Live in the UAE? You could win a chance to meet Lewis Hamilton in Abu Dhabi

By Bla1ze on 28 Sep 2013 11:45 pm EDT

If you live in the UAE and are picking up a new BlackBerry 10 smartphone such as the BlackBerry Z30, you could be one of ten individuals lucky enough to win a meet and greet session with Lewis Hamilton plus plenty of other Mercedes-AMG Petronas goodies. As noted on the promo website, registration is easy enough. You just need to send a SMS to 4644 using the following format: REG Ahmad, Z10, Dubai (Please remember to add a comma after Name and Model No.):

  • 10 winners will win: A meet and greet session with Lewis Hamilton, A Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team fan experience in Abu Dhabi
  • 100 winners will win: Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team fan experience in Abu Dhabi
  • 500 winners will win: Exclusive Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team merchandise

Additionally, entry forms and deposit boxes are available through local retailers as well. If you're looking for the full details and terms and conditions, you can head on over to the official promo page using the link below.

Learn more via the BlackBerry promo site

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Live in the UAE? You could win a chance to meet Lewis Hamilton in Abu Dhabi


I know who he is, i just don't know how a meeting with him will improve my life... i would rather meet Nicole than Lewis lol

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This is why the marketing team sucks.. they got this guy to promote BlackBerry and not a lot of people know him

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Millions know who he is, especially in the UAE. It's just the USA that hates F1.

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+1 to that, my friend! I would love a chance to meet Hamilton! Take the piss out of Vettel. In the UK and the rest of the world that likes F1, Hamilton is some sort of wunderkind. :)

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Bla1ze's personality alone is worth over a billion USD. That's why I sang his name falsetto.

-STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US

Big whoop....i'm divided on which is the Biggest BlackBerry Boulben Blunder (see what I did there? huh? huh?)....Alicia Keys and her iPho...errrrr I mean Z10....or the BlackBerry logo on this stupid car

Stupid car, stupid driver's suit, stupid merchandise, right?

What's in your mind? Promote BlackBerry with Miley and Paris? Totally the target audience there, lol.

Posted via CB10 god no! So how many people do you know that have said, "Wow! Did you see the BlackBerry logo on Lewis Hamiltons suit? I'm going out and buying a BB phone RIGHT NOW?" Apparently the number is quite low....since sales are in the fact, I would wager that making the entire car a giant 200 mph BB logo still wouldn't do squat

Formula 1 is the most technological form of auto is the is the BEST. Being associated with the most technological form of auto racing is a GOOD thing for a high tech company.

I am AMERICAN and I love all forms of motorsports, especially open wheel, and most especially Formula 1.

There are many Formula 1 fans in the USA with one race currently taking place in Texas, while a second race is being considered for the New York/New Jersey(Manhattan skyline as backdrop) area.

Lewis Hamilton is a Formula 1 World Champion...which means he was the GREATEST driver on the planet that year. He is still in his prime, he is a contender to be World Champion for atleast the next five years. Being associated with one of the greatest racing drivers in the world is a GOOD thing for ANY company.

I'm sick of your Monday morning quarterback comments...tell us of some of your prolific life triumphs.

You are NO Lewis Hamilton and you wouldn't be able to change the lug nuts on the Mercedes/BlackBerry F1 car.

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda s2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

my comments were directed at the sales generated as a result of this "marketing." They were not an attack on your beloved F1 racing. However, in the early 90s I did race the amateur AMA Norcal circuit on a GSXR....we only had one lug nut to change so you may be correct about my inability to change an F1 wheel
Other than that, I am but an ex- air force combat controller and now humble educator with a knack for recognizing stupid leadership most people with at least an IQ above 50 are able to do

You wouldn't know how to MARKET a brown paper bag.

I owned a GXSR 750...with a Vance & Hines exhaust...very fast, very agile, beautiful sound.

Teachers are great critics...having to NEVER come up with anything on their own...just talking about the DOERS' successes and failures in all subject matters.

I love Soichiro Honda's story of seeing his first automobile...a Ford Model T...and saying that the oil dripping from it smelled like PERFUME.

Don't call that car stupid.

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda s2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

yeah teachers dont make any money which means they can't do anything...they sacrifice the one they COULD have for a ideal...that makes us pretty worthless I know...its so easy, you should give it a shot sometime....just take some time from your private jet or your yacht and do some community volunteering by being a substitute teacher...say, by the way, all those F1 drivers that have moved to are they doing?

I have been a substitute teacher...right after college...then I wanted to start making money (don't HATE me for that).

I don't care how much money you or anybody makes...I care about critics with 20/20 hindsight who have never brought anything NEW to any market.

This new operating system is a conquest was going to take time to be implemented by BlackBerry users/fans let alone the masses.

The marketing is supposed to get interest/exposure to BlackBerry and maybe touch on a few of the new features. That is what the marketing did in my case...then I researched and waited 5 months for my Q10. Is the far too lengthy(but worth it) wait Boulben's & marketing division's fault too.

I consider myself to be one of the newly named prosumers...and I think you can have PRODUCTIVE fans/users of all ages.

As for NASCAR...going from a light weight open wheel car to a heavier closed wheel bump & grind car will always be a challenge...but it is a challenge in reverse as well. Maybe Jeff Gordon, Robbie Gordon, Tony Stewart, Kurt & Kyle Busch could compete/could have competed in Formula 1.

I'd like to see Jacques Villenueve get a full time seat in NASCAR or go back into an Indycar.

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda s2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

Saw Jacques' first win in Indycar @ Road America...GREAT DAY...GREAT WIN...GREAT DRIVER. Needs to be back in the sport to liven it up...can't believe Honda went back into F1 and didn't eventually get it right and win World Championship with Villenueve.

Love that Renault returned and won multiple World Championships with Fernando Alonso.

Honda F1 engines circa mid 00s...loudest/coolest noises I have ever heard BEFORE they would inevitably BLOW-UP.

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda s2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

Actually now that I think about it a bit...early 00s. Jacques last year with BAR Honda, 2003.

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda s2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

You were just owned. F1 is the pinnacle of opened wheel racing or any type of car racing in my opinion. Try watching it before you make any comments. There is a world of racing and F1 is by far the most popular in the world.

Posted via CB10 criticism is with the MARKETING...please "own" me some more and show me how BlackBerry sales just EXPLODED because they are on an F1 car....take all the time you need (and you're going to need a lot)

F1 is prestigious, but mostly ignored here in the US compared to other sports. It's not going to reach many, if anyone here. Even if it does get seen by chance, no one will know why they should care about yet another sponsor. People need things spelled out in humorous ways to be memorable.

An aggressive brand perception strategy is needed to turn things around. People need to believe that BlackBerry represents something positive to the masses to attract the masses. Random ads with cryptic feature hints won't solve that.

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Haha ask Sebastian Vettel and a race in the same, Top Gear. Vettel was annihilated by Hamilton. Hamilton is the top driver but doesn't have the best car. :)

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Annihilated?? In the reasonably priced car???? Is that how F1 drivers are judged??? 3 time world champion, and I believe more than a second faster per lap than baby hammy at the last race. Is his father paying you to right this crap?? I agree F1 is watched all over the world but not much here on the US. I love BlackBerry but I have spoken with people that didn't even know that a new blackberry was out.

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He is one of the most aggressive F1 drivers..... at least he can mean "keep moving" rather than Alicia Keys

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Finally some spinoff from the F1 . Good if this promotion has buildup to make good PR and across the mobile user base. And best part would be if it isn't done in each F1 circuit. Mercedes is one of the top teams. Better than Alicia Who.

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Edit : If it is done*, in above post...
Sorry don't have an edit option when replying to articles :) from the cb10 app on z10. Part of the BlackBerry experience, I believe.

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The US is not the only target market for BlackBerry. F1 in UAE is a MASSIVE event as it hosts the F1 championship in its capital. This is the only market that went for that sort of promotion and I believe is being supported massively by marketing and PR as I see the promotion literally wherever I go.

I can't wait!!! :D I hope I win!!

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This is Ok for marketing just like the Alicia Keys one they did in NJ... but it's not enough... I'm still having conversations/arguments with people & carrier employees that it's not jus the same old blackberry it's a whole new OS, yes they do have apps (yes even angry birds lol) also how great it's is to use the Z 10 & (the Q10 the little I've used it) so yes they need commercials informative detailed ones


Even though I agree with comments on bb's marketing short comings, it is ignorant to suggest this is not a great fit. 2008 brought a Formula One viewing audience of 700 million people. It's one of the best marketing moves with bb10.

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Just give me the Z30 to meet!! I'll say hello... Z30 it was your looking for, meet the Z10 we all going to good friends,come into my hands, and I'll always love you. Lol

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Who the he'll doesn't know who Lewis Hamilton is? You people must be living under a rock. This is actually a very good marketing strategy because people would be racing to buy BlackBerry 10 smart phones.

See what I did there...

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oh obviously....the last earnings statement was fabulous....sales are through the roof! It seem the only racing going on is the carriers returning fast as possible

What does this have to do with the topic other than trying to get hits to your lame blog? Spamming is not tolerated!

I don't wanna meet or win anything. Just provide us with bbm voice and video chat. And i hop i don't need to side load any apps after 10.2 is released. Why the hek should i side load apss anyways. Contacts on phone book is getting irritating when i keep linking similar contact every time i restart my phone. BlackBerrwy is starting to p**s me off and i don't know why it took me time to feel like that.

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I hope they at least sell 500 of them... every one gets the merchandise! Oh... come on sell thousands and millions and the BlackBerry marketing re must come up with something better.... and very soon.

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You want people to notice blackberry...put the Z30 in Miley Cyrus hands wile she is dancing.

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That actually would make a helluva more sense than the current strategy!

If they could also get Ms. Cyrus to do a demo of answering calls on the Z30 with her buttcheecks while twerking and sticking out her amazingly long tongue, it would be a stroke of genius!

Hell get Peter Griffin trying to cram a Z30 up his bunghole or Stewie trying to kill Lois with a Z10...even that ridiculous idea would do more for the brand than some dude on a flying carpet...

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Oh no, not THE Lewis Hamilton!? Who the hell is Lewis Hamilton?

This is another case of deja vu...remember when Alicia Keys was supposed to help BlackBerry increase its sales...yeah...that worked out just fine (and by the way I'm a fan and really like Alicia)...

Your company is literally disintegrating and this is what you put your efforts towards?!

With all due respect to UAE, this isn't the market you should be concentrating on! If every resident of UAE bought a gold plated diamond encrusted BlackBerry Z30 ultra super duper wouldn't matter.

Your bread and butter is still the North American and European markets, and the downfall of BlackBerry is linked to their failure to keep their market share in these regions. All the developing markets put together still can't have the same value as the US matter what all the talking heads say...

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The downfall of BlackBerry in north America is due to lack of apps and the thousands of trolls also known as sales reps at every carrier these phones were supposed to be promoted.

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Let's agree to disagree...This spectacular downgrade and shrinkage BlackBerry had experienced didn't happen outbox the blue but was many years in the making stemming from the arrogance and hubris from a company that thought itself to "the shit" when they clearly weren't! What they were actually turning into was shit...too bad they were taken with their own masturbatory self love to notice it!

As for not having enough appas...hmmm who is to blame for that mess? Can you blame developers for not giving a damn on BlackBerry when the rhetoric coming out of their cackehole even until few years ago, was that nooooobody cares about apps!

As for the sales reps, why should they promote devices and a brand when BlackBerry itself seems uninterested or unable to do so!

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I would like to meet Hamilton. I am a big fan of F1 and I think Lewis is one if the best drivers. The AMG team is only suffering because of the tire situation in F1.

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^^Sorry, accidentally push the post button... anyway what I'm going to say is, if ever I won, can I convert it to cash instead?...

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Why would we support a country funded and sponsored by terrorism? This is very ignorant on your part BlackBerry. Infact I'm considering trashing these three z10 as in zzzzzzzz10. I'm thinking android is the best bet. And when you do something gone this well. I think the problem your running into is real celebrities do t want anything to do with a failing company. So you go after a terrorist market lol uncouth

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Are you one of them canadians that lives up north and uses "eh" in every phrase to think hes authentic?

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Ow man..the term and condition says you have to purchase it 20th Sept onwards..i bought mine in July..dang!..I could have been the one wearing CB tshirt while meeting Lewis Hamilton..

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