Win a BlackBerry Torch from SmrtGuard

By Alicia Erlich on 14 Oct 2010 08:43 am EDT
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SmrtGuard is offering their followers a chance to win a brand new BlackBerry Torch and a lifetime subscription to SmrtGuard (a $599 value). All you need to do is write why you like their application and how it helps protect your device as your status on Facebook and Twitter. You can double your chances of winning by posting to both sites.

SmrtGuard offers data, spyware, and spam protection for your smartphone and has the ability to remote wipe and backup/restore personal data. They were an editors choice winner at the 2010 CrackBerry App Awards and have a designed a great app for mobile security. Keep reading for details on how to enter.

Here's how to enter:


  1. Go to the SmrtGuard Facebook Page at and click the "Like" button at the top of the screen to follow SmrtGuard on Facebook.
  2. Next, go to your profile page or your news stream and create a new status message that describes, in 100 words or less, why you like SmrtGuard and how it has helped you protect your phone, your data or has helped keep you safe with features like Personal Guardian. In your post, make sure to include the "@SmrtGuard" tag in order to link it to the fan page. Before you share your post, make sure the setting directly above the status message box says "Share:
  3. Status with Everyone." You may need to select "Everyone" from the drop down menu if it's not already selected. (This allows SmrtGuard to be able to read your post for the contest and it will NOT change your Facebook privacy settings).


  1. Go to the SmrtGuard Twitter Profile at and login to your Twitter account.
  2. Click on the "Follow" button to follow SmrtGuard on Twitter.
  3. Next, go to the Twitter home page or use your favorite Twitter client to create a new Twitter status message that begins with "I like @SmrtGuard because..." and describe, in 140 characters or less, why you like SmrtGuard and how it has helped you protect your phone, your data or has helped keep you safe with features like Personal Guardian.

The top three posts will win lifetime subscriptions to SmrtGuard (a $99 value). The best of the three will be the lucky person to win a BlackBerry Torch. Entries must be posted by October 31, 2010. So what are you waiting for!

Reader comments

Win a BlackBerry Torch from SmrtGuard


Man I have been trying to win one of this forever!!!!!! I need it! and I got to be the first one to ask!!!

IMO - why can't SmrtGuard be cool and just give it away to a lucky follower like other cool companies?

so the contest is really *only for current SmrtGuard users* - because you have to post about how much you like it...

dislike. (and not just because i don't use it) - i don't like it when any company requires glowing recommendations like that. if you're product rocks, people will rave about it on their own.

Dear Friends,

1. With your BlackBerry, open your Contacts, and click the Menu key to open the menu. Select New Group, and type a name in the field provided.
2. Click the Menu key, and choose Add Member. Choose a name from the list of members in your contacts.
Note: Contacts' email addresses must be in your contacts before you can add them to a group.
3. Select the user and click the trackball to add the member to the group. You may be prompted to choose from multiple email addresses if more than one is listed for the chosen contact.
4. To add more users, click the Menu key, select Add Member, and repeat the steps above.
5. After you have added all contacts to the group, click the Menu key, and select Save Group.

Hey I have personally not used smrtguard but I've seen how it works through my friends and it is really nice I would love to have this app on my blackberry torch if I were to win one! The app itself has won awards and it is a cool way to stay safe from spammers and such.

It's just one of many different contests they have had. Most only needed you to leave a comment to the article, this one has you tweeting and using facebook. There will be other contests that have nothing to do with twitter or facebook, and you can just enter at that time.

When I won a yearly Smrtguard subscription, it was in one such contest. In fact I won two subscriptions and put the second one back into the pot.

I would love to have a torch with SmartGuard. That would be a perfect combination. Please consider this i would love to test out your product.

littlebluecat: no one is saying you have to have "smrt guard to win this." If you can, why not read about the product on their website before making comments like this. Then you could see what they are all about. I have Smrt Guard Pro and it's worth it's weight in gold, protecting my BlackBerry Torch. I love it's feature of blocking spam mail, as if I forget to block it through AOL mail (which is pushed to my cell), I can do it through Smrt Guard. Please know what you are saying before you say something.

I have always suspected that many of the people allegedly writing in are actually the Crackberry boys under pseudonyms.

One interesting note that they can't seem to spell "its" properly, so at least one of them "Blaize?" constantly uses "it's" instead. "It's" of course, is not a word.

Funny how that same error appears above.

It's is a contraction of "it is" or "it has."

It's time to go.

Do you think it's ready?

I read your article - it's very good.

Do you know where my purse is? It's on the table.

It's been a long time.

Its is the possessive form of "it."

That's an interesting device - what is its purpose?

I saw Les Misérables during its initial run.

This stove has its own timer.

The bird lost some of its feathers.

Where is its head office?

And there is absolutely, positively, no such word as its'.

Knowing this I still misuse the two words. ;)

Would really like to get this app. Its a great app especially in this day and age with people stealing phones, making long distance call. Unwanted phone call and stuff of that nature.

Sorry, this thing eats my battery. 100% eats battery.

It won't let you wipe data off their server after subscription expires.. so you are left with your blackberry data on someone's server. In order to wipe it, they tell you to resubscribe and delete all their contacts... lolz

Oh another thing. The backup works (I mean, you can see your data on their server), but the procecss from Server remotely to your BlackBerry doesn't work :P

I mean you don't normally wipe your blackberry to test an app's function. I only found this out when I desparately need to restore my data only to find out :P it doesn't work LOL when you need it the most.

I'm sure I won't win LOL but who cares.

Seeing that SmrtGuard slows the HELL down out of your phone, they should just offer it here to people you comment rather then spam their facebook/twitter accounts! You guys are lame!

Ever since I have seen the review for it on crackberry idol, I have became a fan. I love how i can backup my device at any time and i am very clumsy and always on the go so it is amazing that i can know where my phone is at all times

I recently installed a free version of SmrtGuard on my Bold. It got replaced and I would love to win a free app and a Torch. My 9000 needs to be updated. Please let me win. Thanks

Please please let me win this blackberry. My phone just got stolen and my parents wouldn't let me buy another :( And im traumatized and now i go looking for contests in the internet.