Second Chance Contest: Win an Unlocked BlackBerry Torch 9800 from!

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Aug 2010 09:11 am EDT

For your chance to win a BlackBerry Torch 9800, simply login to and leave a comment to this blog post!

BlackBerry Torch 9800

That's right, we're doing it again!!! The response to our first Win a BlackBerry Torch contest was so HUGE we decided we'd better follow up with a second chance to win a free unlocked AT&T BlackBerry Torch 9800. For your second chance to win, simply login to (you'll have to register if you're not yet a member) and leave a comment to this blog post. And if you're not up to speed yet on what the Torch is all about, be sure to check out our new BlackBerrry Torch SuperPage. Good luck!

Contest Details: Open worldwide. Please just leave one comment to this post (multiple comments will be ignored). Contest ends August 31st at midnight PST. We'll announce the winner on September 1st.

Reader comments

Second Chance Contest: Win an Unlocked BlackBerry Torch 9800 from!



I really, really, really need this phone. For my girlfriend. Her phone's an 8320...and only works about 1 hour per day...

The number of comments doubled between the time I signed in and started this comment. I fell in love with it at first touch. I need one in my life.

I've been dreaming with this masterpiece for a long time now..Let this torch enlighten me and I'm sure that my days will become brighter thanks to you. This is an only time oportunity to get my hands exploring and adoring 9800 else it will always be a mirage to my pocket.

Thanks guys for giving people a chance of having THE phone that most of us can only dream about.


i cant think of any other main reason why i should win other then it is my 21st birthday on the 25th of august and although i wouldnt find out until september 1st it would still make my birthday amazing...PLEASE let me win :(

2nd time around. I hope the BB gods are smiling down on me. I'm in love with the BB torch! I really hope I can be able to win it!! It completes me. BB4life :)

Pleaseeeeeee pick me Crackberry!!!!!!!! :) BB Torch, come to mama :)

Same as last time, this is about the only way I can get one for a long while now. With the adoption costs taking all of our extra income, and my Bold 9000 quickly dying, I am soon to be berry-less. I have been following this phone since I first heard about it back in March or so. I have got to have a physical keyboard but the touchscreen and extra screen real-estate is a HUGE plus. And the wifi media sync is a big deal for me too! So I will end with this.... GIMMIE NOW!!! ;)

Love this smartphone and love crackberry, if you wanna know everything about blackberrys, this is the place to be.

The lack of this device last year is the whole reason i switched to the iPhone. I soon after was filled with regret over my decision and am dying to finally get a good touch screen device out of RIM! Save me from iPhone HELL!!!

But then it got cold, so it made another sun. DOUBLE SUN POWERRR!!!!! PUH PUH PUH PUH PUH PUH POWER!!!!!

(Pick me please?) Cheerio.

thx cb for giving us another chance to get this awesome phone gl to all it's gonna be along wait....

Since i've been introduced to Blackberry last year I havent stopped touching my 9700.
I would be happy would an upgrade to the 9800. :D

I have a blackberry bold. Looking to finally upgrade to a new Blackberry Torch!!!!!! But stuck in a stupid contract!!!

so i didn't manage to be the lucky one the first time around, but i knew you wouldn't give up on me.... yet. :>

So i hope we're still in the game to convert my brother into a berry owner instead of the less than merry iPhone 4. I read like a bible everynight before i sleep, let's hope i could have the luxury of reading crackberry pages on a spanking new , nice huge touchscreen while not losing the ability to crank out 160 words per min on awesome the slider keypad !

I want to be the first in Canada with a Torch... will I really be it? No. But I at least want to be the first in my group to be the proud owner of a Torch! Pick Me!!!!

I just got my wife a Blackberry curve and I can't put the thing down!! I don't know how I have gone without one for the past few years......BB's have everything one would need on their person at all times. I need one!!!

I've been wanting a touchscreen berry for so long, but one that had a physical keyboard for my fat fingers! I'd love to have this and would use it proudly!

My contract is up in a week and i don't have the money to buy this phone, but i've been wanting it since the beginning! Please pick me i want it so bad!

I believe Crackberry is all about the Berry users out there. I thank you for the second chance at the hottest Blackberry to date.

I have a Bold 9700 currently, and my coworker brought in his torch during one of our meetings... so naturally I ignored the talking and played with his new phone. I was very impressed at how nice the display was - even if the resolution isn't as good as other phones, it still seems to work for the Blackberry.

I also found it responded very well to my touching it.

Now whenever I look at my phone it seems strange that I can't just touch the screen and have it respond...

I've been dream to get this phone ! The 1st chances I did not win it so I hope with this 2nd chance I might be lucky to win the great phone ...:D

Yep.... Second chances are great, but I'm still saving to buy mine in the event that I'm not so lucky.

Let someone in the UK keep up with you lot over there! Every update I see you get that's posted on here, it's never typically available here til ages later!

I want the Torch so I can give my fiance a my current Blackberry 9700 so she can experience the blackberry world and get hooked like me

I need this phone! I've wanted it since we saw the first pictures of it floating around the web!!! :) PLEASE!

The Torch 9800 would be great as an upgrade from my already-aging 8520. I read your full review, and several external ones (such as Engadget's, TechCrunch's, BGR's, etc) and they all agree with this BlackBerry Torch being the best BB to date.

Please pick me (=

I love second chances. When I first saw the device I wasn't sure about it. But the more I read and see pictures of it the more I want it. I really need an unlocked Torch because I do not want to leave VZW. PLEASE pick me!!!!!

Dear CrackBerry,

I really NEED this BlackBerry!

I swear I've dreamt about having this design (Bold + Storm = Torch) on my hands, long before the leaks were out. It's like my dream come true! (not in the Limbo state)
Thank you so much CrackBerry, for this second chance to win this sexy babe. I really, really, REALLY would like to call one of these mine.
My current Bold 9000 has gotten me addicted BB ever since I first laid hands on it two years ago - and now it is screaming for a successor.

Please, CrackBerry.

Warmest Regards & Sincerely,

Now I have your attention, first of thanks for the second opportunity to win, second as I have to wait another few months for the Torch to be release here in the UK.... I would like to take this opportunity and get on my knees and beg beg beg to be considered. Please oh Please.

When someone has that new phone excitement, the kind when you just leave the store with the old phone in the new box and the new phone in hand. That has to be the best feeling in the world its almost like buying a new car...BB has been able to create that excitement again especially with the iphone 4 and 4G evo craze. Thanks BB for the renewed faith its let me know why I have been a BB user and abuser for so long!!! Awesome!!

Please save me from the BB 9530. I need a new phone. I can't take the constant lagging and freezing with the 9530. Thank you for the contest

I really need a phone with a working touchscreen and fully functional keyboard...going from a droids touch screen and web browser to a blackberry's phenomenal keyboard and features I realize that the Torch is the best of both world's...yet still BB. I will sacrifice a virgin for the opportunity to get this phone...yes, it is that sacred.

What a great device. Would love to have one! Longtime reader on this site. Have never won anything. Hopefully this time it will happen.

Looks likea great phone to be honest. I wouldnt be able to afford one myself so maybe this way il be able to get one someday:P

This is what BB users dream of. Please pic me. It's not out in South Africa yet so would love to have it.

I should win because saved my life!! I was facing blindness visiting those inferior Blackberry sites that polluted my eyes with lies and information 4 days late after Crackberry already broke the news!

This neat device would be a perfect replacement. My 8800 is getting old but has not lost any of his reliability :)

How nice it would be to win a new touch screen BB and leave my old Storm 1 to my kids.

Please let this be a good day.

I Like this phone so much and need an new one because my old phone strikes every day for one or two times. Thx crackberry for this second chance.

Yay my birthday is september 1st so I have a feeling I'm gonna win! Thanks again for the 2nd chance contest, either way ;)

to get my hands on this excellent phone.

as much as i love my bold 9000, its getting pretty old now :(

it needs a happy retirement, living in a home with other retired phones :)

I played around with the phone in the store and really liked how it felt having the best of both worlds. Touch screen and physical keyboard. The screen looked really nice and I could see myself making the best of this phone.

this would be an awesome bridge as I'm in the middle of my 2 yr contract with my 9700! never had a touchscreen, but the captivate is sitting on my shoulder and whispering in my ear...

I wonder what it would be like to NOT have a track ball. It wasn't all that long ago, I had to get used to not using the track wheel! Looks like amazing technology.

I was told by my doctor this morning that if I didn't win this phone and stop using my older one my brain tumor would burst! Help me survive!!! I need this phone!!!!!!

I would love to own this phone. Winning is

looks like my only chance since I'm not going to att and Im not paying full price for a phone I cant use the 3g on.

I'm still using a blackberry 9000 guys...have some compassion on a fellow pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!!! i'm from st lucia and the torch wont be here anytime soon.....:(

Would absolutely LOVE to get my hands on one of these things, looks stunning! And I'm in need of a new black berry!

I just tried to purchase one online, and was taken for $440.00!! i don't know people could do that.. I still love you Blackberry!

Would absolutely LOVE this phone. The chance to have WiFi streaming audio and OS6 on thelatest greatest BB? Yes please!!!

omg!!!! i need this, last time i was hoping i win but to no avail....but the gods have given another chance! this time im praying i win. thanx guys.

now this is what i call hospitality.. to giveaway things to people.. who r in need.. especially for guys like me. where the Torch didnt even get launched.. but with lot of hypes and stpid criticisms around the air... its definitely the biggest success of Blackberry after RIM introduced its flagship model Blackberry Bold 9000...

Though i dont get it......... advance hearty congrats to the person who wins it.. !!

and love u crackberry..

have been following u everywhere.. !

C'mon lady luck. Lemme get my torch on :D. I really want it.......please? Pretty please....with a torch on top? lol

If you let me win this, I'll be the first person here in the Philippines to own that awesome BlackBerry 9800. Everyone's going to be so hyped up in the office and find all their 9700's look like candy bars and knowing they can never have a tootsie-roll like the sweet 9800 right away. Plus, I'm going to show it off, let everyone know in Twitter and Facebook and cause a stir so bad, the iPhone's 4 arrival here in the country will only be seen on the midnight news. Considering the Philippines is a growing population of BlackBerry users, I'd say you need a Filipino representative to start things right in this South East Asian country.



I really need this phone, my bold 9000 is already in its final phase.... hope to win this one
thank you for the this chance

While my Bold 9000 has served me admirably, it's definitely time to retire it. What with the mute button no longer being functional, and the BlackBerry/Back keys missing, it's about time it took a much needed vacation... I'd love to get my hands on one this 9800!