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Win a BlackBerry Q5 from CrackBerry and TELUS!

The BlackBerry Q5 has just released on TELUS in Canada, and you know what that means!

Contest time!

BlackBerry Q5
By Michelle Haag on 14 Aug 2013 05:05 pm EDT

Yesterday marked the launch of the BlackBerry Q5 on TELUS, and to celebrate we are teaming up with them to give one of our fantastic readers a free Q5 of their very own. The Q5 has all of the BlackBerry 10 goodness you've come to love, or been hearing all about, but it's packed in a QWERTY form that's reminiscent of the Curve line. The Q5 is running BlackBerry 10.1 and does it well thanks to the 1.2GHz processor and 2GB of RAM. Believe it or not, the Q5 has the same 3.1" 720x720 display of the Q10, the only difference being the Q5 is an LCD compared to the SuperAMOLED screen of the Q10.

TELUS has a fantastic program for those new to BlackBerry or who might just need a little extra help with their device. As a TELUS customer you get a complimentary 15 to 45 minute learning session tailored to your needs at the the TELUS Learning Centre. With the option of either a one-to-one learning session or a group session, you're sure to get the hands on help that you need to help you get the most out of your new device.

Now, about that contest. To enter, leave a comment below telling us why you're interested in the BlackBerry Q5. Please only leave one comment, and if we catch you spamming you will be banned from this and future contests, and nobody wants that! Keep in mind, since the contest is sponsored by TELUS, it's only open to Canadians. Also, the contest is only for a device. The winner will be responsible for service, but luckily TELUS also has some great new plans including the SharePlus Plans that you'll want to check out if you haven't already.

We'll pick a winner next week! Good luck everyone!

Topics: Contest Contests

Michelle Haag Michelle Haag "@_Miche11e_ and C0001B3B5" 1191 (articles) 1683 (forum posts)


I like to promote Blackberry as much as possible. I'm a true fan boy, who will debate the better points of a Blackberry device all night. If i can convince one person to switch it's worth my time. I'm Canadian and proud of it. I like to fix old blackberries I get for cheap, or free and put them back into cell phone user hands. I would use the Q5 to showcase the power of qwerty on a BB10 device to as many people as possible, like I do with my Z!

Posted via CB10


Would be awesome to rock a Q5


I love Blackberry phones. I am old school and love the keyboard. I love the fact that Blackberry is a Canadian company.


Thanks Telus and CB

Posted via CB10


Love my Z10 but I miss the tactile keys...

Posted via CB10


It would make a great companion to my Z10

Posted via CB10


Sure. Good luck eveyone!!!

Posted via CB10


In for the win! Let's rock n roll this!


I will give it to my wife who now has a torch 9860 that's barely hanging on.lol

Posted via CB10


I would like a Q5 cause it has lcd screen my Q10 is to dark and cant see it in sunlight cmon Q5

Posted via CB10

Jane Li

For my kids. Their 9790 needs an upgrade

From my white zed 10 on Rogers running 4181


If I don't win the Z30 so my wife can have my Z10, then maybe I'll get lucky with this comp and then my wife can have the Q5 to replace her 9810!


Count me in

Posted via CB10


sign me in time to have a blackberry 10 phone that supports miracast !


would love to win this for my wife!


I tried the Z10 but the battery life was not acceptable. Miss my BB!

Joel Hill

The Q5 looks like a fantastic little phone! I bought the Z10 almost as soon as it was available, and as happy as I am with it, the keyboards of the Q5 and Q10 are calling to me!

Posted via CB10


Because I'm a keyboard maniac and i love the idea of the Q5!!

Posted via CB10


Hoping to convert family and friends to BB, I think this will be the perfect way to do so...muhahahah

Posted via Q10


I am a huge fan of Crackberry and Blackberry, Blackberry for life!


I always wanted a qwerty keyboard blackberry. That is BlackBerry 10 os.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10


Why would someone NOT want this?
I would love one as BlackBerry10 is an awesome OS

Johnny Crack

BlackBerry keep moving!

Would love this for my girlfriend!

Posted via CB10 powered by BB10


i would like a new phone period... still has 9700...


#Crackkberry Rocks!!! Bring it to Me
BiG Upz To CB & Telus...#TellUs!


Love to upgrade my 9900 and get introduced to bb10 OS




So badly need a new blackberry!

Jeff Bradley

My wife has the z10 and it's time for me to upgrade

Posted via CB10


I want to win it to give it to my girlfriend so she can enjoy BlackBerry 10 too and replace her Android phone

Posted via CB10


Because i'm just addict of blackberry

Posted via CB10


The day I was supposed to get it I heard about the z30 saving the money for it but I really have to try the Q10!

Posted via CB10


Because i have been bugging my sister and my dad to get a bew blackberry. Theirs are ancient and they refuse to do it. Both of them are joking about buying i phones and ditching their blackberrys. We're canadian and blackberry is Canadas technology darling. BlackBerry needs us and we need them!!!!!!

Posted via CB10


This would definitely be a great gift for my little brother. I have a Z10 and he has an ancient Bold that sure needs replacing!

Posted via CB10


I want it for thé keyboard

Posted via CB10


I still believe in BlackBerry WOULD LOVE TO WIN a Q5

Posted via CB10


I was planning on buying one for my son as a birthday gift since he's always using my z10. Winning it would be a bonus.


Don't want.

Posted via CB10


My girlfriend needs a new phone to get rid of her iPhone 4. Please :)

Posted via CB10 via BlackBerry Z10 (Telus)



Posted via CB10


Because Canada is now recognized as an emerging market!

Aman Darred

This phone actually grew on me. Starting to look better and better.

Posted via CB10


Hey people I am absolutely going crazy for a blackberry 10 device. i have sprint (said it a thousand times already) so i am stuck with my 9850 and i keep entering all thiese win a bb10 giveaways but all i am drawing is blanks nothing for me so take the shame off your face and give me my blackberry 10


I want a Q5 so I can have the best of both worlds.

Posted via CB10


I'd love to win

Posted via CB10


Michelle! Pick me~ I really want to get away from Samsung products and the Q5 is a fresh new start.

Luke Coughey

I'd love to win the q5 so that I can upgrade my wife's 9800 and show the world that blackberry is still the best.

Posted via CB10

big bb

This would be great for my son to replace his pearl 8100.

Posted via CB10 on Z10


I want to win this for my mom. It is just what she needs.

Posted via CB10


Like to try keyboard on bb10 :)

Posted from my amazing Z10


The Q5 looks like a fun phone, and I'm curious about comparing it to the Curves in my house.

Posted via CB10


It's beautiful

Posted via CB10


Q5 looks great. Just in time for back to school. Good job BlackBerry!


I would like to experience a physical keyboard again but I've never experienced an BlackBerry keyboard before.

Good luck everyone!


I would like a Q5 purely to give to one of friends, I need more bbm friends

Andrew Smiley

I need a Q5 for my mom. Looking to convert her from a feature phone to a bb!


I love Telus and I love CrackBerry! It was meant to be!

Posted via CB10


My fiancee would love a q5 instead of her old curve!!!

Posted via CB10


I want one!!!! Badly!!

Posted via CB10


Me wants Keyboard and miracast!

Posted via CB10


I'm bkackberry's biggest fan. I love my z10 bit would love to gift this gem to my sweet husband. :#)

Posted via CB10


Love to try it out as an addition to my Q10

Posted via CB10


I've moved on to the z10 but my wife loves her keyboard. Q5 will allow us to merge into one!

Posted via CB10


Get rid of my personal iPhone!!

Posted via CB10


Why not

Posted via CB10


Because I miss my keyboard and I love being with Telus!!!!

Posted via CB10


Keyboard is the key!

Posted via CB10

Humga Chan

I'd love to upgrade to a Q5 :)

Posted via CB10

Victor Shea

My son Riley who is autistic has been enjoying my z10 and would love this Q5 to keep in touch with his dad and mom while at school.

Posted via CB10

Chris Shelley1

This device would help me with my day to day things thanks.

Posted via CB10


Someone I work with has expressed interest in BlackBerries to use the keyboard to text her son. This would be the perfect starter phone for her.

Posted via CB10 on Q10


Well it ain't a z30... but a q5 will do.

Posted from my Z10 using CB10


Wife needs a new phone.


Because I don't have one.

Posted via Me on my Z


Ohh yes please!!

Posted via CB10


Cause then my sweet Telus gf will love me even more...and she will think that I bought it for her. Two birds, one stone!!!

Posted via CB10


Because one BB10 device is not enough!!

Posted via Z10 STL100-3 using CB10. Fido, Toronto.


Would be nice to gift it to my old man for his birthday in a couple of weeks! Thew share plans seem pretty decent compared to our existing plans.


My best friend is on Telus and this would be the perfect way to get her off her iphone and back to the black!


I have loved blackberry since my dad had the old 7000. I always want a blackberry like my dads with the track ball as I would love playing with it. When I got my bold a few years back I new blackberry was for me! I am one of the only people left at my school with a blackberry and was the first to have the Z10. I would like to be a trendsetter at my school and get every one back on a blackberry. I would love to have the Q5 for this as it is the hip new blackberry. Thanks for the contest! Love you crackberry!!!!!


Want to introduce my family to the beauty that is BB10

Posted via CB10


Need one for my wife now that I got myself a Q10

Posted via CB10


I want to win a q5

Posted via CB10


I've always loved the Curve line and used it for years! I am really excited to check this phone out in person!!


Why would I want one? Why not? It's a BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10


This device is perfect for my Mom! Shes a new smartphone user and she'll love the keyboard!


Because its cool

Posted via CB10


Would love to have a BB10 device with a keyboard to use.

Posted via CB10


would love to win. need this for my wife she just broke her BB

Ian Robertson1

I'd like to introduce my coworker to BB10 through the Q5 and replace her old curve.


I want to give the Q10 to a family member who used to use a curve until it broke, they loved the phone and have a flip phone.

Here's hoping

Posted via CB10


Interested in the Q5 so that I can show everyone that it is a serious mid-range device that shouldn't be taken lightly. Looking to get another phone user on the blackberry ship

Posted via CB10


It would be a nice gift for my dad who is still using a moto spice xt300 (stuck on android 2.1) on mobilicity

Alooi Divona

Will be handy as a second phone beside my Z10, as I have another micro sim that i want to use but don't have another phone to use it

Posted via CB10

Flog Gnaw

Love the design, could use a less expensive yet equally powerful device

Posted via CB10


It would go great with my Z, gotta love the physical keyboard!

Posted via CB10


I'd love it because it would be a great partner to my Z10 on TELUS

Posted via CB10


My wife has just finished up her contract with her old curve and would love to stick with a physical QWERTY phone. We have been with telus for 4 years and would love to add this to our plan. Plus there are some new apps available for BB10 that she can't get on her BBOS6 that she wants.


I would love a physical keyboard!

Posted via CB10


I would really love to win this and pass it along to my sister! She is a BB enthusiast but cannot afford to upgrade right now and this would be such a nice gift to pass along!


Because it looks like another great BB10 device that I'd love to win for my girlfriend.


Lurked BB's forever, I need to understand the CrackBerry way.


Q5 is nice :)

Posted via CB10


Ill take one!

Posted via CB10


Loving the Q5 go BB

Posted via CB10


It would be nice to have a back up in case my Z10 craps out

via CB10 on ZED10


I'll give it to my wife who is still using a Samsung flip! She keeps looking at my Z10, but I'm not trading!

Posted via CB10


I want one because I just love it.

Posted via CB10


I would love to have a bb10 q5. I would then be able to give a smart phone to my brother who has been using the Sony w810 Walkman phone for the longest time. (good little phone. Just dated). Me me meeeee!

Posted via CB10


I still have a 9900 and am faithful to BB the Q5 is exactlt the device I need.


Because i want one for my nephew

ForcePosted using the Z10


Because of the keyboard I would use it when I'm in the field with the military so my Z10 doesn't get wrecked

Posted from my Z10STL100-3/


I'll take any good look into BB10! :)


One can never have enough Blackberries! Would look so nice alongside my Q10...


I would give this to my Mother if I win. She could use a BB10 device and this would be perfect for her. Then we'd jump ship from Rogers...


Q5 is IMHO the latest and greatest with a few twists. But who likes a straight road anyways ;-)

Posted via CB10 on the amazing Q10


My dad using an old school android. I'd love to convert him to team blackberry

Posted via CB10


I would like to get the BB10 experience of the physical keyboard.

Posted via CB10


This would be a welcomed gift - seeing as it was my birthday yesterday and I didn't get anything :( *crosses fingers*


I have a Z10, a Q10, so the Q5 would complete the family

Posted via CB10


Like to see what it is all about and to have a second device to flip between.

Posted via CB10


My wife needs to update her 9900 and she is with Telus already! A match made in heaven.

Posted via CB10


Oh Yessss I am Canadian and would be soooo happy to win this Q5 from CB and Telus....GAME ON !!!


Because I like BlackBerry devices and would love to give this phone to my dad as he doesn't have a good phone and had planned on taking my Z10 before..

Posted via CB10


Looking to pick one up so that I can get more family onto BB.


Thanks CB& Telus!

Would love a Q5 to use in my trade as a work device!!


If I win this phone, I'll give the device to my dad as he would enjoy keeping in contact with me via BBM. He currently has an iPhone 4 and misses his BlackBerry keyboard!

Posted via CB10


I would give it to my mom so she can have her first smartphone

Posted via CB10


Best keyboard in the world.

Posted via CB10


Because my sister is begging for one and it would be the best birthday present, and it will also make it so I have a better phone than her.
Posted via my Q10.

Posted via CB10


Q5 for quicker typing of course.


because it is balckberry 10 device.

Posted via CB10


Because I like BlackBerry phones! And my Q10 needs a little brother to keep it company. Or give to my wife so we can do some BBM-ing...


Why not

Posted via CB10


My wife was checking out the Q5 while getting

Posted via CB10


Because I want to show work what it can do... but I can't afford buying extra phones for it!

Posted via CB10


Have a great plan from Telus for my Z10 and would love to add the Q5 so I can....... miracast

Posted via CB10


Because I heart anything and everything BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

Logan Rogers

Love to have one for my girlfriend. To match my z10

Posted via CB10


I would love a smaller phone with a keyboard for work and keep my Z10 for personal use

Posted via CB10


Missing from the collection

Posted via CB10


I'd never turn down a blackberry!

Posted via CB10


Currently using my Z10 and love it soooo much!!!
So I dont want one without a keyboard! lol!!!
Really wanna see how it would be with a smaller screen and a greater keyboard!!


Because its a Blackberry :P and it's time for an upgrade!!!

Posted via CB10


I would love to get my hands on a physical keyboard and would give this to my mom who lives in brasil or my sister in Florida so I can do video chat with them since it's a 1000 times better than Skype. I wish I could win once on a contest that would be cool as well.

Posted via CB10


I've got friends whom I've peaked their interest in a bb10 device, but are hesitant to take the plunge. Gift them a free one, wow them with the lower end device and they'll share their enthusiasm with others. THAT is why I need a Q5

My gf thinks I love my Z10 more than her... she's on to me.


I love to get my son started with a Q5!

Posted via the best Keyboard in Existence my Mo Fo Z10


would love to go back to a wonderful qwert device...


I have a Z10 now, and have wondered what it would be like to have a physical keyboard BB10 device. This would give that perfect opportunity!

Posted via CB10


Excellent gift for my father in law who has everyting but a new bb

Posted via CB10


I was a BlackBerry critic, I mean big time. I said it all about BlackBerry, made fun of people at work who had one. I bought a z10 because of all the hype from people who own one. So im sorry BlackBerry, I enjoy my z10 and I want my wife to trade in her LG for a BlackBerry but she says dont have the money. If I win one for her then no excuse. Go BlackBerry and eating crow is not fun.

Posted via CB10


It would be great to have both a keyboard and non keyboard blackberry device!


I'd live it to test the physical keyboard. Personally never used a smartphone with one before. Also an opportunity to show friends another good BlackBerry phone

Posted via CB10


I am a android fan switch to BlackBerry. And would love to have new phones to tell ppl and introduce.

Posted via CB10


My wife was checking out the Q5 while at the Telus store getting new phones for our 3 kids. She thought it was adorable and would be perfect for her. While the kids got their new Z10's she got nothing. I think that she would be deserving and surprised if she was the recipient of a cute new Q5. Bonus, we've been loyal Telus customers for nearly 10 years now.

Posted via CB10


I travel lots for business and miss the keyboard, for firing off those quick messages. The Q would be perfect for my needs.

Posted via CB10


Who wouldn't want one it's all about blackberry and the new devices are the best so far!

Posted via CB10


I'd love to surprise my Girlfriend with a Q5 to replace her Curve 9320. Bonus we're both on Telus.

Thanks CB & Michelle ;)


I love the new BlackBerry software. My father has been using the BlackBerry OS 5 for the last...i don't even know how long. I'd like to get him a new phone.

Posted via CB10


I have a Q10 and my wife's Iphone contract expires this month so I would love to convert her to a Blackberry.

Posted via CB10


I would love to win a blackberry q5 because my brother loves keyboard phones and does not have enough money to buy one. It would be a great bday present!

Posted via CB10


Q5 is something I want simply because it looks beautiful and I gotta have it!

Posted via Q10 using CB10


I would like because it is a BlackBerry 10 smartphone, and it seems like a really good phone.


I am highly interested in the Q5 build quality!


I would like one because I can't afford a new device and my z10 isn't working with me. So I'll be giving it to a relative but I still need a phone. So I want to have this device so I can use. Plus, I love keyboard BlackBerry phones.

Thanks crackberry and hopefully, I'll win

Posted via CB10


Interested in thé Q5 because the bottom bezel looks bigger than the q10's. Hoping that makes gestures easier.

Posted via CB10

Alaa Qweider

It has bb10 and will be perfect match for work .
I have z10 but I miss the physical keyboard :)


I love my Z10 but would love to win this phone to explore how well the BlackBerry physical keyboard.

Posted via CB10


The Q5 and BlackBerry... keep the faith!

Posted via CB10


I love my Z10 but at times wish I had a keyboard running bb10, plus I just read my Z10 won't support miracast. Would love to have a Q5!

Posted via CB10


I'd love to change it up from the virtual keyboard and give the physical keyboard a shot!

Posted via CB10


Great handset.

Posted via CB10


Bahahahah funny...

Posted via CB10


Oh alright. Twist my arm, I'll play.


1st time contest . In fact just trying to learn how to.......


I'd love a keyboard BlackBerry but can't afford a Q right now.

Posted via CB10


I would give it to homeless guy that play accordion in downtown Kitchener and than i would mak e video with my Z10 and post video on Crackerberry...

Posted via CB10


Well this would be perfect for my 12 year old. Start them young with BlackBerry and they'll be with you forever

Posted via CB10


Well I'm new to the BlackBerry world with the Z10 and I have always wanted to try out BlackBerrys physical keyboard...

Posted via CB10


I'm interested in the Q5 because my wife prefers that style of keyboard. No other reason, just the way the keys feel.

Posted via CB10


Why not, I'm a fan of BlackBerry which own a Z10 and looking at getting my daughter a Q5, who is 11 years old and is following in her dad's foot steps of being a BlackBerry fanatic. She has already informed me she wants her brothers 9900 and for her brother to pick up a new phone. I'd say that's a BlackBerry fan.


So I can sell it and get about 15 bucks for it....

Posted via CB10


I own a z10 and love it. I do miss the physical keyboard I had on my Bold 9900, so having the q5 would be great.

Posted via My Z10


I'm from Canada and I'm already on the Telus network. I would like to have this phone because it seems nice enough to me, and having one certainly trumps not having one. Especially if it's for free and from the good ol' folks at CrackBerry


As I'm a Telus customer, I'd love the phone to add to my collection of BlackBerry Smartphones.


I'd love to try out the qwerty keyboard.
Long live BlackBerry!

Christopher O

It would complete my bb10 collection when I will the A30

Posted via CB10


I want a Q5 pls!

Posted via CB10


Because it has miracast support and my z10 doesn't

Posted via CB10


Future is Friendly :)
Lets see some Q5 love aha


I need one for my son's birthday!

Posted via CB10


The cool design and keyboard along with the big battery

Posted via CB10


I want a Q5 to my girlfriend and can be a BlackBerry couple :)

Posted via CB10


Curve 8330 was my first BlackBerry and I have loved em ever since. I would love to get back to a physical keyboard, especially on BB10!


I need thiiieeesssuuy!

Posted via CB10


Would love a second awesome device!

Posted via CB10


'cause it's blackberry


Good luck! Would love to run with the new keyboard.

Posted via CB10

Hector Lemus

Me gustaria porque tengo un z10 y extraño el teclado fisico jajaja antes tenia un Curve 9360 :´( me gustaria ganarlo Graciass son los mejores


Yes please. Perfect for my wife, she's been getting the bb10 urge after messing with my Z10.

Posted via CB10


I'd love one for my sister so she can take one to her school!


My family is all BlackBerry. My wife and I each have a PlayBook and a personal blackberry phone. She had a curve (and loved it) but when I upgraded to a Z10 I gave her my Bold 9900 and sold her curve. She would love to upgrade to a new BB10 Q5. This contest is also perfect for us because we have been loyal Telus Customers for a long time.

Posted via CB10


I miss the keyboard!

Posted via CB10


Getting a nice BlackBerry keyboard is all I want! In fact, I want it for my mother who needs an upgrade. Thanks Telus and CrackBerry !

Posted via CB10

D gray

It would be a great addition

Posted via CB10


I just want a crack at bb10 and physical keyboard lol

Posted via CB10

Xiaoyuan Wang

Give me one
Make me a badass.

Posted via CB10


My wife needs a reliable phone now that our second bundle of joy came along.


I need the q5! I need the keyboard!

Powered by QNX


This phone would be perfect for my Mom, I'm on Telus with my Z10 and she'd be ecstatic!


I want a green one. Please

Posted via CB10

Serge Fisher

Because I'm a huge fan and my wife have no bb phone.

Posted via CB10


I want it because my 9900 is on it's last legs and I want use a BB10 phone! I love the size and keyboard on the Q5, it's sexy as hell IMO.


I am interested because it has qwerty keyboard and comes in colors!

Posted via CB 10 app on my Q10!


I would love to have one to offer my dad as well since my mom has my old torch and I have the z10. BlackBerry family!

Posted via CB10

Ted Kim

I love Qwerty BB10s!!!!

Posted via CB10


Finish my Q collection with a Q5

epress man

I miss the keyboard.

Posted via CB10


Would love to try out the keyboard!

Posted from my Z10 via CB10


I am interested in the q5 because it offers bb10 at an affordable price, hope to get an upgrade!


Girlfriend needs to get rid of i-crap this would be a perfect device for her and maybe she would leave my Z10 alone !!


Posted via CB10


I am planning to join Telus and having BlackBerry Q5 with full keyboard will just add incentive. I don't believe I won Q10 from the previous contest and hoping to became a happy owner of Q5.

Posted via CB10


Because i want my keyboard back.

Sent via my Z10 support your local paramedics run with scissors.


I want this for my wife because she hasn't been happy since her Pearl Flip broke.

Posted via CB10


I would love to win this phone because I'm a huge long time bb fan and I thing the q5 would be the perfect mobile phone for me bb all the way even if one horrible day I hear the company will be sold I'm here for better or worse


I just got my first smartphone last week... the Z10 ! And my female friend needs a replacement for her BB Curve... so the Q5 caught her eye with that dashing red colour... and would be great to win one from CB !


I'm always interested in technology and the Q5 looks like a magnificent piece of tech. I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to have this cause my phone is started to look out dated and I love blackberry and want to help support a local canadian company. Blackberry FOREVER!! :D


I'd like to win this for my wife, who's currently using an iPhone.
Oh, and proud to be Canadian!

Mizan Hamid

I love BB Q5 because it has 2gb ram and 1.2 Dual core processor with reasonable prices. BB 10 also combine with android apps and i love that too. Another reason is, I love touch screen but i like to type with physical keyboard. So, BB Q5 has both of that with reasonable prices. Q5 is a perfect for me. The prices affordable.

Posted via CB10


I want to give one to my mom. she has wanted a cell phone for a while, q5 would be a great choice

Posted via CB10

jon jon1

The Q5 look like a really BIG curve update would be nice to win

Oh and Telus has really good service,with them now for almost 5 years

Posted via CB10


I'd love to own a Q5! I've always have been every smartphone I've had has been a BlackBerry and I think Telus Mobility is the best cell phone provider. I'd be happy and proud to be seen around town with a brand new Q5!

Posted via CB10


Need this for my wife.


I would love to gift a Q5 to one of my TELUS friends. That would rock. I have my own Q5 en route, but I would love to have an opportunity to provide a friend with an outstanding device in the spirit of promoting BlackBerry 10.

Posted via CB10


Even though my Z10 is super and a great device, there are times I miss the physical keyboard BlackBerry is known for. I can't afford a Q10 so I would really like to win this great Q5.

Posted via CB10


Being a BlackBerry user since 2003, I would love to win the Q5 to use it as well as my current Z10. I need 2 phones for work and i'm using an old Torch that is still working perfectly. It would be a nice upgrade!

Posted via CB10


Another one worth trying for. :)

Posted via CB10


I've never had a qwerty phone... a Q5 would be a wonderful phone to start with.

Posted via CB10 on a Z10 root device!


The BlackBerry Q5 needs Me!!!

Posted via CB10


That would make a great entry level device for my daughter.

Sent from the future on my Z10.


Would love a Q5! Good luck to everyone!

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I would like to try it


My mom's birthday is coming up in 7 days and she desperately needs a new phone as hers no longer even holds charge. My sister and I have been looking and looking for the perfect phone for her and the BlackBerry Q5 covers everything we're searching for!

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