Second Chance Contest: Win an Unlocked BlackBerry Torch 9800 from!

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Aug 2010 09:11 am EDT

For your chance to win a BlackBerry Torch 9800, simply login to and leave a comment to this blog post!

BlackBerry Torch 9800

That's right, we're doing it again!!! The response to our first Win a BlackBerry Torch contest was so HUGE we decided we'd better follow up with a second chance to win a free unlocked AT&T BlackBerry Torch 9800. For your second chance to win, simply login to (you'll have to register if you're not yet a member) and leave a comment to this blog post. And if you're not up to speed yet on what the Torch is all about, be sure to check out our new BlackBerrry Torch SuperPage. Good luck!

Contest Details: Open worldwide. Please just leave one comment to this post (multiple comments will be ignored). Contest ends August 31st at midnight PST. We'll announce the winner on September 1st.

Reader comments

Second Chance Contest: Win an Unlocked BlackBerry Torch 9800 from!



I hope that this device spurs on a whole line of new devices that will start to compete with the other manufacturers.

I'm not due for an upgrade until at least February so I'm stuck with my 8900 till then. Winning a new Torch would be awesome. I had a chance to play with it in the AT&T store and it had a nice feel to it.

Despite the variable reviews this looks like a great BB handset and I would just love to prove the doubters wrong here in my office!

CrackBerry is one of the top sites on the internet, because of the information they share with us users and abusers, and all the great give aways they have . I currently own a BlackBerry Curve 8900 on the Rogers Wireless Network, and this new unlocked BlackBerry Torch 9800 would be an absolutely amazing upgrade, and I would definitely use it for the rest of my life. Also I live in Canada (cmon kevin show some love I'm born in Winnipeg actually) and here they are not available for purchase, so it would be a huge upgrade, and help to me..... Thanks to all the guys at CrackBerry even if I don't win its really amazing what you guys are doing for the user and abusers on this site. Pick me please!

I have been participating in many contests and never got the fortune to get lucky enough to at least win a software.... I can't even imagine how would be to win a phone....
good luck to all.. and never give up !

If I win I could navigate the crackberry website with ease. Right now I struggle with entering contests much like this one but with the torch I could enter away lickety split. With the torch I could quickly and easily order from the crackberry store. With the torch I could help others on the forum on the go with ease.

Por favor!!! Haganme feliz soy fiel seguidor de crackberry ya eh tenido 4 blackberry y ME VOLVERIA LOCO si me regalan el TOURCH PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I NEED IT...Lo Necesitoooooooo lolz Please

cryptic science; enough already. only BB will lead me ahead. unfortunately, my 9000 dying. i need this kevin...i really do

...Give me the Torch! I would use the Torch as my guiding light through all that is good in Blackberry and business.

My acceptance speech (just in case). "I can't believe I won. This is a total surprise. I'd like to thank my family, Crackberry, and all those who made this possible" ... followed by uncontrollable crying!

Me in on this, I still say it should go to a Canadian and that Canadian is me!

Thanks for doing a second contest

i need a new blackberry, still rockin the 9000. plus i did an interview about the release of the torch when it was announced.

I'd love to win as by 9700 was stolen in May :(
Also no dates released for UK release. So I'd love to be one of the first to have on in the UK. Please.

The 9800 is a nice compromise between the 9650 and the 9530, touch screen and keypad. Plus BB OS 6.0. not bad at all.

What would be better then a Canadian winning a Canadian device. Let's keep it in Canada. Pick me please. I need an upgrade.

I could really use the upgrade to the 9800 ( im using a Storm 1 9530 so you may know my struggles ). Thanks, CrackBerry Rules!!!

Got up and i felt like it was gonna be a good day.
Lo and Behold, Crackberry contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope i'm lucky this time. :D

I have been using a blackberry for over 10 years and love it.

I would gladly like a 9800 as it has not hit Canada yet.

Oh, thanks for another chance! :D

Buying Torch outside US is a problem, so winning one would be very helpful ;)

Crossing my fingers!

I meant to say thank you for opportunity to win a new BB Torch, thank you. Now, please, please, please. (Sorry)

Sweet, a second chance! Let's hope I get it this time lol :) great contest!

CB is da best

My corporate store has yet to offer the 9800. I can't get one from AT&T directly unless I buy an unlocked one. So, this would save me 2-3 weeks of further delays of upgrading from my 8900.

If I win this I can give my girl my 9700 and we can finally use BBM with each other. (she has a crappy Verizon phone now and wants to change to T-Mo with me)

Gosh, I'd really want to own this BB. Its so far the best BB ever; with the slide and touch, not to mention its sleek appearance and awesome new OS6! Definitely a must have!

I must have blinked and missed the first chance. Anyhow, I won't miss out on putting my name in the hat this time. The torch looks so sweet, I'd love to get my hands on one. Thanks CB!

As a Verizon customer and Storm2 user, all I can do with the Torch is look at it and dream and enter this contest...

Sitting in the doctors room for an eye injury and I come across this blog and to my delight with my one eye... A contest that I hope I can win. For my eye sake a Torch for me

I need this "Torch" to make where I live a bit HOTTER! Lol..seriously though..this is a nice blackberry to own

Way to go RIM, keep the competition on their toes. Thanks CrackBerry for the excellent website and the information contained.

Come on Crackberry.....Hook me up with this awesome phone....I'm dieing waiting for Rogers to release this.....Need touchscreen love...and physical keyboard love to....I can't do without them

The new Torch looks like the best combination for business communications, with flexibility for general applications and special purpose development.

I used a few Nokias over the past years only because I loved to slide my phone open for a call. But I finally made the switch to BlackBerry because of the productivity gains it offered to my professional life, and I'm never looking back. Sure, I cant play too many games on it like on the gimicky iOS, but I have the best instant messaging application ever, ridiculously easy access to my emails, and a powerful multitasking OS which I love. And now I can finally have the slide mechanism which I'm so fond of on the best smartphone experience according to me! I'm on in almost every coffee break of mine, so I'm looking forward to the webkit browser on the Torch all the more.

Now that is something i would love to get me hands on. Forget Thirsty Thursdays, I am voting to change the name to Crackberry Thursdays.

If you throw it far enough, it might get directly at my home here in Italy... :P

And, I want my GF to have BBM too!


There are 2 pleasures in life I want to experience. I already saw my Rangers win a Stanley Cup. Now I just need to get a Torch.