The kickstand case is an awesome idea because it could easily display the phone when the alarm clock or TV/video function is in use. I am prone to falling asleep with my blackberry and waking up on top of it. With the stand, it could rest on my bedside table...rename, bedside stand! If I win the case, please send white! Also, please explain whether your new case protects the screen. Thanks!!

Posted via CB10

Love the Crunk name, funky marketing at its best! Wonder if it took guts or just came natural, but really, i know the answer. Oh yeah , pick meeeee!

Posted via CB10

White Crunk for my Z10 please. Why? Lol because I don't have a case and this looks sprunky

The Gamer's Network- C00015A3 || From my Z on .1047

Need a new case to go with the new Q10 I won through the Keyboard Love sweepstakes. CrackBerry Orange will be fine, thank you!

Posted via CB10

I'd love a Crunk case because I like to do just that - get crunk and have a #hammeredtime

Would love it for the z10 cuz that thing has taken a beating vs my Q.

Posted via CB10

hi CrackBerry! my name is Erin and I own a BlackBerry Q10. There are a few reasons why I would love to have a CB Orange case. first off my BlackBerry SoftShell case is loose and slips off my device. which is actually really irritating -_-' secondly Orange and Black represents Halloween/ and the day before that is my boyfriend and I anniversary :) . so it would just be RADICAL if I won, my phone would represent so much more then just my love for BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

Dear CrackBerry Team , I own a black Z10 and I would love to have an crackberry orange crunk case to fit my Z10. I would love to show the world my passion for CrackBerry !!!