Second Chance Contest: Win an Unlocked BlackBerry Torch 9800 from!

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Aug 2010 09:11 am EDT

For your chance to win a BlackBerry Torch 9800, simply login to and leave a comment to this blog post!

BlackBerry Torch 9800

That's right, we're doing it again!!! The response to our first Win a BlackBerry Torch contest was so HUGE we decided we'd better follow up with a second chance to win a free unlocked AT&T BlackBerry Torch 9800. For your second chance to win, simply login to (you'll have to register if you're not yet a member) and leave a comment to this blog post. And if you're not up to speed yet on what the Torch is all about, be sure to check out our new BlackBerrry Torch SuperPage. Good luck!

Contest Details: Open worldwide. Please just leave one comment to this post (multiple comments will be ignored). Contest ends August 31st at midnight PST. We'll announce the winner on September 1st.

Reader comments

Second Chance Contest: Win an Unlocked BlackBerry Torch 9800 from!



Pick this lowly 3rd world creature who's deprived of anything RIM. I couldn't even find a an original OEM case here, what more a Torch!. Pick me and make a poor soul from the islands of the Philippines happy.

The Torch looks like an awesome phone. I love the touch screen and the QWERTY keyboard combo. I've never had a touch phone and wouldn't mind getting my hands on this one. Plus I've been looking to upgrade from my 8900! Thanks.

I'm really really hoping to either get OS6 for my storm 2 or win this Torch 9800. I am ready to get an Iphone and need something tangible to keep me a Blackberry customer.


Kevin has an international subscriber ever win any of these contest.... if no... may i be the 1st... i'm still lookin' for th Torch to WOW me... maybe using it might do it

OMG a 2nd chance! Idk how many yrs of emails to RIM about a touchscreen slider BB! i love this fone! im a 'lackberry n the torch was my idea

A phone like the Torch 9800 is nothing short of electric sex...And this hot piece of technology will surely put an end to my digital celibacy...I must have this.

Let me get in on this Torch action. I've been tempted for a long time by the other fruit and the robot. This phone is the beginning of good things to come from Waterloo. For the love of Vishnu, Pick me!

The Torch looks like an awesome phone. I love the touch screen and the QWERTY keyboard combo. I've never had a touch phone and wouldn't mind getting my hands on this one. Plus I've been looking to upgrade from my 8900! Thanks.

In the time it took me to log in, there were 200 comments added! Yeah, I think I've got a good chance at this one! :p

I love the fact that the phone slides up and its still not bulky...I wish I can afford da hope u can pick me...I would appreciate

i have been dreaming about having this phone, just my cup of tea. both touch screen and full keyboard its like having sex with a porn star :L anyhow if i win this baby i would be over the moon.

Thanks crackberry for a second chance to win because just maybe I'll have a better chance to win this one!

I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have this!!!! Thank goodness for second chances, hope it's my lucky day!

I really want the new BB Torch so that I can give my BB Bold to my husband and share the BB love! (Please choose me, I really want the Torch)

In the middle of a contract term this device is simply awesome. My poor bold is worn out. Selecting me would make me so happy right now

Good luck every one :)

I would love to have a chance to try out the new Torch.
Thanks for offering the contest for a second time.

This would really round out my evolution of BB devices: 7130e to 8330 Curve to 9550 Storm2. Next logical step? The 9800 Torch.


Not to long ago I was laughing with a friend when I got my 9700 and he had a storm 2, I brought up the idea " what if the bold and storm had mated themselves together???" And sure enough here she is, would love this phone for sure

So I guess winning it for a second round would still please me. How do I make my post stand out?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I know, I'll take my girlfriends iPhone and kill it by a slow painful death with my oven! Actually I'll do one better! I will re-enact the Hansel and Gretal story where the iPhone is the big ugly witch that must be killed. What the readers do not know though is that even though my 9530 and the 9800 you guys want to give me, is actually trained assassins. The pose as little children to lure in the evil iPhone witch. There is a twist though, the BB's were hired by a mysterious company to kill the iPhone. They later find out that after they destroy the iPhone that the company that hired them was actually 'APPLE'! The plot thickens when it is revealed that it is all a ploy by Steve Jobs to enrage current apple fans to hate any other phone and only support apple products in the future! OH NO WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?!?! SEND ME THE PHONE TO FIND OUT! that is family entertainment (unless your an apple fanboi, then it is a nightmare).

When not pick me after I gave such an awesome idea for a story! Pretty much the best story ever told on crackberry if you ask me. I want it to be noted that this story is purely fictional and any references to real names is purely coincidental......oh wait no its not...... Alright I'm all typed out so now is a good time to mention how cool it would be for the world if I got that 9800! To tell you the truth I am actually the savior of BB sent from afar to conquer all other lame smartphone brands. The BlackBerry Gods demand that you bestow this phone upon me, the BlackBerry Savior!

I was saving my first win for thre megamillions, but I think winning a Torch would be a good starting point.

With a brand new TORCH!!
You cannot understand how much I want this phone! Probably as much as CBK wants one in white!

Only would be like "Awesome, lets give out another BB just for the hell of it". This is why I always go to Crackberry multiple times a day :P

Count me in to grab one of these! You Guys Rock!!

more memory, 6, fasterer... what else can i say? that friggen phone is a godsend right now, and it would be a miracle to win it.

...of CB, I would run down the streets of san francisco with my torch in one hand and my bikini top in the other. :)

Come on, i really wanna win, was glad for the winner the last time, but would be really ecstatic if its me this time around!

Nice this is a great opportunity babyyyyyy.... hope i get it.... reallly in need of a new blackberry.....FINGERS ARE CROSSED

The reviews on the BB 9800 are great and I cannot wait to get my hands on one. Too bad the model is not available on TMO, if it was I would have upgrade yesterday. :-)

I'd be very happy if I win. First in philippines(as far as I know). :)
Long live crackberry! You made my whole bb experience possible!

I hope you guys see this comment,I honestly feel I want blackberry 6 os just as bad as anyone else on here, please don't over look this

I hope you guys see this comment,I honestly feel I want blackberry 6 os just as bad as anyone else on here, please don't over look this

This is too good to be true !!!
i tried the first time ... but it didn't work :(
Since then I "SWEAR" that i was praying in order to have another contest of a torch to win... and it WORKED :D
(cause for financial issues its my only chance to get one... :( )

Kevin u r my last hope right now!!
its either u give me that torch... or... I'll drown u with my Tears !!!!!:P

Thanks for the Second Chance Kevin!!!! =D

HELP!!! Kevin, my bold's lcd screen is ruined and it would cost me close to 200 to get another screen. I can't afford it and I'm locked in with t-mobile for almost 2 years because I got my 9700 in November. I'm doomed, please don't allow me to be without my berry for that long!!!!!!!!!! I can't take it!!!!!!!

Why not....
I'd have to leave Verizon.
I'd have to pay the fee to close out my contract.
I'd have to say goodbye to my 5 friends for free.
I'd have to part with my Tour 9630.

I'd get a touchscreen AND a BB keyboard!
I'd get BB6!
I'd get a better browser!
I'd get WIFI!

So...while winning isn't exactly free, it would be worth it to me!

I have been a Crackberry member for over 2 years and have never won anything! This would be a great win to start with!

Seeing us poor Aussies won't be getting this great device for 2 or 3 months, I certainly would like to be the envy of my mates.

NO BEGGIN.. just give me the damn thing if u gonna give me the damn thing!!!!! haaaa! nuff respect to for what they do to blackberry users! BIG UP

I am trying to get into the ministry field so i am trying to pay off bills so i can go back to school, however this awesome device is causing a hitch in my plan. I want it so bad but i just cannot afford it right now. Winning one is about the only way i will have a chance any time soon to get one.

I have to many friends with iphones I could use the torch to show them what there missing.

I am not sure how to get Crackberry's interest of choosing me to get the torch 9800...

I don't want to sound either like others; "Getting a torch will change my life...:)"

I will be really lucky if i got it, if not I will have to wait for the next contest by


It would be nice if I received the Torch. I live in the Cayman Islands and I would be the first person on island to get it, so it would be fun. I buy, sell and fix Blackberry phones but this one I would keep for life. :D

You guys are killing meee! I was planning on just stealing the fake model that Rogers displays would have just so I can have something in my hand for now!

Send this baby to me! I have to supply my own phone for work or they give me an 8703! Help a poor guy out. Please?

Kevin, I go to usa by swimming from Italy to take 9800 gratis or alternatively pay without any problem shipping cost.



I own a 8900 and I've been hooked since day 1. I love my blackberry it is definately my crack lol. Like I said perfect day oon being a 2nd chance on my 2nd daughters bday.


Hook me up with this plz. My 9000 got water damage and F'n Rogers wants $600 for a replacement.

Sorry for the sob story but winning this would be really sweet...

Cmon Crackberry hook a brotha up...I'm still working with a 8310 on at&t and this device would be perfect for me...I do a lot of traveling and need a good reliable device that delivers my emails on point...please consider me as I would be using the torch for the right reasons....thanks in advance

If chosen i promise to utilize the blazing torch 9800 to it's fullest ability and show those silly ifoney users what a real smartphone is made of. Thank you.