Win a BlackBerry Z30 from Rogers and CrackBerry!

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Dec 2013 11:41 am EST

If you're in Canada and have a BlackBerry Z30 on your wishlist for the holidays, we'll be your Santa. We've teamed up with our good friends at Rogers and are offering up a shiny new Rogers BlackBerry Z30 to one lucky reader. This one is for Canada only as it's a Rogers device, but don't worry because we'll have plenty more global contests right around the corner. 

Nothing fancy on this one. Just leave a single comment on this post telling us why a BlackBerry Z30 would make your holiday season the best ever. We'll pick one winner at random to receive a new Z30 courtesy of Rogers (hopefully in time for the holidays!). 

So get to it! 

Only one entry per person - Winner must be in Canada - Contest ends Sunday 12/15 at midnight PST.

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Win a BlackBerry Z30 from Rogers and CrackBerry!



Is the Z30 selling in Canada?

Anyone have a sense of this?

I have one and think that it is the "Best New the on the Market ".....

CB10 from the Z30

I was upgrading at the end of November with Rogers. They said it was on back order. Whether that is a good thing or not who knows..

Yes it is. Rogers, Bell, Telus all carry it. If you're buying outright then Telus is the best option. STA100-5

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That's why I put the Question Mark. Couldn't believe no one had commented. But so happy I have gave you something to comment on ROTFLOL

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With Z30 I would have been faster. More efficient, more screen to read all these great CB posts. Winner winner Turkey Dinner!

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Not eligible for contest here in Tropical North Queensland... won't ship down unda...

My name is Prem, and I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Ahh.. let me see.. my reasons..: great battery life, great sound, amazing huge screen and simply the best OS on the planet (BB10!!!!!)...

Shit need to say why a Z30 would make my holiday. I already have a Z10 so I'd say give it to a non berry user to get them on the dark side.

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That's what happened to me. Was using Galaxy S III, went Black, and haven't looked back.

Posted via CB10 with my BlackBerry Q10...SON!

Would love to download some of those 99 cent movies and watch them in the car on the way to the in-laws...if I could talk my wife into driving!

Authored on the Q10

I love my Z10, but my old eyes would do much better using a Z30. And I would love miracast to play the holiday videos on a larger sceen.

I would love a #Z30!!.. and reason it should come to me is that when it comes to contests, Quebecers rarely get any love because of u know.. i don't want to write it :) ... but show me some love!! :)

The blackberry Z30 seems to be an amazing phone, I would love to have one to show off to all my friends the power that a BlackBerry can still produce! And also I'm strapped for cash due to the holidays so it would make it even sweeter if I won one!

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Well, a Z30 would be awesome, my fiancee is looking at the Z30 herself, so this would be an awesome christmas gift for her. I know I have been on the naughty list, but she deserves to be on the nice list and I need to win this for an awesome girl that she is

Is that a real pic of you Raz? You could scrub clothes with those abs son!

Posted via CB10 with my BlackBerry Q10...SON!

Ok, this is how you enter to win a contest......unless Crackberry picks at random. it's more meaningful if you put the effort into reading the comments Crackberry! Just sayin! I vote for this guy!

It'll make my holiday season the best because it's the only thing missing under my Christmas tree

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Do you still believe in BlackBerry as much as you could believe in Santa?

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Pick me, pick me! I will hold it, caress it and cherish it, and make sure that Z30 has the best home ever!

I absolutely love my Z10 and the Blackberry 10 OS, but before this device was eleased I was waiting on the 5' inch monster that was being rumored!

I would love the Z30 because I just love phones with big screens! So the Blackberry Z30's big screen with the beefed up processor would be so awesome!!!

The Z30 would easily be the holidays best gift for me!

Twitter/4sq/Instagram/CB/Steam: @Loppizzle Dr. Michael Lopez, B.Sc, M.D.

Would love to be able to give this to my girlfriend for christmas. She needs a new BlackBerry and I can't afford to get her one.

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Wow. Would be nice cause with this rogers Z30 I would be able to leave Bell fo good lol.

Would love to win a z30, so that I can show all my apple loving friends how much better a BlackBerry phone is.

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I love BlackBerry very much with all my mind and heart and it would it give more meaning to my life when I know I can keeping moving with all the busy work load .If BlackBerry Gave me a Z30 IT Would be such a wonderful gift!

Please let me win this phone I beg you :)

Thank you!

Z30 battery life will really help me keep on top of my work and the screen size is beautiful for extensive email experience

The Z30 would add some nice screen real estate compared to my awesome Z10, so I can enjoy more of the news sites that I Crackberry!

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Awesome sound...awesome processing power extremely stable and solid eco system...10.2.1 would make and awesome comeback..and having it on a Z30 would definitely mean that I can run all the apps I want to on the best device in the world! that's why it would make my Christmas the best ever!

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Winning Z30 would prevent me from paying 19% interest on my credit card when I purchase it.

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Would love to give my Z10 to my son and use the Z30 for myself. With my wife using the Q we will be a blackberry family for Christmas ;)

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Wife Zed 10 - Check
Eldest Son Zed 10 - Check
Youngest Son Zed 10 - Check
Me - Zed 10....BUT, if I had a Zed 30, I could give my Zed 10 to my mom so we can BBM Video instead of Skype. (no, Mom's not getting a Zed 30, I love her, but I have limits)...... ;)

This would be the best gift for my best friend! He's never had a phone because he can't afford it, but I would give him this

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I need this one! My wife and I both have z10s, my mom has a z10 and many of my friends as well. I'm also a part of the biggest bes10 pilot with IBM (my employer) I have a lot of people to make jealous! My wife thinks I don't need to upgrade just yet... boo, so a win would be a perfect Xmas present! I've been on Rogers for over 10 years now and I'm ecstatic they carry the z30!

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This would actually be really awesome right before Christmas, as I'm actually looking into buying one as a gift for my mom as her first smartphone. Good luck to all and Merry Christmas :D

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Yes! Want this pretty badly so that I can pass on my z10 to a friend and get another friend on blackberry.

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I've been trying to get my dad a new phone to replace his (non-gracefully aging) 9900 for a while. This would do the trick and make his holiday awesome!

I've been looking to upgrade my BlackBerry for the longest time but finding the $ to buy one has always been the issue, especially since the amazing z30 came out would truly be the best Christmas gift I have ever got

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This would make a great present for my mom. Myself and my brother both have smart phones, my dad has his business z10 and my mom has an old school Samsung flip phone.


Thanks Crackberry for this wonderful Gift contest! I could use one Z30 and show others around how amazing this phone really is! :)

With a Blackberry Z30, I can streamline my work flow by minimizing the time I spend on fiddling on my phone to skim my emails. The superior multi-tasking will also help in juggling through all the materials that I need to look at. BB10 is the most user friendly OS I have encountered and I highly praise BlackBerry for coming up with this UI.

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'Twas the night before xmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care in hope that my BlackBerry Z30, soon would be there. This would make the household a total BlackBerry family. The Z30 is such an amazing device and I am so happy it's here. cheers

I have been a diehard BlackBerry fan since they only had email text and a calendar. I have had nearly every blackberry on the market and would love to have a faster larger version of the z10 I currently have.

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Dear CrackSanta, I would love to have the Z30 for the stereo speakers. I'm a big music fan and this would make my Christmas!!!

Hmmmm, Merry Christmas. I wouldn't mind upgrading from 10 to 30!

Posted via my AzzazzinBerry (STL100-3/

My dad just retired and would love to give him an awesome Z30 X-mas gift to stay connected with his kids and grandkids! He thinks smart phones are too complicated while constantly asking his kids how to use his crappy unintuitive flip phone

An even bigger keyboard is hands down the best feature. Would be a huge upgrade from my 9900!

P.s. Can you get Leafs tickets? Lol

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I'd love to win one. It would make my holiday quite special, for I'd be able to give my Z10 to someone who needs a phone.

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Truthfully, I think it would be a wonderful surprise to actually get a gift from Rogers or from any of the providers of cellular service in Canada after the years of commitments and dollars spent. Lol. And who would not like the big beautiful Z30 peeking out at them from under their tree?

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The Z30 is an amazing phone, I did look into an Iphone and Nexus but nothing beats productivity on blackberry. Well, my 9780 is dying slowly. Plus, Z30 new bbm would allow me to keep in touch with family with the video chat when I`m on the road.

Pick me

My fiancée recently broke her white Rogers Z10 and winning a Rogers Z30 for her would be a very nice Christmas present :)

A Z30 would give me a good daily driver pushing my Z10 to a testing device which I've been sorely lacking. The bigger screen and battery are also good.

Who wouldn't want the the Z30? I would love one.

I have bb10, what's your super power?

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It's been a rough year overall on my side so winning something as nice as the Z30 would make a great year and and a nice good start towards 2014.

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I have an amazing Z10 but I used a Z30 in a store last week and it was the perfect phone

Posted via CB10

I would love a Z30! Xmas is going to be on a shoestring budget this year so a Z30 would definitely brighten up our holiday season.

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I want this z30, would be a good gift for my girlfriend when she goes away for school, gives me a reason to use bbm video! Please crackberry make my Christmas!

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I have been waiting too long for this. And I have not gotten a good Christmas present in a long time .

I love my Z10. But I'd love to be able show off Miracast support on the Z30 and wow the BlackBerry skeptics in the office. That is the primary reason for me showing interest in the Z30. Natural sound would have a good impact too, but we'll save that for icing on the Miracast support cake. :)

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Love my Z10 but I am getting older and my eyes are not the best, alas the z30 would be a perfect fix to the problem, and being free makes it that much more sweeter.

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Well, trying to coordinate all the families in need our non profit is sponsoring for Christmas would be significantly easier with a larger screen than the one on my Z10. I love my Z10 but a Z30 would really be amazing.

A brand new BlackBerry z30 would make my holiday season the best ever because I wouldn't have to charge my phone so often ;)

I'm still loving my z10! #blackberrybychoice

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My IPhone using beautiful bride needs to experience this unbelievable device. It will bring her back from the dark side for sure.

It would be best ever, as how often ti you get the best phone in the planet For Christmas

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With the Z30's superior screen size and media/sharing options, I'd be able to share Christmas moments instantly with the family who are there and most importantly the ones who are unable to be there.

Merry Christmas CrackBerry!

The bigger screen would make watching movies on my phone much better... the bigger battery wouldn't hurt either! :D

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Uhm, because CrackBerry would LOVE to make my broke college *ss happier than Santa and two Miss' Clause's.

Oh and like each contest a gift for my girl would be epic. 1 year together on the 14th


I would love a Z30 as it is THE communication tool. It is the size I wanted when I bought my Z10.

Thanks for considering me.

With a new Z30
No keys to get dirty
Free, feeling flirty

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The Z30 would be great for showing the holiday photos to grandma if you misplaced your HDMI cable!

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I love my Z10 but a Z30 would make me even happier. (Don't worry, I'll pass on the Z10 to my wife so that it still gets the lovin' it deserves.)

Oops accidentally clicked post before I was done.

Anyways, got around to playing with the Z30 and loved it. Great phone and I'd love to have one. Been a Rogers customer for years, so it seems like a match made!

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I just got a Z30 on a two years contract with Rogers and have two weeks left to return it, please PICK ME !!

Z30 : No more peasants battery life

Because I just turned 30 it would be fitting to get Z30 for x-mas. It would be a gift for both occasions. Kill two birds with one stone

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A z30 would make my holiday season the best because it has been number one on my list ever since it released and it is a beautiful looking phone.

Posted via CB10

With my new Z30, assuming I win :). But the battery life is perfect because I am always on the move, I don't have to always carry my charger. I was willing to buy it but fido don't have it :( and I don't really have the money to pay full price for it right now. So if I do happen to win this OMG then that's a dream come true. And most likely will be my best Christmas gift EVER....thanks for opportunity @crackberry

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I just love my z10 and I want to share the love with my mom!

Thanks for the opportunity and Merry Christmas!

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Pick me. I'm looking to upgrade to BB10 before next year, which is when my contract will be up.

Loyal customer to both Rogers and BlackBerry. Have been for years.

Pretty please???

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The Z30 is an excellent device. As a former BlackBerry employee and beta tester of this and other devices, I am very familiar with its capabilities.

I want t Z30 because I got this awesome stylus pen/pen/led light and the Z30 would be the ideal phone to own with it!

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Because my Z10 is starting to become low :( I would love to have the Z30 and give my z10 to my brother would ( a nice gift to him and me

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Would sure be sweet. Love my z10. I would use the z30 for viewing movies at home or when on the road stuck in a hotel!

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The Z30 would make my holiday season so great because it's personally one of the best devices in the market today and I'd love to be rocking it. Thanks for the great contest and hopefully this will be a nice christmas gift!

Easy, the Z30 is the best BlackBerry ever made, so getting one would make this Holiday season amazing!

Don't have the money to get this for my sister, so hopefully my luck and CB will grant me this gift for her!

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BBM voice and video Z30 to Z30 between my girlfriend and I? She is across the country studying and will be home for the holidays. Can I give this to her as a surprise? Don't play with my emotions CrackBerry!!

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Two options that I wish the z10 had were USB Host and Miracast. Along with the larger screen size, i'd love to upgrade to a phone that supports these features!

I'm with rogers, where I met my true love :p and I love my BlackBerry! Z10 Q10 and Z30 would be an awesome addition:)

it'll make my holidays awesome because it will replace my aging 9900.

Because I'm buying my kids a Q10 and a Z10 for Xmas. I want the Z30 for myself and was going to give my son the Q10. Would save me a ton of $$. :) :)

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

Ironic....Rogers was the company that wasn't going to carry the Z30. Now there promoting it via this contest!

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A z30 would give me that much longer with BlackBerry. And it's a Zed10 not a Zee10. Haha

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Would make my daughter's she has eyed my Z10 since I got it....and we'll a Z30 for daddy means a Z10 for her!!

Want to gift my dad for his big and show him what a smartphone really is and want him to throw his note 2!

Posted via My Black BlackBerry Zed-10

Just down the street in Winnipeg! Would love to get my hands on that great device, and pass on some BlackBerry love to a family member!

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Would love to have the z30 solid built phone, been with blackberry since my pearl 8110 love blackberry 10 amazing os does what I need. Thank you

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