Win a BlackBerry Q5 from CrackBerry and Virgin Mobile Canada!

By Michelle Haag on 24 Aug 2013 05:35 pm EDT

This weekend we are happy to announce we are giving away another BlackBerry Q5, this time thanks to the great team over at Virgin Mobile Canada! This is extra exciting because Virgin Mobile Members have exclusive access to get their hands on the RED BlackBerry Q5 just before anyone else in Canada, and now you could win one right here! If you're not familiar with the BlackBerry Q5, it's a BlackBerry 10 device with a QWERTY keyboard, reminiscent of the Curve line of legacy BlackBerry devices. As this device has a lower cost, it's perfect for those looking for a less expensive option while not sacrificing any great BlackBerry 10 features.

Entering is easy, as always! Just log in and leave a comment below. Let us know if you prefer the red or the black version, or what your favorite feature of the BlackBerry Q5 is. We'll choose a winner next week and post it on the blogs. Please only one entry per person. If we catch you spamming, you'll be banned from this and future contests. Also note, this prize only functions on the Virgin Mobile Canada network and does not include service. (You can visit or call 1-888-999-2321 for more information on their plans and coverage, and to subscribe.) And remember,  with Virgin Mobile, you’re not a customer – you’re a Member. Good luck everyone!

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Win a BlackBerry Q5 from CrackBerry and Virgin Mobile Canada!



Red would be a cool color. My mom is looking for her first phone so she would love it. And as always with Blackberry my favorite feature is BBM.

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I would go with the black colour. I think the Q5 is awesome for its tactile keyboard and great battery life!

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I'll take one in red if I get lucky. Curious to see how much easier the home swipe gesture is with the additional space at the bottom of the screen. Thanks!

Posted via CB10

I would take any color just to get away from Rogers. My wife dropped her phone yesterday and Rogers ate being complete Ass ***** over helping replace it with out having to give my right leg. So much for a 10 year customer at 300 plus a month. See yah!!!!

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I would love the red version. I love the fact that the chicklet keyboard is back in style baby! Also plenty of space below the screen to swipe up, unlike the q10! Come to daddy!!

Red for sure, just played with one yesterday at a kiosk and it's awesome

Posted via Q10 running 10.2.0.xxxx | BerryLeaks Co-founder

Red one please :) it's my girlfriends favorite color and she needs a new blackberry!

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Red would go great with my favorite NCAA football team ready for a tripeat as National Champs!

Posted via my sex black zzzzzzzz10

I would like the red one as it will match my Ferrari, well it's a toy ferrari, but a Ferrari none the less.

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I quite like my Z10, but must admit I miss the keyboard. I'd love to have a red Q10. Besides, I like Virgin Mobile. By the way, I still have the Blackberry I bought back in 1996 or 97. Does this qualify me as being a real BB fan?

Is this open Worldwide? I would really like the Red Q5, the QWERTY physical Keyboard looks just awesome ! Also I love the fact of having this huge battery :D Also it's color , RED looks just sweet ! Hope to win this !!

Red would be amazing can't wait to get back to the chicklet style keyboard man I miss my 8900.

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Red Q5! Would love it!! Also I'm in Canada and have until next week for the NFL app, so it's only fair?..haha.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

Red Q5, proper Virgin colours. That usb port is sitting pretty high on the side--I prefer that placement to my Q10's.

my favourite feature is the blackberry hub and the keyboard
I like the black one for it does not get as dirty
it would be really awesome to win it I've been wanting it even before it came to Canada

although I think the Q10 amazing I really like the keyboard on the Q5 because the keys are separated a bit. I think it would make the typing experience a bit better and probably less mistakes. would love to win one and I LOVE the red one.

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

I would like the black! I think the best thing about the Q5 is that it's very similar to it's amazing older brother, the Q10, but it's more economical!

I would love to get the Blackberry Q5 on Virgin Mobile! Just tried it at Futureshop today and love it!!!!!!!! Feels great in your hand and I think the keyboard is fantastic!

I asked the representative, if many people had been purchasing the Q5 and unfortunately he said no. If I get the Q5 I aim to show everyone just how cool BB10 and the Q5 are, and will rock it all around campus this year!

Pick me please, I'm trying to get my sister a back to school blackberry 10 phone

Posted via CB10

I could sure use a new BlackBerry since mine was taken from me. I have had black. I have had white. Time to try out the new red one.

Would be awesome to win one! I have a Q10 but I'd love to give this to my family or a friend to show them how amazing BB10 is! I think red would be a real fun color but black would definitely be preferred for business and stuff! Thanks to Virgin and Crackberry for another awesome contest even if i dont win!!!

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I'd love a red one to match my red Z10! Help me show off all the BlackBerry 10 goodness better ;).

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Goooo red Q5! Red is hot.....i love the keyboard. It such a fine phone. It is simply cool for back to school :-). Long live blackberry....blackberry the underdog will rise again!!!!!?

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Second chance to win a great all around phone. Love to have a long lasting battery with physical keyboard and such a good looking phone too. Q5 in black please. Thanks Crackberry and Virgin Mobile!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Black Q5 for me to give to my little brother (his 9320 Curve is getting on in age) :)

Would live the red as it would be great to put our Nerds On Site logo on the back of it to have a branded phone. I like the fact that it's still a powerful phone at a lower price point.

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Black Q5 please. Want it to BBM with a keyboard of course!

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I just want to say I am currently with Virgin Mobile and they are the best I'm Canada. I would love a Black BlackBerry q10 and if I won i would give it to my girlfriend who has am old Torch.

Saw it in person and really impressed with the build quality of the phone like it better then the q10. The red really pops out and would be awesome to use this for work in sales. Always was a fan more of the full keyboard then the touch this would allow me to get back into the phone I miss the most.

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The red is sharp but I like the black! Perfect gift for my wife to lure her back to blackberry :)

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I would love the red version and i love how they put the outlet for the charger above the keyboard so i could text properly while charging. Same feature that goes with the q10 and i love that:)

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As a proud Virgin Mobile member I would enjoy the Red BlackBerry Q5 to utilize the best mobile keyboard in a compact sleek shell!!

Black one! Looks professional. And boringly the feature I like most is the former factor and keyboard

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I am not in Canada, but I would grab the red one in a heartbeat just like I grabbed the white Z10 on Verizon.

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Black because it's sleek and I want to go back to the physical keyboard, although I love my Z10!!

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Working in Social Development and Finance Administration in Toronto City Hall- it would be funny to see the faces of some people here when they see a Red phone...

The best part of having a red Q5? I'd have a phone that stands out in a crowd of 'normal' Blackberry's AND I would stay just as productive and organized as always! :)

It would also make a nice addition to my City locked Q10..

Posted via SQN100-3

A red one for my wife would be great! She's going on maternity leave and would love the Q5's great keyboard!

Posted via CB10

I like the look of the Red one. Hope I win to add to my collection of BlackBerry's

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I would enjoy winning the RED one, as it would be easier to be noticed by others on all my business trips.

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Loving my Z but missing the physical keyboard, a red Q5 in my arsenal would certainly be a welcome addition.

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Love you Crackberry again and again, even I again didn't twin.. haha
Win the Q5 or die trying!! My new motto :)

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