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Win a BlackBerry Q5 from CrackBerry and TELUS!

The BlackBerry Q5 has just released on TELUS in Canada, and you know what that means!

Contest time!

BlackBerry Q5
By Michelle Haag on 14 Aug 2013 05:05 pm EDT

Yesterday marked the launch of the BlackBerry Q5 on TELUS, and to celebrate we are teaming up with them to give one of our fantastic readers a free Q5 of their very own. The Q5 has all of the BlackBerry 10 goodness you've come to love, or been hearing all about, but it's packed in a QWERTY form that's reminiscent of the Curve line. The Q5 is running BlackBerry 10.1 and does it well thanks to the 1.2GHz processor and 2GB of RAM. Believe it or not, the Q5 has the same 3.1" 720x720 display of the Q10, the only difference being the Q5 is an LCD compared to the SuperAMOLED screen of the Q10.

TELUS has a fantastic program for those new to BlackBerry or who might just need a little extra help with their device. As a TELUS customer you get a complimentary 15 to 45 minute learning session tailored to your needs at the the TELUS Learning Centre. With the option of either a one-to-one learning session or a group session, you're sure to get the hands on help that you need to help you get the most out of your new device.

Now, about that contest. To enter, leave a comment below telling us why you're interested in the BlackBerry Q5. Please only leave one comment, and if we catch you spamming you will be banned from this and future contests, and nobody wants that! Keep in mind, since the contest is sponsored by TELUS, it's only open to Canadians. Also, the contest is only for a device. The winner will be responsible for service, but luckily TELUS also has some great new plans including the SharePlus Plans that you'll want to check out if you haven't already.

We'll pick a winner next week! Good luck everyone!

Topics: Contest Contests

Michelle Haag Michelle Haag "@_Miche11e_ and C0001B3B5" 1191 (articles) 1683 (forum posts)


Why not? I hear it will have Miracast...

Jeandry Brito

Cause I'm a huge fan and would give this to my dad who is dying to get his hand on a BlackBerry 10 OS and I'll give it to him.

Posted via CB10 app on my Z10 Stl100-1 on


First in because I'd like to check out the physical keyboard

Posted via CB10


I want it all...

Posted via CB10


It would make a nice addition to my Z10...

Posted via CB10


Need a bb10 device for my wife... loll

Posted via CB10


wife needs a new phone


What a coincidence. So does mine. :)

Posted via CB10


This is the only phone missing in my BlackBerry 10 collection!

Posted via CB10


I'd love to win and share the BB10 love with my daughter.

Posted via CB10


Because I want to upgrage from my 9900


I'd love one of these to give to my siblings who can't afford a smartphone. I'm sure they'd love the Bb10 experience


I want one cause its awesome!

Posted via CB10


That physical keyboard looks mighty sexy... love the physical feedback of typing, no matter what format. Please pick me :)


Since it's a lower end model I could use it on rugged trips to the arctic!

Posted by tapping on Halle (Black)Berry aka Z10


I'd love a qwerty back

Posted via CB10


I would love to give this phone to my wife who refuses to part with her 9800. It will change her mind pretty fast I'm sure.
She is also running off contract right now so there is no better time.

BB10, Z10


My son needs a phone, and what better than the Q5!

Posted via CB10


I really would want to be chosen to win this q5 due to my parents really want to have a smart phone and they are currently with Telus.

It would be great for them as they can not afford to buy one at the moment.

Posted via CB10


I'd love to win this. It would be a great phone to replace my wife's 9790 with.

Posted via CB10


I would like it because of the difference in the z10 compared to the q10. Not being used to the touch screen would be a great chance to change back.

Posted via CB10


Yay :) Thanks Telus and Crackberry! I'd love to give a BB10 Qwerty a shot :)


it has a youthful look and love the colours


Sure could stand to get wife off iphone1

Posted via CB10


First off Telus is great and second of all my wife's Bold 9780 is on the brink.

She'd love the q5.

Thanks CB.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!


Please pick me! :)

Posted via CB10


It would be awesome to show off a sleek Q5

Cathy Notnac

I love Blackberry phones. I am old school and love the keyboard. I love the fact that Blackberry is a Canadian company. I would love to have a chance to try this phone. FIngers crossed.


I would love to win the q5, my mom is in need of a new phone. She still using a RAZR flip. Please help me bring my mom to 2013

Posted from My Z10 via CB10


I work in retail selling phones and would live to be able to demo my Z10 and Q5 more effectively :). I also miss the keyboard sometimes... and the Q5 would make a great second device.

Posted via CB10

Jelly -Bean

I would love to win because I love Telus and I love BlackBerry! Please pick me!

Posted via CB10


I want a Q5 because it'll be the perfect gift for my mom! Thanks CB!

Posted via CB10


Q5 is the perfect match to travel in remote areas!

Posted via CB10


I'm trying to get my family switched over to BlackBerry, a Q5 would help me with that.

Posted via CB10


A backup phone, why not

Posted via CB10


Telus is a great company and what better way to try out their service is with a Telus phone. Plus I would love to try the Q5 and it's awesome keyboard.

Posted via Z10


I'd love to get my girlfriend this device :p

Posted via CB10

Bryan Pitt

Yes please, I would love to have one as I sometimes miss the keyboard.....

Posted via CB10


Count me in...my mom needs a new phone upgrade from her old flip phone!


Time to replace my 8520.


I'll have a Z10 in one hand and a Q5 in the other!

Posted via CB10


My friend's iPhone 4 is on the fritz, this would be a nice way to introduce her to BlackBerry 10.

Posted via CB10


I'd like a Q5 so I can save a special someone from their awful iOS device.

Posted via CB10


i'm interested in the Q5 as a perfect 1st phone for my niece - and with BBM going cross-platform i can get to her get all of her non-bb friends on board with bbm!


Same response as the z30 one. Anniversary gift for girlfriend.


I'd give it to my wife and we'd be a blackberry family - finally.


I'd love to give it to my mom who is still running a 9300. She could use the upgrade!

Posted via CB10


My wife needs a BB10 device to replace her curve, this would do nicely.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Posted via CB10


Because I have a torch with about 18 months left on my contract, and I'm itching for a BB10 device.


backup qwerty

Posted via CB10


I miss the physical keyboard!


I like the qwerty keyboard

Posted via CB10


I'd love one for work :) nothing better than keys for emails

Posted via CB10


looks like a neat little device!


My kid needs a phone so the free q5 will fit that bill perfect.

Posted via CB10


Q5 makes me want to Hi5 Blackberry

Posted via CB10


...because I believe in BlackBerry. Pick me.

Posted via CB10


Would love to have this device, would like the keyboard.


I'm interested in the Q5 because I want to give it to my girlfriend so I can BBM video call her n so she can finally dump her shitty iPhone

Posted via CB10


I have a z10 but would love to have the q10 physical keyboard!! :).

Posted via CB10


Would love to have this phone as a work phone and retire my 9900!

Posted via CB10


I love all of the new BB10 devices - a Q5 would be a great way to get my daughter into the fold as well, and she can ditch her Android!


I want one for my wife. She has an iPhone 5 and is envious of my Z10. Can't justify buying another phone just yet so we'll just have to win one :)

Posted via CB10


Pick me! Want to try out a BB10 device!


Add to my collection. I would probably forward it onto a friend to share the blackberry love.

Posted via CB10


Q5 will be a fabulous replacement for my Galaxy which went through the washer in my cycling shorts.



physical keyboardddddddddddddddddddddddd


I'd give it to my dad so he could finally move into the 20th century lol

Posted via the Batcave


New curve

Posted via CB10


yes, yes, YES! this is the phone I need!

Tyler Ouellette

I would like a Q5 because the BB10 OS is by far the best operating system on the market today. The combination of the BlackBerry Q5 Smartphone running the BB10 OS and the Telus network will make for an awesome mobile experience. #Canadian


I am a pilot out in Calgary (using a z10) and my girlfriend is a pilot out in northern Ontario (on telus). It's hard to communicate sometimes because she flys to places that don't have cell service! Unfortunately she got an iPhone for Christmas (NOT from me!!) and so we have been living off of whatsapp. Today, it took me an hour and twenty minutes for my whatsapp message to send.

Winning a Q5 would allow us to BBM Voice and Video making our long distance relationship that much easier!

Posted via CB10

Simon Sage

Wow, that's rough. Rooting for ya.

Posted via CB10


Looks like a nice affordable bb10 device, nice keyboard too.

Posted Via CB10 - Q10


Love to get one for my daughter...!!!

Posted via CB10


My girlfriend would love to upgrade to a physical keyboard phone as she chats a lot. Her ancient BlackBerry survived a lot of stress and showing some age.

Posted via CB10


This would be a perfect phone for my mom. Upgrade her old curve!

Posted via CB10


I would love to be typing on that classic keyboard!


To replace Ye'Old 9800...


Q5 is so cute!!!!!!

Posted via CB10


Because you know you want to...

Posted from my Q10 on the West Coast


I would love to give this to my Mom for her birthday.


The keypad is fantastic!

Posted via CB10

Mikey Gardner

I would love to win this to give to my dad who's has always wanted a blackberry just never had the money. I would love to see a smile on his face

Posted on my Z10


Just became owner of Z10. Love it. Now, I really need BB10 phone for my wife! :)

Posted via CB10


I would love to try out this bad boy i want to see how bb10 runs on a bit lower specs.


I can't get enough BlackBerry and I'd love a Q5. I, like BlackBerry ain't going anywhere. BB4Ever!


Telus Q5: You Complete Me

Posted via CB10


So me and my wife can video chat while I'm away with the military.

Posted via CB10


I'm not with Telus will they just provide phone? Like my Q10 but Q5 better shape! Phone junkie here!!!

Posted via CB10


My son could use one.

Posted via CB10


Because I'm a fan of BlackBerry and have been supporting them since day one. My first cell phone was a BlackBerry plus I like the qwerty keyboard.

Posted via CB10


I'm joining on behalf of my mom who resides in British Columbia..I want her to win the BlackBerry q5 to be able to communicate with her effortlessly using bbm video and voice without using third party apps. I'm a proud blackberry user. Z10 is my device and I won't go for any phone except for BlackBerry :D

Haru/~ Hate Blackberry and I'll hate you lol :D

Posted via CB10


The Q5 would be a sweet device to try out! The keyboard is so enticing.

Posted via CB10


Would love to win this for my wife!

Posted via CB10


I want to win it because I want my mom to have a good BlackBerry

Posted via CB10


I'd love to get one so I can have a light yet powerful bb10 experience!


very loyal BlackBerry person and got my daughter wanting one what a perfect birthday gift

Posted via CB10


Love the different colors of the device!!


Really want that old Curve keyboard!


Me wants for its glorious keyboard :)

Posted via CB10


Same as another poster, my father would love a keyboard phone to move into the smartphone age and this would be the perfect gift!

Posted via CB10


Going to give it to my sister who is moving away we can stay connected with BBM!

Posted via CB10


Would love the wife to have a blackberry.

Posted via CB10

jay gibs

I would rather have this Q5 than my Z10 that randomly reboots at the most frustrating times and which has me questioning whether I really want to stick with BlackBerry or defect like so many others after waiting for so long for a BBRY that was going to save the day.

Posted via CB10


I want a qwerty phone!

Posted via CB10


light and not too big, perfect match to put in a girl bag. I want it lolll

Posted via CB10


Love the look!

Posted via CB10

Dave Bourque

I want the Q5 to gift it to a family member to expand the BlackBerry device family!


My wife needs some BlackBerry 10 :)

Posted by Z10


Hey I am on Telu and so far happy with Telus support for our beloved BB so this Q5 will be nice, thinking of getting it and using it instead of my pager..

Jamie Lind

Because you want to give it to me

Posted via CB10

Harrison Cole

Would make a great combo with my Z10

Posted via CB10


I want to get my wife a BB10 device so she'll stop taking my Z10!!

Posted via CB10


girlfriends birthday present!

Jimberry Storm

Need to berry my daughter

Posted via CB10


Always love the physical keyboard and with Miracast this would be a great phone.

nasi goreng

Hope I win this time, so I could give it to my wife to replace her old 9360


Dat keyboard.

Posted via CB10


I would love a Q5 so I can show it off to the office and get people hooked back on with BlackBerry

Posted via CB10


It would make a great dev device, I'd need to unlock it though


I want a BB10 that supports Miracast, unlike my Z10... :/


I want the Q5 cause I want all the BB10 devices!

Posted via CB10


I want to win. Ok

Posted via CB10


Would make a great gift to get more of the family connected - thanks Telus and Crackberry!!!

Posted via CB10


It is the best physical keyboard berry!

Posted via CB10


Yay, pick me! I'm a Vancouverite with a sense of entitlement. LOL! j/k But seriously, pick me 'cause my mom needs to update her phone; she has an old Curve. Cheers! xD

Posted via CB10


I would love to get this device for my wife. She likes the smaller blackberry devices. Plus we have a three old baby, so I'm playing the baby card here

Posted via CB10


Looking to replace an older Bold with something similar but more up to date

Posted via CB10


I need a replacement for my old BB


I really want to try BB 10 and my BB Curve 8520 need successor so I would be more than happy to win it :)


I need this so my son can toss his crappy Samsung out the window with all the other crap he owns.lol


Because BB10 is great on 720x720 and it's a pretty little phone with, oh love, keyboard!!!!!

Posted via CB10


I'd love a Q5 cause sometimes I miss my keyboard!

Posted via CB10


I need a phone to get a job.

Jon Ryder

Would love to give this to my wonderful wife who constantly puts up with her Army husband going away all the time

Posted via CB10


My wife's contract is up in October and she is ready to move up front os7 to BB10!

Posted via CB10

Sayumi Whisp

I have a z10... and I think a q10 is to expensive as a second device for me... but I'm not sure why, but I'm really like the design of the q5 :)

Posted via CB10


Love the Qwerty, even though the Z10 is great. Its the keyboard that draws me in.

Posted via CB10


I Love the Q5 form factor. Reminds me of my old Curve. Plus I miss the darn keyboard!. The clickity sounds means I was getting stuff done...lol.

I would use this phone as my daily driver for sure. The keyboard plus the larger screen plus BlackBerry 10...a clear winner!

PROUD owner of a BlackBerry 10!


Would love to try the new Q5


I want it so I have a device born out of the box with 10.1

Posted via CB10 on my Z10


So that I cancel I've it to my friend who is still sporting a STILL gorgeous white BB9900!



I want it because ive entered so many contests I cant possibly come up with anymore reasons why i want the device, other then the fact I love blackberry.


I would love to have a cute phone like the Q5 and gift it to my mom. We can stay in touch with Telus.

Posted via CB10


This is great news to hear the Q 5 is in Canada. I thinks it's a great little device and would love to try it out and show it off.

Posted via CB10


Because I would love to have one to give to my son as his first ever cell phone... would be awesome if it was a BlackBerry 10 :)

Posted via CB10


Would love to have a spare device for testing and supporting other users!

Posted via CB10

Protocol 2001

The Q5 is awesome because of the keyboard and being at an affordable price point.

Posted via CB10


Would love a Q5!! Especially in red or white!

Posted via CB10


I would love to get this for my daughter as she still likes the physical keyboard

Posted via CB10


Keyboard shortcuts!

Good luck everyone.

Nick Bell

My girlfriend is looking to get a new phone and loves my Z10, Q5 would be perfect for her!

Posted via CB10


Just please and thank you.


I would probably test it out and then pass it along to my wife.

Posted via CB10


As a customer of Telus I have to say, I think they are far better than the other carriers when it comes to customer service.
Now on to the Q5. I am very intrigued by this device. To be honest I might actually like the look of it better then the Q10. I like that the keys are separated, not like the Q10. I think the value you get for the Q5 is great. It's definitely not "half" of the Q10. I believe it is a really good device for those looking for a bit cheaper device then the Q10. It's more like 80% of the Q10 then 50%. Anyways I would love to win this Q5 and would put it to very good use. Good luck to everyone!

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.


I had the Z10 and gave it to my brother when i got the Q10. My old man is the only one in the family who has Telus and the only one without a Berry. He needs one to complete the family trifecta!


Team Crackberry, you know I've been a faithful member and really do deserve this Q5 .. I'm not asking for the Porche Design.. but only a Q5. Please I need to add another BB to the household. My daughter would love it! Thanks for the opportunity CB!


Me please!! I'm an unfortunate user stuck on OS 7 =(


I'm interested in it cuz blackberry phonez r da best n da phne is supa sleek n fine if I win dis all da chickz at ma side will want 2 join crackberry n also I wuld kill for a blackberry wit da 10 os


I actually really like the look of this phone. Great balance between form, functionality and price point.


The Q5 with the new BB10 operating system would be the best fit for me and help Keep me moving! Combined with the Telus network how could you go wrong!!


I'm the biggest BlackBerry supporter around here and would love to be able to show the power of BB10 and the speed of a QWERTY to all my friends and BlackBerry haters out there.

Posted via CB10


It's blackberry that's y it's great


Because I would like to try out using a phone with BlackBerry physical keyboard

Posted via CB10


I'd like to get it for my mom so she can get rid of her old BlackBerry

Posted via CB10


It would round out my collection.

Posted with a Q10 on CB10/ Thanks to berry leaks


Cause it's a BlackBerry, thank you!

Posted via CB10


Be a great present for younger cousin. She's 14 and I don't see her walking around with a Q10 because she is really clumsy and I rather risk the more affordable Q5.

Posted via CB10


My son has an old BlackBerry with physical keyboard and he needs a new phone. Don't what him to switch to another platform.

Posted via CB10


Would love to upgrade for my son. Fingers crossed.

Via my Commodore Vic 20

Kevin Vuong

My mom is the last member of our family without a BlackBerry and the Q5 will make an excellent addition to the family! Currently we are sitting at two Z10s (one each of black and white) and my Q10.


The BlackBerry Q5 will be awesome. Need a awesome phone with a great qwerty keypad and miracast. Sign me up :)

Posted via CB10

jojo beaconsfield

Q5,want to surprise my mom!!


I would want this q5 because I need something else to ad to my BlackBerry 10 show off arsenal!

Posted via CB10


Itll win me big points with the GF!


I would love the chance to try out the q5 keyboard.


Because I want the very best!

Posted via CB10


Would love to check out the keyboard

Posted via CB10


Blackberry has a marvellous hardware specially in physical kewbord handsets. You can find stable operating system and security in blackberry. I love blackberry


Want one because I love its bright colors

Posted via CB10


I have a blackberry for a long time and i will never go with any other company but blackberry. Also i want the Q5 for my wife!!

Posted via CB10


I think it's a neat looking phone, and I want to experience the keyboard on BB10.

Posted via CB10


This would be for my niece/goddaughter. I'm proudly using a Z10 and she's stuck using a a turd of an android phone. Doesn't hurt that she's a popular highschool student who will influence other teens to pick BlackBerry. ;-D


Why not, one more BlackBerry....

Posted via CB10


Anything with BB10 would be great!

Posted via CB10


Keyboard to go with my Telus z10

Posted via CB10


i'm interested in a q5 because i don't have one


I want a q5 because I want to win it!

Posted via CB10


My wife needs to upgrade her iphone5.

Posted via CB10

Anthony Roberts 1985

Because I want to give it to my girlfriend so that she can replace her old BlackBerry and come on board to bb10 :)

Posted via CB10


im interested because i need to load up on as many of these blackberry's in case they decide to leave the smartphone market in which case i will have many backups :P


I would like to win one for my sister. She just had her a baby boy born and amid all the excitement she needs a new phone to spread the news and take pictures. Regardless if I Win or not im still getting her this phone.

Posted via CB10


Cause I love qwerty keyboard ! :)

Posted via CB10


The Q5 is the Hyundai Elantra of the smartphone world - excellent value and quality in an attractive package.

Posted via CB10

pat bis

lol. except its a CANADIAN product, not a korean thing...


I'm interested in the Q5 because it's a BlackBerry, it's one I don't have and I freakin' love the form factor.

Posted via Zeppelin or Quincy!


who wouldn't want one. I'm in !

Gavin Thacker

Is there any reason to NOT want a BB10 phone? I fail to see a reason if there is one.

Posted via CB10


It's an amazing phone that can do plenty!!!

Would love the use of a keyboard plus the gf is on the fence about BB10.. this is something I know she would love once it hit her hands

Posted via Z10


I miss keyboard!

Posted via CB10


Would love to have a BlackBerry Q5 on Telus to replace my daughter's iPhone with the broken screen... but then don't they all have broken screens? :D

Posted via CB10



Q10 and Canadian all the way!


Because I need a keyboard phone!

Posted via CB10


Would like to get it for my wife. Ready to move on from Torch 9800.


I would love one because my wife's 9810 slider is pooched and she needs a new one
And we happen to be long time Telus subscribers

Posted via CB10


Would love one for my mom who is rocking a Motorola RAZR. I'm happy with my Z10 especially now that it's an Oreo thanks to shop crackberry!

Posted via CB10 with my Z10 Oreo


I'm interested in it because I need to see if BB10 can save RIM and help me recoup some of my investment in its stock AND i bought the Playbook at full price on the launch day!!!


I'd love one! It's better with a BlackBerry.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D


I love BlackBerry, also I think it has better battery life then my Z10.


I am a huge fan and committed to blackberry 10 and want to win this for

Posted via CB10


Would love to experience the q5 keyboard

Posted via CB10


I want it

Posted via CB10

X Jayred X

Cause I want them all

Posted via CB10


I'm interested in the Q5 because I love BB keyboards and the fact that I will finally be able to show off a BB10 device to my friends makes winning this even cooler.


Woot, a great opportunity to help my wife upgrade to BB 10 from her battle-worn Torch running OS 6. Yes, I said it "6" ... seems so longer ago after being on a Z10 from launch day.


Would love a Q5 for my daughter please. Bring her into the BlackBerry fold.

Posted via CB10

Brandon Glasser

Gotta love a qwerty keyboard

Posted via CB10


I like the style of it and the keyboard design seems pretty nice and it would make a perfect wedding gift for my sister!

Posted via CB10

Marco Mecelli

My mom is already a TELUS client, she's currently on galaxy nexus and absolutely hates it. The blackberry Q5 would be perfect for her to switch to, she says she misses her keyboard from her old blackberry...the one with the stroller on the side!!

Pick me!! My mom will love you like one of her own!

On my Z10 somewhere in the GTA.

Marco Mecelli

Thanks! Looking forward to surprising my mom!

Alx L

I have always been a BlackBerry user and stand behind the company 100%,I'm a Z10 user right now, but miss my qwerty keys and would love to get my hands onQ5 to satisfy my urge for the keyboard.

Posted via CB10


I'd like to have the BlackBerry Q5 because I want to see if it's keyboard is better than the one on my Q10. Anyway, who wouldn't want a free phone?

Q10 and Canadian all the way!


I am Very interested in the BlackBerry Q5. First off I have been a long time customer of TELUS over 13 years! Tied that in with the fact that I'm a CrackBerry Fan boy it does seem like a good fit!

I stood outside a TELUS Store in February the day of launch waiting for it to open so I could be one of the very first in Canada to buy the Z10! Loved the phone.

Recently I have gone back to my 9900, I just missed the keyboard on the phone so much. I am hoping that I can afford to buy a q10 of a q5 soon so I can go back to BlackBerry 10.

Winning a free phone from TELUS and CrackBerry would keep me moving!


The keyboard plus I'm ready to move on to a new carrier!!!!

Posted via CB10


I'd be sticking with my Z10, but it would be great for some of my family members who don't necessarily care about having the best of the best device.


I have been a loyal Telus customer for 8 years. And a BlackBerry addict for 4. I would love the Q5 then I can give my Z10 to my wife. I bought mine two days before they announced Q5 for Canada.

Posted via CB10

Alex Keb

I want!

Posted via CB10


I would like one cauz i need to upgrade my curve thts falling apart..so this would be the perfect fit


I already have a Q10 and a Z10, so why not complete the family.


I want a q5 because I miss blackberry keypad :(

Posted via CB10


Because I want a keybord-bb10 device, but cant afford a Z10 and a Q-Device :(

Posted via CB10


Would be a great phone for the non-profit I run!


I would like to win the q10

Posted via CB10


One phone with Videotron, my Z10 with Rogers; Why not a Q5 with Telus?

Posted via CB10


I would give this to my mom. She got me hooked on blackberry since I was a kid. But recently she has been to the dark (Droid) side! I think this will bring her back to black! And she is with telus too!


I would love to be picked as a winner because I used to be on the Telus network before and realized it's a solid network compared to other big network......thank you Telus and Crackberry....

Sexy White BlackBerry Z10


Now even my parents can have a bb10 device.

Posted via CB10

Ferdinand Rn

I am now a z10 user and misses the physical keyboard of blackberry. I wanna win because i can have the latest BlackBerry 10 phone with physical keyboard

Posted via CB10


I'd love to give a qwerty BB10 phone a try and see how it stacks up against my Z10.